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Buy the best vinyl mattresses selected and recommended by interior designers. By Mia Jones.

If your child has trouble with bed-wetting, maybe it is time to give them a mattress that is designed for these late-night accidents. A vinyl mattress is a great idea, and will keep them from ruining a more-expensive, pillow top or foam top mattress. Take a look at this collection of versatile and very user-friendly mattresses, that are available in many sizes.

Healthcare Vinyl Mattress

Healthcare Vinyl Mattress

$193.99 $351.55

Healthcare Vinyl Mattress

Alwyn Home

$193.99 $351.55


What we like: Compliant to industry standards

What we don’t like: One color

Not so good for: People who prefer mattresses with zippers

Perfect for: Institutional establishments

Available in six sizes, this vinyl mattress has a wide variety of applications from residential to institutional and healthcare environments. It features a tight top style and can accommodate up to 800lbs of weight. The full vinyl cover is not only waterproof but also follows industry standards. 

Providing the cushion is an orthopedic foam padding which is fully sealed to avoid any leaks, maintaining sanitation and hygiene standards. At the same time, it has low motion transfer and made with breathability in mind. It is also easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for hospital and nursing homes. Medium to firm feel and is compatible with beds with adjustable bases. 

Multi Foam Vinyl Mattress

Multi Foam Vinyl Mattress

Multi Foam Vinyl Mattress



What we like: Two layers of foam with cooling pockets

What we don’t like: A bit slippery, will need a mattress cover

Not so good for: Beds with bumper pads

Perfect for: People with back or hip discomfort

Provide the best comfort for your patients with this plastic twin mattress. Designed to fit adjustable and electric beds, this piece is made with dual-foam technology, allowing the body to lie down comfortably. A great option for those who have issues with their hips, legs, and backs.

Aside from that, the foam is fabricated with an eggcrate topper with cooling air pockets so that you always feel cool and comfortable even on hot nights. It comes with zippered nylon and vinyl cover making it easy to remove and clean for sanitary purposes. 

Memory Vinyl Mattress

Memory Vinyl Mattress

Memory Vinyl Mattress

Drive Medical


What we like: Equipped with convenient features

What we don’t like: Limited size options

Not so good for: Tall beds

Perfect for: Users 275 lbs and below

Filled with memory foam on the inside, this plastic mattress has a cover crafted in nylon. It features a non-slip base as well as straps in its four corners. The sides are also installed with carrying handles so you can easily lift it to clean the bed. Comes with a one-year warranty.

This mattress may feel firm, but it has a comfortable weight to it. You can also opt to add a mattress topper if you want a level of fluffiness to your bed. While it is fluid-resistant, there is a possibility that it might get wet from users with incontinence. It also is a bit thicker than other mattresses so it’s best for those adjustable bed bases.

Portable Vinyl Mattress

Portable Vinyl Mattress

Portable Vinyl Mattress

Customize Bed Inc.


What we like: Foldable design

What we don’t like: Thinner models feel less comfortable

Not so good for: Primary mattress for adults

Perfect for: People who like camping, toddlers

A vinyl twin mattress that you can easily bring with you wherever you may be. It has a thick foam with orthopedic support, providing you with the utmost comfort, whether you have body pains or not. Covered with water-resistant vinyl cover, making it a great option for camping and lugging in your RV. Because of its durable cover, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Aside from twin, it is also available in three more sizes as well as varying options for mattress thickness. The thicker models are also ideal especially if you find yourself sleeping on the floor or outside without the comforts of your bed. 

Crib Vinyl Mattress

Crib Vinyl Mattress

Crib Vinyl Mattress


What we like: Hypoallergenic and eco-certified

What we don’t like: Caves a bit on sleeping side; best to flip from time to time

Not so good for: Older kids

Perfect for: Babies and toddlers

Made specially for infants, this plastic mattress is fabricated with heavy-gauge coils, interwoven to each other. These coils offer a durable support that supports your little ones. On the surface, it is covered with a waterproof, antimicrobial material which is lock stitched for stability. The cover also has a subtle embossed design that helps prevent beddings from easily slipping off.

Offered with a 10-year warranty, the mattress size is compatible with standard cribs and transition beds. Additionally, it has waterproof binding to prevent the mattress from getting soaked by water or if your child is potty training, providing them with a hygienic sleeping surface.

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Vinyl Mattresses

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Twin Bed-Wetting Mattress

Bed-wetting mattress in twin size. This mattress is a perfect choice for your special needs. The mattress has been made of urine resistant, waterproof materials and is easy to clean. Additionally, the mattress is easy to clean and helps to protect against bed bugs and allergens.

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Vinyl mattress

Simple vinyl mattress with a large rectangular shape that provides comfortable sleeping space for an adult person. This element features a very soft fill that provides comfort, relaxation and good ergonomy of sleep.

Organic Waterbed Mattress Square

Organic Waterbed Mattress Square

This simple mattress is actually a waterbed which may be a solution to all your problems with backaches. The mattress removes the pressure from your spine and promotes a healthy body posture while sleeping.

InnoMax Premium Stand-Up Waterbed Safety Liner, King

This safety liner has been made of heavy duty vinyl and is thicker than standard liners. It comes in a king size. It perfectly prevents water spillage if the mattress separates or is pierced. It guarantees the safety of your water fun.

Vinyl mattresses

Vinyl mattress finished in green color. Its soft foam fill provides comfort, relaxation and good safety of sleep. This mattress is very thick, so the level of softness is very high. It is also made of durable materials.

Aerobed Elevated Queen 18" with Built in Electric Pump

Elevated air mattress in queen size. The mattress provides you with comfortable and reliable sleep. It features built in headboard pillow, built in electric pump, whoosh valve for fast deflation and easy to use control wand.

Sealy Posturepedic West Plains Cushion-Firm EPT Mattress and Box Spring (White)

Comfy set of a twin thick firm mattress and a matching box spring. The mattress is built of several layers including soft foam, dense foam, gel memory foam, an innerspring sytem and a pillowed top. It has reinforced edges and a white polyester cover.

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