Hardwood Speaker Stands

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Hear your music at ear level with a hardwood speaker stand. Made of quality, gorgeous hardwoods, and usually sold in pairs, these hardwood speaker stands elevate your speakers off the ground, and out of foot traffic, preventing accidents. And having your speakers at a higher place takes your home theater experience to exciting new places. See collection for options.

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ERSS 36" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

ERSS 36" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

This amazing speaker stand would be a perfect choice for every living room. If you adore funtionality coming together with intriguing design, then check out this perfect item and enjoy the new style in your house.

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Natural 18" Center Channel Speaker Stand

Natural 18" Center Channel Speaker Stand

This genuinely functional speaker stand features adjustable brass isolation studs or neoprene speaker pads to focus sound, energy-absorbing MDF construction, adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet and beautiful hardwood design.

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Abington 24" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Abington 24" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

This adjustable speaker stand is a perfect choice for medium size speakers. It is made of solid metal in black and has a square shape base, made of tempered glass with spike feet for easier install. Set of two.

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RF Series 29" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

RF Series 29" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

This amazing speaker stand will totally improve the design of your living room. If you're a big fan of stylish and functional solutions, this unique piece of furniture might perfectly match your needs.

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Hardwood speaker stands

These stylish, very modern stylized speaker stands are solid oak designs in an unusual form. The whole is perfectly presented in every modern décor, and the slim design is captivating. Warm shade is pleasant to the eye.

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Wood speaker stand

Crfted of durable hardwood and covered in black, this speaker stand is going to serve you well for many years to come. Its widened base makes it very stable and a smooth, rectangle top has drilled holes through which you can lead the cables.

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Hardwood speaker stands

A reliable alternative to metal stands: a hardwood, walnut finished pedestal stand for speakers blends with a wide range of interiors, from traditional to contemporary ones. Rubber feet protect floors.

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Hardwood speaker stands

Hardwood speaker stands - a unique variation for music lovers who won't have to decide on classic metal ones. Speakers gain in value and although the sound depends on the quality of the loudspeaker, a wooden stand can help it to easily divide around the room.

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Hardwood speaker stands 1

Made from beautiful and solid cherry hardwood, this set of speaker stands enchant with its simplistic design and high-quality finishing. Ideal for classic, traditional interiors.

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20 inch speaker stands

Hardwood speaker stands are durable and stable, making sure you won’t accidentally flip them. They are also easy to maintain, which means they will serve you for years to come. And let us also mention that they are stylish like no other!

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Hardwood Speaker Stands

Buying Guide

Hardwood speaker stands offer superior sound quality due to the fact that they maximize sound power and production. There are stands available for every sound system and home theater. The most popular are units that are nearly "invisible" as they're capable of blending into the color and style of their surroundings.

To select the best hardwood speaker stands for your home theater or entertainment room, keep on reading as we've prepared a comprehensive buying guide.

Speaker stands actually come in different heights and for a good reason: to provide optimum listening experience. It is, therefore, important that your speakers are at the height which will position the tweeter of a speaker at ear level when a person is seated. You may be unsure of the seating height that will be in the home theatre that you're furnishing. If so, selecting adjustable hardwood speaker stands is recommended for you.

How to match the size of the speaker stand to the size of the speaker?

You would want your speaker furniture to fit the proportions of your speakers. The base of your speaker should be of the same size and shape or slightly smaller to your speaker stand's top. What your priority is to ensure that your speaker sits comfortably and is balanced without the top being too heavy for the base to carry.

How to ensure the security of a speaker stand?

Speaker furniture must be well-constructed to ensure no wobbling and unnecessary vibration is present. Also, you'd need your speakers to be properly supported. If you choose hardwood as your stand's material, you will never regret it as it's the most solid construction material. On top of that, it's of high quality! The stand must hold your speaker's weight. If you're unsure, you can check the product information provided by the seller.

What extra features to look for in hardwood speaker stands?

The most common features added to speaker stands are the following: wire management system that will keep the wires or cables hidden from view; metal top plate spikes that will reduce sound vibrations; additional mounting brackets (comes in different sizes); spikes for carpeting to ensure stand stability; and rubber feet which will prove to be useful when the stands sit on hardwood flooring.

Speaker stands aren't just mere accessories. Instead, they are stunning pieces of furniture capable of showing off your speakers. They also ensure your speakers are properly integrated into your home theatre or living room. A lot of speakers are given deep finishes and attractive wood veneers. You need to treat them as fine furnishings. That's where stands are useful as they are the best in displaying speakers.

Speaker stands are capable of enhancing your everyday movie and television experience. Since you're already knowledgeable on how to choose speaker furniture, go ahead and buy a set today!

Best Ideas

Wooden speaker stands

Aesthetic modern stands for up to 15-pound speakers. A stand has trapezium foot with carpet spikes and 2 not very tall rectangularish supports with a wire channel between them. A stand is of brown stained oak wood but a black top with security pads.

Hi fi racks podium t5 iii oak speaker stands pair

Hi-Fi Racks Podium T5 III Oak Speaker Stands (Pair)

News our new products are here scroll down the products

news our new products are here scroll down the products page to see ...

Wood technology solid hardwood ebony fgh series 8 speaker stands

Wood Technology Solid Hardwood Ebony FGH Series 8" Speaker Stands

Walnut speaker stands 1

Sanus Systems NF18C Natural Foundations 18" Speaker Stand, Pair, Cherry by Sanus. $79.99. The Sanus NF18C Natural Foundations 18" Speaker Stand offers high performance speaker support with the natural beauty of real hardwood construction. This speaker sta

Real hardwood diy speaker stands for my sonus faber

Real hardwood DIY speaker stands for my Sonus Faber

Hardwood speaker stands 6

Ensure the perfect support for your sound system in your household with this stunning set of two speaker stands that offer the durable and strong hardwood structure to best distribute the sound in your home.

They are currently available in five different species of hardwood

They are currently available in five different species of hardwood:

Quality speaker stands

Made from solid hardwood, this speaker stand will not pass the test of time, but also add a refined character to the space. Beautifully sanded wood enchants with its dense graining.

Speaker stands wood

Constructed of hardwood and covered in an cherry finish, this 30'' speaker stand is as elegant as functional. It provides high performance speaker support, while standing on a flat base with a pole that allows you to put the cables inside of it.

Genuine hardwood speaker stands 12 inch

Genuine Hardwood Speaker Stands 12-inch

Hardwood speaker stands 2

Opt for a nice and fully functional pair of speaker stands that will dramatically increase the quality of sound in your interior. They sport the hardwood structure for more years of problem-free use.

Wood technology 16 inch furniture grade cherry speaker stands fgc

Wood Technology 16 inch Furniture-Grade Cherry Speaker Stands FGC-16

Central speaker stand

Harwood is a great piece for creating functional furniture like this speaker stand. Maple design is elegant, reliable and durable, and very impressive at the same time. The perfect solution for living room or game room.