Gold Bath Accessories


Many people like the color gold as a decorite medium. For you, we give you our collection of gold bath accessories. Everything from gold toothbrush holder and tissue box, to a gold trash can, accent your bathroom with the sparkle of gold. Throw in some gold fixtures or gold hardware on your cabinetry, and the picture is complete. See collection for details.

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Gold bath accessories 1

Vanity accessories for bathroom indoors. These simple and practical items are finished in nice white and gold colors. It means that they are useful and they are also able to decorate bathroom indoors.

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nu steel 8-Piece Special Gold Bath Accessories Set

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Bed baths linen


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Gold bath accessories 28

edison brass bathroom accessories : balineum

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Mrk wire kitchen collection soap dish

Mrk wire kitchen collection soap dish

A very small, but solid and useful element designed for the bathroom use. It is a soap dish that is made of antique brass finished steel that is not only solid, but also looks very interesting. This product measures 5.25"w x 3.5"d x 2"h.

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Ceramic bath accessories by waylande gregory gracious style

Ceramic Bath Accessories by Waylande Gregory| Gracious Style

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Gold bath accessories

Gold Capiz Shell Vanity Accessories I like the golden/yellow undertones and the mosaic like feel of this set (to tie into the mosaic backsplash).

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Ice 6 Piece Bath Accessory Set

Ice 6 Piece Bath Accessory Set

Are you dreaming of an original and intriguing design in your bathroom? Then, check out this awesome and stylish bath accessory set! It's gonna bring you an incredible look and a unique functionality.

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Name mike ally ice with gold lucite clear bathroom sets

Name: Mike & Ally Ice with Gold Lucite Clear Bathroom Sets

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Milano Tissue Box

Milano Tissue Box

Elegant stylish portable casing for tissue boxes. It is made of resistant resin finished with small square laminated pearl-coloured tiles resistant to moisture. It's rectangular with an oval cut-out in a lid.

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Gold Bath Accessories

Buying Guide

You can modernize your bathroom using gold accessories, but make sure you’re doing it in a deliberate and understated way. Contemporary and modern-style interior design typically uses a simple and relatively neutral color palette, so try not to use bold and brash golden accessories that divert attention away from the minimalistic aura of a room.

Choose refined accessories like a brushed gold wall mirror or a premium-quality gilded candle holder. These functional household objects bring a touch of luxury and class to your contemporary-style home or apartment.

You can create a glamorous modern bathroom using gold bath accessories such as a gold hand soap dispenser or gold jars for organizing cosmetics and skincare products. Adding small pops of gold around your bathroom adds textural depths and visual interest.

Decorating with gold bath accessories is sure to create a luxurious, elegant atmosphere in your home bathroom. Gold is synonymous with luxury and wealth, so by adding hints to your decor, you instantly elevate the sophistication of your space.

There are some quick tricks you can try to make a budget bathroom look luxurious with ease. If your bathroom is large enough, adding a place to sit and do makeup or style your hair is a hallmark of wealthy bathrooms. Consider choosing a stool with a gold paint finish to place in front of the bathroom vanity.

A bath mat or rug can enhance your space dramatically. Select a delicate blue piece with ornate gold detailing in the fabric for a subtle hint of wealth, or go glam and choose a faux-fur gold-colored bath mat to be the bathroom’s centerpiece.

Add hints of gold throughout the space like your towel hooks, faucets, and other bathroom hardware to incorporate more of this luxury color without moving into tacky territory.

If you want to give your bathroom an elegant, high-end appearance, gold accessories are a great choice because they won’t rust. Most gold bath accessories are made from ceramic or brass materials and painted gold. The compounds they are made from prevent rust from occurring, especially in damp environments.

If you are purchasing gold-colored metal bath accessories, ensure the base metal is made from a rustproof alloy, covered with a corrosion-resistant coating, or treated to prevent rust. This could include galvanized aluminum, nickel plating, or stainless steel.

As well as being resistant to rust, gold has a stylish and classy appearance that makes it the perfect choice for adding a touch of glamor to your bathroom.

Best Ideas

Gold bathroom accessories 1

Set of bathroom accessories with gold finish. Includes soap dispenser, mirror and container. Elegant addition for any bathroom according to taste and need.

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Milano Tissue Box

Milano Tissue Box

It is a beautiful tissue box that has got a sophisticated look and a mother-of-pearl finish. It is a fantastic addition to your bedroom, bathroom and other. It is a perfect accent piece for your home.

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Kohler bathroom accessories sinks thumb great bathroom accessories

Kohler Bathroom Accessories Sinks Thumb Great Bathroom Accessories ...

Glamour bath accessories

Glamour Bath Accessories

Gold bath accessories 2


Gold bathroom accessories 10

Gold Bathroom Accessories

Gold bathroom accessories 21

Add a luxury and exclusive touch with the French Cut Crystal & Bronze Mount Box. trust me, it's a striking and incredibly beautiful piece of art.

Gold bath accessories 1

Saxony Gold Bathroom Accessories

Seafoam bathroom

Seafoam bathroom

Bathroom design with black and white elements of furniture and equipment. Metal hardware, sink and handles are resistant to wear, damage and other negative factors. This practical bathroom perfectly matches different home stylizations.

Pina colada sale 6 or 7 inch brass

Pina colada sale 6 or 7 inch brass

A set of attractive brass decorations. They look like pineapples of different size. These decorations look very attractive in guest rooms, bathrooms and other indoors. Their brass construction is very solid.

Gold bath tub

A stunning collection of gold bath accessories - delightful... Zig-zag pattern - gold on white - adds visual interest. A tray might be used to expose jewelry - golden jewelry, of course! And there are some clear glass cruets with decorous corks.