Steel Speaker Stands


Speakers vibrate at a resonant frequency that makes a wood speaker stand potentially splinter under the stress. That is why having steel speaker stands makes so much more sense. They are denser by design and can be manipulated to accommodate the speaker more adequately than any other option. If you are in the market for a steel speaker stands, then you want to take a look at this collection.

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Our Picks

Steel speaker stands 15

Looking for the best place to place your large speakers? Well, these extra strong steel speaker stands are perfect for this. Featuring sturdy construction, the stands have impeccable load-bearing capacity. They are also uniquely designed to offer maximum stability for safety.

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High mass 4 poles welded metal speaker stands custom sizes

High mass 4 poles welded metal speaker stands ( Custom sizes ) Photo

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Metal speaker stands

Sturdy and super strong speaker stands constructed from steel and featuring a strong three-legged base. The stands are finished in matte black and come with a nice gloss that makes them stand out. You also get beautiful cable management in there too.

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Dayton speaker stands

Chic and simplicity-oriented, sporting clean, straighforward form, this geometric end table - or speaker stand - is at home in contemporary settings of all kind. Brushed steel bracket embraces a large black walnut drop-off.

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Steel Foundations 18" Center Channel Speaker Stand

Steel Foundations 18" Center Channel Speaker Stand

It is specially developed and designed stand for the speakers. It is practical and very useful. Ideally suited to a variety of speakers. It is rather universal. This is a very good and extremely practical solution.

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Stainless steel speaker stands 1

If you truly want to experience the high quality of sound then these speaker stands with fillable steel pillars and anti-resonant finish will let you do just that, bringing the true power of sound to your interior instantly.

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Steel speaker stands

This set of speaker stands guarantees high rigidity, an exemplary isolation, and a clean contemporary profile. It's a perfect choice to effectively dissasociate subwoofers and free standing speakers from unwanted floor resonance.

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Atlantic adjustable satellite speaker stands titanium pair

Atlantic adjustable satellite speaker stands titanium pair

A pair of heavy duty cast iron speaker stands with updated titanium finish for a high end look. Adjustable bases provide convenient use and flexibility. Concealed wire path helps keep cables out of your sight.

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Steel speaker stands

If you’re looking for an elegant, classy way to display your speakers in your living room, take a look at these painted, dark, metal speaker stands! Not only do they perfectly fit traditional designs, they are bound to go great with more modern ones as well!

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Desktop Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Desktop Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

A set of two small and humble speaker stands that are a perfect addition to any desktop speaker setup. Constructed out of aluminum. The solid stands include multiple areas of foam padding. It also reduces vibration when the speakers cranked up.

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Steel Speaker Stands

Buying Guide

The best type of steel speaker stands should:

  • Have a weight-rating that matches that of your speakers
  • Be made of a sturdy material (steel is the most reliable and durable option)
  • Have the right cable management features for your needs: do you want to hide the cables or you’re not too bothered?
  • Be the right height for your speakers especially when considering your actual seating height: the best steel speaker stand will bring the tweeters to your ear level (the standard height is usually 26 inches, but it’s always worth measuring it)
  • Have a suitable top plate that is big enough for your specific speakers and that has either got rubber feet (the most popular option) or speaker studs (which can sometimes not grip as well as rubber feet but usually look more stylish).

The average weight that steel speaker stands can usually hold is around 20 lbs. This is significantly more than what a regular bookshelf can withstand.

However, just because these speaker stands say they can support this amount of weight, it still needs to have solid base support. Without good base support, a steel speaker stand has the potential to tip over with the speaker.

Steel speaker stands are also much stronger than wooden ones as if your speaker is turned up to the maximum volume or the bass is turned right up, wood can splint and crack. Steel is a perfect material as it is denser and can house speakers more effectively.

Best Ideas

Lovan jazz series 18 inch steel speaker stands black ja3bb

Lovan Jazz Series 18 inch Steel Speaker Stands (Black) JA3BB-9618

Lumi speaker stands

Steel and glass speaker stands give a “today” feel to any audio setup, whether it’s a staged show or your own home setup. Spike “feet” under the bottom shelf help to reduce vibrations and minimize carpet crush damage.

Quiklok near field monitor speaker stands

Quiklok Near Field Monitor Speaker Stands

Steel speaker stands 2

Fixed height pillar speaker stand made of steel, finished charcoal black. The bottom features four floor spikes that are adjustable and suit many types of floors. Substantial and dependable speaker stand providing excellent sound.

Steel speaker stands 1

Details about 2 Solid Steel Foundation Speaker Stands 18" Black NEW

Plateau st 23 b st series 23 fixed height speaker

Plateau ST-23 (B) ST-Series 23" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2) by PLATEAU. $129.99. Plateau ST-23 (B) Elegant yet modern and dynamic, the ST Series is designed to be a natural complement to our audio/video stands. The contoured upright centers are

Steel speaker stands 10

VTI DFC - DF Series Center Channel Speaker Stand by VTI. $49.96. DFCB Features: -DFC Series is used as a center speaker stand.-Adjustable spikes on bottom provide excellent stability.-Metal bits fillable to increase stability and reduce sound distortion

Steel speaker stands 5

Who is a music lover,knows that it is best to listen to on good speakers. For medium ones metal bases will be perfect, simple basics. This way they can fit into the corners without taking up space. Long, narrow steel speakres stands, have elegant floor form.

Speaker stand made by husband and me black steel pipes

Speaker stand made by husband and me. Black steel pipes, stained pine board

Diy pa speaker stands

Pair of 15" PA Speakers, Amplifier, Cables, and tripod speaker stands | Loud Speakers for Church, Karaoke, PA, DJ, Band, etc

Satellite speaker stands

Simple yet elegant and truly functional - these two speaker floor stands will improve the quality of sound in your home, at the same time allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or movies much more.

Metal speaker stand

This set of steel speaker stands distinguishes itself with easy assemblage and integrated cable management system. The combination of wood base with steel posts provides sturdiness.

Tono systems steel bookshelf speaker stands

Tono Systems Steel Bookshelf speaker stands

Steel speaker stands 3

Sonax SS-8020 Adjustable Speaker Stands by Sonax. $69.00. Capacity for speakers up to 4.5 lbs. Hidden wire path to create a sleek and polished look. Optimizes sound with minimal foot print. Low profile tempered glass base. Adjustable height for perfect sp