Entertainment Center Bookshelves

An entertainment center is an excellent way of creating a place in your home solely dedicated to enjoyment and relaxation. Whether you love collecting vinyls, art pieces, photographs, or books, an entertainment center with bookshelves helps you organize and display all your favorite items in one place.

An essential feature of an entertainment center is the TV screen. Different designs fit TVs of various sizes, and you should make sure the product you pick matches the dimensions of your flat-screen TV. Also, look for enough space for additional electronic equipment such as speakers or video game consoles.

When it comes to bookshelves or bookcases, there’s a variety of designs to choose from, including floating shelves, glass cabinets, and bookcases with LED lights. If you are looking for a new entertainment center, these are some ideas to help you transform your living room. 

Entertainment Center With Bookshelves and Electric Fireplace

Entertainment Center With Bookshelves and Electric Fireplace

An entertainment center with a fireplace and bookshelves has everything you need to create a cozy, inviting space. When looking for an entertainment center with an electric fireplace, choose one with adjustable settings and safety features like cool touch glass and an insulated housing. 

High-quality electric fireplaces offer over five temperature settings, different brightness levels, and several flame displays or colors. Being able to adjust the fireplace depending on the season or time of day ensures you are always comfortable and can set the mood of your space.

Entertainment Center With Interior Glass Cabinets

Entertainment Center With Interior Glass Cabinets

For collectors, you need a TV bookshelf wall unit that has enough shelves and cabinets to display and protect all your items. An entertainment center with a combination of shelves and interior glass cabinets is both stylish and practical. You can use the cabinets to protect older family art pieces or books that might have sensitive covers, while still showcasing keepsakes on the open shelving.

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Entertainment Center With Open Shelves

Entertainment Center With Open Shelves

A rustic minimal entertainment center with a TV bookcase combination has a simple, stylish, and practical design. The open design is excellent for displaying art, ornaments, photographs, and other keepsakes. It is also a great option for a small living room because it doesn’t visually break up the space, making it appear larger. 

The disadvantage is objects might fall if they are not placed carefully on the shelves, and open shelves tend to collect dust more than closed cabinets, so require more frequent cleaning. 

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Entertainment Center With Floating Shelves

Entertainment Center With Floating Shelves

A large entertainment center is perfect for those who need plenty of storage in their living room without sacrificing floor space. Multiple floating shelves maximize the use of space. The shelves are fully adjustable, allowing you to configure the unit to suit your available wall space and storage needs.

Floating entertainment centers are typically harder to install than their freestanding counterparts, but once they are mounted they offer a safer storage and display option for homes with pets and small children because there is no risk of toppling. 

Floating Entertainment Center

Floating Entertainment Center

A floating media center with bookshelves is an integrated unit that combines the safety and space-saving convenience of floating shelves into a single convenient unit. You can also place small ottoman chairs underneath the unit for additional seating. Choose a piece in a beautiful natural wood finish for a sophisticated Scandi-style look. 

Look for a unit with at least two media shelves underneath the TV space and a large bookshelf for storing your favorite tomes. Spacious cabinets with flip-down doors can house digital players.  

Solid Wood Floating Entertainment Center

Solid Wood Floating Entertainment Center

When looking for an entertainment center, you’ll find many of the designs that are made with engineered wood. While MDF or engineered wood is lightweight and easy to maintain, the main advantage of solid hardwood is that it can be sanded and refinished many times during its lifespan giving it greater durability.

While engineered wood typically lasts between 25 and 30 years, solid wood products can last up to 100 years or more. However, if you are looking for a basement entertainment center, solid wood isn’t a great choice because humidity on the walls can cause the wood to swell and warp. 

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Entertainment Center and Bookshelves With Mid Century Design

Entertainment Center and Bookshelves With Mid Century Design

Mid-century furniture pieces, with their splayed legs and symmetrical proportions, have a timelessness that adds vintage elegance to any space. Look for a mid-century design that has large bookcases with plenty of compartments and storage space. Different compartments allow you to better organize your books, CDs, vinyls, or art pieces. You can also use the spaces to create a collage for decorative art pieces and other items. 

These bookcase entertainment centers are ideal for minimal modern homes, and the separate pieces allow you to reconfigure the unit to suit the layout of your room, making it a great option for small homes. 

Entertainment Center With Bookshelves and Sliding Doors

Entertainment Center With Bookshelves and Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a useful feature for an entertainment center. It allows you to safely store electronic equipment and protect your flat screen TV while you aren’t using it. Opt for an entertainment center that has two large bookshelves on each side that get covered by the sliding doors when you open them to reveal the TV. This feature provides added protection for your items from dust and debris. Extra cabinets and shelves above and below the TV space increase the available storage space for multimedia items, gaming consoles, and sound systems.

Ladder style Entertainment Center and Bookcase

Ladder style Entertainment Center and Bookcase

A ladder-style entertainment center provides ample space to display pictures, decorative art pieces, electronics equipment, and books. A bookcase is made with dark solid wood, providing a sleek look, ideal for modern urban apartments or industrial style spaces.

If you are looking for a modern and compact TV bookcase combination for a small space, this is a great choice as the open design allows for the free flow of light to give the room a larger appearance. A potential disadvantage is that it may lack some sturdiness to hold a large TV screen because the shelves are thinner than other bookshelves with TV space. 

Entertainment Center and Bookcase With LED lights system

Entertainment Center and Bookcase With LED lights system

To add a stunning visual element to your living room, try an entertainment center with bookshelves with integrated LED lights.

Select a large cabinet that offers a unique combination of a dark wood finish and blue or purple LED lights for a striking contrast that makes a great addition to a gamer’s room. The lighted glass cabinet allows you to display decorative collectables safely and creatively. For your favourite books, two floating shelves mounted right above the TV shelf provide an accessible location. 

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Our advice Buying Guide

There are some essential criteria to consider when it's time to buy a new entertainment center bookshelves. Not only does this require ample thought but also proper measurements. It's critical you're making a selection that's optimal for the way you live as well as the style of the room. Because there is such a broad range of styles, features, and designs to choose from, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire your decisions.

What are Entertainment Center Book Shelves?

Often referred to as wall units, these are large pieces of entertainment furniture. They either have open or closed shelving units that have compatibility with TV and electronics. They're used as statement pieces in home interiors. They're also multi-functional because they hold books and other decorative elements. Many of these furniture pieces feature cabinet doors, drawers, and fireplaces. Because they take up the entire wall, they typically feature cornice pieces along the top. These details help give the piece and the overall look of the room a more finished appearance.

How to Find the Appropriate Size of Entertainment Center Book Shelves?

When determining the right size entertainment center bookshelves for your room, there are a few essential measurements. The first is your TV's size, which includes the height and width of the entire unit. Allow two inches of space around the whole TV to accommodate cables and allow ventilation.

You'll also be measuring the room not only to ensure the furniture will fit but also to determine viewing angles. You want to make sure the TV is viewable from each seating spot available in the room. If not, then the entertainment center may not be right for the space. For example, if you have a 30" television, a minimum of 3.75 feet and a maximum of 7.5 feet. Those with a 40" TV should have a minimum viewing distance of 5 feet and a maximum of 10 feet.

Where to Place Entertainment Center Bookshelves?

The layout of your room will help you determine the placement of your entertainment center bookshelves. One of the most significant issues regarding placement is sightlines. When people are seated, the TV should be the same level as their line of sight. It should be no less than twelve inches below that sight line. Where your cable lines and power outlets are located will also determine the entertainment center's placement. It's also essential to keep these furniture pieces away from windows whenever possible. In doing so, you'll help prevent back-lighting from creating glare.

What are Entertainment Center Bookshelves Constructed from?

When you’re shopping for these large pieces of furniture, you’ll find they're most commonly constructed from wood. Because they feature hardwood construction, they feature durability that will last for years. One of the most significant benefits of wood construction is that it will fit seamlessly into most design schemes. The main reason is that you can paint the surface to match interiors, as well as carve or plane the wood to depict intricate or minimalist details. In doing so, these materials can portray styles ranging from traditional to modern styles.



This beautifully designed entertainment center in the living room is a great combination of solid shelf construction and video cabinet with audio-visual equipment including TV. The massive design is very versatile.

Build your own logan modular media system components

Build your own logan modular media system components
Build your restful, and inviting entertainment center, with this entertainment center bookshelves. The dark brown wood construction, ten shelves, and six doors have enough storage space for books, accent pieces, CDs, and DVDs.

Entertainment center bookshelves

This built-in cabinetry with numerous drawers, shelves and cabinets is a perfect combination for any interior. Contemporary design, bright colors and plenty of storage space are ideal for small spaces.

Basement built in entertainment center

The living room or entertainment room with the impressive bookshelf on the TV is a perfect combination of subtle white, functional and exciting style. The whole is exquisitely stylish and makes the exterior is bright and practical.

Entertainment center with bookcase

An elegant wall-size entertainment centre finished in white. A central part has a niche for a TV-set, 2 shelves up and a bottom one, a drawer. Each of side units has a 2-glass door cabinet with 2 shelves, 2 drawers, a lower 2-door cabinet.

Entertainment center bookshelves 1

With such an enormous media setting I'd never lack a storage space till the end of my life, I guess. This large entertainment center in white features ample of closed cabinets, adjustable shelves and open compartments.

Entertainment center bookshelves

Even if for some people the basement is not a perfect place to spend time, the built-in entertainment center with bookshelves is a place you would like to spend your whole freetime. The white-painted wooden furniture could hold the TV set but also a lot of books and the


Cabinet for music system

An aesthetic traditional wall-size media centre of white finished wooden materials. It has a crown top and a full grooved base. Open front shelves surround a TV-set niche on sides and over it. Shelved cabinets have 2 doors each with black knobs.

Entertainment center cheap

A nice way to accommodate your living room with a functional entertainment center. This high bookshelf gives you 11 open compartments, 1 cabinet with two glass doors and two adjustable shelves for AV components, and a sturdy top for your flat screen TV.

Diy entertainment center ideas

A good idea for accommodating your contemporary room with elegant and practical solutions. The bookcase is crafted of wood and covered in a two-tone finish, including 3 cabinets with shelves, 3 open shelves for storing books, and a functional lamp mounted on top.

Built in media center ideas

Large Library Media System Michelle, what are your thoughts on this media system? It is about the same cost as a built in but solid oak in different finishes. I feel long term these materials will hold up better.

Entertainment center 69

Entertainment Center

Media center with bookshelves

Home media center. This element of furniture includes a fireplace and some space for a flat screen TV. Two storage towers include practical shelves and capacious storage compartments. Wooden construction is finished in white color.

How to build built in entertainment center

This beautiful fireplace with built-ins constitutes an exquisitely warm, charming living room proposition. White panelled finish will match perfectly with traditional or cottage designs.

Built in entertainment centers 12 built in

built in entertainment centers | 12' built-in

Built in wall units and entertainment centers roberts custom joinery

Built In Wall Units And Entertainment Centers | Roberts Custom Joinery | Built-Ins

Cheap entertainment center

I purchased this entertainment center bookshelf to my drawing room, and it creates the clean and classic look. It has got the large size, white finish and many shelves for my all books and accent pieces.

I am obsessed with the rancics new home

I am obsessed with the Rancic's new home

Built in tv bookcase

Entertainment center for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood. It has a lot of drawers and open shelves in various sizes for storing TV components, display decorations and more.

Bookcase entertainment center plans

A simple and elegant entertainment center with a large space to accommodate it with your flat screen TV. Made of wood and covered in a white finish, the unit also has 10 open cubic compartments, and 1 open shelf situated right above your TV.

Billy bookcase tv stand

ten things for Thursday ... living room project ideas

Entertainment centers bookcases contemporary bookcases cabinets and

entertainment centers ,Bookcases contemporary bookcases cabinets and ...

Master pak964 jpg


How to build a corner entertainment center

Let's face it. Gigantic tv's are here to stay. We recently traded up to a larger tv and placed it in our unused living. The space is much larger than the "family room" and provides way more seating for our family. I call the tv my husband's new wife!

Make your own entertainment center

This living room decor shows you can inexpensively create your smooth entertainment centre, using IKEA products. Three single, 3-tiered bookcases combined into a one, console table for a TV set.

Bookshelf with tv

This entertainment center bookshelf is ideal for watching TV, featuring generous storage, lots of shelving and a full space for TV. The white, simple, wooden structure is suitable with any style.

Entertainment built in ideas

Built-in Bookcases : Decorating : Home & Garden Television

Pictures of entertainment center built in bookcases

Pictures of Entertainment Center Built In Bookcases

Built in entertainment center bookshelves eclectic family room

Built-in entertainment center/bookshelves eclectic-family-room

Building a built in entertainment center

It is very important that entertainment center bookshelves blends in with the interior and provides enough space for books, souvenirs. Wooden cladding of black oak and iron is a graded piece of furniture on the verge of rusticity and industrialism.

Built in bookshelves with tv

DIY project for an interesting and spacious TV entertainment unit which combines the functions of a TV stand with bookshelves around it. The self-made entertainment unit is made out of white-painted wood, which gives it a traditional feeling.

Custom built bookcases custom bookcase design and installation

custom built bookcases custom bookcase design and installation

Floor stand for tv 9

idea for built-ins -- Media Cabinet @

Organized playroom california style

organized playroom - california style

Light colored tv stands

A stunning fireplace like this one won't go unnoticed in your interior and will allow you to add that breeze of traditional appeal to your setting, especially with the light colored finish and ornate curves.

Bookcase entertainment center 1

Bookcase - Entertainment Center

Built in bookshelves for a large space room

Built In Bookshelves For A Large Space Room

Thursday july 20 2006

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Entertainment center bookshelves 17 jpg


Diy built in media center

Built a splendid solution for all those decorative objects or even your movie collection and keep it close to your TV for a boost of convenience with these stunning shelves that will match the TV stand perfectly.

Entertainment center shelving ideas

built in entertainment centers with fireplace | Bookcases Around Stone Fireplace

Entertainment center shelves via life as a thrifter

Entertainment center shelves via Life as a Thrifter

Entertainment center bookcase built in home theater media

Entertainment Center Bookcase Built-In Home Theater Media

Parker house boston six piece entertainment center

Parker House Boston Six-Piece Entertainment Center ...

Parker house boca boc 411 2x420 2x430 401 six piece

Parker House Boca BOC-411+2x420+2x430+401 Six-Piece ...

Parker house boca library wall entertainment center

Parker House Boca Library Wall Entertainment Center ...

Custom made cherry bookcase entertainment center by

Custom Made Cherry Bookcase & Entertainment Center by ...

Morven two tone solid wood entertainment center with

Morven Two Tone Solid Wood Entertainment Center with ...

Custom bookcases entertainment center by homecoming

Custom Bookcases & Entertainment Center by Homecoming ...

Parker house boston library wall entertainment center

Parker House Boston Library Wall Entertainment Center ...