Ceramic Shower Soap Dish

If you use bar soap in the shower, you aren't just going to leave it on the floor of the bathtub when your done with it. That's dangerous. You put it in a soap dish. But maybe you don't have a soap dish. Well you do now. We give you our collection of ceramic shower soap dish possibilities. In recessed, or attachable with tile cement, you have options.

Best Products

Ceramic wall mounted soap dish

Ceramic wall mounted soap dish
A humorous contemporary wall mounted soap dish in the form of ... a palm with spread and bent fingers. It has an ovalish backplate fixed with 2 screws. It's manufactured of quality white glazed ceramic.

Vintage blue recessed ceramic bathroom shower soap dish holder

Vintage blue recessed ceramic bathroom shower soap dish holder
The vintage blue ceramic soap dish. Designed definitely for rustic interior. The shape suggests that it cannot be hanged on the wall, but should stay near to the basin. Made of the beautifully ceramic painted with the blue sky enamel.

Faux taxidermy full size wolf head wall

Faux taxidermy full size wolf head wall
Crafted with attention to slightest details, this lovely sculpture brings wildlife straight into your cozy home. Designed of durable material, the decoration is shaped like a wolf's head, bathed in an off-white finish.

Essentials Canister

Essentials Canister
A charming canister that offers not only the extra space but also something stylish and unique to the decor, making sure you don't create unwanted clutter and upgrading the look of your home perfectly.

Verbena Soap Dish

Verbena Soap Dish
If you're looking for simple and stylish equipment for your house, this awesome soap dish may be an interesting option for you. Check it out now and enjoy an extraordinary functionality in your bathroom!

Fala Leaf on Stand Sculpture

Fala Leaf on Stand Sculpture
Lean on stand sculpture. Turn your decor into aesthetically pleasing place with this beautiful sculpture. This leaf shaped piece will bring some nature and tranquility to your decor. The sculpture has been hand crafted from ceramic and finished in white.

Recessed ceramic soap dish for shower

High time to forget about boring staightforward soap holders! This wall mounted white ceramic soap dish impresses with inventive wavy form. A tiny detail that nevertheless boosts the carefully curated modern bathroom decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Ceramic shower soap dishes can help tie a bathroom's design together. Having a wall mounted shower soap dish made of ceramic is a stylish and affordable way of getting your bar soap from your counter. Ceramic soap dishes are also great for installations near bathroom sinks, so gear up your bathroom today!

If you find it hard to make a decision on a soap dish, check out our buying guide as it can lead you to the right ceramic shower soap dish for your bathroom.

How do I choose the right style and size for a ceramic shower soap dish?

There are hundreds of styles for you to choose from, so it's better if you purchase the soap dish that matches your bathroom's existing style or aesthetics. When you are deciding on a style, you must be mindful of things like how the soap dish will interact with the color coordination, texture, and symmetrical balance of your bathroom interior. Ceramic shower soap dish shapes include rectangular box, tapered, spherical, cylindrical and a number of novel designs.

Of course, you need to know the right size for your soap dish. If you get a tiny one and it has an elaborate design or pattern, the decorative feature of the dish may be drowned out by the soap. A soap dish that's too huge for your shower can also look awkward.

The key is for you to consider your requirements and tastes when you're deciding on your dish's size. If possible, match the size of your dish to the size of the soap that you usually use.

Do you want a ceramic shower soap dish with elaborate artistic designs? A plain dish will indicate a rather modern taste. A dish with elaborate designs, on the other hand, feels more traditional and homey. There is nothing wrong with any of the two. However, you should select the dish that reflects your character and taste. If it doesn't match, the dish should at least complement the bathroom's theme. Avoid having mismatched accessories within your bathroom.

How do I make sure the soap dish is good quality?

Make sure that you only purchase a soap dish from a reputable online seller that has a good return policy. A return policy will allow you to inspect the item/s in person. If you don't like the quality or you are not satisfied, you can simply return your order.

The seller must also have a good track record as this will indicate the products sold are of excellent quality. You can check photos on display as well as they can be helpful.

Do quality ceramic soap dish should I look for?

When you're shopping, always remember that not all expensive products are premium or of good quality. Inexpensive soap dishes and other bathroom accessories also perform exactly how expensive products do. To be a wise shopper, always check a product's utility and prize. There are products that are loaded with features, which may be unnecessary or of no use to you. Be keen and pay close attention to additional features which you don't want to pay for.

Now that you're ready to make the right decision, go ahead and scour the market for the best ceramic shower soap dish!


Ceramic shower soap dish 1

Recessed Shower Shampoo Shelf and Tile Niche Soap Dish Holder

Ceramic shower soap dish

The ceramic shower soap dish built-in into the wall. The hanging soap dishes in your shower cubicle don't look elegant. This solution is not only stylish, but also fits to many types of tiles, because of it neutral colours.

Shower soap shelf

An aesthetic square recessed shower soap dish manufactured of white glazed ceramic. It has protruding edges and is divided into 3 size-varied rectangular basins with grooves and ribs on shorter walls.

Recessed ceramic soap dish


Ceramic shower soap dish

... Bathroom Accessories Clearance / Ceramic Glaze Soap Dish Glossy Sky

Corner Shower Shelf Wall Accessory Resin Dark Travertine 8"x8"

Recessed fully porcelain soap dish


Recessed ceramic bathroom soap dish


Ceramic shower soap dish 2

Recessed ceramic soap dishes & more in 33 colors from HCP Industries

Porcelain shower soap dish

Shampoo Soap Shower Recessed Niche Ceramic Shelf DISH1 | eBay

Ceramic shower soap dish 21

4"X6" White Ceramic Soap Dish For tiled showers by TSTS,

Ac product ceramic towel bars ceramic tp holders ceramic soap

AC Product ceramic towel bars, ceramic TP holders, ceramic soap dishes, ceramic recessed soap dishes, ceramic shower caddy, ceramic shampoo ...

Corner shelf soap dish

Corner Shelf/Soap Dish

Swanstone corner shower soap dish set bath

Swanstone Corner Shower Soap Dish Set Bath

Hanging acrylic draining soap dish for shower bath

Hanging Acrylic Draining Soap Dish for Shower/Bath

Via the blog retrorenovation recessed ceramic bathroom soap dish

... via the blog: retrorenovation. recessed-ceramic-bathroom-soap-dish

6"X6" White Ceramic Dual Shelf Soap Dish

Ceramic shower soap dish 7

Ceramic tile shower niche in brick pattern

Ceramic shower soap dish 1

An excellent option for windows as well as showers - this ceramic piece will prove to be the best place to put your soap in and enjoy the convenience and practical use it has to offer in your household.

Porcelain recessed soap dish

Interceramic Bath Accessories White Ceramic Soap Dish, <$15.

Ceramic shower soap dish 10

Sandstone recessed ceramic shower caddies and soap dishes - in stock at Eclectic-ware

6"X6"x4" tall White Ceramic-Corner Dual Shelf Shampoo/Soap Dish

Shower niche under shower head do able

shower niche under shower head - do-able!!

Ceramic corner soap dish for shower

Image detail for -Bathroom Shampoo Soap Shelf Dish Shower Niche Recessed Tile Ceramic ...

Falling shower heads will break shower soap dishes it takes

Falling shower heads will break shower soap dishes. It takes great ...

Ceramic shower soap dish 27

marble shower corner caddy

Bathroom Soap Dish Wall Accessory Dark Travertine 4"x6"

Ceramic shower soap dish 2

excellent, concrete, zig zag, soap dish

Ceramic soap dish recessed

tiled shower pictures | Pictures…Showers and Tub Surrounds » Shower Recessed-Tiled Shelving ...

Millennium Soap Dish

Millennium Soap Dish

West elm enamel soap dish

West Elm Enamel Soap Dish

Ceramic soap dish for tub shower or sink glossy white

Ceramic Soap Dish for Tub, Shower or Sink - Glossy White - Thinset ...

Bathroom shower niches idea

Bathroom shower niches idea

Shower corner shelf with attached hook and tub soap dish

Shower corner shelf with attached hook and tub soap dish. Welcome to the world of color for your ceramic bath hardware. Several dozen items all available in 110+ colors.

Recessed soap dish to be used as a foot rest

Recessed Soap Dish to be used as a foot rest on lower portion of shower wall

Ceramic shower soap dish 6

Cute soap dishes

Ceramic shower soap dish 28

Franklin Brass Tuscan Ceramics Soap Dish 8.95 on Amazon

Tuscan Soap Dish

Tuscan Soap Dish

Recessed ceramic shower shelf

Custom tile Preformed Tile Redi Noble Shampoo Soap Shelf Dishes Shower Niche Recessed Tile Ceramic Porcelain Corner Shaving legs foot rest Caddy Remodel Shaving legs foot rest

Giunone Soap Dish and Toothbrush Holder

Giunone Soap Dish and Toothbrush Holder

Imagery of trees in bronze mint green leaves and brown

Imagery of trees in bronze, mint-green leaves and brown bands grace the Solitude cream-colored ceramic ensemble.

Ceramic shower soap dish 20

Creative Bath Crackle Chocolate Brown Ceramic Accessory Set. 20% off set.