Ceramic Laundry Sink

The old, gross laundry sink, also known as a slop sink, was made of plastic, and used for washing delicate items by hand. A more attractive option on the market is the ceramic laundry sink. Still serviceable in the same fashion as the slop sink, but much more fetching in appearance, ceramic laundry sinks are the contemporary home choice. See the collection for your next laundry sink.

Best Products

24" x 24" Single Utility Sink with Drain Faucet

24" x 24" Single Utility Sink with Drain Faucet
If you're a fan of practical solutions, this simple utility sink with drain faucet is gonna be the best possible option for you. Check it out and enjoy an amazing convenience and functionality in your bathroom.

Single Basin Stainless Steel Laundry Sink with washboard

Single Basin Stainless Steel Laundry Sink with washboard
This simple and practical laundry sink with washboard would be a perfect option for every kind of bathroom or kitchen. Use it wherever you want and enjoy the highest comfort and functionality in your house.

Rectangular Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink

Rectangular Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink
This bathroom sink offers a sophisticated look along with the contemporary style that will surely complement the existing decor, while the ceramic construction ensures amazing durability and sturdiness.

40" x 24" Double Floor Mounted Laundry Sink

40" x 24" Double Floor Mounted Laundry Sink
It is a double floor mounted laundry sink that has got a twin tub, deck on the back and four knockouts holes for the faucet. It is a fantastic addition to any home. This is a very good choice.

Ceramic laundry sink

Made of laundry sink ceramics is a stylish accent decor, which is also an invaluable element of the interior of the kitchen, laundry and more. The whole is small but very practical and will work out during everyday activities at home.

Ceramic laundry sink 2

Deep laundry sink made of high quality ceramics. Designed for mounting on the top. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Ceramic laundry sink 1

Characterized by quality white ceramic construction, this lovely laundry sink is, especially, designed for hand wash. It has a deep basin and a scrubbing section, making the whole process much more comfortable.

Our advice Buying Guide

Most people overlook that big laundry sink that seems to sit in the laundry room for no reason. What they aren’t aware of is how useful this sink can be. A laundry sink is great to use for hand-washing clothes, pre-soaking laundry, cleaning shoes, washing your hands, and even giving your dog a bath. If you’re fond of using your laundry sink or feel like you need one in your home, then it would be beneficial to look into a ceramic laundry sink.

Ceramic laundry sinks are extremely durable and look much better than the plastic-type material most laundry sinks seem to be made out of. While you may think there aren’t many things to consider when choosing a ceramic laundry sink for your home, you will benefit from reading on for some important tips.

How big a laundry sink should you get?

  • If you know you don’t need a humongous sink, then you can opt for a sink with less width and depth so you don’t feel like your space is being wasted. The space you save can be used for other things such as shelving or cabinets for storage.
  • For rooms that are really tight on space, there are laundry sinks available in sizes comparable to kitchen sinks.
  • There are tons of large ceramic laundry sinks available. If space is not a problem for you, then you can get a laundry sink that’s big and deep enough for you to sit in and take a bath if you would like!

What are the benefits of a double sink?

A double sink is a desirable option if you have various uses for your sink. With two sinks, you can assign specific jobs for each one. Some examples are:

  • Use one sink to handwash clothes and the other one to rinse.
  • Assign one sink to pre-soaking laundry and another one for cleaning shoes.
  • Only use one sink for dealing with harsh chemicals and the other sink for washing large pots and pans that don’t fit in the kitchen sink.

There are truly endless ways to use your laundry sink. If space is a concern, then it’s probably best that you stick with a single sink since doubles tend to take up more room. Two sinks can also be unnecessary if you’re only going to use your sink for one or two purposes.

Whether you want to replace your current laundry sink or you want the addition of a laundry sink in your home, choosing ceramic is a sure way to ensure durability and many years of use. With careful consideration of the aforementioned tips, you can choose the perfect laundry sink for all of the random things you’ll be using it for.


Ceramic laundry sink 2

Utility laundry sink with cabinet. The sink is ceramic, and the cabinet is white to match its tone, so the whole piece represents a rather unified, neat and clean look. Metal handles have a shape of horizontally oriented bars.

Small laundry sink

A lovely addition for small bathrooms and laundry rooms. This eye-catching sink is well-balanced, and made of quality white ceramic, featuring a free-standing design, and a deep basin for convenient hand washing.

Ceramic laundry tub sink csl700

Ceramic Laundry Tub Sink -CSL700

Ceramic laundry trough

As you know laundry is a very useful room - it is worth to have washing machine there also sink, the best would be good looking, ceramic laundry white sink. It is very deep, built into the cabinet, also in white color.

Porcelain utility sink

A ceramic laundry sink that’s durable and stylish both at the same time. The grey, natural colour makes it appropriate for rustic, cosy houses, as well as for industrial ones. The golden colour of cranes adds a nice accent.

Ceramic laundry sinks

Clearwater Ceramic Utility/Laundry Sink Inc Waste - Small

Other cabinet enthralling garage utility sink with cabinet with delta

other cabinet enthralling garage utility sink with cabinet with delta ...

Ceramic laundry sink 5

Vintage Porcelain Farm Sink Or Utility Sink, Metal Base W/ Legs ...

Old fashioned laundry tub

Infinite Ceramic Laundry Sink - FIRST CHOICE WAREHOUSE - MOORABBIN

Porcelain laundry tub

Ceramic Laundry Sink SBC620 - Yahoo Search Results

Home laundry laundry sink tbo ceramic laundry sink

Home > Laundry > Laundry Sink > TBO Ceramic Laundry Sink

Ceramic laundry sink 1


Porcelain laundry sink

Suitable for laundry rooms or country-looking bathrooms; this vintage sink is made of white ceramic and has a deep, capacious basin. The surface is easy to clean and the sink itself is not only practical but also quite stylish - emanating with its old-fashioned charm.

Ceramic laundry sink 4

Home » Ceramic 45L Laundry Tub

Deep ceramic sink

Although in most homes there is a dishwasher today, the ceramic laundry sink still remains essential kitchen equipment. Spacious, ceramic and white - this is a classic combination that guarantees success with two sinks.

American Standard 9047.093 Surgeon's Scrub 28" Wall Mounted Porcelain Bathroom S,

Ceramic utility sink

Laundry sink made of ceramic and mounted on iron base. Functional design for each place as needed. Classic form and vintage style.

Small laundry sink with legs

A simple aesthetic rectangularish laundry sink manufactured of quality white ceramic easy to clean. It's quite wide and deep, has rounded corners and is equipped with an overflow and a drain hole in the centre.

Laundry sink ceramic

Perfect bathroom / laundry details.  Subway tiles, deep ceramic laundry sink with lab tapware, sea green cabinetry…

Rolling laundry bin

This project will come especially useful for everyone, who is doing the laundry on his or her own. Rolling laundry bins, lightweight, fully portable and capacious, will let you easily transport your dirty clothes right into the laundry room.

Narrow laundry sink

Combining the original ceramic kitchen sink and impressive kitchen cabinets make the kitchen functional and stylish. This interestingly integrated sink with wooden top and gray cabinets presents itself nicely.

Poppytalk covet garden photo by valerie wilcox

Poppytalk - Covet Garden, photo by Valerie Wilcox

Ceramic laundry sink 3

Samco Ceramic Laundry Tub

Ls585 utility sink fire clay white

LS585 Utility Sink, Fire Clay, White

26" x 21" Single Designer Delicate Touch Laundry Sink

26" x 21" Single Designer Delicate Touch Laundry Sink

White laundry tub

... Utility Small 610mm x 395mm Ceramic Apron Fronted Kitchen Laundry Sink

Ruthven ceramic laundry tub and cabinet

RUTHVEN - ceramic laundry tub and cabinet

Laundry tub ceramic

The brass faucets shown in the picture and the entire bowl of the sink come from the junkyard in the United Kingdom and resemble colonial times. Large ceramic laundry sink, based on a wooden stand is a symbol of old english time, and perfect element for your home.

Vintage laundry sink

Laundry sink made of high quality ceramic. Designed for mounting on the top. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Choosing a kitchen sink rosaaen really like this kind of

Choosing a #Kitchen Sink - Rosaaen-Really like this kind of sink, depending on price of course!

Home laundry laundry sink tbo ceramic laundry sink 1

Home > Laundry > Laundry Sink > TBO Ceramic Laundry Sink

Porcelain_kitchen_sink jpg


Kitchen sinks and laundry tubs kitchen sinks and laundry tubs

kitchen sinks and laundry tubs kitchen sinks and laundry tubs

Narrow laundry tub

DOMSJÖ Single-bowl inset sink IKEA 25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

Countryhaus laundry utility sink

Countryhaus Laundry/Utility Sink

White laundry trough

I am a big fan of modern kitchen. You can crate it with the ceramic laundry sink with the white color and clean, simple lines. The aesthetic look is very important in every kitchen.

Metal laundry sink

VANITY, SINK, MIRROR: wall hung mirror, lovely sink. Source: Vintage Bathroom Vanity Sink 766x1024 Vintage Bathroom Vanity

Deluxe 20" x 22" Laundry Tub

Deluxe 20" x 22" Laundry Tub

Since i havent been invited ill have to settle for

Since I haven't been invited, I'll have to settle for photographs. I ...

Laundry tubs ikea

A lovely accessory for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This stylish sink is designed of quality white porcelain, giving you a durable, easy to clean and beautiful addition for improving your contemporary decor.

17" x 20" Single Molded Stone Utility Sink

17" x 20" Single Molded Stone Utility Sink

Riba ceramic laundry sink range

Riba Ceramic Laundry Sink Range

White overmount porcelain sink

White Overmount Porcelain Sink