Storage Over Toilet

Sometimes the storage built into your bathroom counters and medicine cabinet is not enough. A little bit extra could always help. That is why we offer a series of storage options for over the toilets that are sturdy and easy to install. These come in several styles from shorter cabinets to tall units that store plenty. Take a look at this extensive collection and pick yours.

Best Products

Connor Bath Spacesaver Mission Oak Over Toilet Storage Bathroom Cabinet Martin

Connor Bath Spacesaver Mission Oak Over Toilet Storage Bathroom Cabinet Martin
Set of furniture intended to toilet. It is composed of white ceramic lavatory and wooden cabinet with shelf. Shelf is dedicated to insert there air freshener, closet can be used to storage towels or toilet paper.


Fantastic effect of autumn - just came to this bathroom. Autumn decorations stand out thanks to the white delicate bathroom cabinet, storage over toilet with gently glazed door and slightly shabby chic design.

34" x 38.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet

34" x 38.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet
Cabinet designed for over toilet. Contains 2 holders for toilet paper and 3 storage lockers. The construction is made of wood. It saves space and increases the functionality of the bathroom.

Dawson 4-Piece Bathroom Set

Dawson 4-Piece Bathroom Set
A fine example of contemporary home styling: 4-piece bathroom set. Give your home the clean and aesthetic look of stylish design with this furnish. Suitable for any interior according to personal taste and imagination.

23.25" x 66.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet I

23.25" x 66.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet I
Practical piece of furniture, suitable for most bathroom decors. This Over the Toilet Cabinet in White Finish can easily be mounted behind the toilet, adding more storage space and improving organization in the whole room.

Storage over toilet 2

Time for a rustic toilet makeover, maybe. With this storage over toilet cabinet, the challenge becomes fairly easy. Constructed skillfully from solid wood logs, left attractively unfinished, this cabinet really contributes to "cabin in the woods" style.

Storage over toilet

This is a well-furnished storage unit above the toilet with a brilliant color. It has an upper shelf with doors and mirrors on the door. It also has inner divisions creating ample space for toiletries. The lower part is a drawer with a slid mechanism.

Our advice Buying Guide

What over toilet storage style to choose for my bathroom?

For storage over toilet options, you’ll find that there are several different ways that you can take advantage of that valuable overhead space. Two of the most popular options we’ve seen include open shelving or closed cabinets. The kind of storage you’ll need will depend a lot on what you plan to put in your cabinets - are they things that you’d rather not see, or do they have any decorative benefit?

Along with the choice of closed or open shelving comes another consideration: How to mount or support your over-toilet storage. Many such storage racks or cabinets come with their own long, skinny legs for support; others require mounting. You should check to see what types of studs you have in your wall to see if mounting is an option; otherwise, look at ladder-style storage for your best bet.

How to measure for over toilet storage?

When it comes to measuring for storage over the toilet, consider the size of the empty wall space. So start by measuring from the empty spot, from at least 6 inches over the tank to the top of the ceiling. Thereafter, measure the width of the available area. If you have more than 30 to 40 inches of width above the toilet, then it's all the better.


Bathroom cabinets over toilet

bathroom cabinets over toilet

Storage over toilet 10

Boardwalk patterned wall cupboard provides a place to store extra bathroom supplies without taking up precious floor space. The closed doors help keep small items contained, and gives a look of organization and order which is valuable in small spaces.

Over toilet and sink saver organizer creates storage in small

Over toilet and sink saver organizer creates storage in small spaces ...

Storage over the toilet 18

Standing bathroom cabinet in white - storage over toilet. Classic design, crown molding and slightly raised drawers fronts provide the only ornamental factors here. Large open display shelf, two drawers and double door cabinet provide satisfying capacity.

Over the toilet storage walmart

Stained wood over-toilet storage with classic hutch doors provides a place to hide the extra rolls of toilet paper and other bathroom supplies. The dark wood gives an original look to the cabinet, as does the lattice top pattern.

Storage over toilet 3

A small bathroom where every inch was wisely used so that it offers plenty of storage space. The wall over the toilet features a shelf with doors and an open shelf, ideal for storing towels. There is also a great built-in cabinet.

Storage over toilet 18

Positioning a storage shelf unit over the toilet tank provides an added place to stash supplies without taking up precious floor space in a small bathroom. The closed cabinet doors help give a feel of organization, lack of clutter, and order.

Storage over toilet

Charming French doored cabinet fits over the tank for most flush toilets. This saves floor space in small bathrooms while lending a crisp air of organization to an important room in modern home architecture. Say goodbye to bathroom clutter.

Bathroom storage saver over toilet

Bathroom Storage Saver Over Toilet

Step instructions on how to build an over the toilet

... step instructions on how to build an over the toilet bathroom cabinet

Storage over toilet

storage over toilet

Over the toilet table with storage 29 95 2

Over-the-Toilet Table with Storage $29.95

Over the toilet storage unit

over the toilet storage unit

Storage over the toilet

Ensure a fine boost of elegance and even more functionality for your bathroom by going for this useful shelf that can be mounted precisely over your toilet to let you save up as much space as possible and keeping your utensils at hand.

Storage over toilet 12

White finish over toilet table and storage buy on ebay 39.99

Over toilet shelf

Storage over toilet Guest Bathroom Remodel with Custom Cabinetry traditional bathroom

Toilet storage shelf

Toilet shelf made of wood. It consists of drawer and 2 side cabinets. Suitable for any standard toilet. Provides space saving in any bathroom.

Over the tank bathroom space saver cabinet

This would work so well for most bathrooms

24.38" x 71.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet

24.38" x 71.5" Over the Toilet Cabinet

Storage over toilet 27

Put this shelf over a nightstand.. String christmas lights on it.. Extra storage!

Storage over the toilet

Over toilet organizer consisting of metal wires. It has magazine holder, open shelf and handle for toilet paper rolls. Functional design for each bathroom.

Storage over the toilet 3

If you like practical approach to design, this one shall appeal to you. This silver chrome organizer lets you create a functional storage space, enabling to save space. It offers a space to store your toilet rolls, magazines and bathroom supplies.

Storage behind toilet

Not a single additional storage cabinet could be fitted on a floor of this bathroom, so its owner decided to mount additional storage over the toilet. With no cost to style, which is well-thought and fashionable, an additional storage space was retrieved.

Storage over toilet

Details about Lodge Cabin Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Storage over toilet 28

bathroom storage over toilet

Creative Bath 3-Piece Complete Bath Set, Bronze

Bath set made of metal with oil rubbed bronze finish, includes space saver rack, over-the-door hanging rack, and magazine rack. Easy to assemble, reliable and rock solid. Great way to save space in the bathroom.

Metal over the toilet shelf

Fine features make this space saver a striking way to add shelf space without losing floor space.

Storage over toilet 6

Smart Space Over Toilet Etagere - White- Down Stairs Bathroom for more storage?

Natural Bamboo Space Saver Bathroom Storage Space - Towel Shelf Over Toilet

This is made of natural bamboo bathroom cabinet is a perfect solution for small rooms where space needs to be used up. Practical cabinet shelf ora accommodate the necessary things.

Storage around toilet

Wicker baskets - a refined yet natural element to any home. In the lavender however, they work best - bunk, built from the third at least wicker containers - will be placed next to the dressing table, and will be a ideal storage over the toilet.

Storage over toilet 14

between the studs built-in bathroom storage cubby lined with beadboard

Storage over toilet 9

10 Smart Ideas to Store More in Your Bathroom

Organize It All Basic Overdoor 6-Basket Unit (17716W)

Minimalistic bathroom storage unit consisting of six baskets mounted on a chrome frame which fits on the inside of the door. A space-efficient solution, eliminates the necessity of buying an additional cabinet for the bathroom.

InterDesign Axis Over the Cabinet, X2 Basket

You can use this basket in a way you prefer - as a storage basket or garbage bin. Its construction has been made of durable steel. There is a Non-absorbent foam backing to protect cabinets. It doesn't require any hardware.

Storage over toilet 29

Rustic Hanging Secretary Wall Cabinet Shelves Spring Green and White Cubby Lidded Compartment Weathered Shelf Storage--over toilet storage option

Bathroom storage cabinet over the toilet mission over toilet cabinet

Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over The Toilet Mission over toilet cabinet

Bathroom space saver storage dark wood cabinet shelves over toilet

Bathroom-Space-Saver-Storage-Dark-Wood-Cabinet-Shelves-Over-Toilet ...

Behind toilet storage 1

Behind Toilet Storage

Toilet storage shelf

A clever idea for your toilet - toilet caddy, constituting a 3 in 1 shelf, tissue and magazine stoarge. Unusual, yet considerworthy organizer, storage spot and toilet paper and magazine holder.

This Frosted Pane Space Saver Over Toilet Slim Cabinet Is Great for Smaller Bathrooms. Use It As an Auxiliary Medicine Cabinet or for Storage.

Case with cover on the toilet. It is made of blanched wood and has little shelf intended for flower or toilet paper. At the top there is cabinet, with doors made of opaque glass, intended to storage cosmetics or towels.

Home Basics Space Saver Bathroom Storage, White

This lovely and very simple to store shelf is the perfect piece of furniture to the bathroom.It allows you to save space. Set high shelves allow you to place towels, toiletries or sponge. Great solution for small areas.

Bamboo 27.56" x 66.93" Over the Toilet Cabinet