Blu-ray Media Storage

Blu-ray is the only way to watch movies. With all the extended features and fun possibilities, it is no wonder it is overtaking the mantle of DVDs. But Blu-ray cases are thinner, and shorter, and thus, will not fit in your DVD media storage efficiently. Maybe it's time to get yourself a blu-ray media storage option. In some very fetching choices, you can't go wrong with one of these.

Best Products

Techstyle cd dvd blu ray media storage shelves trdms0765m

Techstyle cd dvd blu ray media storage shelves trdms0765m
A large and spacious rack created for people who own large collections of DVDs and CDs. This media storage tower includes wall safety strap. It has got a durable wooden construction with oak finish, so it looks very nice.

Dumont media console walnut

Dumont media console walnut
Scandinavian look - it is a guarantee of neat furniture. Especially when it is made of modern walnut wood in dark brown color. Offers three deep drawers and two roomy cabinets on both sides. This media storage is inspired by mid-century scandinavian design.

Rotating Media Cube Storage Tower

Rotating Media Cube Storage Tower
An innovative and fully-functional piece for both home and office. This Rotating Media Cube Storage Tower in Espresso Finish offers MDF construction consisted of 4 rotating open storage compartments, and square base with non-marring feet.

42 Blu-Ray Multimedia Nestable Wire Rack

42 Blu-Ray Multimedia Nestable Wire Rack
This Multimedia Wire Rack in White Finish enhances interiors with functionality and stylish looks. Characterized by heavy gauge steel construction, the rack features is space-saving and able to accommodate up to 42 Blu-rays. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

16 Blu-Ray Multimedia Nestable Wire Rack

16 Blu-Ray Multimedia Nestable Wire Rack
This Multimedia Wire Rack in White Finish enhances interiors with functionality and stylish looks. Characterized by durable steel construction, the rack features is space-saving and able to accommodate up to 16 Blu-rays. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Blu ray media storage 12

If you are a musical madman who buys CDs instead of buying something else - you need a great piece of furniture, media storage that will fit them in a decent way. This wooden wall structure consists of sliding vertical shelves, full compartments for CDs.

Blu ray media storage 1

This Blu-ray media storage unit is a smooth and practical way to store your collections of CDs or DVDs. Saving the precious floor space, this wall-mounted set of shelves will be a solid and designer-looking proposition.

Our advice Buying Guide

What makes the best blu-ray media storage?

The best blu-ray media storage for you is one that allows you to keep your fantastic collection organized while blending in with the rest of the room.

To identify it, find the right size by running an inventory of your collection and considering whether or not you’re planning on expanding it (in that case, stay on the large side).

Then, think of your available space: if you haven’t got plenty of floor space left, go vertical with models consisting of multiple shelves or consider storage that can be hung directly on the wall. If, on the contrary, you’re worried because your walls already look too busy, choose a shorter but longer model that follows a horizontal design.

The best blu-ray media storage will also look consistent with the rest of your furniture. You can ensure this by choosing one in a finish from your room’s palette and a design that matches your décor style.

What capacity storage are there for Blu-ray media?

Blu-ray media storage options are available in storage racks that will hold as little as 16 Blu-ray discs to cabinets and wall units that can hold hundreds of Blu-ray discs. But just because you have 16 discs right now does not mean your collection will not grow, so consider this factor when thinking about storage options. Also, consider storage options with space-saving features if you have limited room or floor space.

What are the available styles of blu-ray media storage?

Blu-ray media storage is available in a variety of styles to suit every taste. Rustic and shabby chic media storage cabinets are extremely popular in homes that already display this interior decorating theme. These cabinets have a more natural finish and are usually made from distressed wood.

The next option is a modern and simple design. So if you want a storage cabinet that's not going to attract a lot of attention, this would be the ideal option for you.

Lastly, a slide-out blu-ray media storage cabinet is also another choice if you don't want your cabinet standing alone in the room. It's an ideal way to conceal your blu-ray discs and keep the room perfectly tidy at the same time.


Blu ray media storage

This enormous DVD storage space constitutes a proposition for all movie geeks. It can comprise even the largest Blu ray collections, being a must-have for an entertainment room.

Revolving Media Tower Grand in Black

Tower media with the function of a rotating. It offers space for 1600CD, 756 DVDs, 448 VHS, 1056 Blu-ray. Furniture made of laminated MDF. Enjoys a good reputation among customers.

Media storage ideas lots of different creative options i actually

Media storage ideas...lots of different creative options. I actually like the boxes that DVDs & especially Blu-Rays are in, but it would save space...

Venture Horizon 2362-42BC Load Media Cabinet Multimedia Storage

This vintage cabinet can make an ideal proposition for your multimedia storage. Equipped with various doors, opened from the front and from the top, will add functionality and retro vibe to your interiors.

Quad Media Tower, holds 1520 CDs Black

If you can say that your DVDs or CDs collection is REALLY big, this amazing media tower will help you organize it right away. From now on you can proudly display your movies or music, since this versatile piece holds up to 702 DVDs, 1520 CDs and 416 VHS cassettes.

Cd storage drawers plastic

Plastic box for media storage. It provides space for 160 CDs or DVDs in its two drawers. Simple rectangular shape and neutral black color looks attractive in many different interior stylizations. This construction also provides protection for discs.

Wonderful idea even though i love to show off my

Wonderful Idea. Even though i love to show off my awesome DVD would look so much neater hidden away

Bookcase Media Tower - Tall Single (Black) (76"H x 28"W x 9.5"D)

This bookcase media tower offers ample storage for your music or movie collection. It features 13 (6 inches deep and 24 inches wide) shelves, 12 of which are adjustable. constructed from laminated wood composites and molded MDF.

Blu ray storage 1

in the wall blu-ray and DVD storage. Jonathan had the idea for this kind of storage when I was dating him. Its neat to see that it is available for people to do now in their homes. Such a great idea.

Ideastream CD Snap N'Store, Black

Box CD or DVD. Made of durable hardboard and metal accents. Label to describe the content. Easy and aesthetic storage media collection.

2 Media Storage Boxes for DVDs / CDs Trans Blue MCB-MB (166073)

Set of two media boxes made in USA. Transparent base and the cover helps to easily identify the contents. Holds 26 Blu-ray or DVDs, 57 CDs, 15 VHS tapes.

Walnut tv cabinet with doors

This walnut media storage amazingly suits your living room. The big and long TV cabinet have three moving lockers so you can easily store your medias. The simplicity of this furniture makes it so interesting.

A large dvd storage cabinet can hold a massive disc

A large DVD Storage Cabinet can hold a massive disc and media collection

Prepac Black Triple-Width Wall Media Storage Rack

Triple-width wall storage rack. The rack has been designed in traditional library style and can accommodate all sorts of media in any combination. The shelves are fully adjustable and allow for customization to your personal needs.

Walnut media storage 1

This is a rare and truly fitting choice for any fan (or even fanatic) or vinyls and records - a media storage that allows you to easily fit your entire collection and make it pop with style and charm.

Discsox dvd storage sleeves minimize storage space dvd discs and

DiscSox DVD Storage Sleeves minimize storage space DVD discs and ...

Atlantic 63135237 Maxsteel 864 CD/450 DVD/BluRay/Games 12-Tier Media Rack Silver

Short on space, but keen on music and games? Well, here comes something that will make your huge CDs collection a lot easier to manage: keep all your treasures on this ultra-capacious CD rack, made of steel and offering 12 wide tiers!

Prepac Deluxe CD Storage Rack with Locking Shaker Doors, Large, Black

It is a deluxe CD storage rack that has got locking shaker doors and black finish. It is constructed from CARB-compliant laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer. It measures 64 inches high by 24 inches wide and 14.5 inches long.

Pigeon hole 588 cd 378 dvd blu ray media storage

PIGEON HOLE - 588 CD / 378 DVD Blu-ray Media Storage Unit - White

Bluray storage

BALTIMORE - Large CD / DVD / Blu-ray / Media Storage Shelves - Beech

Prepac Black 4-Sided Spinning Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Tower

High storage tower (52.5 inches) with adjustable shelves and constructed from high quality laminated composite woods. It can hold up to 800 CDS or many other media. It's perfect for exposure and storage of media collection.

Media storage element media rack 230 cd 150 dvd bluray

... Media Storage > Element Media Rack 230 CD - 150 DVD / BluRay / Games

Atlantic 38435720 Oskar 464 Media Wall Unit P2

If your "agglomeration" of discs has grown big lately and you need to change your media wall, think about this one. It is capable of holding up to 464 CDs or 228 DVDs, Blu-rays or games. Its natural finish makes it easy to become a part of any home's setting.

Large blu ray storage

Convert Blu-ray for storage on my home media server

Venture Horizon 2380-21BL Revolving Media Tower 800 black

This swiveling cabinet media is a great way to positioning all your favorite CDs, movies, etc. The whole thing is very practical and is made of solid and durable materials. Great for home, shop and other applications.


It is a very practical and handy organizer, which is ideally suited as a way to organize and rearranging CDs. It is a small cubby, which causes the discs also does not occupy much space and are very easy to find each one.

Atlantic CD Case Media Tower Elite Large

Large media storage cabinet will at last let you organize all your collectibles. 9 fixed shelves, each having 3 compartments, are able to accommodate nearly 1k CDs. The back is finished with simulated carbon fiber panel for elegant look.

BluRay 6373-5592 Nestable 16

Compact, durable stand for 16 Blu-ray discs. Its main advantage is the design, which is modern and attractive, plus it provides an optimal space saving. The handle sports contrasting blue plastic panel.

Prepac Black Swivel Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Tower

Tall and elegant 2-Sided Spinning Tower in Black Finish, designed of high quality laminated composite woods. The tower features adjustable shelves, perfect for storing collections of DVDs, Blu-rays, books, or for displaying decorations.

Media storage rack question 1

Media storage rack question

Media Tower, holds 160 CDs Oak

Media tower which can hold more than 100 CDs made of laminated composited woods (main construction) and MDF (back). Additionally all six shelves are adjustable which allows keeping bigger media like e.g. VHS cassettes.

Silva Media Unit in Walnut and Black Lacquer by Nuevo - HGSD319

This wide media cabinet represents elegant modern style - combination of finishes, namely walnut brown and black lacquer, comprises an interesting creation. The unit offers you some display space and two cabinets to hide media components.

Atlantic 22535717 Canoe 231 Media Cabinet, Espresso, P2

Streamlined accents are here combined with a classic straightforward design - here it is, a bookshelf that melds seamlessly with assorted types of decor. Classy espresso finish complements the updated look with a drop of traditional influences.

Blu ray dvd cd storage cabinet media tower display rack

Blu-Ray, DVD, CD Storage Cabinet Media Tower Display Rack ...

Large 1520 cd 702 dvd blu ray storage rack oak

Large 1520 CD 702 DVD Blu Ray Storage Rack - Oak, Black ...

Impressive blu ray storage cabinet 7 dvd storage towers

Impressive Blu Ray Storage Cabinet #7 Dvd Storage Towers ...

This is a pull out dvd blu ray storage on

This is a pull out DVD/Blu-ray storage on my TV console ...

Genesis multimedia 1060 cd 420 dvd blu ray storage

GENESIS - Multimedia 1060 CD / 420 DVD Blu-ray Storage ...

Hardwood cd dvd blu ray storage cabinet 612 cd 298

Hardwood CD DVD Blu-Ray Storage Cabinet 612 CD 298 DVD ...

928 cd 416 dvd 532 blu rays floor spinner storage

928 CD 416 DVD 532 Blu-rays Floor Spinner Storage Tower ...

Media storage cabinet w locking shaker doors cds dvds blu

Media Storage Cabinet W/ Locking Shaker Doors CDs/DVDs/Blu ...

Dvd storage rack organizer cabinet cd vhs blu ray media

Dvd Storage Rack Organizer Cabinet Cd Vhs Blu-Ray Media ...

Lilitread good locking cd dvd blu ray multi media storage

LILITread: Good Locking CD DVD Blu-Ray Multi Media Storage ...