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If you’re tired of spending your time rummaging through clutter in hopes of finding those CDs that are nowhere to be seen, it’s time for you to invest in a CD shelf! Although it is useful for solving storage woes, it can also become a decor element in your home! Here, we’ve rounded up the best CD display ideas to help you organize your treasured CD collection—from ultra-slim shelves that take up very little room to large-capacity units that house over 500 CDs, and many more!

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Our Picks

Contemporary CD display with wide shelves

Contemporary CD display with wide shelves

Ebern Designs

Available in Espresso, Maple, and Weathered Oak, this CD shelf features an MDF particleboard construction supported by an extended base for stability. Thanks to its 12” wide shelves and 27 compartments, this piece can fit up to a total of 756 CDs, 414 Blu-ray discs, or 360 DVDs!


Designer Advice:

This shelf has a contemporary edge that goes with any style and decor! In addition to being spacious, the shelves are also adjustable and removable, so you can make them as high or as low as needed to accommodate other items—such as decorative vases—making this unit all the more versatile.

CD shelving with glass paneled doors

CD shelving with glass paneled doors

Winston Porter

Compact and charming, this CD display cabinet combines functionality and style with its versatile white color, sliding tempered glass doors, simple molding details, and thin silhouette. It includes 3 fixed shelves along with 4 adjustable ones, suitable for a maximum of 536 CDs.

Designer Advice:

Tuck it in a corner of your home or let it steal the show in the living room, either way, this model is a great space saver and will keep your music, movie, and game collection visible yet dust-free and well protected.

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Two sided CD shelving unit

Two sided CD shelving unit

Red Barrel Studio®

With its rotating base, this double-sided shelf turns smoothly so you can locate the CD you need from any angle. Crafted from manufactured wood, sporting a black finish, it comes with 14 fully adjustable shelves with a storage capacity of 512 CDs or 220 DVDs.


Designer Advice:

Not too small yet not too big, this piece is a great choice for those who own medium-sized collections but struggle with limited space. Instead of occupying a large portion of the floor, it uses vertical space. Nonetheless, it requires plenty of room to spin, so you’ll have to avoid placing it against a wall.

Floating CD shelves with minimalistic design

Floating CD shelves with minimalistic design


This set of 4 floating CD shelves in either black or white features a thin but sturdy metal profile that is easy to put up. Its simple design with straight lines and soft curves doesn’t distract from the items on display yet adds a nice touch to bare walls.


Designer Advice:

Although this set is ideal for storing CDs, DVDs, and video games alike, its uses go way beyond that. It can house books, picture frames, magazines, action figures, and potted plants to name a few. You can either hang the shelves vertically in a ladder style, horizontally (in a straight line) for a clean look or stagger them for added visual interest.

Stackable CD shelves

Stackable CD shelves

Ebern Designs

This clever CD organizer consists of a rectangular open shelf that can store 40 CDs when used individually. In addition, its stackable feature offers flexible storage expansion possibilities, perfect for growing collections. You can choose between black, espresso, gray, and white.

$21.99 $28

Designer Advice:

The main advantage of these CD shelves is that they can be stacked as high as you want. Just make sure that you secure them to prevent them from falling over. What’s more, they can be displayed on the wall, as long as they are supported by L-shape brackets.

Narrow CD tower

Narrow CD tower

Red Barrel Studio®

Featuring a tall and slender structure that provides 8 adjustable shelves, this media tower will fit anywhere you need it while still offering a decent amount of storage capacity for up to 160 CD cases or 65 DVDs and video games.

$96.99 $99.99

Designer Advice:

Given its unfussy look and neutral finish in black and natural, this CD display shelf complements a range of interior styles, including traditional, contemporary, and even modern. Moreover, it can be paired with both subtle and blazing wall colors, from red to pastel green to dark blue to beige.

Solid wood CD shelf in traditional style

Solid wood CD shelf in traditional style


Made of solid red oak for long-lasting durability, this shelf is both freestanding and wall mountable and will last for many generations of CD collections. Not only is it scratch-resistant, but it is also stain-resistant and easy to keep clean. Plus, it comes with 3 shelves that can hold over 100 CDs or DVDs.


Designer Advice:

The soft edges, wood grain patterns, and rich finish of this shelf give it a timeless appeal that complements traditional, mid-century modern, vintage, or any setting with natural, wooden elements.

3 column CD wall display with adjustable shelves

3 column CD wall display with adjustable shelves

Darby Home Co

This CD wall shelf with 3 columns and 15 shelves is a perfect solution for when floor space is not available. It has a straightforward frame design that can be found in either espresso, black, or cherry.


Designer Advice:

All colors super versatile and go with any decorating style. Pop it in your game room to display your video games, controllers, and gaming decor or perhaps, place it right above your audio system to create a music nook where you can relax and listen to your favorite tunes. Besides, its easily adjustable shelves provide flexible storage for a variety of case sizes.

Modern CD shelf with glass and aluminum construction

Modern CD shelf with glass and aluminum construction

Symple Stuff

This CD shelf, composed of tempered glass and aluminum rods, is not only an eye-catching conversation piece, but also extremely sturdy. It has an anti-slip base and beveled edges which ensures safe use.


Designer Advice:

The clean-lined and open design makes this unit an ideal option for modern and minimalist inspiration. The clear glass version gives the room an airy and classy touch whereas the black option oozes boldness and character.

Diamond shaped CD wall shelf

Diamond shaped CD wall shelf

Wildon Home®

With a visually interesting diamond-shaped silhouette, this CD shelf can hold 108 CDs and act as wall decor at the same time. The frame is made of steel for a strong foundation and is finished in black so it stands out more.

Designer Advice:

Because of its small footprint, this stylish display shelf can be hung anywhere to welcome your treasured collection while jazzing up a plain wall. Its sleek design is a beautiful fit for contemporary, modern, and industrial interior designs.

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CD Shelves

Buying Guide

There are huge decorating decisions that can alter a home’s appeal and give it a different look and feel after each makeover. May it be décor, style, or color; several decorating aspects take up a homeowner’s time and make the renovation process take a lot longer to complete. There are also features that become an afterthought for most homeowners.

Although they aren’t absolutely essential, we love having them around as they add functionality and aesthetic value to our homes. CD wall shelves fall under this category.

When getting CD wall shelves, it’s imperative to measure the space you’ll be working with. The measurements you’ll get will help you in narrowing down your choices and let you focus on what fits in your space. Make sure to measure the shelf space as well if you’ll be purchasing fixed shelving. Give a bit of headroom above the CDs.

CD wall shelves will serve their purpose regardless of the materials used in their construction. But, the material plays into the longevity and stability of a unit.

  • Wood - Wood is the most common material for CD wall shelves and it gives a long-lasting, solid frame. The material is great for standard shelves as they can carry substantial weight.
  • Metal - Metal CD wall shelves offer sturdy storage and a lot less bulky look and feel than wood. Metal is great if you prefer a contemporary, streamlined look.
  • Particleboard - For those who are on a budget, look for shelves made of particleboard or any other type of manufactured wood product. It offers real wood’s appearance but at a cheaper price. Remember that particleboard isn’t sturdy like wood, so make sure that you consider the weight restrictions of your shelves before you load them up.

Choosing a CD wall shelving system can be tough with all the incredible options you have. To narrow down your options, choose a shelving system for CDSs that has the same color as your walls. This is if you have a small room as having the same finish will ensure your statement accessories and CDs are the main focus of the room.

If your space has a neutral color scheme, try a cream-colored CD wall shelf and use it as an extra space for displaying trinkets, ornaments, and photographs apart from the display of your CD collection.

Arranging your CDs by category and leaving space in between each category will add a balanced, calm atmosphere to your space. It will also give your collection some breathing room and open up your space automatically as your eye can view the shelf’s back portion.

Best Ideas

Geometric Square Wall Shelf

Geometric Square Wall Shelf

This made contemporary-style square geometric wall shelf is a perfect theme decorative and functional. Holds numerous knick-knacks, books, decorations and frames with photographs.

Wall shelf for dvd player ikea

If you need some more space to fit your CD collection in your interior and still do it with style and care of the home decor then these wall shelves will prove to be an ideal solution, especially thanks to their simplicity and functionality.

Media storage cd racks dvd shelves bookshelves and furniture by

Media Storage CD racks DVD shelves Bookshelves and Furniture by ...

Cd wall shelves

Designer's CD rack: trends-hitting narrow wall shelving unit comprised of three parallel tiers. Imagine how many CDs can be stored on this rack - probably thousands of them! The design suits contemporary Scandinavian style.

Diy cd rack

Hanging bookcase made of metal. It is attached to every wall around the room and has little bulbs on the bottom. It is perfect to storage DVD and CD discs. It is must-have in living-room of movie fan.

Finally the filled display unit

Finally, the filled display unit.

Cd wall shelves 4

Home library. Scandinavian style with retro hints. White floating shelves store, apart from books, some CDs, vinyls and vintage audio equipment. Large collection of framed photos and pictures add to the ambiance.

Jeremy barnes makes wall mounted cd shelves that hold 330

Jeremy Barnes makes wall-mounted CD shelves that hold 330 CDs .

Cd shelving

Music & Media Storage- Bookshelf Ideas - Living Room Design Ideas (

Prepac Black Quad Width Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Rack

This wide media wall can store many DVDs, CDs or games, so your collections are kept in order and you have that feeling that your space is organized. It has been made from premium quality laminated composite woods.

IKEA - LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf, white (X2)

This type of wall cabinet on the plate is a combination of ingenious solutions and practical furniture. Cabinet ideally suited to both the living room and the bedroom. A sophisticated sort and organize your entire collection of CDs.

Cd wall shelves

Designed by IKEA, this smooth cd wall shelf distinguishes itself with ergonomics and cool design. 5 cubicles create a modern-looking, stylish construction. Provides enough space to store your CDs or DVDs collection.

Cd bookshelves

Library idea - Home and Garden Design Ideas. Love the open backed shelves against the brick wall.

EWEI'S HomeWares 3 Floating U Shelves

Floating Wall Triple (Large)

It is a three-part cabinet for CDs, which ideally will allow them to organize and expose. This cabinet is ideal for every collector. It is adapted for mounting on the wall, which also nicely presented.

Cd wall shelves 8

Image Spark - Image tagged "living room", "shelving", "shelves" - eden

Cd wall shelves 1

I have a bunch of Ikea Benno CD towers, I could build this!

Shelving manufactured in needham massachusetts by the rangine

... shelving manufactured in Needham, Massachusetts, by the Rangine

Prepac Black Medium Capacity Hanging Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage

This hanging wall media has adjustable shelves and is made from premium quality laminated composite woods. You can mount it to the wall and use it as an accent piece in your living room or wherever you want. It will require some assembly.

Display wall shelf 1

Tall bookcase in contemporary form. It consists of a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more.

Cd wall shelves 11

LACK wall shelves are great on so many different levels

Cd wall shelves 13

Record storage in Lauren Santo Domingo's apartment, via Love.

Uniifurn Square Wall Shelves Rounded Corner, Set of 3, White

These wall shelves come in a set of three and the white, versatile finish will work well in both your kid's and your home, making it a perfect addition and a cool way to display your decorations or arrange books.

Shelving heavy duty shelves mobile shelving systems metal shelves wall

... shelving-heavy-duty-shelves-mobile-shelving-systems-metal-shelves-wall