Floor Speaker Stands


Like pedestals, floor speaker stands are the best way to elevate your sound, and not accidentally kick your speakers. These stands raise the speakers to varying levels, depending on which model you choose. Take a look at the collection and see which stands will work best with your floor speakers. Raise your home stereo game to a new level.

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Our Picks

Anthony gallo acoustics reference 3 5 plinths

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.5 Plinths

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Vti Df Series Center Channel Speaker Stand

Vti Df Series Center Channel Speaker Stand

Speaker stand with a solid construction finished in black color. This universal stand matches any decor and can be used with different types and sizes of speakers. It is resistant to excessive wear and damage.

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VTI RFC RF Series Center Channel Speaker Stand

This kind of product is a special stand designed for use with speakers. It is made of heavy-duty materials, so it is able to hold even very large speakers. The whole construction measures 8 x 12 x 13 inches.

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Stereo speaker stands 11

Speaker stand in neutral form. It is compatible with standard speaker. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and contemporary design.

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Transdeco international 30 fixed height speaker stands

Transdeco international 30 fixed height speaker stands

I did a lot of searching for speaker stands before I bought these. They are create by Transdeco International and they measures 30 inches height.

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Stereo racks and stands

This functional stand for the loudspeaker is a stylish and exceptionally efficient way to raise for your equipment. Impressive modern form makes it in itself creates a decorative element. Ideal for music fans.

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Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands

It is a basic, simple speaker stand that has got a medium density fiber core construction. It is an attractive addition to your living room or game room. It is a nicely finished product.

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Transdeco international 24 fixed height speaker stand

Transdeco international 24 fixed height speaker stand

Transdeco International 24" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2) for maximize the quality of sounds in home entertainment center. You will appreciate how cool they are.

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Vintage speaker stands photo 2

Vintage Speaker Stands Photo

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Floor Speaker Stands

Buying Guide

Floor speakers perform better when placed on floor speaker stands in most instances. The goal of raising speakers off the floor is to improve sound quality overall. This can be accomplished by placing them on adjustable angle stands, allowing you to move them around until you find the perfect acoustics for a particular room.

Additional reasons speakers need stands is that flooring is often less than optimal for sound production. It can be uneven or thickly carpeted, which has an absorptive effect. Placing floor speakers on the ground can also cause unpleasant reverberation because of the mechanical vibrations emitted into the flooring. The stands also provide a measure of safety, protecting the speakers from potential spills and other hazards.

The ideal set-up for speakers is to have their tweeters near or as close to the height of listeners’ ears as possible. This way you won’t miss out on the mid-range and treble details, which can often get lost when speakers are sitting too low or placed on the floor.

Floor speaker stands improve sound for a simple reason: They help direct the speakers more directly towards your ears, allowing your ears to catch the full benefit of the sound quality your speakers give off. As a result, you’ll be able to hear the sound more fully.

Speakers that have a specific base or support (instead of simply being placed on the ground) will also have a wider range of motion on a small scale. This will allow your speakers to vibrate more fully, which will lead to a higher range of sounds.

You're probably wondering if speaker stands are worth it, and the answer is: yes, they definitely are. Not only does fixing your speakers to speaker stands keep them from sliding around, but they are essential for optimal performance.

Most people use the spikes fitted to the top of their speakers to attach them to the stands, but another great alternative that works better is Blu-tack. It holds the speaker firmly in place, providing stability and optimal performance as well.

But are there other reasons to place your speakers on stands? Yes, there are. While some people will simply leave their speakers on the floor or cabinets, this causes performance issues considering how materials react to vibrations. So speaker stands allow your speakers to be at a level that is more audible and helps avoid issues directing the sound as you want it.

Best Ideas

Stagg monitor guitar amplifier speaker floor stand

Stagg Monitor / Guitar Amplifier Speaker Floor Stand

Furniture speaker stands 2

Durable and space-saving, this beautiful stand is characterized by hardwood construction and a natural finish. Features a thick rectangle base for stability, and a square top to properly display your speaker.

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Extends 28" to 38" - Holds Satellite Speakers-Set of 2

Cool latterday stands with adjustable height and for up to 3.5-pound speakers. A stand has a triangle-like base, a slender round section stem with a wire channel, a curved top part, an L-shaped mounting bracket. Stands are made of grey-coated steel.

Clarksville Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Clarksville Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

It is a speaker stand that has got an adjustable height and black finish. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor in your living room or home theater. It is a very good choice.

Wood technology wc 10 5 black satin wood speaker stands

Wood technology WC-10.5 Black Satin Wood Speaker Stands - 10.5 inch

Bell'O SP224 24-Inch Speaker Stands Black

This is a 2-piece set that includes speaker stands. They have got a contemporary design, black finish and high quality. They are perfect for your modern living room and family room area.

Floor speaker stands 1

A floor standing loudspeaker in an ultra-modern design. It's a solid unit made of black steel base with a silver finish. It guarantees the highest quality of sound. It will suit interiors in a contemporary style.

Technology fgh 8e furniture quality hardwood speaker stands 8 inch

... technology FGH-8E Furniture Quality Hardwood Speaker Stands - 8 inch

DF series Center Speaker Stand

Heavy duty speaker stand with horseshoe shaped base. Fillable with sand or metal bits, which may add to stability and boost sound quality. Cast iron construction has black powder coated textured finish.

Sanus Systems NF30C Natural Foundations 30 -Inch Speaker Stand, Pair (Cherry)

Classy standard height contemporary stands for up to 25-pound speakers. A stand consists of square both a base and a padded top plate of black-finished fibreboard and a quite tall oval section pillar of solid wood finished in brown.

Bell'O SP-300 30" Black Finish Speaker Stands (pair)

A pair of modern speaker stands sporting metallic black finish and updated curved design. These speakers are able to acommodate various types of speakers, weighing from 1 to 100 lbs. Wire management is built in.

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

It is a black finished speaker stand that has got an adjustable height and stylish metal feet. It is a contemporary addition to your living room, home theater and other. It is a very good choice.

TransDeco Fixed Height Glass and Steel Speaker Stands, 30-Inch

A product that has got a decorative and functional value in the house. This kind of stand is designed for use with different types and sizes of speakers in living rooms and TV rooms. It has got a built in wire management system.

Transdeco speaker stands

Heavy duty metal stands for speakers, characterized by sturdiness and elegant contemporary look, the latter one being provided by glossy black finish and updated geometric form. These ones have adjustable spike feet.