Floor Standing Bike Rack

Do you love to ride your bike? Do you need somewhere to store it that won't damage your home? Then you need a floor standing bike rack. These are both functional and stylish, and come in many sizes for most bike needs. Even kids can profit from having one of these. Take a look at the floor standing bike racks in this extensive collection.

Best Products

5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand
This floor standing parking bike stand is a solid, powder coated steel construction, that allows 5 bikes to be parked at the same time. Easy quick release separation and lightweight construction (10lbs).

2 Bike Seurat Floor Stand

2 Bike Seurat Floor Stand
Are you looking for safe and convenient way to store your bicycle? The, check out this unique and practical floor stand! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of comfort and functionality.

2 Bike Rack Floor Stand

2 Bike Rack Floor Stand
This sensational bicycle rack is a great solution for many occasions. You can put it under the house. Robust design with heavy-duty steel makes the whole is stable and durable.

Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand Garage Storage Mount Exercise Bike

Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand Garage Storage Mount Exercise Bike
It's a functional floor parking rack storage stand for five bicycles. It fits to all standard bikes, mountain bikes, road and BMX bikes. Try it at your garage and enjoy the new storage space.

2 Bike Gravity Stand

2 Bike Gravity Stand
This heavy duty bike rack will hold two bikes at a time. The bikes are stored on two levels, and the arms that hold them are adjustable. The item is very easy to assemble and to use. It sports versatile black finish.

Bike rack freestanding bicycle storage rack 75 pound maximum

... Bike Rack - - freestanding bicycle storage rack. 75-pound maximum

Floor standing bike rack

A sturdy floor-to-ceiling rack that allows you to store your bikes indoors without taking too much of free space. It's crafted of hardwood, thus it's very durable, and well-balanced, able to accommodate two bikes at the same time.

Our advice Buying Guide

What types of floor standing bike racks are there?

There are many different types of floor standing bike rack, depending on the kind you need for your space. There is the traditional U-shaped parabolic stand that you might see near parking lots in public spaces; there is also the slightly more refined-looking fence-style bike rack that tends to appear a little more sophisticated than the U-shaped version. Finally, there are very small standing bike racks that only offer low-to-the-ground tire restraints, instead of versions that go up to waist height. These lower-profile ones are nice, as they don’t detract from the property aesthetic - but just be aware that you’ll have to bend down to use them every time!

What to consider when choosing a floor standing bike rack?

When considering a floor-standing bike rack, your available space will play a huge role in the type you choose. If you are limited for space, then a vertical floor standing bike rack is ideal as it maximizes floor space by storing your bikes vertically. It can also accommodate bikes with fenders.

If you have a little more room to spare then a horizontal floor standing bike rack is the way to go. To set it up, simply unfold it onto the floor and you are all done. With either of these options, there is no need for drilling holes and mounting. Additionally, you may store a single bike up to multiple bikes using these floor-standing bike racks.

How many bikes can a floor-standing bike rack hold?

Most floor-standing bike racks can take up to five bikes, or less, featuring compact designs that allow for easy portability. If you only own one bike, your best choice would be a 1 bike holder stand. These types of racks are often foldable, provide easy storage, and can be kept in any small corner of the garage.

That’s not to say that you can’t find bike racks with larger capacity. Some innovative racks come with a space-saving structure that can accommodate a maximum of 8 bikes without taking up too much floor space, while others can even hold up to 12 bikes, perfect for bigger families with a variety of bicycles.

That said, you should always keep in mind that what’s compatible with a mountain bike may not always be ideal for a fat tire bike.


Floor standing bike rack

Minimalist and sturdy free standing bike rack constructed from wood. The rack works well if it’s placed along a wall and it can hold up to four bikes. The base is stable and extra strong too, plus you also get a superb natural wood grain finish that will be great for your décor.

5 bike floor stand

High-quality free-standing bike rack designed to hold up to two large bikes at any given time. The rack is constructed from wood and finished in a nicely glossed light brown stain. It’s a great piece for the hallway.

Garage floor bike rack

Portable, stabile, and modern-looking; this standing bike rack firmly keeps the bike in check by using its flat leg with non-slip properties. It has an interesting design, offering also a fine mix of white, black and red.

Standing bike

Thanks to this floor-to-ceiling rack, you are getting a durable, easy to maintain, and well-balanced place to store your two bikes. The rack is made of premium metal, and it can be adjusted in terms of its height.

Floor standing bike rack

This floor standing rack is characterized by premium steel construction and long-lasting usage. The rack firmly holds your bike in place, ensuring good stability thanks to its flat legs with non-marring caps.

Floor standing bike rack

Combining style and functionality, this floor standing bike rack is a cleverly designed construction, that will comprise smoothly your 2 bikes. Its wooden frame constitutes a solid and sustainable construction.

Bike rack for garage floor

An element of home equipment for anyone who prefers bike riding during free time. This bike rack features a floor standing construction based on durable metal, so it is able to hold the weight of two bikes.

Floor bike stands

Secure your bike easily with this high-quality floor standing bike rack. Constructed from metal and featuring a stunning chrome-plated finish, the rack is designed to safely hold a standard sized bike and should be a great and highly functional accessory for any home.

Floor standing two bicycle rack display

Floor Standing Two Bicycle Rack Display

Cheap display stand willworx super bicycle stand


Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker

Bike rack floor

Gear Up Grand Stand Single Bike Floor Stand black bicycle lightweight portable

Very nice bike rack jpeg


Floor mounted bike stand

Cycle Bike Bicycle Rack Parking Stand Mount Wall/Floor Mounted Sealey ...

Commercial bike racks about colors all products faq warranty contact

Commercial Bike Racks About Colors All Products FAQ Warranty Contact ...

Floor standing bike rack 7

Quarterre's Branchline bike stand/ Cooper Bikes

Double Entry Bike Rack

Double Entry Bike Rack

Diy bike rack

An outdoor, functional element that provides space for bikes. This floor standing bike rack features a very durable PVC construction. It provides stable and safe parking space for up to seven bikes. The rack features a neutral white finish.

Avenir adjustable floor stand

Avenir Adjustable Floor Stand

RACOR Leaning Rack

Floor storage for two bikes this adjustable free standing bike

-floor storage for two bikes, this adjustable free-standing bike rack ...

Floor standing bike rack 1

Storing your bike indoor can be annoying, but not with a proper standing bike rack. Just check out this one here – it’s durable, stable and safe to use. The black colour makes it elegant and subtle, so it won’t distract anyone.

Floor bicycle stand

added clearance space saver for ds capacity bike saris bike

Art of storage leonardo single bike rack 2 pack

Art of Storage Leonardo Single Bike Rack - 2 Pack

Bicycle floor rack

Delta Design Seurat 2 Bike Floor Stand

Bike rack floor stand

5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

Floor standing bike rack 3

6-bike Deluxe Park Stand with Accessory Bar

Single bike floor stand

floor stand bike rack that holds two bikes and doesn't need to be wall mounted

Bike floor rack

garage storage for bikes. Ohhh the day I can fit more then my car in the garage (and that is barley fit it...I have to push in the mirrors and pull all the way forward so the door closes)

Wall mounted coat rack with storage 2

A great choice for smaller apartments that store mountain bikes. This set of 2 bike racks offers 2 types of racks - 1 wall-mounted and 1 floor stand. Unlike the floor stand rack, the wall-mount rack comes with a weight limit of 25.lbs or less.

4 bike floor stand

Single bike stand, supplied with fixing holes pre-drilled

Standing bike rack

Impressive construction of this hand-made floor standing bike rack makes the yard or garage a very functional element. The whole is made of solid parts and is handy to store baby bikes. The perfect solution for any home.

Relaxdays Foldable Wall Mount Bike Storage Set Of 2

6 Bike Storage Rack

6 Bike Storage Rack

2 Bike Q-Rack System in Gray

2 Bike Q-Rack System in Gray

The container store rothko rolling bike stand

The Container Store > Rothko Rolling Bike Stand

Home made bike rack

Original and very unique stylization of a bathroom. A sink is supported by a frame in the form of floor standing bike. The lower area includes a bike frame with wheels and other elements and the upper one features a rectangular wooden base and a white sink.

Floor standing bike rack 5

Floor Bike Stand | We need something to organise our bike storage. This would be practical

Steel bicycle park storage parking rack stand for 1 5

Steel Bicycle Park Storage Parking Rack Stand for 1-5 (Five) Bikes Floor Mount

Parkbox Plus

Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

Pro Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

Traditional Bike Racks 7 Bike Sport and Scooter Bike Rack

Traditional Bike Racks 7 Bike Sport and Scooter Bike Rack

Two bike floor stand free standing 2 bike rack garage

Two Bike Floor Stand - free standing 2 bike rack garage ...