Solid Wood Tv Cabinet

A solid wood TV cabinet needs to be two things: strong and aesthetic. After all, it’ll be protecting and holding a lot of heavy investment pieces and delicate electronics—and you’ll spend a lot of your life looking in its general direction!

No matter where your entertainment center is, it should be a TV cabinet that’s good to look at and will stand the test of time. Solid wood cabinets are excellent choices for both looks and longevity! However, they can also be expensive.

We’ll help you out. These are the options that you should consider for your wood TV shelf or cabinet purchase...

Mid century modern wooden TV cabinet

Mid century modern wooden TV cabinet

Wooden TV cabinets don’t need to be clunky. Check for a piece that seems to float off the ground with slim tapered or hairpin legs for an elegant, elevated look!

Pieces from the ‘60s are in style again, as well. To make the most of this simple, streamlined style, look for pieces that have dramatic wood-grained patterns. 

$379.99 $605

Farmhouse chic electronics armoire

Farmhouse chic electronics armoire

Painted pastels, x-framed sides, rustic or distressed corners—there’s no piece of furniture that ages better than a farmhouse cabinet!

For your vintage-inspired or farmhouse aesthetic, grab a media cabinet that will only look better as the years go by.

(You can also paint or distress a TV cabinet yourself to match the vibe you’re going for, if you see a cabinet that you like the shape of and have some time to DIY.) 


Geometric, modular TV table

Geometric, modular TV table

Going for more of a modern aesthetic?

Look for a minimal, neutral table with a high-gloss top. This reflective, shiny surface will add an elevated feel to your room. For bonus points, see if you can find a table or cabinet that has built-in lighting. This can make movie nights much easier to navigate, particularly with theater lighting. 


TV cabinet with vertical storage

TV cabinet with vertical storage

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the storage space on either side of your television, check this type of cabinet out! With room for DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles, or even just aesthetic knickknacks, you’ll find that you can make the most of every inch in your home with this type of media cabinet. 

$669.99 $759.99

Mixed materials television cabinet

Mixed materials television cabinet

If you want the hefty, expensive, and durable look and feel of solid wood but your aesthetic leans more industrial, know that you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a mixed materials cabinet.

Whether you go for a wooden cabinet with metal handles, an iron side, or aluminum legs, a wood-and-metal combo is both modern and timeless. 

$579.99 $789.99

Birch TV cabinet with all doors

Birch TV cabinet with all doors

Hoping that your TV media cabinet can help reduce visual clutter and busy-ness in your home?

Your best bet is to source a cabinet that will close all of your entertainment accessories behind doors, so you don’t have to see them if you don’t want to.

Select a wood that looks good on its own, such as lightly-flecked birch, for a beautiful visual statement. 

Blue TV hutch with slider doors

Blue TV hutch with slider doors

Perhaps you live in a streamlined location where you don’t have a lot of room for doors that swing outward—or you prefer the more minimal feel of doors that stay in their grooves. Select a slide-door TV hutch for this reason; it’ll make it feel like your TV cabinet takes up an even smaller footprint! 

TV cabinet with both shelves and doors

TV cabinet with both shelves and doors

Want to mix things up? Need instant access to gaming consoles, but you’d prefer your DVD collection to remain out-of-sight?

Choose a TV cabinet that has one or two shelves as well as a more subtle doored section. That way, you can organize your storage just as you need to maximize your own experience and convenience. 

Rustic, distressed TV cabinet

Rustic, distressed TV cabinet

Solid wood doesn’t always have to mean high-gloss, heavy, formal pieces if that simply isn’t your style.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, you’re interested in giving a weathered, older piece of furniture a second life, or you’re interested in an antiqued or farmhouse vibe, think about wooden furniture with splintered edges and chipped paint. You might like it more than you think! 

Television cabinet with detailed glass doors

Television cabinet with detailed glass doors

If shine, details, and luster are more your style, there’s a TV cabinet for you. Glass doors are also great options if you want to add in some sense of distance and organization, but still need to be able to see your accessories at a glance.

You can find glass doors that have lots of framed sections for more visual interest, or more modern, minimalistic glass doors that have uninterrupted panes. 

Shutter door TV cabinet

Shutter door TV cabinet

Want in on the “found object” trend that’s hot right now? For a recycled, thrifted, and vintage feel in your home that still feels modern and intentional, select a TV cabinet with shutter doors.

As a bonus, this type of ventilated cabinet door is excellent for keeping tech appliances cool even during hot summers—which means that your accessories will overheat less often. It’s a win-win! 

TV cabinet with included fireplace

TV cabinet with included fireplace

Perhaps you’re not worried about overheating—perhaps the opposite is more of a concern.

Or, perhaps, you’re really interested in achieving the coziest vibe possible in your home. Look no further than a TV cabinet that has a fireplace included. Imagine relaxing in front of your favorite show and a crackling flame—that sounds like a delightful evening to us! 

Over the TV storage cabinet

Over the TV storage cabinet

Do you live in a small space? Do you have a smaller TV? Do you like the look of built-in TV cabinets that take up their entire wall?

If so, opt for a TV cabinet that has over-the-TV storage. This can help make a room look custom and cohesive in one fell swoop. Pro tip: Make sure to put lighter pieces above your TV, and no water storage (fake plants only) for the safest experience. 

TV cabinet with statement drawers

TV cabinet with statement drawers

Going for a maximalist effect? Got lots of knickknacks in varied sizes and shapes? Check for a credenza that has filing-style drawers in all different sizes—it’ll add a lot of artistic value and practicality to your space! 

Low profile TV cabinet for small spaces

Low profile TV cabinet for small spaces

If you need something as simple as possible that does the job and doesn’t add bulk to your room, check for something that sits low and close to the wall. Trust us, it’s possible to squeeze the storage and functionality you need into even the tiniest of spaces! 

Our advice Buying Guide

Positioned alongside your TV – one of the most modern items in the household – a solid wooden TV cabinet gives you the opportunity to balance brand new items with some more traditional furniture. While you may instantly think of natural brown wooden TV cabinets, there are many styles and types of wood to consider. Finding your perfect TV cabinet doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some of the factors which you should take into consideration before you start looking for a TV cabinet.

How to get the right size TV cabinet?

You should first think about the size of the room. Some TV cabinets will extend all the way along a 12-foot wall, while others are smaller and have just enough space to accommodate a 40 inch TV. Take measurements of the room and decide at which point your ideal cabinet would extend to.

You will also need to think about the size of your TV (if you already have one). Those who don't have a TV yet or plan to buy a new one have more flexibility to determine the size of both the new TV and the cabinet. The cabinet should always be at least 4-6 inches larger than the size of your TV screen.

What color solid wood TV cabinet should you get?

Just like you'll find many different sizes of TV cabinets, you'll also come across various colors. Here are some of the main ones and why they might fit well in your home.

  • Natural wood: Ideal for those who are looking for a natural and simple look. It can be classy and sleek while also looking natural and contrasting against your modern TV. This has a light brown effect and very little finish.
  • Dark brown: If the lighter and more natural looking wood isn't your style, dark brown might be an option for you to consider. People who are looking for a TV cabinet to blend in a little more with dark furniture appreciate this wood color.
  • Black: Black wood may come with a matte or glossy effect. The glossy black wood effect will appear more striking and elegant in your living room, although a matte effect will match your black TV well.

What kind of storage is best for a solid wood tv cabinet?

Before buying a solid wood TV cabinet, think about whether you would like storage. The vast majority of TV cabinets have storage drawers and/or shelves, but some people actually prefer not to have storage since it can make things look cluttered. The options of glass drawers and opaque drawers and cupboards allow you to avoid this problem. The larger the TV cabinet, the more storage options you will have, and some are available with a bookcase or other similar furniture to attach to one side.


Amish Tv Entertainment Center Solid Oak Wood Media Wall Unit Cabinet Storage New

Amish Tv Entertainment Center Solid Oak Wood Media Wall Unit Cabinet Storage New
Made from oak wood, representing the Amish design, this media wall unit storage cabinet will help you add a rustic, traditional appeal to your living room. Its lower part is designed to store various items, whether the top one creates a good display.

Jorgensen Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 75"

Jorgensen Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 75"
Crafted with outstanding construction, this unique tv stand is ideal for modern farmhouse styles. Gray wooden shelves introduce a rustic charm, with the complimenting black metal bases injecting an industrial feel. The natural raw finish adds texture and depth, and comfortably houses up to 75-inch tv screens.

Santa Cruz Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 55"

Santa Cruz Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 55"
Introduce a stylish touch to your living room with this elegant cabinet. Two open and four vast basket shelves provide more than enough space to stash your components and movie collection. The basket shelves are naturally woven rattan and evoke raw, rustic allure hard to replicate. Perfect for coastal and traditional interiors.

Carrasco Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65"

Carrasco Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65"
Set the stage for the big game or movie nights with this asymmetrical tv cabinet. Visible wood knots and grains are pleasing to look at and infuse an authentic charm. Pine material making it up means it’ll last longer and hold up well. Has a weight capacity of 150lbs and accommodates a maximum 65'' tv screen.

Parthenia TV Stand for TVs up to 58"

Parthenia TV Stand for TVs up to 58"
Open and airy, this clean-lined tv cabinet niftily keeps your entertainment area organized. Black iron framing beautifully contrasts with a light wooden body to create a piece well-suited to both modern and industrial aesthetics. Three open shelving offers ample room to accommodate a maximum of 58'' TV, cable components, movie collections, and even art pieces!

Klaus TV Stand

Klaus TV Stand
Elegant contemporary wooden stand with a matte black finish. It has a rectangular top for up to 52-inch TVs, recessed panels, low legs. Both 2 side full door cabinets and a central one with 2 glass doors have 1 shelf each and round metal knobs.

Amish Solid Wood Plasma Tv Stand Lcd Media Console Dvd Maple Storage Cabinet New

Amish Solid Wood Plasma Tv Stand Lcd Media Console Dvd Maple Storage Cabinet New
The way it was constructed at first sight we see it is an Amish work. Solid wood tv cabinet refers to the mission style, has deep brown walnut wood color and metal antique handles of drawers. Double doors underneath the top give us a look inside a cabinet.

Billington TV Stand

Billington TV Stand
Very original and very dignified TV stand. It is relatively high. It has two cabinets with doors closed and three open shelves. This allows you to organize in it also a variety of items. It is stylish

Wood tv stand designs

Amish make solid wood TV cabinet with opaque wooden doors, glass doors, wide upper shelf and two shelving 'towers' flanking the centre, appropriate to set a flat TV in it. Classic design, longevity guaranteed.

Diy tv cabinet

With its solid wood craftsmanship, this natural-finished TV cabinet is very durable and stable. It offers a large top for accommodating even larger flat screen TVs, 1 long- and 1 small open shelf for electronic devices, and 2 drawers for storing DVDs.

Heritage tv cabinets amish made entertainment center solid wood furniture

Heritage Tv Cabinets | Amish Made | Entertainment Center | Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood tv cabinet 1

If you have the large apartment, you need to have this TV cabinet with bookcases, drawers and more storage spaces. The solid wooden construction is painted with white color, which fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Solid wood tv cabinet 2

Made in Japanese style solid wood cabinet for the TV is a beautiful accent to interior design, which besides functionality captivates the details. Sliding shelves and drawers are perfect for storage.

Simpli Home AXCHOL005 Artisan Collection 54-Inch Width by 36-Inch Height Tv Stand, Medium Auburn Brown, 1-Pack

Modern classic TV stand in medium brown, with bronze coloured metal hardware. The storage options are as follows: two open shelves, two drawers with rectangle pulls, and two cabinets with glass panel doors.

WE Furniture 52-Inch Highboy Style Wood TV Stand, Black

Low solid wood tv cabinet elettra day collection by cantiero

Go for a piece of true, refined beauty with this stunning, solid wood structured TV cabinet. It is made from high quality wood and sports the modern-looking design to ensure a fine boost of class for your household.

Full wall tv cabinets

Entertainment center designed for small spaces. Construction is made of wood. Includes cabinets and drawers for storing needed items. Simple form and modern design for each home.

Tv cabinet with doors to hide tv

The robust and very impressive wood cabinet on the tv is a perfect composition ideal for contemporary interior design. The white finish, numerous storage spaces captivate and add to the decor a note of functionality.

Crosley Furniture Cambridge 60-Inch TV Stand, Black

Abbyson living carmen 64 inch espresso wood tv console complete

Abbyson Living Carmen 64-inch Espresso Wood TV Console - Complete your living room with the Abbyson Living Carmen 64-inch TV console. This stylish entertainment center features solid wood construction and a beautiful espresso finish. http://

Tv lift cabinet ikea

TV stand in neutral form. It is completely made of wood. Includes cabinet with double doors and open shelf for storing personal items. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Belham Living Belham Living Hampton TV Stand in /Oak, Black, Solid Wood / Veneer, 55 inches

Meridian middle base tv stand 499 00 made of solid

Meridian Middle Base TV Stand $499.00 Made of Solid Ash Wood with a Rich Honey Brown Veneer Features 4 glass doors and a center shelf for media boxes or storage Dimensions: 68"w x 19"d x 25"h Item Number: E67010

Legends Berkshire 52 in. Media Console - Old World Umber

Constructed out of premium veneers and solids this amazing media console offers the opening that accommodates components or the latest sound bar technology and will provide a rustic, classic look for your home.

Home Source Industries TV12362 Tao Hardwood TV Stand with Shelves and Cabinets for Components, Walnut Finish

Home furniture diy furniture tv entertainment stands 46

Home, Furniture & DIY > Furniture > TV & Entertainment Stands

Simpli Home AXWELL3-005 Acadian Collection 54-Inch Tv Stand, Rich Tobacco Brown, 1-Pack

Tv stand designs wooden

Being a perfect representation of the style and chic, proper for glamour and empire styles, this low TV cabinet is designed for sophisticated, refined interiors. Golden legs and trimming perfectly accents the densely grained wood.

Country chic vintage industrial and coastal style furniture 11


Built in tv cabinet with glass doors this one is

Built-in TV Cabinet With Glass Doors - this one is nice too, minus the glass doors on the shelves @DeDe Styrsky

Abbyson Living Cassie Wood TV Console, 72-Inch, Solid Oak

Solid wood tv cabinet

No way to go wrong with an entertainment center when solid wood was used to construct it. Let alone the rustic influenced style, wooden furniture creates a healthy indoor environment. Think about chic wooden TV cabinet during your next refurbishment.

Simpli Home Burlington Collection TV Media Stand, Espresso Brown

Simplicity and elegance are the most important features of this tall corner tv cabinet, best for flat screens. This media cabinet is constructed of nice dark acacia wood. In these 2 cabinets, and few drawers you can stak your favorite CDs.

Wooden tv cabinet

Unique solid wood TV stand / plasma stand unit with 2 drawers (wooden handles or metal on custom order). Half round form mixes modern and Asian influences. Made from 100% (!) solid sheesham wood (aka Indian rosewood).

Chowne TV Stand

Chowne TV Stand

Ikea tv lift cabinet

Nobody wants unnecessary, messy items around the room. It's better to put them into a nice contemporary solid wood cabinet. Which is also a perfect support for TV. Made of oak, with four independent spaces to put your things.

Wood tv cabinet

Crafted of solid wood in a natural finish, this TV stand is as sturdy as it is fashionable. It comes with 2 drawers for DVDs and 2 cabinets for your electronic devices, while resting on a low profile base for stability.

Wood tv unit

The designer of presented here solid wood tv cabinet has one goal - make contemporary furniture in the traditional way. That's why this brown unique cabinet looks so different. Reticular wood grains contrast with a smooth, slightly shiny surface.

Leick Westwood Cherry Hardwood TV Stand, 60-Inch

Crafted from cherry hardwood, this TV stand or multimedia cabinet enchants with its solid, wooden finish. Densely grained, it emphasizes the traditional, natural character of the item. It creates an ideal place for a 60-inch flat TV set.

Solid black wood tv cabinet basic sense

Solid Black-wood TV Cabinet | Basic Sense

Sierra large rustic solid wood tv media armoire cabinet

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Shelburne rustic solid wood large tv armoire cabinet with

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Amish solid wood plasma tv stand lcd media console dvd

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Simpli home acadian solid wood universal tv media stand

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Half moon curved solid wood tv cabinet media center

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Solid mahogany wood corner tv stand cabinet antique

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15 best ideas of solid wood corner tv cabinets

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