Modern Audio Rack

A modern home needs the modern accessory storage, so not to throw off aesthetics or continuity in interior design. Even today, we all have audio components that need somewhere to be stored and organized, and for your contemporary home, and audio rack with a modern tilt is a good way to stay on point and keep your audio equipment tidy and secure. See collection for details.

Best Products

Amp stand audio rack modern home electronics

Amp stand audio rack modern home electronics
The modern design of this functional audio rack makes the equipment perfect, and the stylish design brings a fresh, contemporary feel to the decor. The whole is durable and has stylish glass shelves.

Audio rack modern entertainment centers and tv stands

Audio rack modern entertainment centers and tv stands
Modern audio rack, ladder style, balanced on a heavy duty base. Offers four clear glass shelves incorporated into matte black construction for sleek modern looks. Cable management system allows to hide all the wires.

Audio Racks

Audio Racks
How do you get the contemporary look of a TV cabinet and audio rack? Compact high rectangular shape, tower frame made of ash wood, combined with glass shelves and a strong glass front. Dark metal and new TV equipment.

Nuance Audio Tower

Nuance Audio Tower
This simple and elegant audio tower would be a perfect decoration for every kind of living room, no matter if you prefer tradition or modernity. Check it out and enjoy the unique design in your house.

Home styles aspen pier cabinet in rustic cherry

Home styles aspen pier cabinet in rustic cherry
Make sure your audio cabinet is simply the most fitting piece for the interior and opt for one that is sure to add the elegance with its glass shelves, combining beautifully with the wooden finish.

Bedroom tv entertaiment units

Bedroom tv entertaiment units
Thanks to this elegant audio rack, your contemporary living room will be more practical and appealing. Crafted of oak-finished wood and veneers; the rack offers 4 open shelves, 2 clear glass compartments for AV devices, and a large back panel for mounting your flat screen.

Modern audio rack 1

Thanks to this fine audio rack, your modern room will become more functional and stylish. The rack is made of durable steel, offering 3 open shelves with no back panel, adjustable feet, and a sturdy enough top to accommodate your flat screen.

Our advice Buying Guide

A powerful audio system is definitely a cool thing to have. And yet, people tend to ignore the importance of finding the right modern audio rack. Imagine an impressive audio device sitting on a cheap-looking audio stand. You probably think that it's not an appealing sight. But, aesthetics is not your only concern as the right audio rack can help support the weight of your rig, while also providing the protection it needs.

Buying the right audio rack can be a confusing and time-consuming process. To help you with that, this article is going to serve as a modern audio rack buying guide.

What materials are modern audio racks crafted from?

The construction material of the audio rack is something that you should always check when shopping. The most common materials used for modern audio stands are wood, metal, and plastic. Each has its own pros and cons.

  • Plastic has the advantage of being very affordable. Hence, it's a good choice if you don't have a lot of money to work with. On the downside, plastic is not as rigid and durable compared to wood and metal. Hence, it's not advisable if your audio setup comes with a lot of weight.
  • Metal audio racks may come in the form of aluminum or other alloys. The main advantage of metal is that it's very durable. Hence, it can offer you the best value in the long run. The problem with metal is that it tends to retain the heat produced by an audio system.
  • Wood is by far the most luxurious material when compared to metal and plastic. It also doesn't retain heat like metal. On the downside, wood is costlier, and you need to exert more effort when it comes to its maintenance.

What types of modern audio racks are there?

Audio racks or stands are categorized into different types such as tower, modular, and cabinet. It's up to you to find the right one that is a good fit for your situation.

  • As the name suggests, the audio tower typically comes with a vertical profile. Because of this, it's an excellent choice if you have limited space.
  • Modular racks allow you to be creative. With modular racks, you can buy more than one unit and piece them together as if they are one. It's a great option if you plan on expanding your audio rig in the future as you can just buy more units to accommodate for the expansion of your setup.
  • If you want the audio setup to be the "center stage" of the room, then you'd want an audio cabinet to go along with it. Its imposing size grabs attention and channels it towards your audio rig.

What are the extra features to look for in a modern audio rack?

Modern audio racks may come with an assortment of features. Below are a few that are worth checking out.

  • Wire Openings - Find an audio rack that has the right number of holes, or the correct hole size at the back to accommodate wirings.
  • Wheels - Portability is a good feature to have if you have plans on regularly moving your audio setup.


New audio rack

New Audio Rack

Modern audio rack

Combining metal framing with a beautifully stained, red wooden shelves created this fantastic audio rack. A reflection of the contemporary design, bringing in style and solidness to one's interiors.

Modular av rack

A functional audio rack for modern and contemporary interiors. Its durable construction consists of 4 sturdy wood shelves in oak finish, strengthened by tubular steel legs and metal hardware, and resting on circular feet with floor levelers.

Modern audio rack 2

This modern audio rack is a great combination of exceptional style and functionality. Solid wooden construction of two shades of wood is beautiful and very stylish. The equipment looks extremely impressive on it.

Modern audio rack

... -lazy-mans-diy-equipment-rack-no-hand-tools-required-newaudiorack.jpg

New audio rack 2

New Audio Rack

New audio rack 1

New Audio Rack

New jtl audio rack system created especially for dual mono

NEW JTL Audio rack system created especially for dual mono power ...

Modern audio rack

The modern audio rack is a must have in any entertainment center or living room. It can be used as a nightstand, end table or side table too. There's four shelves for your favorite items.

HGR Series 5-Shelf Audio Rack

HGR Series 5-Shelf Audio Rack

Wooden av rack

A cool modern audio rack made from ... a metal oil can. It's beautifully painted in vivid orange outside and has a metallic top and an interior which is equipped with 2 shelves. A hinged door has a vertical C-handle and 2 magnet catches.

Audio tower rack

Functional audio rack for modern indoors. It provides space and additional shelves for professional audio sets. Its durable construction is resistant to large weight of different devices. It also provides stability and safety for these devices.

Woodworking wooden audio rack pdf free download

Woodworking wooden audio rack PDF Free Download

Audio rack stereo cabinet vintage new glass top turntable photo

Audio Rack Stereo Cabinet Vintage New Glass Top Turntable Photo ...

Classe heaven 1

Classe heaven

The sonax milan black audio rack has an innovative design

The Sonax Milan black audio rack has an innovative design that is ...

Modern audio rack 9

Some people thing that just a simple CD player is enough to show the music's beauty. The real music lovers know that it is not true. This console made of wood and metal have enough place for the music equipment of the most demanding users.

Modern audio rack 2

This simple table with three shelves will be perfect rack for your stereo (with sound system and CDs). This rack is made of dark mahogany wood and has simple metal legs - in spite of its simplicity, this piece of furniture is very elegant.

And stands audio rack

and stands audio rack

Modern audio rack 10

To ensure stability, steel threaded supports were used and sturdy wooden shelves were fitted to them. Modular elements of presented here modern audio rack allow for personalization. 5 shelves are enough to store your audio treasures.

New modern hi fi audio equipment rack

new modern hi fi audio equipment rack

Modern audio rack 1

This modern, minimalistic hi-fi rack comprises seven side tables and one coffee table. All made from solid wood constitue a solid, sustainable construction. It can easily handle the weight of a big amplifier and other heavy devices.

From stand ideal video audio in

From stand ideal video audio, in

758019000152 model sl 4a b bg fixed shelf rack audio

758019000152 Model SL-4A-B-BG Fixed Shelf Rack Audio/Video Stand ...

Modern audio rack 3

Always wanted to find modern audio rack as gorgeous as your sound? We present a set of two wooden racks, finished with a honey wooden veneer. It is a perfect piece for preamps, effects units, or interfaces.

Audio rack 1 3d model

Audio Rack 1 3D model

Contemporary av furniture

The beautifully made modern audio rack is a great combination of functionality and stylish looks. Large shelves with glass top create a very attractive living room furniture. Finish in black is very elegant.

Dont forget audio racks 1

Don’t Forget Audio Racks

Modern black audio rack

Modern Black Audio Rack

Modern audio rack 2

... Products / Living / Media Storage / Entertainment Centers & TV Stands

Bello two tone audio rack racks and stands audio towers

Bello Two-Tone Audio Rack (Racks And Stands, Audio Towers)

Opod modern tv stand for flat screens up to 37

... Opod Modern TV Stand for Flat Screens up to 37 in. (White) OP80W

Plateau z series 5 shelf modern audio rack black z

Plateau Z Series 5-Shelf Modern Audio Rack (Black) Z-5A(B)

Rack modular mesa lcd plasma led audio xbox versatil diseno

Rack Modular Mesa Lcd Plasma Led Audio Xbox Versatil Diseño (Modulares) a ARS 490 en PrecioLandia Argentina (7f2a4v)

Bdi mirage 8222 audio cabinet with tinted glass door black

BDI Mirage 8222 Audio Cabinet with Tinted Glass Door (Black)

Modern audio rack 7

Everest Component Stand allows a chic display of your home theater equipment Entertainment center offers stylish tempered glass shelves Living room furniture is perfect for holding your entertainment

Multifunction audio video component stand

Multifunction audio/video component stand

Modern audio rack 2

A/V equipment closet with enclosed ventilation system

Modern audio rack 4

... Furniture TV Stands Swindon Modern TV Stand with Glass Doors

Modern audio rack 1

Plateau 758019002071 Model SE-A4BB SE Series Modular Rack Audio/Video Stand, Black, Superior Modern Styling using real Oak, Modular / Expandable, Black baked powder-coat finish, Easy assembly, Overall approx. size: 31h x 23w x 19d., Adjustable Spi

Modern audio rack 1

Plateau XT-A4 Equipment Rack Photo

Tuxedo Stereo Cabinet

Tuxedo Stereo Cabinet

184 jpg