Dvd Storage Cabinets Wood

Wood DVD storage cabinets are the easiest and most versatile way to store and catalog your DVDs. And in our extensive collection we have DVD storage cabinets that will accommodate your DVD's no matter how many you have. Take a look and pick the one that's going to fit your catalog best. We guarantee we have at least one for you.

Best Products

Beautiful Dark Wood Dvd Vhs Cd Locking Cabinet Storage Beautiful Furniture

Beautiful Dark Wood Dvd Vhs Cd Locking Cabinet Storage Beautiful Furniture
Capacious 3 panels dark wood cabinet, locking. Storage for CDs, DVDs collection. Opens up to reveal 3 separate panels. Spacious shelves inside. Functional above all. The style is just an addition here

Deluxe Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Deluxe Multimedia Storage Cabinet
Well-built DVD storage cabinet with a sturdy wooden design and a superb natural wood grain finish. The cabinet also features a low profile design and comes with two extra-large doors with several storage shelves in there too. The cabinet is then finished in stunning metal pulls for incredible accent value.

Upcycled industrial style drawers

Upcycled industrial style drawers
This case with drawers s must-have in every house, because there is a lot of ways to use it. It can be bookcase, place to storage DVDs or utilities. This case has metal stillage and drawers made of wooden boxes.

Buffet pie safe w tin punch doors

Buffet pie safe w tin punch doors
A kitchen sideboard that will add a rustic feeling to your house. It features a traditional structure, but it comes in an unusual deep red color. Instead of typical, transparent glass, the inside of the door is pure black with a subtle flowery accent.

Pecke Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Pecke Multimedia Storage Cabinet
This refined multimedia storage cabinet is made of MDF wood and has a rustic finesse with tempered glass door panels, decorative handles and six adjustable shelves that have a capacity of 371 CD’s or 185 DVD’s.

Reclaimed Wood Storage Cabinet Dvd Shelf

Reclaimed Wood Storage Cabinet Dvd Shelf
A cool media stand of reclaimed wood with a worn finish in browns, greens and blues. It has a long hexagonal top with a slatted pattern, 2 grooved front posts flanking open niches, recessed side cabinets with doors having black metal C-handles.

Reclaimed wood storage cabinet dvd shelf

Reclaimed wood storage cabinet dvd shelf
Reclaimed wood storage cabinet is wonderful addition to rustic decorated room with it's old-fashioned, raw look. Will give an "old" style to your living room. It can be also used as a stylish, spacious cabinet in your summer house.

Our advice Buying Guide

A wooden storage cabinet is the perfect home for all your DVDs. Without any form of storage unit for these items, your living room can soon become rather untidy. Whether people keep forgetting to put the DVDs away after use, or you have a lot of disks that you never seem to use and want somewhere convenient to store them, a wooden cabinet could provide you with the answer. Here are the most popular styles of DVD storage cabinets in a wooden material, and hopefully, you will be able to decide on the perfect one for your home.

What are the most popular designs of wooden DVD storage cabinets?

Modern criss-cross style

This style is very contemporary and doesn't take the form of a stand-alone cabinet which can be moved around the room. You will need to design which part of the wall you want to install the cabinet first. This shelving unit consists of six wooden pieces positioned horizontally, and a further six pieces positioned vertically. Crossing over each other, this creates around 30 smaller shelves on which you can store your DVDs. The shelves aren't exclusively designed to hold DVDs either, so you can also store CDs, ornaments, books and other items quite easily. Available in a range of colors to suit your existing furniture and décor, but most commonly seen in white, brown, grey or black.

DVD storage cabinet with drawers

If you want to keep your DVDs out of sight once you have stored them away, consider a cabinet which has drawers that you can open and close. There are approximately 20-30 drawers, depending on the size of the cabinet you choose. The unit is wooden, and the most common materials are hardwood and rosewood. Brass or copper handles are attached to each drawer which allows you to open and close them easily. There are holders on each drawer for you to add labels if you wish, although these can often be omitted if the buyer requests.

Tall DVD storage cabinet with slim shelves

A popular style of DVD cabinet is the style which has slim shelves. Only one DVD will fit into each of the shelves, forcing everybody to keep it neat and tidy. It is impossible to have stacks of DVDs which haven't been stored correctly. Most commonly manufactured using light woods such as natural wood or pine wood, two drawers will cover the DVDs and keep any mess out of immediate sight. The drawers may or may not have glass windows, but either way, you will be able to view your DVDs easily. Shiny brass doorknobs allow you to open the storage unit and choose your favorite movies.

Small DVD storage cabinet

As well as very large cabinets which are able to house all your DVDs plus other items, there are also small cabinets on the market. These may be just four feet in height, and some of them will be smaller. There are often three or four small drawers of shelves on which you can store the DVDs.


CD Storage Rack

CD Storage Rack
It is a CD storage rack that is perfect for storing your CDs and DVDs or to display your favorite accent pieces. It has got a five fixed shelves and it is available in two finishes: cherry and espresso.

Dvd storage cabinets wood

This solid wooden cabinet can provide a great dvd storage in your house. You will be enchanted by it's charming, traditional style. A particularly useful space of furniture for film enthusiasts with big DVD collections.

Rustic dvd cabinet

Is it the furniture of the old herbalist? Or an alchemist cabinet?Such coincidence with this little cabinet will bring a unique mysterious look to your interior.Made of cherry wood,it contains a multitude of small square drawers-so is perfect for dvd storage.

Dvd storage cabinets wood

Modern rack made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for storing books, CD's, DVD's, display decorations and more.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 3

This storage cabinet has an elegant and polished look. It’s very spacious and has see-through glass on its doors. It can store hundreds of CDs and it features sliding doors for easy access. It’s made from hardwood and it’s impervious to decay.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 2

Made of wood DVD storage cabinet is an unusual combination of stylish design and interesting forms. The whole is extremely impressive in every rustic and industrial interior design. The stylish element of the living room interior.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 2

The elegant CD and DVD storage cabinet made of simple pine wood. If you have the big music collection or you are the movie enthusiast, you have to appreciate such an interesting piece of furniture for sure.

Wood technology mm 600 oak hardwood multimedia storage shelves in

WOOD TECHNOLOGY MM-600 OAK Hardwood Multimedia Storage Shelves in Oak Finish (WOOD TECHNOLOGY MM600OAK) by Wood Technology. $269.00. MM-600 Oak Features: -8 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed shelf.-600 CDs.-Compatible with Disney VHS tapes.-Any combination o

Dvd storage cabinets wood 13

Neatly organize your DVDs in this beautiful wooden cabinet. The piece comes in a distressed dark brown finish and offers dozens of pull out drawers, each accentuated with a black coated metal pull to take care of your DVD collection.

The wooden furniture stores la roque mahogany cd and dvd

The Wooden Furniture Store's La Roque mahogany CD and DVD cupboard provides great hidden storage.

Wood dvd cabinet

A traditional apothecary cabinet might be easily used as a CD or DVD storage cabinet. It is made of a deep brown wood, which will go well with other traditional pieces of furniture. It will give your space a touch of a librarian style.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 15

This Mobel Oak DVD storage cupboard is a smart way to keep your DVD's and CD's tided neatly away.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 1

The design features of this DVD Cabinet are three drawers to hold DVD's and a large open space in the bottom to hold the subwoofer of a sound system. This stylish piece of furniture is made of elegant, cherry wood.

Wooden dvd cabinet photo

Wooden Dvd Cabinet Photo

Dvd storage cabinets wood

Designed to comprise large collections of DVDs or CDs, this wooden tower will be a perfect multimedia rack in a traditionally designed entertainment room. Darkly stained wood delights with its dense graining.

Shabby chic dvd storage

DVD Storage Cabinet Woodworking Plan by Paul Anderson

Leslie Dame M-477 High-Capacity Inlaid Glass Mission Style Multimedia Storage Cabinet, Oak

This storage cabinet provides is a beautiful and convenient way to store your multimedias. It is crafted of solid, hand-rubbed oak veneers and features antiqued finished metal door pulls and tempered glass doors. Holds up to 222 DVDs or 120 VHS.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 1

Emanating with its rustic appearance and weathered finish, this vintage cupboard is crafted of sturdy barn wood. Maintained in a country style, the unit includes inside shelves secured with stained glass door, and 1 bottom drawer.

The sherwood oak dvd cd cabinet with 5 shelves has

The Sherwood Oak DVD/CD Cabinet With 5 Shelves has a light oak appearance and is a stunning addition to any style of home.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 4

fix a pretty rustic door onto some narrow diy shelving and... presto! a cabinet hiding your CDs

New slim wooden storage cabinet cedar bathroom laundry cd dvd

New Slim Wooden Storage Cabinet Cedar Bathroom Laundry CD DVD

Locking Video Storage Cabinet (Black) (23.75"W x 33.5"H x 14.25"D)

Suitable for offices, dens, and studies – this Locking Media Storage Cabinet in Black Finish is as practical as it is elegant. Designed of high quality laminated composite woods, the cabinet is equipped in a pair of doors with a key lock, and adjustable shelves concealed behind them.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 16

Crate & Barrel - Segura media console (in lieu of a dresser, this will be perfect. It's just the right length and still has lots of storage.)

Wood dvd storage 1

Someone had time to construct a reclaimed wood DVD storage shelf on his/her own. I wonder whether tis a final effect, so outrightly rustic. Five shelves there. They look fairly substantial. DIY project from blog.

Sauder Orchard Hills Multimedia Storage Cabinet, Carolina Oak Finish

This storage cabinet in an oak finish is characterized by solid wood construction, with brass-finish hardware. The cabinet includes a key lock, and several shelves concealed behind stylish doors that swing open 180 degrees.

Holly & Martin Jasper Phone Booth Cabinet in Painted Red

Storage cabinet in London phone booth style, and in one and suitable color - red. Unique storage space for your music CDs, film DVDs, some books or souvenirs. Eye-catching and original addition to your living room or study.

Wood dvd storage 14

This DIY construction uses an IKEA cabinet to create a clever, double broder DVD shelf, making it a self-contained multimedia centre. Handmade modifications resulted in the appearance of wheels, making it a convenient, fully adjustable piece of furniture.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 1

Details about Next Black Wood DVD Game CD Media Storage Tower Cabinet ...

Dvd player storage cabinet

A wood DVD storage cabinet is a useful piece of furniture especially for film enthusiasts with big DVD collections. Its distressed style will appeal to all retro enthusiasts. A fully handmade project.

Appealing dvd storage cabinet from oak wood with shelving systems

Appealing DVD Storage Cabinet From Oak Wood With Shelving Systems And ...

Multimedia storage tower has a nice antique look with an

Multimedia Storage Tower has a nice antique look with an oiled oak finish and great paneling.

Wood dvd storage 25

An ingenious contemporary wall-mounted shelving unit. It's DIY-created from 16 casual reclaimed wooden crates (in 4 tiers) with a natural worn finish. Crates are fixed to a wall with their bottoms and are facing open top parts a room interior.

Ellsworth Single Door Floor Cabinet  - Espresso/Brown

With the espresso and brown finish this piece ensures a fine boost of visual appeal and a fine choice for when it comes to home décor and elevating the visual appeal of your household. It also comes with plenty of space for you to organize your belongings.

Dvd storage cabinets wood 12

Prepac Black Small Locking Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Cabinet by Prepac. $119.99. Constructed from high quality laminated composite woods. Dimensions: 24"W x 33.25"H x 14.5"D. Assembly Required. Adjustable shelves. This Locking Media Storage Cabinet kee

Woodridge Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Woodridge Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Bauman Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Bauman Multimedia Storage Cabinet

Wood dvd storage 7

You are not a fan of watching movies online. Hence your DVD collection must have its place. Wooden DVD storage with long shelves adjusted to the size of a DVD case. In addition, it is located in the wall niche and is closed on a wooden double door.

Custom linear media cabinets with steel base add another cabinet

Custom Linear Media Cabinets with Steel Base. Add another cabinet with drawers for DVDs and etc. Room & Board

Wood dvd storage 3

DVD shelf in rustic style. It is made of recycled palett. Designed for mounting on the wall. Neutral and functional accent for any interior as needed.

New wall mounted tv console storage cabinet stand brown wood

New Wall Mounted TV Console Storage Cabinet Stand Brown Wood Entertainment Stand | eBay

Perfect for stowing linens and throws in the guest bedroom

Perfect for stowing linens and throws in the guest bedroom or board games and DVDs in your den, this elegant 2-door wood cabinet showcases scrolling details,...

Mahogany dvd storage cabinet

Mahogany Architectural Dvd Storage Cabinet

DVD and Video Storage Box - Bamboo (Bamboo) (4.75" H x 8.5" W x 12.5" D)

Use this fine bamboo box to store whatever you wish, but it was created above all to store DVDs and video games. It has cutout handles and it is light in weight, so you can effortlessly move the whole box around.