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Investing in a tall TV stand is a great way to get the most out of your TV viewing experience. You paid extra for that quality picture, so you need to put your TV in the right place to see every last detail. A tall TV stand can help you put your TV at the correct height without damaging your walls; perfect for rental homes. Discover some of the best tall TV stands for all room types, uses, and styles. 

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Updated 27/05/2022
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Farmhouse style Tall TV Stand

Farmhouse style Tall TV Stand

Three Posts™

What we like: Wood construction with different finishes

What we don’t like: Difficult to assemble

Perfect for: Family homes that need simple storage and organization

Not so good for: Homes with modern styling

If you are looking for a TV stand to match your farmhouse or traditional decor, this elegant TV stand is a stunning centerpiece for your living room, rec room, or finished basement. The four different finishes, oak, walnut, slate gray, and brushed white, are refined and blend with numerous color schemes.

The shelves have ample room for extra consoles and digital players. The cabinets are perfect for storing books or DVDs, and the top is large enough for TVs up to 65’. 

$349.99 $929

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Minimalist Extra Tall TV Stand

Minimalist Extra Tall TV Stand


What we like: High-quality, durable, easy to install

What we don’t like: Heavy and difficult to move when TV is attached

Perfect for: Simple, minimalist decor

Not so good for: Color choices; it only comes in black

This tough, all-metal TV floor stand is among the tallest TV floor stands available. The rugged, heavy-duty steel frame supports up to four times its weight for optimal security. The universal mount can connect with TVs between 37” and 70”.

The swivel mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle up to 25°, perfect for larger rooms with multiple chairs and sofas. This extra tall TV floor stand’s adjustable height can help you find the ideal angle for your room. The small AV shelf provided can be great for a console, DVD player, or Wi-Fi box; however, you’ll need to invest in additional storage for large multimedia collections. 

$84.99 $105

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Swivel Mounted 6 Foot Tall TV Stand

Swivel Mounted 6 Foot Tall TV Stand


What we like: Clean, sturdy look

What we don’t like: Only comes in one color

Perfect for: Minimal decor, smaller rooms, and corners

Not so good for: Rooms with low ceilings

This functional, minimal piece is one of the best extra tall TV stands on the market. Its sturdy metal construction is easy to clean and will last years. The tubing is also hollow and specially designed for cords to keep everything simple and well organized. The tinted glass shelving is clean, efficient, and can hold up to 110 lbs.

The TV is mounted on a swivel, allowing a range of uses and more flexibility in where you place the stand in a room. The piece is even ADA compliant for greater usability. 

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Tall TV Stand for Modern Country Home

Tall TV Stand for Modern Country Home

Three Posts™

What we like: Sturdy wood construction

What we don’t like: Doors can only slide over two cabinets at a time

Perfect for: Farmhouse or traditional decor

Not so good for: Modern or minimalist design

This gorgeous rustic style TV stand is a blend of modern and traditional. The sliding mini barn doors are a fun twist on traditional cabinet doors. Different wood finishes in oak and pine fit various color pallets and furniture styles. A cable management system helps hide tangled wires and keeps the look of the stand pristine.

The stand will hold up to a 54” TV, and if your home is designed with a rustic look, this would be an excellent addition to your furniture collection.

$159.99 $304.99

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Room Centerpiece TV Floor Stand with Fireplace

Room Centerpiece TV Floor Stand with Fireplace

Red Barrel Studio®

What we like: Cozy electric fireplace

What we don’t like: Large size may overwhelm some spaces

Perfect for: Rooms in need of a centerpiece

Not so good for: Rooms with limited space, homes in warm climates

If you are looking for a showstopping living room focal piece, this TV stand is the centerpiece you have been looking for. This TV stand has a built-in fireplace that can heat up to 400 ft² and has LED lights to fit any mood.

The stand is made from quality materials and can hold up to a 65” TV. It is also equipped with four built-in outlets to charge electronics and plug in digital players. It comes in white and rustic yellow, perfect for most design styles.

$296.99 $409.99

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Modern Chic Tall Floor TV Stand

Modern Chic Tall Floor TV Stand


What we like: Sleek design, sturdy construction

What we don’t like: No base levelers can cause crookedness on some floor types

Perfect for: Mid-century modern aesthetic

Not so good for: Homes that need additional storage for digital players and DVDs

This tripod-shaped tall TV floor stand is the perfect mid-century modern alternative to mounting your TV on the wall. The legs are slim but sturdy, giving the stand a sophisticated look. The 180° swivel and compact profile add versatility, allowing you to position this piece exactly where you want it in the room.

It is finished in dark wood and metal, giving it an understated elegance. The stand also comes with an integrated cable management system that helps maintain the sleek look of the design. 

$99.99 $499.99

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Mid century Modern Tall TV Stand

Mid century Modern Tall TV Stand

Etta Avenue™

What we like: Versatile and sophisticated

What we don’t like: Sharp edges that could hurt kids

Perfect for: Mid-century or minimalist design

Not so good for: Homes with traditional decor

This elegant and versatile TV stand is the perfect addition to any mid-century modern home. The six shelves are adjustable, and the interior cabinets are spacious. The Sindorri Mango and Satin Gold finish is sophisticated and stylish. The cabinet doors are plain wood, with hidden handles at the top to maintain a sleek profile.

The design of the stand is inspired by mid-century modern aesthetics and art deco motifs. 

$429.99 $379.99

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Elegant TV Floor Stand with Wine Rack

Elegant TV Floor Stand with Wine Rack

Etta Avenue™

What we like: The built-in wine rack

What we don’t like: Stemware racks are not very secure, and glasses can fall out if knocked

Perfect for: Small apartments with limited space

Not so good for: People looking for extra shelving for multimedia storage

If you enjoy a glass of wine while watching TV or a movie, this TV stand is perfect for you. Its elegant shape will fit well in any home, but its compact size and dual-use make it perfect for more size-conscious homeowners. The top is wood and comes in either oak or white. The wine rack holds seven bottles and eight glasses.

However, no cable management system is included, and the open back may expose the cables, giving your living room a cluttered appearance. 

$195.99 $171.99

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Tall TV Stands

Buying Guide

Tall TV stands for flat screens can solve the “Move! I can’t see!” problem, or at least make it a little less. “Tall” is a relative term that can cover anything from thirty inches to six or more feet. The exact height needed will depend on the location, situation, and occasion.

Thirty-Six Inch Console

This height puts your television screen at a good level for viewing from a couch or recliner. The console part creates space to store a cable television box or gaming connection, as well as DVDs, CDs or even VHS tapes. Add a chair-arm organizer to hold the local TV guide and a remote, and you are set for an evening of entertainment. This height also allows for toddlers or pre-school children to have a place to play while the grownups watch the news or the latest soap.

Fireplace Console

Television has been called the fireplace of the modern world. In times past, the fireplace was where the family gathered in the few short hours between evening chores and bed. In more modern times, the television has taken that place, starting with the six o’clock news and the following hours of family entertainment, between 6:30 and 10:00. Although Internet and streaming video are changing that pattern, it still holds true. With a fireplace console television stand, you can combine the “gather ‘round the fire” elements of an electric fireplace with the story-telling or game playing capability of a big screen TV.

Mobile Viewing

Need to move that TV often? You can add that capability with a mobile TV stand. A mobile stand allows the set to be moved from room to room, making it perfect for classroom use or even for a home where it might be desirable to move the television from one location to another. Some mobile consoles even include shelving for a console box.

Super Tall Stand for Super Big TVs

At ten feet tall, this television stand will let the screen shine out over a crowd. If you need a television for a public area, such as a college student center or an admin building lobby. It is also useful for small school assemblies and similar venues. In fact, it works anywhere you need a screen that can be seen over even the tallest guy in the crowd.

Large Storage Stands

If you need your television stand to do more than just hold up the television, there are a variety of beautiful storage stands that include lovely wood with glass-fronted cabinets and drawers for storing the many things that seem to cluster around a large television screen. They also provide ample room to hide all those ugly wires and connections. A large, decorative television stand is just the thing to break up that long, blank wall that is located where no chair or couch will ever work.

Practical, handy and decorative, television stands have come a long way from that utilitarian (and possibly a bit wobbly) cart that once was the norm.

Best Ideas

TV Stand, Fits 42" to 84" HDTVs, Floor Stand, VESA Compatible, 68" Tall, Powder Coated Steel

Simple stationary floor stand dedicated for flat TVs up to 52'' size. It is constructed of commercial grade steel with powder coating and mounted on weighted base, ensuring premium stability. It requires some assemblage and mounting hardware.

Tilt Floor Stand Mount for 33" - 40" Flat Panel Screens

Tilt Floor Stand Mount for 33" - 40" Flat Panel Screens

This minimalist and simple TV stand from Vivo has an impressive weight capacity of 44 lbs. and an intuitive adjustable foot function that keeps the unit stable no matter the flooring surface. The sleek, black stand mount is a breeze to set up and blend effortlessly in any modern home.

Universal TV Floor Stand Base 32"-65" Screens

Universal TV Floor Stand Base 32"-65" Screens

Fans of slick, minimalist interior design will love this heavy-duty TV stand, with its broad, robust base and V-mount construction. You can adjust the mounting unit 30° to the left and the right of its central position, allowing friends and family to get the best view of the screen.

Displays2go MBTVSBKB Mobile LCD Display Stand for a 32 to 60 Inches Flat Panel Monitor, Height-Adjustable with Tilting Bracket - Black

LCD display stand which is available in two versions: landscape only and portrait & landscape. It fits displays which are lighter than 110 pounds and having from 32 to 60 inches. Additionally, it's made of high quality materials.

Steel Floor TV Stand with Wheels for a 27 to 60 inch Television, Height-Adjustable, Rotating and Tilting - Black

A functional TV stand with wheels for easier mobility - perfect for places like the office or school, can hold a 32 to 47 inch monitor, weighting less than 77 pounds. It's small and convenient to store away, while not used.

TV Cart for LCD LED Plasma Flat Panels Stand with Wheels Mobile fits 32" to 55" T.V.

This kind of product is a high quality stand created for use with flat plasma TVs. It has got a removable top shelf and an adjustable bottom shelf. Its black color matches any decor. The whole construction is made of high grade steel.

Mobile LED LCD Flat Panel HDTV Fixed Floor Stand Mount for 27"-60" LCD Screens

Mobile LED LCD Flat Panel HDTV Fixed Floor Stand Mount for 27"-60" LCD Screens

Whether for your classroom or conference room, this heavy-duty, ergonomic mount for an LED flat-screen TV stand is the ideal choice. You won’t have any issues moving this unit around as it comes with four rubber wheels, each with a secure lockable. The robust steel design is finished with heat-resistant powder-coated paint, and the unit’s height is fully adjustable for the perfect viewing angle.

Product description madrid flat panel tv stand with integrated mount

product description madrid flat panel tv stand with integrated mount

TV Stand with Wheels for 32" to 47" HDTV Flat Monitor, Height Adjustable, Tilting (Silver Steel)

This sensational stand for the TV is the perfect solution for modern interiors. Great ease on a daily basis, you can easily fit into any decor, and at the same practical wheels make it easy to place the screen in a favorite position.

Tall tv stand

... dual two product kensington 62 of stands studio stand optimum support

Tv cart tall tv stands 48 h

TV Cart - Tall TV Stands - 48"H

Flat Artistic Floor Stand Mount for 45"-70" Screens

Flat Artistic Floor Stand Mount for 45"-70" Screens

This stand design has an elegant matte finish and a 180° rotational capacity. The heavy-duty construction and VESA-patterned frames make this a durable and ergonomic unit, while fans of minimalist-style interior design will love the structure’s sleek, modern look. This TV stand is compatible with 45” to 70” wide flatscreen models.


Flat Panel TV Stand

Flat Panel TV Stand

Very practical TV stand with wheels under the base which helps to move your TV wherever you need to. It features counterweight which prevents from falling down the TV or from no stability. It features lifetime warranty.

Tall tv stands for flat screens 1

An elegant TV stand, crafted of solid Mahogany wood and covered in a distressed finish. The stand comes with a half-moon design, a black granite top, 2 open compartments, 2 drawers with metal pull-knobs, and 2 side cabinets - each with 1 shelf concealed behind a clear glass door.

Tall tv stand with mount

Modernistic, tall TV stand for flat screen TVs with a minimalistic design, a painted metal frame, and a handy, round glass shelf underneath. The round base ensures stability of the piece, and the gray coat of painting gives it a contemporary look.

Rolling tv stand wide screen tv stand for 42 to

Rolling TV Stand - Wide Screen TV Stand for 42" to 71" Displays

74-inch-tall Floor Stand for TV Between 32 and 70 inches, 2 Metal Shelves, Heavy Glass Base - Black

A great choice for enhancing modern interiors and for propelry mounting your flat screen TV (32'' - 70''). The stand is heavy and durable, with 2 small galss shelves for A/V vomponents, and an oval, flat, matching base for stability.

Tv stand tall

50 52 55 65Inch Flat Panel Screen TV Stand w Mount Black Plasma or LCD ...

Luxor h wilson wpsms44ch stationary flat panel tv stand

Luxor / H. Wilson WPSMS44CH Stationary Flat Panel TV Stand

Adjustable height flat screen tv stand with optional locking cabinet

Adjustable Height Flat Screen TV Stand with Optional Locking Cabinet

This tv stand can handle crowds where to buy tv

This TV Stand Can Handle Crowds! Where To Buy TV Stands ...

Fitueyes universal table top tv stand base with swivel 1

FITUEYES Universal Table Top TV Stand Base with Swivel ...

Best 15 of tall skinny tv stands

Best 15+ of Tall Skinny Tv Stands

50 tall tv stands for flat screen tv stand ideas

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