Industrial Bathroom Faucet

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If you’re looking to give a more masculine design look that feels slightly factory-grade with defined details, industrial bathroom fixtures are the way to go. Even if you add in a simple industrial bathroom faucet alongside simple wood cabinetry and a wide basin-style sink, you’ll find your space instantly transformed into a stripped-down back-to-basics bathroom design. We’ve compiled a list of industrial plumbing fixtures to help transform your bathrooms.  

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Updated 21/12/2022
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Olive Bronze Industrial Bathroom Faucet

Olive Bronze Industrial Bathroom Faucet


Made in an old-fashioned olive bronze over brass, this industrial bathroom fixture is a widespread bridge design featuring two traditional bar handles. It contains an ornate spout that’s 6.3 inches in height and it’s also EPA water certified. 

$435 $813

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Jewels Bathroom Faucet

Jewels Bathroom Faucet

New Mojo

A beautiful, waterfall-style faucet that’s characterized by its premium appearance. Designed with durability and reliability in mind, this faucet features elegant handles for easy operation and precise temperature control.

The faucet offers outstanding flow performance at 1.2 gallons per minute, conserves water with 60 psi of pressure, and is rust-resistant. Styled with ornate jewels atop the handles and faucet, it adds a touch of class to any bathroom.

$183.99 $199.99

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Chrome Single Industrial Bathroom Faucet

Chrome Single Industrial Bathroom Faucet

Central Brass

Simply made in polished chrome, this single-head industrial bathroom faucet features one traditional style four-arm handle that comes with optional red and blue indexes. It pumps 1.5 gallons of water per minute and is easy to install. 

$42.51 $59.8

Designer Advice:

This chrome single industrial bathroom faucet is the ideal way to take your bathroom in a new direction in terms of home design. You can switch up your cabinetry for raw natural wood cupboards and add some cool tiling to the floors and shower and allow this last step with the industrial plumbing fixtures and sink to be a defining feature. 

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Waterfall Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Waterfall Single Hole Bathroom Faucet


A sturdy, yet gorgeous bathroom fixture with a waterfall design spout and a high-quality finish. Its classy design complements any basin vanity unit and is perfect if you’re remodeling your bathroom and want to add a touch of style to your sink.

Designed for one or three-hole installation, this faucet is easy to fit and features a reliable, drip-free ceramic cartridge that can withstand 500,000 open and close tests. The faucet comes with a 6” deck plate included to give your vanity a professional finishing touch.

$59.79 $76.05

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Wall Mounted Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

Wall Mounted Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

Central Brass

This chrome industrial bathroom faucet features two canopy handles with a slightly curved six-inch spout that contains a water-saving aerator to help limit the flow. The chrome is incredibly shiny with easy installation required. 

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Bronze Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Bronze Single Hole Bathroom Faucet


Crafted from brass and available in two stunning metallic finishes, this waterfall effect faucet is solidly designed, offering exceptional durability. The faucet comes with a deck plate and temperature and pressure-resistant braided supply lines for easy installation. The soft water flow is gentle on the hands, while the single lever handle allows for easy water temperature control.

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Brass Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Brass Single Hole Bathroom Faucet


This stylish fixture is sleek, yet robust. Its premium, 7 layer-plated finish means it’s scratch, stain, and rust-resistant.

Geometrically-styled for visual appeal and enhanced functionality, this faucet has reinforced PEX thermostatic piping on the hot and cold lines, which are resistant to pressure and freezing.

Compatible with any vanity sink, this faucet conserves water, without sacrificing pressure. Plus, its single hole design makes it easy to install.

$143.9 $233.9

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Streamlined Black Industrial Bathroom Faucet

Streamlined Black Industrial Bathroom Faucet


Made in a matte black in brushed nickel, this industrial bathroom faucet is just under 10 inches in height with a gooseneck spout and lever style handle that falls flush with the base. It flows up to 1.8 gallons per minute and features both hot and cold dual modes. 

$55.21 $59.98

Designer Advice:

This matte black industrial bathroom faucet features a swivel spout and is made of stainless steel that’s scratch, rust, and spot resistant, so it’s super durable and easy to clean. It would make a great addition to any bathroom where you’re looking to keep things simple and go for a cool black and white design scheme. 

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Industrial Shower Faucet

Industrial Shower Faucet


Complete with a round shower head, tub faucet and rough-in valve, these industrial shower fixtures set are made of polished chrome with the shower head containing a pulsating massage spray to relieve back tension. Some assembly and installation are required. 

$125.67 $249

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Matte Black Industrial Style Shower Fixtures

Matte Black Industrial Style Shower Fixtures

POP Sanitaryware

To go beyond that unfinished look of a contemporary factory-inspired bathroom, this matte black industrial style shower fixture includes a 12-inch rainfall-style shower head, turn-on valve and shower handle with a hose. Everything is easily installed and pain-free for cleaning. 

$146.09 $183.54

Designer Advice:

This industrial shower fixture would make an impression in a number of different bathrooms. You could install it in a shower with a concrete wall to give a clean yet slightly harsh industrial vibe. It would also look modern and streamlined featured in a shower adorned with tile as well. 

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Industrial Bathroom Faucet

Buying Guide

Bathroom sink faucets are often overlooked while considering a makeover of bath spaces. You should not make the same mistake. Give this accessory the consideration it deserves. Apart from the functional efficiency, the right faucet can raise the bar of your bathroom aesthetics. Read on for more information.

Faucet-to-sink Size Ratio

A faucet is to the bathroom sink, what a solitaire is to a party gown. An oversized or undersized faucet could create a functional and aesthetic mismatch. Measure the sink from edge to edge for the length and breadth dimensions, and from top to bottom for its height. For correct depth, measure the insides from top to bottom. Then choose the faucet of matching size.

Sink and faucet shapes

Sync the shapes; being too adventurous will create an oddity that can mar the bathroom outlook. What's the point of choosing a heavy, oversized stainless steel faucet for a finely tapered oval in-built sink? 

Tip: For an ideal match, take a picture of your sink and check the faucet's compatibility with it before making the purchase.

Sink and faucet finishes

Harmonization will pay off in a big way. If you have a drop-in white sink with light marble texture, opt for a brushed nickel faucet with gentle curves. Likewise, these are the faucet finishes to consider for compatibility with your sink:

  • Neutral finishes that can match most bathroom aesthetics: Chrome, nickel, or stainless finishes.
  • Brushed metal will suit subdued bath spaces where nothing is loud or glossy. 
  • Gold finish is for the elitist bathroom where everything is white or gray, with the gold faucet accentuating the sink and bathroom chic. The same is true for the brass finish. 
  • Black finish is an evergreen classic that harmonizes with a wide range of bathroom decors. An ideal matte black is achieved by epoxy coating on metal. 

Faucet handles

They can be in-built as part of the faucet, suitable for single-hole sinks. Another type is separate faucet body and handles, which suit 3-hole sinks. These are the handle types:

  • Single-handle, which is on top of the faucet. You can manage hot and cold water flow by turning the handle left or right, respectively. 
  • Cross-handle. They are the old-school designs that operate by turning the crosses anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close. They can be in-built or separate from the faucet body. 
  • Knob handles are the design variants of cross-handle faucets. You have a knob instead of a cross in this option. 
  • Swivel handles. They swivel forward to turn the water on and recede to turn it off. You can choose between horizontal or vertical swivel motions. You can also opt for single or double-handle faucets in swivel type.

Faucet installation

Make sure that the faucet you are considering to buy can be installed on your existing sink. Consulting a qualified contractor is the best way to go about it. For your ready reference, these are the main faucet installation types:

  • Single-hole meant for single-piece faucets on compact sinks
  • Center-set. It is a 3-hole fitting ideal for single-hole as well as 3-hole sinks. Its holes have 4" faucet centers, which is a universal fit for faucets.
  • Widespread or spread-fit, with 8" to 16" faucet center holes. It is a popular installation for both sinks and countertops. 
  • Wall-mounted faucets. They are installed about 6" above the sink. They need separate drain and wall-mounted valve and call for plumbing as well as masonry work.

You have these popular types to look at:

Bridge faucets

They typically fit sinks with three holes. As the name suggests, they "bridge" the faucet body with the two side handles. They can be either single-piece or have separate bodies for the faucet and two side handles. 

Bridge faucets are meant for the top-mount and under-mount styles of sinks. Their benefits:

  • They are installed on the sink counter, which makes cleaning easy and hygienic
  • The two handles offer efficient water-flow apart from its temperature control

Bridge sink faucets have a period look and feel, with curved bodies and cross handles. They will suit your bathroom with traditional décor. Avoid them if you have a sink of contemporary design.


These faucets are installed on the sink counter and not on its body. They can be either single, double, or 3-hole type. They have either a long, arc-shaped faucet body or a protruding angular one, and they can be operated with cross handles or knobs. 

Deck-mounted faucets will match both the classic and contemporary bath decors. The wide range of designs makes them even more versatile, so buy it with confidence. They will not be an eyesore in your bathroom.


They are the high-tech and high-end handles that have a touch-less operation. Fitted with motion sensors, the faucet releases controlled water-flow when it senses your hand under it, and stops the flow as you withdraw it. Advanced models have microchips to program the flow and temperature. 

Touchless sink faucets are ultra-modern fittings. They will find a home in bathrooms with other gadgets such as a digital shower, voice-activated mirror, or an electronic defogger. The sinks to go with them are white rectangular, oval, or round ones. 

Tip: If Eco solutions are important to you, opt for this handle since it turns off water-flow when you recede your hands.


These are faucets designed for vessel types of sinks that are placed on the sink countertop. They are mostly single-body faucets with either single or double handles. Their installation is concealed behind the vessel sink. 

Vessel sink faucets usually have a tall, gracefully curved body. They will match bathrooms and sinks with white elegance. For enhanced aesthetic, opt for a finish that contrasts the sink, for example, a black faucet for a white or marble vessel sink.

It's worth considering the following features as they bring considerable benefits:

  • Anti-scald valve. It regulates water temperature by mixing the right amounts of hot and cold water. It is especially useful for families with children and senior citizens. 
  • In-built filter, which provides pure and hygienic water that is safe for your hands and skin. 
  • Adjustable water flow. It is an excellent way to save water.

Look for the WaterSense label. It is a water efficiency program initiated by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA). 

Apart from this, you can check the performance standards the manufacturer complies with. 

The more pipe you have exposed, the better. Choose lights that hang instead of those that recess. When picking out faucets, think old-style copper tubes, large knobs, and arching necks. Metal finishes can range from having a black painted finish to being polished chrome.

When decorating with industrial bathroom fixtures, avoid using too many decorative elements. No matter if you're combining a wood ceiling with exposed plumbing or attempting to draw attention to the frame of your shower doors, the use of industrial style encompasses drawing attention to the design's raw, unfinished elements. Therefore, play up the bathroom's aesthetic by adding accents wherever possible without overdoing.

Add wall sconces, use subway tile, and a trough sink that has exposed pipes, for example. You could also play up the bathroom’s décor by hanging vintage style lighting from the ceiling. By mixing old and new elements, you’re developing a design that’s fresh and inviting.

Try to make bold statements by using materials that are unexpected like concrete countertops, for example. Not only do they add rustic flair, but they're a stunning addition to industrial design. Another surprising choice is the use of galvanized metal for industrial bathroom fixtures. You could use this material for the sinks or, if you'd like to go bold, for the bathtub. In doing so, you're creating an incredible rustic retreat with unique appeal.

Trough-style sinks with exposed pipes are another way to use industrial bathroom fixtures in your decor. Add a wooden pedestal beneath featuring a shelf for placement of woven baskets, small galvanized buckets, or other containers. Forgoing the shower curtain helps add to the clean line and open-air look of the industrial design.

Industrial design typically lends itself to the use of dark tones including black, metal, brick, and wood in combination with white and neutral tones. However, it's essential to add pops of color and polished metal. In doing so, you're keeping your style warm and lively. While not every bathroom interior will call for bold colors like red or bright yellow accents, the addition of polished industrial bathroom fixtures may be worth considering. You could also introduce pops of color by using storage containers beneath the sinks, accessories on the counters, a small print on the all, or a floor mat. The idea is to keep it small, so it doesn’t detract from the rest of the room’s overall décor.

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Industrial style lovers will be thrilled with this exceptional bathroom fixture. The beautiful form of copper tubes impresses with its attractive design and functionality. In combination with an interesting mirror and matching sink looks phenomenal.

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Two things here. First, the actual vintage shower head is cool, assuming you can get the water pressure through it. Second, the wall! Who sees dark showers like that these days? I love it.

Industrial bathroom sink

With this rustic console sink, you can now transform your bathroom into an industrial state of art. It's very durable and easy to maintain, and covered in a weathered finish that beautifully accentuates its vintage look.

Bathroom industrial design

Some people said that the industrial bathroom fixtures are fully all the rage. I am not really sure. Maybe a natural brass has its own kind of shine, but for me it is easier and better to have the wires hidden under the plaster.

Industrial bathroom faucet

Embodying a masculine spirit, this modern industrial bathroom comes from the West Village, NYC. The most characteristic item is the industrial, metal vanity sink with a functional storage shelf.

Great sinks plus i love the combo of sleek white

Great sinks, plus I love the combo of sleek white + rustic wood

Rustic wood partition exactly what im doing in my bathroom

This industrial bathroom fixture shall enchant everyone, who want to create a rustic or boho vibe in their interiors. Metal-framed vessel sink with shelves will be a great coping of the whole decor.

Industrial shower fixtures

This photo may inspire all, who love the cool vintage industrial charm. The amazing combination or purple tiles and counters with brass pipes as vanity legs is stunningly surmounted by the window-like shower cabin.

Rustic bathroom vanities and sinks

Bathroom fixtures combining tradition and modernity. A standing unit has an elegant brown solid wood top and a white ceramic top-mounted sink. A round brown-framed mirror and brown industrial sconces are on a stark wall of unfinished barn wood.

Vintage industrial bathroom

Will it come golden rain from a golden tap? It is important that this industrial bathroom fixture is an unlikely addition to graphite tiles in the bathroom, adding its round shape and a tap in an antique style - elegance combined with golden originality.

Industrial toilet design

Cool vintage rustic bathroom. Dark wood floor echoes the tall wooden ceiling, being tied together with white stone walls. Industrial metal fixtures bring another texture in. Cute bathtub on claws completes the amazing look.

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