Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

You don’t want those dainty fixtures and delicate aesthetics in your bathroom. You want it to feel like a rough and tumble sort uses this bathroom and doesn’t take kindly to flowery décor. For you, we instead offer industrial fixtures for the bathroom. As if welded from your own shop, these fixtures are hardcore and ready to get some work done. If you love industrial, take a look at this collection of industrial fixtures.

Best Products

Toilet paper holder rustic barn wood

Toilet paper holder rustic barn wood
Add some industrial accent pieces into your bathroom and enjoy the new unique style. This toilet paper holder has the rustic wooden barn and industrial pipe. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Set of 4 bathroom industrial pipe

Set of 4 bathroom industrial pipe
Splash the interior of your bathroom with industrial accents by using this unique set with toilet paper holder. The set also features iron & steel construction, 4 bathroom industrial pipe fittings, 24'' towel rack, and 2 hooks.

Industrial bathroom fixtures 1

Industrial style lovers will be thrilled with this exceptional bathroom fixture. The beautiful form of copper tubes impresses with its attractive design and functionality. In combination with an interesting mirror and matching sink looks phenomenal.

Industrial style bathrooms

With this industrial bathroom fixture you will finally be able to actually provide both an amazing and stylish addition to the decor as well as complete the functional side of your space, due to its unwavering functionality.

Industrial bathroom faucet

Embodying a masculine spirit, this modern industrial bathroom comes from the West Village, NYC. The most characteristic item is the industrial, metal vanity sink with a functional storage shelf.

Bathroom industrial design

Some people said that the industrial bathroom fixtures are fully all the rage. I am not really sure. Maybe a natural brass has its own kind of shine, but for me it is easier and better to have the wires hidden under the plaster.

Rustic wood partition exactly what im doing in my bathroom

This industrial bathroom fixture shall enchant everyone, who want to create a rustic or boho vibe in their interiors. Metal-framed vessel sink with shelves will be a great coping of the whole decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Those who are renovating or building a bathroom from scratch know selecting the fixtures are just as essential as the flooring and cabinetry. When creating industrial or rustic style bathroom interiors, industrial bathroom fixtures are the ideal addition. However, there are a plethora of options, details, and materials to consider. With that in mind, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire you.

What are the common characteristics of industrial style bathrooms?

The more pipe you have exposed, the better. Choose lights that hang instead of those that recess. When picking out faucets, think old-style copper tubes, large knobs, and arching necks. Metal finishes can range from having a black painted finish to being polished chrome.

How to decorate with industrial bathroom fixtures?

When decorating with industrial bathroom fixtures, avoid using too many decorative elements. No matter if you're combining a wood ceiling with exposed plumbing or attempting to draw attention to the frame of your shower doors, the use of industrial style encompasses drawing attention to the design's raw, unfinished elements. Therefore, play up the bathroom's aesthetic by adding accents wherever possible without overdoing.

Add wall sconces, use subway tile, and a trough sink that has exposed pipes, for example. You could also play up the bathroom’s décor by hanging vintage style lighting from the ceiling. By mixing old and new elements, you’re developing a design that’s fresh and inviting.

How to use industrial fixture style in your bathroom?

Try to make bold statements by using materials that are unexpected like concrete countertops, for example. Not only do they add rustic flair, but they're a stunning addition to industrial design. Another surprising choice is the use of galvanized metal for industrial bathroom fixtures. You could use this material for the sinks or, if you'd like to go bold, for the bathtub. In doing so, you're creating an incredible rustic retreat with unique appeal.

Trough-style sinks with exposed pipes are another way to use industrial bathroom fixtures in your decor. Add a wooden pedestal beneath featuring a shelf for placement of woven baskets, small galvanized buckets, or other containers. Forgoing the shower curtain helps add to the clean line and open-air look of the industrial design.

What color palette pairs well with industrial bathroom fixtures?

Industrial design typically lends itself to the use of dark tones including black, metal, brick, and wood in combination with white and neutral tones. However, it's essential to add pops of color and polished metal. In doing so, you're keeping your style warm and lively. While not every bathroom interior will call for bold colors like red or bright yellow accents, the addition of polished industrial bathroom fixtures may be worth considering. You could also introduce pops of color by using storage containers beneath the sinks, accessories on the counters, a small print on the all, or a floor mat. The idea is to keep it small, so it doesn’t detract from the rest of the room’s overall décor.


Two things here first the actual vintage shower head is

Two things here. First, the actual vintage shower head is cool, assuming you can get the water pressure through it. Second, the wall! Who sees dark showers like that these days? I love it.

Industrial fixtures

Three-light wall mounted fixture can apparently get whole new vibes with just slight updating... Now the fixture is more steampunk-oriented with its industrial Edison bulbs, it looks like designer's piece.

Intact 1920s rib shower in crown heights north house

Intact 1920's rib shower in Crown Heights North house.

Rustic wood vanity

If you want to make your bathroom more industrial-looking, then, this rustic vanity sink base is the way to do it. Constructed of vintage metal pipes and barn wood, the unit offers 1 bottom shelf, and a white-finished, smooth top with a bowl sink.

Industrial bathroom

These bathroom lights have got the industrial design, steel rotating shades and two finishes: polished nickel and bronze to choose. They are suitable with classic and rich finish decor in the interior.

Industrial bath lighting

Elegant industrial style bathroom fixtures. A vanity table, a wet room and a mirror have rectilinear frames of grey-coated metal. A table has a thick brown wooden bottom shelf but a white top. A shower and sink hardware are in contrasting gold hues.

Bathroom faucet cool industrial faucet bathroom industrial fixtures

-bathroom-faucet-cool-industrial-faucet-bathroom-industrial-fixtures ...

Wooden bathroom accessory sets

Painted and properly galvanized, this bathroom hardware will be an ideal choice for industrial or rustic designs. The set comprises a toilet paper holder, robe hook, and a towel bar.

Industrial shower fixtures

This photo may inspire all, who love the cool vintage industrial charm. The amazing combination or purple tiles and counters with brass pipes as vanity legs is stunningly surmounted by the window-like shower cabin.

Farmhouse bathroom lighting

Unique light switch made of metal. It consists of recycled gears. Includes screw holes for easy mounting. Industrial accent for each bathroom.

Industrial bathroom sink

With this rustic console sink, you can now transform your bathroom into an industrial state of art. It's very durable and easy to maintain, and covered in a weathered finish that beautifully accentuates its vintage look.

Rustic bathroom vanities and sinks

Bathroom fixtures combining tradition and modernity. A standing unit has an elegant brown solid wood top and a white ceramic top-mounted sink. A round brown-framed mirror and brown industrial sconces are on a stark wall of unfinished barn wood.

Vintage industrial bathroom

Will it come golden rain from a golden tap? It is important that this industrial bathroom fixture is an unlikely addition to graphite tiles in the bathroom, adding its round shape and a tap in an antique style - elegance combined with golden originality.

Farmhouse bathroom light fixtures

Made of solid material, the towel holder is the perfect solution for the bathroom in industrial design. Beautiful design and solid fastening make the whole durable. The pipe theme adds a whole style.

Industrial bathroom lighting

With such an illuminating trio of spotlights, you will be able to put your bathroom in a center of attention. With quality metal cases attached to movable fastenings, you can adjust angles of each spotlight to spread the light according to your needs.

Industrial style bathroom vanity

Functional and durable, those industrial fixtures will make your DIY job as professional as it gets. You can use them for mounting your lighting systems, achieving truly rustic accents for your master bathroom.

That baths industrial chic bathroom rustic faucets plastic sinks

... That! Baths : Industrial Chic Bathroom, Rustic Faucets, Plastic Sinks

Rustic industrial bathroom 1

Transform your bathroom or laundry room into an industrial masterpiece with this vintage, large farm sink. Crafted of durable metal, the sink rests on wood flat feet for stability and has 2 matching side tops.

Industrial bathroom design

I am so delighted how beautiful this pendant is. It features the eclectic style, because it has the industrial shade and glamour vintage crystals. It adds sparkling twist into any kitchen or dining room.

Industrial bathrooms

Nice and strong proyect. Love the painting ideas!!! Need it

Commercial bathroom fixtures

Commercial Bathroom Fixtures

Great sinks plus i love the combo of sleek white

Great sinks, plus I love the combo of sleek white + rustic wood

Barn light bathroom

Industrial #Floating #Shelves. Use rough cedar planks and plumbing fixtures. #diy

Diy industrial light fixture

MUST PIN! Powder room reveal full of amazing powder room ideas by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body! #powderroom

Industrial toilet design

Cool vintage rustic bathroom. Dark wood floor echoes the tall wooden ceiling, being tied together with white stone walls. Industrial metal fixtures bring another texture in. Cute bathtub on claws completes the amazing look.

Industrial bathroom vanity lighting

If you are a fan of industrial accent pieces, you will be interested of these bulb lights. They are designed for bathroom use, so try them and enjoy the extraordinary addition.

Millennium Lighting 5422 Neo-Industrial 2 Light Bathroom Vanity Light,

Industrial bathroom lights

Love the vintage style vanity light. Get the look for less!

Gray wet room would love to know what the walls

Gray wet room. Would love to know what the walls are- colored concrete? zinc?

Love this for above dining table x2 though seen these

love this for above dining table (x2 though). Seen these in the store and really nice... would go with my modern farmhouse style

Industrial bathroom faucets

Made in industrial design, the single-use fixtures give the interior a rustic and atmospheric feel. Barn lights are captivating and very glamorous by what the character of decor. Ideal for the bathroom and more.

Industrial design bathroom

Ship lap, handsome wood mirror, and swing arm lamps.

Industrial bathroom fixtures

Improve your industrial batrhoom with this vintage light fixture consisted of 5 brightly shining lamps. Each lamp is made of durable pipe with a wall-mounting base, accommodating one bulb at a time.

Bathroom vanity benches 11

Kenoa Resort : A Private Sanctuary of Tranquility, Brazil - Wabi Sabi bathroom with stone sink, rough wood vanity, and industrial hardware

Industrial look bathroom

Unique ceiling lighting bathroom fixture, alluding to industrial style that gets enormous popularity these days. Long black cord holds Edison bulbs that comprise a garland around a black ceiling pipe.

Industrial bathroom light fixtures

The industrial style, although associated with large loft spaces, may even come to a small bathroom in the form of an industrial lampshade, to a 1 light wall sconce. Bronze "mushroom" beautifully falls from a brown frame.

Modern industrial bathroom

This idea for the tiles is simply perfect and will allow you to accentuate your kitchen or bathroom with practically no hassle. It offers a glossy finish of the silver, fish-like tiles and will work well with any color setting.

Industrial lighting bathroom

Back it w/ barnwood....Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

YOBO Lighting Industrial Edison Antique Matte Black Wall Sconce Simplicity

Single Handle Bathroom Waterfall Faucet

Single Handle Bathroom Waterfall Faucet

Diy bathroom remodel with salvage i love this idea

DIY bathroom remodel with salvage. I love this idea!

Industrial atom 8 wide edison bronze ceiling light

Industrial Atom 8" Wide Edison Bronze Ceiling Light -

Industrial bathroom sinks

Wall sconce in industrial style. Designed for the bathroom. It is mounted on metal frame with antique finish. Great as the main or additional source of light in every bathroom as needed.