Behind Toilet Shelves

Toilet shelves are really useful and we all know that. One doesn’t even have to remind about this fact – now you can choose from many different toilet shelves designed to satisfy your needs. All those interested can enjoy this rich collection of shelves in many kinds of shapes and sizes.

Behind toilet shelves

Beautiful behind the toilet shelves is a perfect combination of solid construction and functionality. Made of wood in a simple styling are universal and beautifully present on the wall. Accommodate small cosmetics and other trinkets.

Powder room 12

Powder Room
Sometimes you really need to have some bathroom accessories within hands reach... Then why not use this handy idea with two elegant contemporary narrow floating shelves (wood) mounted next to the toilet.

Ideabooks 131

Shelves over the toilet in a modern bathroom. Behind toilet shelves might be built into a wall or delivered with a separate wall-mounted cabinet - here the simple white shelves just use a regular wall nook.

Medina 66.38" x 25.19" Over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf

Medina 66.38" x 25.19" Over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf
It is extremely practical and very interesting cupboard to be placed on the toilet. It is made of matt gray metal. Perfectly helps organize space in the bathroom. Itself is simple and very delicate. At the same time elegant and minimalist.

Behind toilet shelves

Now you can effectively accommodate the space behind your toilet, by using this practical shelving unit. Made of sturdy wood and bathed in white finish, the unit offers 1 two-door cabinet and 4 open shelves.

Behind toilet shelves 2

I love the idea of tiling all the way around the room...even behind the toilets. Love the glass shelves. And HIGH GLOSS black cabinetry.

Behind toilet shelves 2

Nice and organized open shelf bathroom storage

Shelf behind bed

i like this for over the toilet storage instead of the stupid behind the toilet shelf i have now

Tons of storage

TONS of storage!

Behind toilet shelves 1

Save your bathroom space with this simple organizing pattern. Finished in bright wood, the shelf above the toilet constitutes a great spot to store your bath accessories and other stuff.

Above toilet towel rack

Shelving above the toilet is a very practical solution. This set of glazed ones has also style. It offers a smooth storage space for your toilet paper rolls, linens or other bathroom supplies, saving the precious floor space.

Above toilet shelf

A pair of floating shelves for contemporary bathrooms, that is easy to install, perfectly stabile, and easy to clean. Crafted of thick hardwood, each shelf is covered in a distressed finish and offers a well-polished top.

Behind toilet shelf

A creative way to accommodate the space behind your toilet, especially, if the bathroom is relatively small. Those floating shelves are wall-mounted and sturdy, crafted of espresso-finished hardwood.

Behind toilet shelves 5

A clever way to organize maximally your bathroom space, especially if you deal with tiny spaces. Placed behind the toilet, this set of wall shelves constitute a smooth spot to store your books, photos and others.

Above toilet shelving

Combining style and functionality, this set of white toilet shelves will allow you to save precious floor space. Subtly built-in in a niche, the 4 shelves create an ideal storage spot for one's towels, linens or other accessories.

Traditional 34

Elegant setup for a traditional bathroom with a vintage appearance. The decorative, oval mirror with an ornate frame above the dark wood vanity cabinet with a ceramic top provides a classy centerpiece to the room.

Behind toilet shelves

Tidy your towels and bathroom or toilet accessories in the shelves behind the toilet. The white wooden construction features many deep shelves and the doors underneath with more storage space.

Powder room shelves

Shelves behind toilet in guest bath. Like the idea, but definitely not this style.

Behind toilet shelves

Traditional look for old-fashioned over-toilet shelving, which creates some additional storage space in the bathroom. The shelving is made out of wrought iron with a silver finish and has a couple of extra surfaces for towels.

Above toilet shelf

Bathroom shelf with towel holder made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories.

Toilet rack

Isin't it just like the toilet is in the corner, and the empty space swings away the bathroom charm? You can install such white simple shelves, made to measure just the niche of our bathroom.Great development of forgotten space.

Above toilet shelving unit

Traditional Bathrooms from Ami Dahan : Designers' Portfolio 1194 : Home & Garden Television

Modern bathroom with hidden storage storage white bathrooms

Modern bathroom with hidden storage | Storage | White bathrooms ...

I like the recessed nook wall painted an accent color

I like the recessed nook wall painted an accent color and the shelves painted white.

Bathroom alcove shelves

Made from thick wooden panels, this set of floating shelves constitutes a smooth way to add style and functionality to your bathroom decor. It shall appeal to all fans of rustic or boho design in the first place.

Behind toilet shelves

Bathroom shelves - put behind toilet?.

Toilet shelf

How to fit everything in a small bathroom, without knocking it? Behind toiler floating shelves could be a perfect idea.Between the sink and the toilet, completely unnoticed 3 white shelves fit all the needed things.What's more, they add a cozy atmosphere.

Shelf over toilet

Toilet elements that are very functional and durable. These shelves are based on metal frames. Their black color looks perfectly among other toilet items, accessories and decorations. They provide some space for the most important items.

Above toilet shelf 14

An aesthetic traditional wall-mounted bathroom shelf manufactured of clear glass. It's rectangular, has rounded corners and 2 decorative wall mounts made of thin curved metal rods with a brass finish.

Powder room 9

Powder Room
The classic bathroom of the dog's lover. The walls has been decorated with the photos of owner's doggies. The rest of interior is in pastel colors basing on beige shades. The great decorating element is the shelf with candles under the toilet.

Behind toilet shelves

Will be getting rid of my towel rack above toilet and will be adding shelving units above toilet instead.

Above toilet shelf 8

Bathroom shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Perfect for storing cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories.

Remove the silver icky shelf behind the toilet 1

remove the silver icky shelf behind the toilet.

Lohas 28" x 66.5" Over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf

Lohas 28" x 66.5" Over the Toilet Bathroom Shelf
Sometimes you need just a tiny amount of additional storage space to have your bathroom essentials neatly organized. Then why not use the space above your toilet, hum? This over-the-toilet piece offers you three shelves.

What to hang above toilet

The simple form of these white wall shelves makes them a great place to store in the yard, just above the toilet. The whole is neutral in design and beautifully fits into any decor, and plenty of storage space makes the whole unit very functional.

Iron Towel/Wine Rack with Two Slate Shelves, 29.5 x 7 x 5 In

Peppercorn 23.25" x 68.63" Bathroom Shelf

Peppercorn 23.25" x 68.63" Bathroom Shelf
Aesthetic traditional bathroom standing unit designed for over-toilet installation. Its rectilineal sleek open-front body is of laminated fibreboard with a brown finish. It has 1 larger shelf and 4 smaller ones up.

Behind toilet shelves 6

Muito amor por esse banheiro: além dos poás que já amamos, a cômoda de pallet dá ainda mais estilo!

Caraway 14.72" x 60.63" Freestanding Linen Tower

Behind bed shelf

Behind the toilet, the shelf is a perfect solution that allows for a functional bathroom interior. Practical shelves will be ideal for storing towels, toilet paper, and other trinkets. Beautiful wooden construction gives durability.

3 Shelf Space Saver

3 Shelf Space Saver

Zenith Products E9612W Hartford Wood Space Saver, White

With the white finish and matching door pulls you can now provide simple elegance in any bathroom. This piece is a true space saves that includes both open and hidden storage areas for storage and display.

Bathroom Wall Cabinet Storage Shelf Space Saver Organizer Shelves Towel Rack

This beautifully finished wooden cupboard, is the perfect solution for your bathroom or sauna. Practical cubby with lockable doors, handrails towel and practical shelf will hold all the necessary items close at hand.

Behind toilet shelves

From Old/Small to New/Big, Original Bathroom from the 50's with 30x36 shower in the master bedroom... The concept was to remove a closet from behind the bathroom and make it a full bathroom. , Daltile Fabrique Gris tiles, I designed custom niches with mo

Shelving behind the toilet

shelving behind the toilet

Glacier Bathroom Toilet Shelf

Glacier Bathroom Toilet Shelf
Suitable especially for smaller bathrooms, this Bathroom Toilet Shelf is great for storage or decorations, and can be easily placed behind the toilet. The piece offers 3 glass tempered shelves, and a tubular frame with a striking chrome finish.

Toilet tank storage 17

interesting built-in humanure loo. Wonder if kids could reach the sawdust behind the toilet like that? I think maybe not.

Shelves with wallpaper behind

I like the idea of shallow cabinets sunken into the wall space. Bathroom ideas #KBHomes #Dallas

Behind toilet shelves 1

Expand into Nooks and Crannies

Especially in small bathrooms, niches provide much-needed storage space without invading elbowroom. Partial walls that enclose plumbing and the space between wall studs are prime candidates for this type of storage.

Behind toilet shelves 4

Add shelves behind bed for more dorm storage ( above toilet shelves may work since I can't seem to find these!)