Vinyl Mattresses

If your child has trouble with bed-wetting, maybe it is time to give them a mattress that is designed for these late-night accidents. A vinyl mattress is a great idea, and will keep them from ruining a more-expensive, pillow top or foam top mattress. Take a look at this collection of versatile and very user-friendly mattresses, that are available in many sizes.

Best Products

Organic Waterbed Mattress Square

Organic Waterbed Mattress Square
This simple mattress is actually a waterbed which may be a solution to all your problems with backaches. The mattress removes the pressure from your spine and promotes a healthy body posture while sleeping.

Grafco Plastic Mattress Cover

Grafco Plastic Mattress Cover
This Plastic Mattress Cover in White features zippers allowing you to completely enclose the mattress. Characterized by heavy 4-gauge PVC plastic construction, the mattress is foldable, lightweight, latex-free, and resistant to moisture, stains and dust.

Twin Bed-Wetting Mattress

Bed-wetting mattress in twin size. This mattress is a perfect choice for your special needs. The mattress has been made of urine resistant, waterproof materials and is easy to clean. Additionally, the mattress is easy to clean and helps to protect against bed bugs and allergens.

Plastic mattresses

High-quality innerspring mattress with a vinyl cover for your twin-sized bed. The mattress is extremely comfortable and features a very durable construction even for heavy-duty use. It should provide excellent comfort and value for money.

Vinyl mattress 175 99

Outstanding and long-lasting vinyl mattress designed to offer the perfect combination of practicality and longevity. The piece is easy to clean and maintain and comes in a neutral light blue palette that combines perfectly with different types of beds out there.

Vinyl mattress

Simple vinyl mattress with a large rectangular shape that provides comfortable sleeping space for an adult person. This element features a very soft fill that provides comfort, relaxation and good ergonomy of sleep.

Vinyl bed

If you’re looking to exchange the old, uncomfortable mattress in your bed, take a look at this extremely comfy, wonderful vinyl mattress with a very thick, plush design, bound to make you comfortable at night.

Our advice Buying Guide

Vinyl mattresses offer solutions to many problems. Because they are made of non-woven material, there is never any fluid absorption. This makes clean up a breeze and longevity a great factor. Because there is no way for liquids to penetrate the surface, disinfecting vinyl mattresses is very manageable. A great way for providing clean comfortable slumber for multiple visitors. Today there are several choices in the types of these mattresses. Check out your options and see the benefits.

What are the most recommendable types of vinyl mattresses?

Polyvinyl Air Mattress

Sleeping on air is the feeling you will receive when trying out a technically advanced polyvinyl air mattress, for instance one by Simmons. More than waterproof and durable, vinyl is also puncture-proof. Rolling is reduced by stable soft supports along the edges and the feel of a real mattress will convince you to use every night.

Vinyl Crib Mattress

Babies need protection and a vinyl crib mattress delivers the best. Keeping a mattress clean and hygienic is crucial to an infant's health. Besides being hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, this mattress is easy to clean and is environmental friendly. Make sure the mattress you choose has been JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified.

Feather Top Vinyl Waterbed Mattress

Vinyl mattresses for waterbeds have come a long way. They are typically made with the finest vinyl that helps to regulate lumbar support and reduces body pressure making sleep more comfortable. State-of-the-art heater coils are made of copper/nickel alloy that offers long life. Look for reinforced corners for quality assurance. If you have not tried a waterbed lately, you owe it to yourself to give this one a chance.

Simple Air Mattress

Start the slumber party and blow up the bed with a simple air mattress that features a velveteen top for the upmost in comfort. Choose from plush to firm with the air pump and feel confident that the heavy-duty vinyl will not puncture. So affordable that you may want to buy more than one twin size mattress for a fun night with the girls or just to have as a spare for overnight guests.

Medical Grade Waterproof Vinyl Mattress

This outstanding item is in a category by itself for vinyl mattresses. Used in nursing homes and medical facilities where cleanup of fluids and patient comfort is important. CertiPUR-US Certified Foam makes up the supportive mattress to aid in patient comfort. Also used in homes, the medium firmness is popular for anyone that needs a little support without being hard and lumpy. The exterior should consists of a medical-grade material that will never leak and will give you years of quality use. Most models can also be flipped over to extend the life.


Vinyl mattresses

Vinyl mattress finished in green color. Its soft foam fill provides comfort, relaxation and good safety of sleep. This mattress is very thick, so the level of softness is very high. It is also made of durable materials.

Plastic mattresses

If you are looking for an attractive solution to the bedroom, this sensational plastic mattress made from old milk boxes captivates you. Beautiful colors, impressive performance, and functionality. The whole is an innovative dimension of recycling.

Bedding bedding b102 series

Bedding > Bedding > B102 SERIES

7210014179701 institutional bunk mattress vinyl

7210014179701 - Institutional Bunk Mattress, Vinyl

Commercial grade twin vinyl mattress

Commercial Grade Twin Vinyl Mattress

Green mattresses

On what we sleep can depend on the health of our spine - the most important axis in our body. Choose a comfortable vinyl mattress. For example, a single one like the one on the photo in addition to the strong foam inside also has a green delicate color.

Vinyl mattresses 6

the other side- vinyl mattress

Twin size mattress 1

Twin Size Mattress

Mattress Extender - 6" x 36" x 6"

Plastic mattresses 1

Do you look for a soothing shade every time you go to a beach? With this quality tent canopy bed you can be sure you will stay out of the sunlight. The tent accommodates one mattress, and is made of stripe-patterned PVC and a steel frame.

Sultan hansbro

Beautiful pillowtop mattresses are an excellent combination of style and functionality. The whole fit perfectly into the sleek décor of the bedroom. Nice queen bed with headboard and decorative details creates a unique atmosphere in the interior.

Vinyl mattresses 1

Mainstays Fitted Vinyl Mattress Protector

Wipedown vinyl mattress protector

Wipedown Vinyl Mattress Protector

Plastic mattresses 10

An aesthetic and practical cover for large rectangular mattresses. It's manufactured of durable clear and greyish plastic having hypoallergenic features and well protecting against moisture, stains and damage.

Plastic mattresses 4

Giant plastic water filled mattress provides an awesome outdoor play opportunity for kids. Try something new to variegate your outdoor playground and give your kids fun on a sunny day. This mattress can be set directly on a lawn.

Wynn dream bed

People forget that this is not a rack, but a well-chosen mattress will make their sleep pleasant and productive. Think about sealy pillowtop mattress, perfect for queen bed, with gold color finish, well profiled.

Plastic covered mattress

This element of home decor is a large bed with plenty of small storage drawers suitable for different items. Wooden frame of this bed holds two adult users without wear and damage. Its mattress provides softness.

Deluxe vinyl mattress cover zipper style twin queen full day

Deluxe Vinyl Mattress Cover Zipper Style Twin, Queen, Full Day Bed or King #RLPlastic #DeluxeVinylMattressCover

Sealy pillowtop mattresses 1

If you want to sleep like an angel through every single night, then, this luxurious mattress will be a perfect choice. Designed of premium materials, the twin XL mattress comes with a supporting pillowtop and 3-tier construction.

Plastic mattresses 2

With its innovative design and modern appearance, this bed is durable and stylish, made of fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes. The whole structure folds in different ways, allowing you to use various types of mattresses.

The Shrunks Sleepover Kid's Travel Bed

Aerobed Elevated Queen 18" with Built in Electric Pump

Elevated air mattress in queen size. The mattress provides you with comfortable and reliable sleep. It features built in headboard pillow, built in electric pump, whoosh valve for fast deflation and easy to use control wand.

InnoMax Premium Stand-Up Waterbed Safety Liner, King

This safety liner has been made of heavy duty vinyl and is thicker than standard liners. It comes in a king size. It perfectly prevents water spillage if the mattress separates or is pierced. It guarantees the safety of your water fun.

Vinyl covered mattress

Beautyrest Waterproof Vinyl Mattress Pad $59.98

Selling high quality incontinence products since 1993

Selling high quality incontinence products since 1993!

Plastic mattresses 12

How not take up too much floor space but not separate brothers or sisters in their room? Plastic materals in the retractable bed for two are a good solution. It has the charm of the integration of two people, but leaves their own space.

Vinyl mattress 1

Mainstays Waterproof Zippered Vinyl Mattress Protector, White

Plastic mattresses 5

How well you sleep has a very big impact on your life. Investment in high-quality mattress like this can be one of the best way to spend money. It is not only fancy looking but very comfortable as well. You will thank yourself for the purchase.

Sterling Flotation S-Class 700SXE Ultra-Waveless Hardside Waterbed Mattress size Cal King

Vinyl mattresses 5

Truck-bedz Weekender series, the affordable solution, heavy duty PVC vinyl ans 2 stage boat valves. 80" long fits most 6.75' Standard Shortbeds including: Chevy Silverado 1988- current. Dodge Ram 2003-current. Ford F250/F350 Series 1989-current. Ford

Vinyl twin mattress

Vinyl Mattress Cover - Keeps the mattress dry and free of stains

Plastic mattresses 3

Foldable bed frame in modern form. It is made of fiberglass and reinforced plastic tubes. It folds flat for easy storage. It is compatible with standard mattress. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Colgate Cradle Mattress

Vinyl mattresses 3


Plastic mattresses 9

A comfy rectangular contemporary air mattress for 1 person. It has an airtight inner layer and a surface of soft nice to the touch bluish fabric. It's easy to inflate with a pump. It is foldable so requires little storage space.

Plastic mattresses 6

Folding Air mattress like this will provide you a convenient use, transport and storage. Assures relaxation, support and ergonomy, so it's well for backbone health. Give your body the comfort it needs.

Plastic mattresses 11

Plastic cover for mattress is realy helpful and useful. Imagine, you have a lot of guests, or in the other hand you don't use it for a while. This one plastic cover for mattress provides protection from moisture, stains and dust.

Vinyl mattresses 7

Home Bed Contour Vinyl Mattress Protector - Queen by Essential Medical. $17.00. Contoured vinyl mattress protector.. Queen: 60" x 80" x 7.5". Contoured vinyl mattress protector

Vinyl mattresses 2

Deluxe Vinyl Mattress Cover

Plastic mattresses 8

A cool large sack ideal for shared rooms e.g. in halls of residence. A mattress is on the floor, a wooden bed frame is set high, has curtains attached to it to make a kind of canopy, attached lights, put e.g. plywood on a top to make a kind of desk.

Air Dream Replacement Inflator

If you're looking for a way to rescue your sofa sleeper mattress you can get these amazing replacement parts, including an inflator, that will allow you to air pump the mattress without hassle and worry.

Innerspring Mattress, Mattr 80X36 1633 Cmplnt -Sp, (1 EACH, 1 EACH)

High quality spring mattress filled with fibers of poly fiber with high density. Vinyl cover is antibacterial, anti-static, acid-resistant and waterproof. Padding for added comfort and durability of the mattress.

Sealy Posturepedic West Plains Cushion-Firm EPT Mattress and Box Spring (White)

Comfy set of a twin thick firm mattress and a matching box spring. The mattress is built of several layers including soft foam, dense foam, gel memory foam, an innerspring sytem and a pillowed top. It has reinforced edges and a white polyester cover.