Floor Mounted Door Stop

Buy the best floor mounted door stop selected and recommended by interior designers. By Peyton Robinson.

If you want to avoid scratches in your doors and walls, having a floor mounted door stop is just the thing you need. Screwed on to the floor, these door stops can easily be positioned to your preferred spot. Just make sure that it is where the door handle is you don’t damage the door hinges when opening and closing. While some display mainstream designs, there are also those with a more unique take, providing you with varied options according to your preferred aesthetic.

Telescopic Door Stop

Telescopic Door Stop

$88 $129.05

Telescopic Door Stop


$88 $129.05


What we like: Hook and eye door opener

What we don’t like: Contrasting tone for the mounting screw

Not so good for: Modern aesthetics

Perfect for: Concrete and wood floors

Offered in nine metal finishes, this tall floor mounted door stop has a unique look combined with vintage appeal. Its style blends well with contemporary and classic farmhouse, traditional, and transitional interiors. It has a telescopic form with a gooseneck detail.

The product is primarily made from solid brass so you are assured of its durability. Designed with a hook and eye hardware, this piece can also be used not just in protecting your walls, but also to keep your door open, if needed. The set comes with concrete and wood mounting screw so you don’t have to change your flooring unlike other doorstops of the same design.

Round Door Stop

Round Door Stop

$60 $59.99

Round Door Stop


$60 $59.99


What we like: Sleek form and material

What we don’t like: A bit lighter than other doorstops

Not so good for: Solid doors

Perfect for: Small, hollow core doors

A chic, floor mounted door stop. Door stops are a must for any home, and this piece is uniquely crafted from stainless steel. It is unique from other stoppers not only from its looks but also its durability and anti-scratch features on its base. It is easy to underestimate this product but it weighs 4.4 lbs which helps its mechanism to stay in place. 

This door stopper features a solid band of rubber along its top edge which gives a contemporary vibe to the piece. Incredibly, this small item can keep even heavy doors open and prevent any scratches on your walls or furniture. To maintain its look, it is recommended to wash it by hand.

Half moon Doorstop

Half moon Doorstop

$23.21 $28.49

Half moon Doorstop

Design House

$23.21 $28.49


What we like: Compact, rounded design

What we don’t like: Needs spacer for doors with gaps

Not so good for: Doors with big gaps

Perfect for: Heavy doors

You might not notice this heavy duty door stop with floor mount at first but once you do, you’ll notice its beautiful shiny finish. The product itself keeps a low profile at 1.75 inches by 1.5 inches. It comes in a tight selection of polished finishes that better fit certain design aesthetics. Protect your walls from damage with this dome shaped stopper that mounts easily onto the floor. 

It comes with a simple installation into one pre-drilled mounting hole. The set comes with five pieces for continuity around your home. The product is made primarily from zinc to ensure its sturdiness over time. It may look small and dainty, but it can keep a door from making damage to your walls. 

Novelty Door Stop

Novelty Door Stop

$16.57 $16.89

Novelty Door Stop


$16.57 $16.89


What we like: Cool design

What we don’t like: Only applicable indoors

Not so good for: Elegant, formal interiors

Perfect for: Eclectic interiors

Add a touch of humor to your home with this quirky door floor stopper. Keep your house playful and imaginative by adding functional and decorative pieces. Its slip resistant material works on every floor surface while keeping a strong hold that avoids skidding or scratching surfaces. It is a fun way of protecting your floors and doors from damage or from shutting on its own. 

Masterfully crafted from thermoplastic rubber and is soft to the touch. This product features a cool charcoal color that blends well with any space. It works as a home essential as well as a cute gift idea for family and friends. It does its job well and serves as an amusing conversation starter for guests.

Wedge door stopper

Wedge door stopper

$12.4 $14.89

Wedge door stopper


$12.4 $14.89


What we like: Comes in a set of four

What we don’t like: Needs space for it to function

Not so good for: Doors that are close to the floor

Perfect for: Doors with gaps underneath

This floor mounted door stopper works on different surfaces such as tile, concrete or wooden floors. If you are looking for more classic silhouettes, this is a great option with additional gripping features. These wedge stoppers work best with up to 1.2 inch door gaps such as at home or even commercial spaces. High quality and durable rubber make up the composition to prevent scratches and damage on walls and floors. It rests on an anti-slip base to grip the product in place and do its job. 

The dark finish complements the subtle skirting around the wedge that helps the product keep stable and stay in place. Includes four pieces for use around the space for a streamlined look. 

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Floor Mounted Door Stop

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Floor Stop

Floor Stop

This contemporary styled floor stop is suitable for all door kinds. Its sturdy construction is made of steal in matte, silver finish and it features a gray rubber bumper. It has to be screw on to a floor

Nautical door stop

Oh my gosh, what's a kitschy thing... I think that the decorative door stopper is useless gadget. No one is looking for decorations on the floor level. The main advantage of such kind of accessories is its functionality.

Door stop floor mount

Do you hear this sound? Stop the door - your dad screams. He will not have to shout when you put on the floor a unique floor mounted door stopper with embossed decorative flower pattern made of solid brass. On a black round basis.

ZACK 50602 Argos Floor Mounted Door Stopper, 2.36-Inch

KES HDS300-5 Heavy Duty Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Antique Bronze

A high quality element that has got a functional character. It is a door stoop made of metal that is ready for heavy-duty service. Its antique finish increases the level of interior aesthetics. This door stop can be installed on the floor or wall.

Prime-Line Products J 4603 Door Floor Stop with 2-1/4-Inch Diameter, Brushed Chrome/Plated Brass

Floor mounted doorstop made of cast brass and featuring rubber bumper. Additionally, the item has brushed chrome finish. The set doesn't include fasteners. The doorstep is a great addition to any interior.

Deltana FDB278U5 2-7/8" Solid Brass Floor Mounted Door Bumper, Antique Brass

Doorstop with rubber bumper, cement anchor and modern design. This makes it ready to use when bought. Additionally, the item is available in variety of finishes, which makes it easy to match any interior.

Floor door stopper

This decorative floor mounted door stop can be a gorgeous way to add some chic to your interiors. It will subtly incorporate a bit of the stylish glamour of the 1920's into your interiors.

Magnetic door stop holder door hardware brush chrome for home

Magnetic Door Stop Holder Door Hardware Brush Chrome for Home or Office. Keeps Door Open Even with Door Closer by FPL Door Locks. $13.49. Magnetic door stop holder stops the door from hitting the wall AND will keep door open for you until it is pulled awa

Round door stopper

Deltana DSF600CR003 Lifetime Polished Brass Floor Stop Solid Brass Heavy Duty 6" Floor Mount Door Bumper

KES® HDS201-2-P2 Solid Stainless Steel Floor Door Stopper Stops Screw Mount 2 Pcs Pack, Brushed

This element is a door stopper that features a durable stainless steel construction. It has got a special protection, so doors will not become damaged. This door stopper has got openings for mounting screws. It is designed to use on the floor.

Stainless Steel 3.1" Length Floor Mounted Door Stop Stopper Bumper

Made from stainless Steel, this rubber enchants with its solid finish and a modern-looking silver tone and gray color. A good choice you need a very low profile floor mounted base to reduce the risk of potential tripping as well as eases floor cleaning.

Sugatsune floor mount door stop

Sugatsune Floor Mount Door Stop

Heavy duty floor mounted stainless steel door stop

Heavy Duty Floor mounted stainless steel door stop

Door stops hb1136 floor mount door stop handb2012

Door Stops - HB1136 - Floor Mount Door Stop - HandB2012

INOX DSIX05-32 Floor Mount or Wall Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome

This kind of product is a door stop that protects walls and furniture from doors. It is an element that can be mounted on the wall or floor. Its durable rubber tip is solid and resistant do damage caused by impact.

Matt black oval floor mount door stop

Matt Black Oval Floor Mount Door Stop

KES HDS200-2 Solid Steel Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Brushed Stainless Steel

It is a door stop that plays a functional role in any house. This product is damage resistant thanks to its 304 premium grade stainless steel construction. It has also got a chromium/nickel layer that protects from rust and corrosion.

Silver Tone 70mm Long Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Door Stop Stopper Bumper

70 mm long doorstop made of stainless steel, making it long-lasting construction. Additionally, it's wall mounted and features rubber stopper. The item also features silver finish, which easily matches variety of interiors.

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