Wall-Mounted Trough Sinks

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Trough sinks are larger, single basin sinks, which accommodate two or more wash stations with two or more faucets. These are perfect for the new small houses, with a smaller size bathroom. Recently, trough sinks have become more popular and are being installed in commercial as well as residential designs. A trough bathroom or kitchen sink makes a big, bold statement and is a space-saving alternative to having two separate sinks. Explore some of the top ideas for wall-mounted trough sinks below. 

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Updated 26/05/2022
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Vintage Wall Mounted Service Trough Sink

Vintage Wall Mounted Service Trough Sink


This ergonomic cast iron sink measures 36” long by 17.5” wide with a seven-inch bowl depth. A faucet mounting kit is included with two faucet holes already drilled. Cast from acid-resistant and enamel-finished iron, this sink weighs 98 lbs. Drain assembly is not included. 

$1399.8 $1866.4

Designer Advice:

To keep your vintage service trough sink looking its best, use a cast iron cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge cleaner. This will remove spot marks, rust and other blemishes in the enamel and restore the shine on the surface. Do not use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads. Adding a bottom basin rack will also help protect your sink from damage.

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Wall Mounted Cast Iron Trough Sink

Wall Mounted Cast Iron Trough Sink


Featuring a conveniently built-in drainboard and a timeless finish, this cast iron trough sink can only be wall mounted. All necessary mounting hardware plus hangers and the tabs that slide into the mounting brackets are included. Half sink and half drain board make up this 41.75” long sink. Weighs 275 lbs.

$2266 $2177

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Wall Mounted Vintage Bucket Sink

Wall Mounted Vintage Bucket Sink


This wall-mounted bucket sink contains two faucet holes, each spaced eight inches apart. At just 85 lbs, it is relatively lightweight and measures only 24” long by 19” wide. The vitreous china sink material is scratch-, stain-, rust- and heat-resistant. Room for water supply lines behind the sink.

$349 $449.99

Designer Advice:

This vintage bucket sink gives you the look of an English cottage and can be wall mounted on top of your counter, or used as a laundry, powder room or poolhouse sink without any cabinetry. Choose black schoolhouse faucets to complete the throwback look of a one-room schoolhouse and to coordinate with exposed black plumbing pipes. Add some wicker baskets below to hold towels and other bathroom necessities. 

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Front Pedestal Wall Mounted Trough Sink

Front Pedestal Wall Mounted Trough Sink


At 400 pounds, this heavy-duty vintage-style trough sink comes with two pedestal legs that support the front of the sink. Hangers and tabs that slide into brackets are included for the wall mount installation. Comes with a center drain placement and two faucet holes.

$2609.14 $2990.17

Designer Advice:

Complete your country-style kitchen with this cast iron trough sink, made from white cast iron. Featuring a conveniently built-in double drainboard and a timeless white finish, this sink is 59” long by 20.88” wide. The center basin area is 24.12” long by 16.12 wide and 8.25” deep. Each drainboard gives you 17.5” worth of space.

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Extra  Long Wall Mounted Trough Sink

Extra Long Wall Mounted Trough Sink

Made from vitreous china, this 48” long white trough sink is sturdy and long-lasting. Choose from a single, double or triple hole faucet mount option. Both the single and triple hole options place your faucet(s) in the center of the sink while the double hole options lets you create two separate wash stations. 

Designer Advice:

The mounting hardware included with this trough sink is two 8-mm bolts with corresponding nuts, washers, and sleeves. To mount the sink on the wall, you’ll need to locate and drill holes into the wall studs for the corresponding bolts. An overflow hole in the back of the sink prevents the sink from overflowing when taps are accidentally left on. When the sink is full of water, this hole allows air to circulate to the drain so the water can drain more quickly. 

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Contemporary Wall Mounted Trough Sink

Contemporary Wall Mounted Trough Sink

Scarabeo by Nameeks

With a glossy white finish, this wall-mounted trough sink is made from ceramic. Choose from a single, double or triple hole option. The faucet and drain assembly are sold separately along with the water lines needed to connect to the faucet at the bottom of the sink. This sink measures 39.25” long by 18” wide and is 5.75” deep.

$790 $1155

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Wall-Mounted Trough Sinks

Buying Guide

A wall-mounted trough sink is a great space-saver and it will prove to be especially useful when it is used in a bathroom that can't offer enough room for a full vanity. As you may already know, this type of sink requires a permanent installation to the wall. What's good about it is it doesn't require additional hardware. Opt for a wall-mounted trough sink for extra optimization of space.

Trough sinks come in all sizes, colors, and shapes, but the main materials used in constructing them are stainless steel and solid surface.

  • Stainless Steel - This material is great for a trough sink as it's extremely strong. It's impervious to vandalism and it's long-lasting. Despite being metal, it is resistant to rust because the material is added with a thin chromium oxide layer. Although stainless steel is excellent for industrial applications, there are homeowners who love the way the material looks. Also, a wall-mounted trough sink made of stainless steel can blend in regardless of the bathroom's style or aesthetic appeal.
  • Solid Surface - A solid surface can have a stone's appearance as it is composed of naturally-occurring pigments and minerals that are mixed with a binding agent. It can have anti-fungal properties and water resistance ability, so it is a great material for sinks. A solid surface is often formed into modern, sleek designs. It also comes in a wide variety of colors.

A trough sink can come with or without a faucet. A faucet is available in various designs, which means you'll be able to match your faucet's style to the rest of your bathroom décor. Prices vary, of course, depending on the design and quality.

If you already have a faucet, then make sure your new sink doesn't come with a faucet as it would be redundant. Also, you'd cut the total cost as a faucet can affect a sink's price.

If you need a new or replacement faucet and you choose a sink that doesn't come with its own faucet, make sure that the style of both components matches.

How to install a wall-mounted trough sink?

If you will be installing your trough sink yourself and you're just replacing an old unit, then you need to make sure you know how to handle the material properly. Otherwise, you will be better off with hiring a professional. To install a trough sink yourself, you'll need an adjustable wrench, level, hacksaw, putty knife, tape measure, screwdrivers, and anti-microbial caulk. A stainless steel trough sink is your best choice if you'll be making the installation a weekend DIY project.

An installation tip: when you're replacing your sink, make sure that you measure your existing sink so your replacement is of the same size. It makes the process of mounting the sink to the wall so much easier. Also, if your sink's material is stone, ask an expert to do the installation for you.

So, that's basically it. We have already given you everything you need to know when buying a wall-mounted trough sink, so go ahead and get a replacement today!

Best Ideas

Wall mounted trough sink 2

Modernize the bathroom and bring some simplicity, with this contemporary minimalist sink, with neutral design. It's wall mounted and suitable with gray or beige color palette in the interior.

School sinks

We all know that the bathroom is a utilitarian space - so this place sometimes needs such a wall mounted trough sink in vintage style. It has a large 1-chamber character, with blue bottom slightly shaded black.In addition, matching towels were hung on strings.

Metal trough sink

A splendid alternative for vintage bathroom with less space to spare. The wall-mounted sink is beautifully accentuated by a black bottom part and streamlined design, holding two stainless steel faucets and a compact shelf for a soap dispenser.



Being an adorable alternative to double sinks, this one plays a bit with common trends and features two taps in one sink. It is perfectly complemented by two mirrors, which nicely emphasize the original idea.

Double faucet trough sink

Wall mounted sink for each bathroom according to taste and need. It is fitted with soap dish. Simple form and functional design for each home.

Vintage trough sink for sale

This trough sink with two faucets undergone a considerable change, having its underside repainted from matte black into a grey or silver, which provides it a fresh and happy appeal.

Wall mounted marble sink

Traditional Bath Photos Small Bathroom Remodels

Wall mounted trough sinks for bathrooms

Very heavy and durable, this rectangle sink is made of concrete and comes with a wall mounted faucet. It's mostly suitable for basement laundry rooms and it keeps its balance thanks to 2 solid wood legs.

Vero Console Bathroom Sink Set

Vero Console Bathroom Sink Set

Opt for this utterly beautiful and stylish console bathroom sink set that offers the wall-mounted structure and ensure a significant boost of practical use. It comes with two taps to make it easier to use in shared spaces.

Wall mounted trough sink 6

Wall Mounted Trough Sink



Trough sink designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of high quality ceramics and fitted with soap dish. Perfect solution for large bathrooms according to taste and need.

Bathroom elegant porcelain wall mount kohler white wash sink with

Bathroom,Elegant Porcelain Wall Mount Kohler White Wash Sink With Drillingstrough Sinks For Bathrooms With Fascinating Golden Meridian Doubl...

Vintage school sink

The oldschool wall mounted trough sink. I am not a fan of such solution, because it look like taken from the last century. The simplier form is simplier to keep it clean and that's my main priority at home.

Double sink trough

This contemporary bathroom owes its awesomeness to the combination of an antique mirror and grey Carrera marble with white walls. Floating, wall mounted, double sink turns the attention from the traditional character of marble, creating a modern item.

Wall mounted trough sink 8

Superb wall mounted trough sink large enough to accommodate all your cleaning and washing needs. Finished in white, the sink is constructed from long-lasting acrylic and comes fitted with silver coated metal hardware for that impeccable dash of modern appeal.

A feature wall of tile around sink area cool idea

a feature wall of tile around sink area?? cool idea... love the sink and other choices here.

Double trough sinks for bathrooms

Beautiful contemporary bathroom. Travertine wood-grain tile, mosaic wall, floating trough sink, wall mount faucets

Vintage trough sink

Beautiful rustic sink. Resembles an unpolished stone, which gives it a raw, natural appeal. Combined with wooden bathroom, it makes this bathroom feel like a sauna more than just an ordinary bathroom!

Antique trough sink

white subway tiles + white trough sink. Wall mount faucets. Vintage 3 panel mirror

Double trough bathroom sink

An interesting sink that will effortlessly add a SPA-like vibe to your bathroom. Just place a couple of white, fluffy towels on the side and there you have it – your own rejuvenation sanctuary, right at your house!

Vintage trough sink bathroom

Cottage in the Swiss mountains, idyll, and rusticity that penetrates the bathroom. However, the star of this space is unbelievable in its elongated shape and form - the wall mounted trough Castiron 4' sink. Traditionally white but high and unique.

Dual faucet trough sink

An extra large mirror like this one will give you an illusion of having a more spacious bathroom. Maintaining a modern feel, the round mirror sits tightly in a steel frame, and can be quite easily mounted on a wall.

Kohler brockway cast iron wall mount wash sink design ideas

Kohler Brockway Cast Iron Wall Mount Wash Sink Design Ideas

Kohler brocker sink transitional bathroom

Kohler Brocker Sink - Transitional - bathroom ...