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If you have a TV, gaming systems, components, you are probably are there looking at a giant pile of electronics or you have decided it's time to get an entertainment center. But that is a very good choice and for you we have a collection of entertainment centers that will not only fit with your decorative scheme but also your eclectic sense of style and personality.

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Updated 14/03/2022
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Entertainment Center with Shelves

Entertainment Center with Shelves

Trent Austin Design®

What we like: Urban and versatile appeal

What we don’t like: Requires multiple assemblies

Not so great for: Narrow TV wall

Perfect for: People who like to display décor around their television

More than just an entertainment center, this is a living room wall set that provides multiple storage and display options. On both ends are two five-tier ladder shelves that can hold books, artwork, basket organizers, and tall speakers. At the center is a console that can accommodate a 58” television. It has an open-top shelf with a cord management system as well as adjustable interior shelves behind four soft-closing doors.

All wood parts are made of high-grade MDF and come in dark walnut, rustic oak, gray wash, and mocha laminate finishes. Meanwhile, the frame and legs are constructed in black powder-coated metal. Since it’s a three-piece set with freestanding components, you have the option to position the shelves in other parts of your home if you have a narrow wall.

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Rustic Barn Type Media Cabinet

Rustic Barn Type Media Cabinet

Sand & Stable™

What we like: Farmhouse look with a hefty, solid appeal

What we don’t like: Cord management only available for center shelving

Not so great for: Cramped and compact spaces

Perfect for: Large living spaces with traditional, cottage, or country-style interiors

A large and striking entertainment center that can handle all your entertainment needs. It is crafted in solid and manufactured wood and covered in select knotty alder solids and veneers, available in Aged Whiskey and Barnwood colors. This piece features a generous space that can accommodate large televisions of up to 70”.

On the sides and top part are narrow open shelves while the bottom shelves are equipped with two X-braced sliding barn doors on forged iron glides. This is a heavy piece of furniture that comes fully assembled. Since the top part is separate from the bottom console, we recommend fixing it to your wall to prevent it from tipping off.

$2000 $3358

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White Vintage Cottage Entertainment Center

White Vintage Cottage Entertainment Center

What we like: Unique cottage-style entertainment center

What we don’t like: High price range and no shelf for audio system

Not so great for: People who like a sleek and modern media center

Perfect for: Coastal, cottage, shabby chic, and farmhouse interiors

An antique-inspired entertainment that will stop you on your tracks. The form showcases an interpretation of classic European architecture with its arched and carved upper body and tracery door motifs. The top part has an open shelf for plants, books, and décor while the middle TV shelf is big enough to hold a 75” inch television.

Crafted in solid and manufactured wood, it has a distressed, lived-in appeal. On the shiplap back panel are three holes for easy cord management. The tall yet narrow dimensions of this media cabinet might make it prone to tipping. We recommend mounting it to your wall to prevent this piece from leaning forward.

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Floating Entertainment Center

Floating Entertainment Center

Wade Logan®

What we like: Sleek, modern, look within a reasonable price

What we don’t like: Middle shelves not high enough for gaming consoles

Not so great for: Traditional interiors

Perfect for: Storing too many items in the media cabinet

With its clean lines and crisp look, this entertainment center is a dream for modern design enthusiasts. The top part features an open panel with cord management cut-outs and a narrow shelf made of engineered wood. With its floating design, the set comes with installation hardware as well as a built-in TV mount.

Under the TV are three open cubbies for consoles and audio systems as well as two flip-top cabinets. This piece is available in white gloss, nut brown, and two-toned maple cream/ off-white combination. It’s important to note that this unit is quite heavy, and with a wall-mounted system, you will probably need a couple of handymen for installation and assembly.


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Simple Open Framed TV Stand

Simple Open Framed TV Stand


What we like: Eco-compliant materials, easy assembly, and low price

What we don’t like: Minimal storage options and lightweight construction

Not so great for: Large televisions

Perfect for: Compact spaces

Made of high-quality engineered wood and PVC tubes, this affordable entertainment center is a great starter set for small apartments and for the bedroom. Its open-framed design provides multiple display options while its compact size can accommodate up to 55-inch televisions. This piece comes in nine wood and PVC color combinations.

Marketed for its easy assembly, this piece is a bit lightweight since the legs are hollow and made of plastic. This is important to note so you can avoid placing other heavy items on the shelves except for the TV and your audio-visual systems. For better stability, it’s best to position it on a hardwood floor and to add brackets on the flat edge side when placed against the wall.

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Lemington Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 60 inches

Lemington Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 60 inches

Floating entertainment centers are becoming popular because of the levitating beauty that they create. When the right form and texture are used in a setting, the results can be breathtaking. This modern rendition of a floating entertainment center uses crisp clean lines of stone and wood to add a symphony of nature and majesty. The overall presentation of equipment cubbies, shelves and tv mount for a 60 inch TV is 70.47''Wx 67.24''Hx 15.47''D. Made for large areas, there is also lights and a plug-in for your installation. A built-in feeling will be the result of this modern dream without the mess and design of replacing walls.

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Denissa Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inches

Denissa Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inches

A whole new entertaining experience awaits you with this extravagant center. Built with quality lights and sound, the solid wood and MFD cabinet measures a whopping 129 inches in length. Its beauty compares to distinguished libraries of the 19th century. Finished in Old World Umber, there is nothing that this unit does not have. 4 cabinets and 3 drawers are included with antique iron hardware, stately pillars and ornate trimmings. Hidden lights bring attraction to the bookcases and a sound bar offers the latest in sound technology. Rear cord management and an opening to accommodate a 70" screen will make this your favorite place to relax and enjoy your shows.

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Gallo Solid Wood Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inches

Gallo Solid Wood Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inches

This solid wood contemporary entertainment center has many transient signs for blending in with country, urban chic, or traditional decors. A modern bookcase with fluted trim surrounds the 70" TV. Serene lighting pours down each top corner. Bookshelves are enclosed behind glass doors so your treasures remain transparent and dust free.  6 compartments run along the bottom, 2 enclosed, 2 behind glass doors and 2 open. There is a lot of decorative space in this beautiful white customized piece. A large piece that requires high ceilings, this is an heirloom for sure.

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Priebe Entertainment Center for TVs up to 75 inches

Priebe Entertainment Center for TVs up to 75 inches

Show off your incredible curved TV in eclectic fashion with black textured waves and scenic multicolored display cabinets. The crowd will love being invited to your place for movie night or for that famous football game. Laminated MDF board, PVC Veneer, and HDF are used to bring a wow factor to every part of this center. 102" wide x 60" high, it can be placed around a 75" TV and with a rare display of colored lights that remind you of night lights and city skyscrapers. This unit is perfect for a high-rise apartment, a city loft or a house with eclectic characteristics. 

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Perei Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65 inches

Perei Entertainment Center for TVs up to 65 inches

Sophisticated and modern, this entertainment center calls for an industrial or urban decor. Glossy metal and chestnut wood come in 3 separate pieces. A TV up to 65 inches fits with ease on a 34" H x 61.38" W stand and has 3 lower shelves for holding electronic equipment. 2 side bookshelves are twice as tall at 74.13" H x 24" W and make a nice industrial statement. However, these pieces could be used in another part of the room or wherever you feel they would be needed. Urban country is another option for decors with the natural open setting of these 3 pieces. 

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Norloti Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inches

Norloti Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 70 inches

Create a custom look to your entertainment center with this backdrop of natural flair. Your choice of reclaimed wood, brown panel, white or sand slate will bring your room to attention. High-quality MDF of neutral colors will match any decor that you may have. There is a top shelf that fits above the 70" TV that you will mount and equipment shelves below. They are of the same color and symmetrically balanced for any wall space. The panel is one piece and measures 71"H x 64"W. Whether this contemporary piece is placed in the middle of the room or in a corner, the positioning will be perfect.

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Julius Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 60 inches

Julius Floating Entertainment Center for TVs up to 60 inches

This simple straight floating entertainment center holds a bit of romance with built-in overhead LED lighting. Mimicking Brazilian granite, the design has an extra feature of telescopic drawers below the bottom shelf that gives a dreamy impression. An overhead shelf holds the defining lighting system that is adjustable. A 60" TV is recommended for this backdrop and would work well in a bedroom or small living area. Styles, such as modern, contemporary, Asian, minimalist, or eclectic would benefit greatly with this natural and romantic entertainment center.

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Oryana Entertainment Center for TVs up to 40 inches

Oryana Entertainment Center for TVs up to 40 inches

A minimalist dream, this simple and very organized entertainment center blends well with the technology of today. Open cubes offset the TV stand in medium brown. Everything flows as one in the asymmetrical design of this contemporary piece. 2 drawers hug the floor on one side in a further move to bring the entire center together. Legs are smoothly tapered with protective feet for wood floors. Due to the box-like charisma, this unit could fit into almost any type of decor. 

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Hoyne Entertainment Center for TVs up to 46"

Hoyne Entertainment Center for TVs up to 46"

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Welton Solid Wood Entertainment Center for TVs up to 75 inches

Welton Solid Wood Entertainment Center for TVs up to 75 inches

In the world of period furniture, there are very few rules that apply. To say that technology was not allowed would be preposterous. Here is the perfect solution to Old World Age and the modern age. Solid wood with a flashy finish and ornate details and hand-carved edges, is a European Astoria delight. Add a huge 75" TV in the center of the fantasy. This entertainment center proves that it can be done, in very good taste. The standing cabinet is 118" in length and 126" in height. This would be stunning in a Queen Victorian home.

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Best Entertainment Centers

Buying Guide

Entertainment centers are "lifelines" of our leisure time. As the choice of entertainment media has evolved and grown, so has the types of entertainment centers facilitating their display and storage.

Apart from being functional, they have now "diversified" to become composite furniture units meant for exhibiting art and décor items, showcasing books and music collections, and displaying a variety of indoor flora. As such, entertainment centers have become the center of attraction in discerning homes.

Are you out shopping for an entertainment center? Read this guide to acquaint yourself with useful pre-purchase information that will help you choose the right piece.

You can consider these currently popular trends.

Full Length and Height

These are the full-fledged entertainment centers that often cover entire wall surfaces. They are elaborate, composite multipurpose entertainment hubs that do much more than their stated purpose. Full length and height entertainment centers are usually not standardized products.

Meant for the affluent and elite, they are designed to cater to individual tastes. They are designer furniture, involving the teamwork of an interior designer, architect, and craftsmen. If you want a full-fledged unit, it is better to take ideas from catalogs and then consult experts on how to create a bespoke entertainment center for you.


These are the cabinet-type entertainment centers that sit on the floor or are slightly raised on legs. The body is divided into neat symmetrical or asymmetrical drawers, shelves, and open decks. The TV, home theater assembly, and other entertainment gadgets sit on the top surface, accompanied by appropriate showpieces and art décor.

The TV could also be wall-mounted separately, above the entertainment center. This design has covered drawers and cabinets, hence it is maintenance-friendly. Being a conventional "closed-box" concept, it will be your type if you prefer established conventions with proven effectiveness.

High-low Combination

This is a mainstream entertainment center that you are sure to encounter in your design explorations. Among the many variations, the most standard configuration is a low-rise central piece with two towers on its sides. The TV could be placed on the top of the central piece or mounted on the recessed wall. The asymmetrical appeal of the design makes entertainment centers universally popular. You can consider it if you have other furniture of varying heights with which this new addition will blend.

Combination of Movable and Fixed Parts

These entertainment centers combine multiple units out of which some are movable or detachable. This feature offers great functional flexibility since you can move out or move in some units as and when needed. For example, the book cabinet fitted with castors can well be part of the entertainment center, but if you are in the mood to check out several books on a Sunday, you can move it to your study and swap books at will.


These are the self-lighted entertainment centers. The lighting could be fluorescent or incandescent, concealed or external, adding interest and a decorative feature to your living space. Some designs also incorporate opulent lampshades, mini chandeliers, or wall lights. If you want to choose this type, please see that the lighting does not distract or disturb your TV viewing experience.

Throughout time and across visual cultures, wood has been the universal choice of material to make entertainment centers and other furniture. This is because of its timeless beauty, elegance, and durability. It is important to understand the benefits of having a wooden entertainment center.

  • Nature's designer material. Wood mesmerizes architects, interior designers, and furniture designers with its infinite varieties of textures and grains. Teak, oak, silky oak, pine, rosewood, ebony, walnut, birch, maple, zelkova, bubinga, bamboo… there are at least over a hundred popular wood varieties to design elegant and opulent wooden furniture from.
  • Durable and stable. Wood lasts a lifetime, is climatically stable, and non-conductive of electricity.
  • It can be seasoned and treated. Wood is easy to mill, process, and store.
  • Easy to work upon. Although tough and strong, wood offers excellent workability.
  • Wide range of byproducts. Processing and manufacturing waste is reused to produce a wide range of wooden and hybrid furniture byproducts.
  • High Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Score. The environmental impact of the entire life cycles of wooden furniture is comparatively low than other products such as plastic. Hence it is a sustainable furniture material.
  • It can be recycled and up-cycled. Wood is a zero-waste material. Each grain of wood during milling, processing, and carpentry is either recycled or up-cycled. So, wood products form an environmental loop; nothing is wasted.
  • Decomposes rapidly. Being organic, wood as furniture material decomposes in just thirteen years.
  • Responsible timber harvesting. Wood resources have adopted environmentally sustainable measures such as selection harvesting, clearcutting, and shelterwood that in fact regenerate forests more effectively. You may want to check if your manufacturer has established a holistic wood sourcing policy to ensure wooden furniture does not reduce forest cover.

You can go ahead and indulge in the guilt-free purchase of a wooden entertainment center.

There are three types.

  • Softwood. As the name suggests, the structure of softwood is soft and malleable. Some popular species are Pine, Red Cedar, Douglas fir, Hemlock, and Larch. They grow faster than hardwood, hence they are relatively economical. Also, it is easier to work on them.
  • Hardwood. These species have more complex inner structures due to which they take longer to grow but produce harder wood quality. Typically, Oak, Beech, Birch, Maple, Walnut, Poplar, and Aspen wood is used in furniture.
  • Man-made wood. This is obtained from the up-cycling and recycling processes. It is not "wood" as such, but byproducts such as plywood, blockwood, chipboard, and the likes.

  • Shellac is a clear wood finishing agent that preserves the natural looks of wood while giving it surface protection. Ideal if you want an "unfinished" finish.
  • Polyurethane is a synthetic finish available in a wide range - from matt or glossy to satin. It can be either water-based or oil-based. It is highly durable and easy to apply. It can also endure surface abuse like warming and scratching.
  • Varnish is a clear topcoat that offers excellent protection, including UV protection. Use it if your entertainment canter has a large top surface susceptible to stains, scratches, and heat emitted from gadgets or devices.
  • Strainers are protective coatings available in a wide range of tones. Dark brown, mahogany, white, grey, barn red, true black, and many more.
  • Lacquer is an intense glossy protective coating. It reflects light almost like a mirror. Although it is very durable, it tends to crack in the long term. It will be a good choice if a high gloss finish suits your overall décor.
  • French polish offers even more glossy finish than lacquer. Since it is a Victorian finish, it suits royal decor environments. Not for modern ambiances, though.

Apart from the above, you can, of course, choose to have your entertainment center oil-painted.

Gaming becoming a mainstream entertainment activity. In order to make your entertainment center gaming-compatible, your TV needs these features:

Input lag - This is the time-lapse between any action button pressed on the gaming console and its result on the media screen. A time lag of 25 to 50 microseconds is good to excellent, respectively.

  • Screen resolution - This should not be a concern, since most TVs today offer 1080p or 4K ultra HD quality, the optimal requirements for enjoyable gaming.

  • Display technology. High Dynamic Range or HDR is the ultimate in visual quality technology today. If your gaming hardware is HDR, your TV needs to possess compatible HDR display capability. If not, well, upgrading your television is the best option.

  • Gaming-TV interface - High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI is the prevailing standard, to which most TVs adhere. However, be certain about this important compatibility, and the HDMI cable sockets in your TV.

  • Game mode - Lastly, your TV should offer this viewing mode. It makes a significant difference; it reduces the input lag by as much as 80%!

For virtual reality (VR) gaming, entertainment centers provide a separate shelf or open space for a compatible screen, since most TVs don't yet support VR headsets.

Here are some tips:

  • Enhanced lighting. You can arrange for two elegant lamp shades standing by the sides of your entertainment center. They will transform the appeal of the living area. Concealed overhead LED lighting is another idea that works equally effectively.
  • Dense foliage or creepers. A row of healthy, luxuriant foliage planters running at the base of your entertainment center, or creepers running on its surface unobtrusively can change the personality of the unit.
  • Wallpaper or other graphic elements. Try them on a few cabinet doors or drawers to break the monopoly of the rest of the unit's surface finish.
  • Mirror. If you have a tall cabinet in your entertainment center, how about a mirror on its door? This will give you a quick look at your make-up on the go!
  • Miniature photo frames. Stick or nail them on the unit's surface asymmetrically but harmoniously. This will add to the décor with a dash of innovation.

The above are just a few kick-starter ideas. You could apply your creative genius to personalize your entertainment center or make it outstanding. Here's to more entertainment the classy way!