Corner Tv Units

Give your TV a new home in one of our handsome corner TV units. A great tool when trying to organize the furniture in the living room, a corner TV unit makes it easy for anyone to watch TV from anywhere in the room. Also a solid choice for the bedroom, or kids playroom. Take a look at this collection and view all of the available options in corner TV units.

Best Products

63” Wood Corner TV Stand

63” Wood Corner TV Stand
This 63” corner TV stand is made of solid birch wood for an ultra-durable design that will be sure to last for many years in your home. The bead board detailing and decorative molding makes this stand especially beautiful and elegant. It has five fixed shelves that provide ample storage, and a glass panel door that always opens smoothly.

Manufactured Solid Wood 46” Corner TV Stand

Manufactured Solid Wood 46” Corner TV Stand
The casual yet elegant aesthetic of this 46” corner TV stand will go well in just about anyone’s home. This TV stand has slide doors that can open, and one adjustable component shelf behind tempered glass. There is a perforated back for wire management, and a 130 degree maximum recline. The three cabinets and shelves are great for storage.

47” Solid Poplar and Birch Wood TV Stand

47” Solid Poplar and Birch Wood TV Stand
This 47” TV stand is made of solid poplar and birch wood. The light distressing and American style of this stand will go perfectly in anyone’s living room. The inside of this stand can easily accommodate a cab le box, tuner and DVD player. There is one cabinet and two shelves that you will be able to put your cable box and other things on.

MDF Wood Rich Espresso 62” TV Stand

MDF Wood Rich Espresso 62” TV Stand
The contemporary style of this TV stand makes it perfect for any home, regardless of the style of furniture or décor. The clean lines and straight edges make this stand very stylish and functional. There are two glass doors with two shelves inside, with two open shelves on either side. The ample storage space and durable construction of this stand make it a bargain.

42” Wood Corner TV Stand

42” Wood Corner TV Stand
This 42” wood corner TV stand is designed to help you save as much space as possible. It goes well with any type of décor, and has two storage shelves that can be used for a variety of electronic devices. The MDF wood construction of this stand makes it very durable and able to stand the test of time. This stand fits nicely into a corner and offers lots of surface space.

Engineered Wood Brushed White 49.5” TV Stand

Engineered Wood Brushed White 49.5” TV Stand
Made of durable engineered wood, this TV stand offers two storage cabinets with two adjustable shelves each. There are also hidden cable access points so you can keep all of your wires completely organized. The solid overall design of this TV stand means it will last for many years, and it has an elegant look that is appropriate for all homes.

Solid Hardwood 46” TV Stand

Solid Hardwood 46” TV Stand
This solid hardwood 46” TV stand has an extremely elegant design that will be sure to improve the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior. This stand will provide you with plenty of space for CDs, DVDs and other media. There are three different shelves that you can store various items on. The poplar wood construction makes this TV stand exceptionally sturdy.

Our advice Buying Guide

Corner TV units make good use of that odd bit of space that never seems to have any furniture that fits just quite right, or they can create a focal point in your living room. These unique television stands utilize space that is often lost when positioning furniture that is primarily square or rectangular – such as couches, end tables, coffee tables or shelving units.

What are the advantages of corner TV units?

Protection for your TV

Modern flat screen TVs are often unstable when they are not placed next to a wall or similar protective area. A corner placement gives two protective walls on which television hangers can be placed to stabilize the unit. This is important when there are pets or small children who will play nearby.

Good Storage for Movies or Game Consoles

Often shaped like a bow window, corner units provide plenty of space for storing movies in all sorts of formats, or even for stashing cable or game consoles. Add a sectional couch that can be grouped so that it faces the TV, and place remotes or game controllers in a storage space located in or on it, and you have an organizational arrangement that just can’t be beaten – unless you top it off with a coffee table that has hidden seating and more concealed storage.

Use of Odd Corners

A bow-fronted corner unit can make use of those odd places where nothing seems to quite fit. It might be a sort of ell next to the hall between kitchen and living room or that odd wall bump that hides the entrance to the bathroom. It might be backed by the pantry, a handy thing to have next to the television when viewers are struck by the late-night munchies.

How to decorate with corner TV units?

The unit can become the focal point for the room, and can be styled to go with almost any décor, from minimalist modern to ornate Victorian with polished wood and extreme gingerbread. A modernist unit with plain wood top and bottom and glass ends is an excellent choice for the minimalist decorator. A faux wood country hutch with an electric fireplace combines the attraction of weathered wood, a fireplace and the window-to-the-world aspect of television. Indeed, it has been said that the television is the modern fireplace – the point around which the family will gather. Ornate cabinets of rich, polished wood will not be out of place in a Victorian-styled living room, and can even include the ubiquitous china shepherdess and her flock.


Vertex Entertainment Center

Vertex Entertainment Center
Contemporary entertainment center. This elegant and spacious entertainment center is a perfect solution for your living room and your TV. This furniture can accommodate most flat-panel TVs and provides storage for TV related devices. Additional cabinet help keep your room tidy.


This corner TV unit comes actually from an impressively well-designed basement entertainment room. The TV spot is an in built-in set, surrounded by two identical armoires. Features lots of storage shelves for your media collections.

Sauder Harbor View Corner 62 Entertainment Credenza

Sauder Harbor View Corner 62 Entertainment Credenza
This corner TV unit constitutes a perfect entertainment credenza for traditional or classic interiors. Despite its antique white finish, it fits well for a TV set up to 61", handling smoothly the contemporary devices.

Solid Wooden Corner Tv Stand Unit In White With 3 Baskets

Solid Wooden Corner Tv Stand Unit In White With 3 Baskets
The solid wooden corner TV stand in white with additional three wicker baskets. If the TV stand hadn't been equipped with the drawers, the three baskets are a kind of solution to keep your DVDs in order.

Gilford Corner TV Stand

Gilford Corner TV Stand
This TV Stand is crafted from real solid maple wood and manufactured wood with veneers, and accommodates up to 50'' flat screen TVs. The TV stand includes 2 open storage compartments for electronic devices, and 2 cabinets with doors.

Kids bedroom storage units

Kids bedroom storage units
Made with durable wood stucture this corner shelf will make for the most fitting option for displaying your family photographs and ensuring that your interior looks truly appealing visually and is up to the highest standards of style.

Corner entertainment unit 1

The corner unit of the tv unit is an interesting way to develop functional spaces in every interior. Beautiful composition of the entertainment unit is full of shelves, cabinets, and drawers that are good for storage.

White corner tv unit

For lovers of contemporary and impeccable solutions to display this and that on the wall. White corner tv units shelves with a futuristic shape finished with white glossy varnish. Metal pipes keep them up as needed.

Corner tv units

if i have to do a corner tv. also the roof detail.

Tv corner unit

It is extremely difficult to set up a TV in the corner of our room. With help comes: corner media cabinet, perfect for smal spaces. This white, made of wood has the dimensions you choose. Perfectly matched under your TV and other accessories.

Living room corner wall units

A corner TV unit that will not take too much space in your contemporary living room. Its L-shaped silhouette is wood-made, covered in a two-toned walnut and white finish, offering 9 open compartments for your electronic devices, books and knick-knacks.

Ideas for corner tv stands

The interior space can easily be retained when we use a corner tv stand with shelves. Beautiful and very simple design with shelves to store and functional space on the TV is comfortable and perfectly present.

Corner built in

built in corner cabinet IDEA for second tower to hide the slanted wall? and then continue tv area w/...something like this?

Tv console corner unit

L-shaped TV console for space-saving corner placement. It features a storage cabinet with glass doors and additional shelves that increase its storage capacity. Wooden construction of this unit is durable.

Corner units for tv ikea

This corner TV cabinet is perfect when the only remaining space you’ve got for the TV happens to be the corner of your room. White colour keeps it elegant, while the additional storage ensures you won’t run into storage troubles.

Corner tv stand diy

Go for this corner media unit for your interior with plenty of space for your TV and even for the various books or media equipment that you might have, allowing you to keep your household clean and organized.

Tv corner units

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Built in corner tv

Built In Corner Tv

Corner tv units 2

A functional TV unit with a design that allows for convenient corner placement. Its wooden construction finished in white color includes shelves around the TV space and compartments in the lower part.

Corner tv units 1

Bring a splash of decorative functionality to your contemporary living room, thanks to this fine TV unit. It is made of off-white finished wood, offering open shelving, 2 side cabinets, 1 open shelf in the middle, and 1 two-door center cabinet. Accommodates flat screens TVs.

Corner tv ideas

I really like this corner TV unit, because it's high with a plenty of shelves. There's a fireplace under the TV. The creamy color works well with dark furniture around.

Handmade built in corner entertainment center by r e higgins

Handmade Built-In Corner Entertainment Center by R.E. Higgins-Steele, Inc. |

Vertex Entertainment Center

Vertex Entertainment Center

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Corner tv mount ideas

Why not go for this amazing corner TV cabinet that sports the design simply packed with style. It will fit your TV as well as some other, various belongings such as books or media equipment and collection of movies.

Tv corner unit

TV stand that is a space-saving solution thanks to its construction suitable for corner placement. White wooden construction is durable and looks attractive in any stylization. It offers some storage space in lower compartments.

Small tv units wood

corner tv unit

Modern corner tv units for living room

Today's wall corner tv units are a combination of many modular elements. Often, along with drawers, shelves and cabinets, it combines a wooden casing with a fireplace, in the meantime also giving the perfect place for a flat TV set. Whole in white wood.

Corner white tv unit

Cottage Corner TV Unit like the style and the baskets - could stain the wood?

Diy corner tv stand

Decorating your room all in beige poses a risk of monotony, yet the issue has been smartly defused here with bold chocolate brown accent wall with modern storage solution: TV unit with geometric floating shelves.

Floating corner tv shelf

Shelves as TV stand or bookcase. It is completely made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing books, TV components or display decorations.

Sauder Orchard Hills Corner Entertainment Credenza, Carolina Oak Finish

Corner tv cabinet plans

TV Cabinet Made with Pallets | Pallets Furniture Designs

Tv in corner of room ideas

Therefore, we have a huge space - in which we want to get a division into specific activities - bedroom, living room. The marble white&gray screen will be an open wall, between these spaces, additionally works as a corner TV unit.

Corner unit ideas

This Atlanta white corner TV unit enchants with its cool and clean, simplistic design, being a proposition for all contemporary living rooms. It is available in one size: 110 cm x 45 cm x 51 cm.

Wall mounted corner shelf unit

Contemporary TV unit in sleek white, low-laying, with open central compartment for media components, complemented with a cubic wall mounted cabinet and some floating shelves. Chic minimalistic feel is the result.

Corner tv living room design

Suitable for modern interiors, this TV stand is as functional as eye-catching. Made of wood and covered in two-toned espresso and white finish, the stand offers a smooth top, 1 open shelf, and several enclosed compartments for DVDs and Blu-rays.

5 tier corner shelf

Stylish 5 tier corner shelf is a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Simple form and chic finish in a warm chocolate shade delight. Beautifully presents elements and looks great in modern interiors.

Tv console corner unit 1

An elegant media cabinet created for a corner use. It's a dark brown, wooden unit with a glossy finish. The top of it is perfect for a TV set while the open shelves will easily accommodate the rest of your media.

Tv in corner of room

A TV stand with a space-saving design suitable for corner placement. Its simple lines and gray color are attractive and look good among many other decorations and colors in the room. Upper area includes four shelves for multimedia devices or decorations.

Corner tv stand ideas

Television in the corner of a living room. The eternal question: What to do with the TV? If space allows, try placing your television in a corner so the flow of the room is uninterrupted (but where you can still enjoy Downton Abbey comfortably from the

Like this open in center for future homework nook shelves

Like this. Open in center for future homework nook. Shelves across top, with opening for TV. Maybe higher cabinets at the bottom too, and pretty countertop above. Space behind to bring cords from tv down to the shelves.

Corner tv shelf

An aesthetic space-saving traditional corner TV stand having an L-shaped frame of wooden materials finished in white. It has a crown top, full door cabinets at the bottom part and open front shelves in the upper part.