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Clawfoot tubs are a classic addition to any bathroom. Traditionally made of cast iron, the appeal of a clawfoot tub comes from its historical lineage, and its versatility. They are easy to install with the right hose attachments, and will last for a very, very long time. This is why used clawfoot tubs are such a good investment. They are as good today as they were the day they were fabricated.

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Our Picks

Artisan designed restored vintage cast

Artisan designed restored vintage cast

Freestanding bathtub mounted on metal legs. It is made of acrylic and finished with floral theme. Adds freshness and elegance to any bathroom.

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Used clawfoot bathtub 29

Elegant claw foot bathtub fully restored and ready for your bathroom. The tub is relatively large and is made from sturdy acrylic to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. It’s raised design and comfortable stature is also worth mentioning.

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Used clawfoot tub for sale

Antique countryside claw foot tub fully restored and ready for use. The tub is extra-large too and is finished in stunning white to match up to your bathroom walls. Its beautiful charming appeal makes it a great focal point for any bathroom.

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Used clawfoot bathtub 5

Every wondered how cool it would be to serve drinks from a bathtub filled with ice, just like in all the movies? With this piece, you’ll be able to make every party feel like a college graduation party! Very cool idea!

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Used clawfoot bathtub 16

Beautiful claw foot bathtub large enough for two people. With a slightly raised design, the tub comes with stunning two-tone finishing thanks to its dominant matte black exterior and the glossy white interior. It combines perfectly with metal hardware for outstanding class.

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Should you or shouldnt you refinish a vintage tub

Should You or Shouldn't You? Refinish a Vintage Tub

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Used clawfoot bathtub 18

Shiny! In the right bathroom, this would be awesome. I'd want a walk-in shower, with this for delicious soaking. And big enough for the two of us, because the current clawfoot is a mite cramped.

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Used clawfoot bathtub 26

in love with outdoor footed tubs (there's handfuls of bed and breakfasts and cottages on VRBO 'Vacation Rentals By Owner' with these in the garden)

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Used clawfoot tub

The clawfoot tub is a characteristic item of vintage design. If you want to add some sophisticated, retro vibe to your bathroom, this one shall appeal to you. Based on massive, ornamental legs, it provides solidness and style.

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Clawfoot tub used

Jenna Lyon's beautiful bathroom, love the dark palette used.

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Used Clawfoot Bathtub

Buying Guide

No matter if you're renovating a pre-existing bathroom or building a new home, bathroom fixtures are a significant decision. You'll find a variety of styles for everything, including the bathtub. Therefore, for those who have an interest in installing a used clawfoot bathtub, there's no exception. Styles, features, and materials are bountiful regarding these beautiful additions to the bathroom. Not only do they help bring in vintage appeal, but they do so with unique character and style. Because it can be challenging to figure out which used clawfoot bathtub is best, we’ve put together this information for you.

In addition to it being a significant cost savings, selecting a used clawfoot bathtub brings styling options you may not be privy to otherwise. For example, classic claw foot styles can be replicated in chrome, gold, bronze, satin nickel, pewter, and black. However, there's something especially beautiful about the original claw foot featuring its flaws, age, and original designs. The same is true for tub designs. These can also be replicated but finding roll top, classic slant back, single slipper, double slipper, and double-ended used clawfoot tubs have stories to tell. For example, if they feature unique floral paint patterns on the outside, small sections of rust on the claw feet, or unusual sizes, then they’ve become must-have pieces.

Because these are freestanding style tubs, a used clawfoot bathtub has many styling possibilities. Under most circumstances, you'll see styles including a roll trim reminiscent of its classic design. The materials these tubs are made from are typically cast iron, which is the original material from which they’re made. The use of cast iron on tubs is more historically authentic in comparison to using acrylic materials. However, if damage or scratches occur on a cast iron tub, these blemishes will be permanent. With that in mind, many modern clawfoot tubs are available in acrylic.

These tubs are optimal for those who love traditional styles. Not only do they feature practical function but these tubs do so with timeless beauty. These designs are best for those who are looking to create a space conducive for lounging, as well as relaxing. Many homeowners are installing fixtures with handheld showerheads to make their bathing experiences more comfortable and convenient. Not only do these designs help add beauty to the existing fixtures but they also add form and function to the rest of the bathroom.

The average size of a used clawfoot tub is approximately five feet long. These measurements were made to fit a standard post-world War 1 bathroom in the United States. The specific measurements, on average, are 60.5 inches long by 30 inches wide and 24 inches tall. They'll typically have a 12.5-inch water depth and a 4-inch roll around the rim. Keep in mind that, because of their size and the fact that they’re made from iron, they can weigh up to 350 pounds.

Best Ideas

This grand bathroom features a traditional claw foot tub with

This grand bathroom features a traditional claw-foot tub with beautiful views of the outdoors. More cottage bathroom ideas:

Used claw tubs for sale

Functional and attractive bathroom stylization with a red and white bathtub. This interior design also includes a white toilet and metal mirrored table with lower shelves for bathroom accessories and decorations.

Used clawfoot bathtubs

Curtain idea for kitchen (fabric Josef Frank/Svenskt Tenn)

Used clawfoot bathtub 33

I love an idea with lace. I just got one looking at this. Put lace over a mirror to give it more elegance

Used clawfoot bathtubs for sale

Beautiful turned leg secretary desk used in the bathroom as a freestanding sink or organizing spa supplies. Claw foot bathtub. Fresh flowers. Large window for natural lighting.

Used claw foot tubs

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