Floating Shelves With Drawer

Floating shelves seem like magic. Add a drawer and the wonder becomes almost transcendent. And the secret to how they float is so simple, people will want them in their home, too. These floating shelves with drawers can be a single drawer unit, or a long shelf with many drawers. One thing you can be sure of, they are a definite conversation starter.

Best Products

Floating white nightstand bedside table

Floating white nightstand bedside table
Wall mounted shelf fitted with drawer for storing personal items. It is made of wood in two shades. It can be used as nightstand. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and modern design.

Gil Wall Shelf

Gil Wall Shelf
Amazing and original shelf, perfect for rooms decorated in industrial style. The construction is made from strong and durable steel. The weight capacity is 100 lbs, so it can maintain a fairly heavy objects. The shelf is optional.


Wall mounted shelf made of wood. It consists of 3 open shelves and drawer for storing personal items. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Floating shelves with drawer 3

This set of floating shelves with drawers catches the attention with its sleek, contemporary design. A magnificent combination of dark wood and steel. Great spot to expose your favourite photo or a flower vase.

Floating shelves with drawers 1

Suitable for modern interiors, this fine piece of floating shelf is crafted of durable wood and covered in a black finish with nice polish. The shelf comes with a wall-mounting design and a convenient drawer.

Floating shelves with drawers

The simple design of this floating shelf with drawer flaunts the interior design to become exceptionally functional. At first glance, the drawer is not visible because the whole can be used to hide important items.

Floating shelves with drawer 20

Floating shelves constitute always a functional solution, allowing you to save precious floor space. Apart from that, this 4-drawer set is also very stylish, enchanting with its smooth white finish and silver accents.

Our advice Buying Guide

A modern way to create some extra space around your home, the floating shelves with a drawer are a popular item of furniture. Floating shelves are a contemporary item of furniture which many homeowners are choosing when refurbishing their properties. The addition of a drawer not only creates more space, but makes it a more practical and characterful piece within your home. Choosing the right style for your home is important, so let's look more closely at some of the available designs.

How big a floating shelf should you get?

The floating shelf has to be wide enough to accommodate several drawers, but this is the ideal way to use your wall in order to create extra storage space. The drawers, which are around 12 inches wide, are positioned along the horizontal shelf, and for a long wall, there may be 4-6 drawers in total.

What are floating shelves typically crafted from?

Often manufactured using wooden materials such as pine or hardwood, floating shelves may be painted in white or black to match the décor in your house. Brass or chrome handles normally accompany the drawers for a neat finish and ease of access.

How to incorporate floating furniture in the bedroom?

While the traditional bedside tables are stand-alone items which are positioned on the ground, the floating bedside table is a contemporary look which you may want to consider for your bedroom. Although it comes with restrictions, such as the inability to be flexible with the position of your bed, it can save space and create a practical and convenient addition to the bedroom. Floating bedside tables and bedside shelves will often have one of two drawers aligned next to each other. They may be alongside one another or underneath each other. There is normally a glossy finish on the white or black paint.

How to use floating shelves in the bathroom?

There's nothing more convenient in the bathroom than floating shelves. You can store all of your essential toiletries and other items within arm's reach, and it's easy to see at a glance what you have or haven't got. Floating bathroom shelves are often made from glass or tiles, although they can sometimes be seen in a varnished wooden material. Chrome shelves in the bathroom will often have drawers included for extra space. These may be chrome inside or have a layer of fabric for some added luxury.

Are there floating cube shelves with drawers?

Shelves in the shape of cubes are becoming increasingly popular in modern houses, and if you really like the cube look but aren't sure it will provide enough storage space, consider the floating cube shelves design with drawers included. The drawers may either take up the area of the cube, or they may be thinner drawers just above or below the cube shelf. Floating cube shelves are not always positioned directly on top of each other either. There may sometimes be a gap in between the shelves, or they may be positioned diagonally along the way for extra effect.


Floating shelves with drawer

Add more storage space into your home by choosing the room saver floating wall nightstand shelf with drawer. The white clean lines fit to the modern bedroom or home office.

Diy floating shelf with drawer

Floating nightstand consisting of cabinet and drawer for storing personal items. It is completely made of wood and covered with laminate. Great as nightstand or end table in any interior as needed.

Floating shelf with drawer 4

floating shelf with drawer

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Floating shelves with drawer 16

Well-built floating shelves featuring sturdy wooden construction and a stunning white finish. The shelf also offers nice moldings along the edges and you get two large drawers to expand your storage. It’s a great piece to use in the kitchen or your study room.

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Floating shelves with drawer 19

AmazonSmile - Welland Storage Wall Shelf with Built-In Drawers, Espresso - Floating Shelves

Bq chunky floating shelf with drawer white 5397007011463 bedside table

BQ Chunky Floating Shelf With Drawer, White, 5397007011463 - bedside table?

Floating shelves with drawer 4

Cool floating shelf with hidden drawer

Floating shelves with drawer 1

Organised Classic Floating Shelf with Drawer, White

Floating shelves with drawer 2

The practical design of this floating shelve with drawer makes it a universal design element ideal for modern interiors. The whole is made in a warm shade of wood and is very functional. Perfect item for the living room or bedroom.

Floating shelves with drawer 2

Minimalist Shelf With A Small Hidden Drawer

Oak floating shelf with drawer

Simple lines and neutral black color are the main features of these floating shelves designed for wall mounting. Each shelf is equipped with a drawer that provides additional storage space. All shelves of this type are rectangular elements.

Floating shelves with drawer 11

Pacco Floating Drawers from - Birch plywood - wall mounted recessed shelf with a hidden drawer - hallway 1600/190/65 by tamra

2 unique handmade floating shelves with hidden drawers made from

2 - Unique Handmade Floating Shelves with Hidden Drawers Made from reclaimed wood vintage style modern

Floating shelf with ash drawer 2

Floating shelf with Ash drawer

Floating shelves with drawer 1

Space-saving and functional; this floating shelf comes with a wall-mount design and easy installation. Designed for tablets and smartphones, the solid wood shelf comes with a small drawer that will help you to organize all your mobile devices, power cords, and peripherals.

Floating shelves with drawer 18

Getting excited with my new home.. This would be one of the concept I'm doing!

Floating shelves with drawer 4

Simple, floating shelves for books and other things. They are made of reclaimed, durable wood. They've got drawers hidden inside, which provide extra storage space. They are in a minimalistic style that will suit different tastes.

Floating shelves with drawer 3

A cool modern wall-mounted floating shelf with a very shallow sliding drawer having several partitions. It has a simple rectangular body crafted of metal with a natural wood-looking finish. The drawer can be pulled out with use portable magnets.

Floating shelves w storage save available at jcp brimnes bed

❤️Floating shelves w/ storage save available at jcp, Brimnes bed w/ lack shelf as bedside table - IKEA readaptation,

Ready To Go Vanity Shelf

Handmade floating shelf with hidden drawer

Handmade Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer

Floating shelves with drawer 14

Wooden Pattern Tv Cabinet With Black Hdtv And Wall Bookcase On The White Wall Painting Also Cream Marble Flooring For Open Living Room Design Ideas: Minimalist Living Room Design with Modern TV Wall Cabinet

Pacco floating drawer in birch white from mocha bedside stand

Pacco Floating Drawer in Birch White from Mocha - bedside stand for a small bedroom

Floating shelves with drawer

Floating Drawer Shelf from Driftwood Interiors | Floating shelves - 10 ...

Floating shelves with drawer 22

Custom Walnut Maple Ebony Floating Nightstand Wall Shelf With Drawer Art Deco Mid Century Modern Style on Etsy, $500.00

Floating nightstands for bedroom furniture thats smart and stylish make

Floating Nightstands For bedroom furniture that’s smart and stylish, make customized nightstands. Start with old kitchen cabinets, then revive them with fresh stain and upholstered panels. We love the grown-up look faux leather offers, but tailor the

Floating shelves with drawer 6

Small and Mighty White Kitchen : Rooms : HGTV Corner Top Shelves and bottom cabinets with deep drawers

Floating shelves with drawer 5

check out these floating shelves with drawers

Floating shelves with drawer 8

Bubblegum pink mixed with something really old. by Montana Good work Montana

White floating nightstand

This impressive set of floating shelves with drawer is an unusual combination that will work well in the interior design. The modern solution is functional and impressive on the wall above the desk.

Floating shelves with drawer 7

The Feld kitchen bridges eras by bringing together traditional designs and materials (the big Shaw’s Original English farmhouse sink, fir floors, honed marble counters) with industrial designs. Open walnut shelving helps convey a sense of lightness. The

Floating shelves with drawer 2

Emanating with vintage country style and functional design; this floating shelf features a wall-mount design and sturdy wood construction. Includes an open top shelf with a storage drawer mounted inside of it.

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8 decor scores to help you stay organized blur the

8 Decor Scores To Help You Stay Organized: Blur the lines between bicycle storage and wall decor with this bull bike rack ($119-$150). : Floating shelves are ideal for small spaces, but this Live Edge Entry Shelf ($129) takes it to a whole new level wit

Floating shelves with drawer 21

floating shelves with drawers | ... drawer or on a shelf: keys, MP3 players, wallets, sunglasses, reusable

Diy floating drawer

An amazing addition for contemporary and modern interiors, in shape of a beautiful floating shelf. Crafted of durable wood and splashed with a high gloss espresso finish, the shelf is durable, wall-mounted, and easy to maintain.

Floating shelves with drawer 23

Love this look, with the simple "floating" shelves. We prefer the white marble tile over this one, but this shows everything - the white cabinets in the kitchen and the cabinet style we like, even the kitchen color is perfect!

Floating shelves with drawer 3

Wall mounted shelves made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Includes drawers for storing needed items. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Meredith heron exquisite kitchen features crustal chandelier illuminating marble waterfall

Meredith Heron - Exquisite kitchen features crustal chandelier illuminating marble waterfall island accented with pull-out drawers with brass hardware across from stacked white floating shelves flanking window as well as sink paired with brass gooseneck f

InPlace Shelving 9481110 17.7-Inch Square Edge Slimline Shelf, Oak

BTEXPERT® Black Finish Large Corner Zig Zag Wallmount Wall Shelf decor

Zig zag wall shelf. This innovative shelf will serve as a great display or storage area and attract the attention of your guests with its intricate design. The furniture offers 5 shelves which will help you save space and tidy up your room.