Teak Corner Shower Caddy


Here is a set of shower storage options that offers a set of places to keep all your shower and grooming needs organized, while saving space and looking sleek. Keeping everything within arm's reach, and made of wood to add a touch of at home spa class, take a look at this collection to save space and add spa elegance to your bathroom.

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Teak shower basket

Well-built free-standing shower cuddy constructed from teak and offering three large shelves for your bathroom supplies. The cuddy also comes with a strong wooden frame and a light brown finish that will completely blend into your bathroom décor.

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Home teak corner stand shelf unit

Home Teak Corner Stand Shelf Unit

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Teak shower caddy

For elegant and neat contemporary vibe in your bathroom, rely on teak wood accessories - teak looks very elegant when mixed with rustproof chrome finish. This three-legged corner shower caddy with 3 tiers exactly represents such look.

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Teak Mini Corner Shower Bench with Shelf

Teak Mini Corner Shower Bench with Shelf

Pretty contemporary space-saving corner bench crafted of resistant teak wood with a natural oil finish. It's lightweight, has 3 straight angular legs, triangle-like both a seat and a lower slatted shelf.

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Teak shower organizer

Corner shower caddy designed to deliver impeccable storage while taking little floor space. The caddy is build using a strong metal frame, finished in slightly glossed black for outstanding beauty. You also get up to four teak shelves for all your bathroom supplies.

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Teak corner shower caddy 2

Teak Corner Shower Caddy

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Teak corner shower caddy

Shower caddy stand with triangular wooden construction based on teak wood. This organizer provides space for soap, towels and other bathroom accessories. Nautral look of this element provides more aesthetics into the bathroom.

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Fiji Corner Shower Bench

Fiji Corner Shower Bench

This is a corner shower bench made of durable and resistant for water, mould and bacteria teak wood. It is a solid and practical piece of furniture and will last long. Teak wood require no maintenance.

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Classic Teak Corner Spa Shower Stool

Classic Teak Corner Spa Shower Stool

It is a very practical shower stool. It has a specially designed shape that makes the stool fits perfectly in the corner of the cabin. At the same time, the opposite edge is slightly rounded, which means that it becomes very convenient.

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Shower caddy stand

Home / Bathroom / 59" Teak Corner Bathroom Shelf

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Teak Corner Shower Caddy

Buying Guide

A corner caddy is a space-saving organizer for your bathroom essentials – a priceless piece of furniture if your bathroom has limited space. Also, there are only a few materials out there that can beat teak's luxurious and classy appearance.

If you are on the market for a teak corner shower caddy, then there are a few factors that you need to consider; and that's what we are going to cover in this article.

The best way to determine the right corner caddy size is by taking some measurements. The first step is to imagine the corner you'll be placing the caddy. Then, visually allocate the right amount of space, and do some measurements. After that, it's a matter of shopping for the right teak corner shower caddy that will fit into the allotted space. Even though a corner caddy is an excellent choice for a bathroom with limited space, it does not mean you can just ignore the dimensions when shopping.

A teak corner shower caddy typically comes with at least two shelves. As a general rule, try to go for more shelving as the budget allows. The more shelves you have, the more items you can store. Keep in mind that this is just a guideline as you also need to consider a few things.

For example, you also need to consider what you are going to place in the corner caddy. Specifically, you'd want to know the height of the items. Make sure that the distance between shelves can comfortably accommodate the items you'll be placing in the caddy.

Another factor is the aesthetics. A caddy with more shelves tends to give up a few points in the design and looks department. Of course, there are a few exceptional ones that can successfully incorporate more shelving without sacrificing aesthetics.

There are generally two types of wood finishes: penetrating and coating.

  • The penetrating finish typically includes "hand rubbed polish," wax, and linseed oil. This type of finish penetrates through the small pores of wood. It's a good option if you are a bit tight on the budget.
  • A coating finish usually includes shellac, lacquer, and varnish. As the name suggests, this type of finish "coats" the wood. This coating seals the wood and protects it from external moisture. Thus, it's a kind of finish that offers the maximum amount of protection.

Since a teak corner shower caddy is made of wood, it's critical that you are acquainted with the finish that's been used. It's highly advisable that you don't buy a teak caddy that is not finished or sealed. Wood is very susceptible to moisture and water damage. Without a finish, the caddy won't last very long in a bathroom setting.

There are plenty of teak corner shower caddies in the market these days. The best way to find the right one for you is to narrow down your options. The key points mentioned above are good starting points for filtering your choices.

Best Ideas

Teak corner shower shelf with removable soap dish shower caddies

Teak Corner Shower Shelf with Removable Soap Dish - Shower Caddies ...

Bamboo corner shower caddy

Cute teak wood corner caddy makes the perfect place to keep shampoo, bath brushes, soap, and more. A dish for bar soap is built in, along with fat dowels for hanging scrubbers and the like. Four shelves provide ample storage space.

Taymor r teak 3 shelf corner caddy stand

Taymor® Teak 3-Shelf Corner Caddy Stand -

Deluxe Teak Corner Shower Bench with Optional Shelf

Deluxe Teak Corner Shower Bench with Optional Shelf

Pretty aesthetic corner bench for bathroom use. Its hinge-foldable frame is made of waterproof teak wood with a natural finish. It has slatted both a triangular seat and an optional bottom shelf. Both legs and crossbars are rectangular and straight.

Home teak shower anizers

Home Teak Shower Anizers...

Teak shower stand

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Freestanding Teak Curved Corner Shower Shelf with

This lovely teak corner shelf to the bathroom is also a great solution to the spa, sauna or massage parlor. It has shelves for toiletries and accessories, hangers and a special shelf for soap. Simplicity makes it adds charm to any interior.

Wood shower caddy

Add comfort into your bathroom and choose this corner shower caddy, that is made of solid teak wood. The natural finish is suitable with any color in the bathroom.

Assembled solid teak 3 tier corner shelf ideal for shower

Assembled Solid Teak 3 Tier Corner Shelf- Ideal for Shower, Bathroom ...

Home bathroom 59 teak corner bathroom shelf 3

Home / Bathroom / 59" Teak Corner Bathroom Shelf

Teak corner shower caddy

Freestanding Teak Corner Shower Shelf

Teak Corner Bath Stool

Bare Decor Hanna Corner Spa Stool in Solid Teak Wood, Corner, Teak Oil

This sensational done in a contemporary style corner shelf is the perfect piece of furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Practical and very roomy saves a lot of space. The streamlined shape is safe.

Spa Teak Corner Stand

Spa Teak Corner Stand

Corner shower stand containing 3 shelves for storage towels, cosmetics and more. The construction is made of wood. Resistant to water and mildew. Received the highest possible marks from satisfied customers