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To keep your expensive bar stools from wearing out too quickly from constant use, we recommend slipcovers for bar stools. Just a simple application, similar to the fitted sheet on a bed, and your bar stools are protected. The elastic holds the slipcover in place even with constant movement from the user. Machine washable and some have stain resistance.

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Our Picks

Polyester stool covers

Polyester stool covers


Polyester is an extremely convenient material when it comes to bar stool covers. First of all, it’s affordable, which is always handy. It’s also easy to clean and, in most cases, machine washable for added practicality.

Finally, these models are usually available in the widest variety of colors and patterns, so it’ll be a breeze to match your decor and vision.

$10.05 $15.99

Neutral covers for bar stools

Neutral covers for bar stools


When choosing your replacement bar stool covers, it’s important to take your existing decor into account. Just because a specific model looks good in pictures, it doesn’t automatically mean it’ll fit in with your room.

Avoid a color that is too similar to your table or the background behind the actual stools, and consider picking one from your existing palette. For example, neutral colors are a safe and versatile option.


Bar stool slipcovers in an accent color

Bar stool slipcovers in an accent color


Are you looking for covers because you want your bar stools to pop? Then, instead of your primary or secondary color, be sure to pick your palette’s accent hue.

To make your room even more cohesive, why not add a centerpiece or another decorative item in the same shade?

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Bright yellow bar stool slipcovers

Bright yellow bar stool slipcovers


Decorating from scratch? Haven’t got an actual palette yet? Then here’s an idea for you to consider: yellow as an accent color.

It’s natural, stands out against darker and neutral tones, cheerful, and even proven to inspire a good mood.

No wonder it’s so popular in both contemporary and Scandinavian settings!


Barstool covers in a geometric pattern

Barstool covers in a geometric pattern


Monochrome bar stool covers are the safest option if you already have a recognizable pattern in that room. If you don’t, however, this new purchase is your chance to introduce a bolder splash of color.

As your pattern is likely to consist of two colors (or more), maintain an element of cohesiveness by picking at least one of them from your room’s existing palette. 


Replacement bar stool covers in funky colors

Replacement bar stool covers in funky colors


If most of your furniture involves neutral colors, liven things up with an eye-catching pattern consisting of some bolder hues.

The best way to do so successfully without creating a mismatched mess? Choose one that includes your actual accent color, too.


White bar stool cover seats

White bar stool cover seats


There’s no denying that, if you’re striving for a sophisticated and luxurious result, timeless white is still the most logical choice.

However, it also goes without saying that it’s a risky one if you have pets that tend to jump on your chairs or kids who somehow always have sticky hands.

If you don’t mind cleaning them more frequently in order to enjoy an impeccable white result, just pick a model that’s both washable and waterproof. 

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Backless bar stool seat covers in different shapes

Backless bar stool seat covers in different shapes


While most backless bar stool seats are round, this does not mean that you won’t find covers for your stylish square or rectangular ones.

For example, we absolutely love the ornate but versatile look of these quirky bar stool covers. 


Elasticated bar stool covers

Elasticated bar stool covers


Worried that your new covers will be a pain because they’ll always slip out of place? Nuh-uh. For the best results, choose elasticated bar stool covers with an anti-slip mat that will fit your seat like a glove.

If you find that your actual stools are so hard that it feels uncomfortable to sit on them for too long, here’s another trick: a thick sponge filling. A godsend for anyone suffering from any kind of back pain, too!

$17.99 $19.99

Adjustable bar chair covers with a cozy feel

Adjustable bar chair covers with a cozy feel


Whether you’re hoping for a more rustic or nostalgic twist, a familiar pattern is the easiest way to make your room feel even cozier with your new bar stool covers.

Some popular options are the iconic plaid and gingham patterns, of course. 

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Best Bar Stool Covers

Buying Guide

Slipcovers for bar stools can give new life to that set of aging bar stools. Splitting seats? No problem. Mismatched colors? Hideous color? Definitely, no problem! Cover it up with an attractive slipcover that will transform your ugly bar stools into something spectacular.

You can purchase a slipcover for a basic round barstool, with no back, just about any place housewares are sold. They slip over the bar stool, using an elastic band to secure them – no muss, no fuss, no problem. If you would rather, you can construct your own, using yard goods to create a circle with a hemmed area on the edge. Thread elastic through the hem, and you are good to go.

You can increase the sophistication of your basic or backed barstools by using real or faux leather to create the slipcovers. You can purchase them ready-made, or make them yourself. Your local leather shop might have a staff person who can help you with technical details such as the best way to stitch leather upholstery.

You can improve on those basic bar stool covers by adding pleats, ruffles or other decorations to the basic seat cover. Cover the stools with tartan and add a pleated fringe to invoke images of Scots and bagpipes. Give your barstools a gypsy air by adding multilayers of ruffles to the basic seat cover.

Barstools with backs can also be slipcovered by using a slipcover intended for kitchen chairs of similar shape and type. Match the covers to your drapes, or use a complimentary color so they act as an accent in your kitchen. You can even pad the backs of these barstools to make them a little more comfortable.

If your “barstools” are more likely to support a group of pint-sized buckaroos instead of adults, you can combat the jelly hand stickies, cereal spills, and peanut butter smears by buying or creating washable bar stool covers. Should this describe your barstool occupants, you might even want two or three interchangeable sets of barstool covers, just so you can quickly change out the covers used by the Peanut Butter and Jelly Gang before more adult occupants settle in for their repast.

Interchangeable barstool covers can quickly change the appearance of your breakfast nook or central island. In just a few minutes you can go from gala gypsy to somber business attire, or somewhere in between. Set up for the kindergarten crowd right after school, then swap out for entertaining your spouse’s parents as soon as the pint-sized gang is finished with it. Or just change the look of your morning space to suit your mood.

Slipcovers for bar stools make it easy to mix, match and enjoy your space more than ever, without swapping out your bar stools for new ones. Cover up unsightly mends in favorite stools, and preserve seat covers that are in good condition with slipcovers.

Best Ideas

Deisy Dee Stretch Chair Cover Slipcovers for Low Short Back Chair Bar Stool Chair C114 (Light Grey)

Deisy Dee Stretch Chair Cover Slipcovers for Low Short Back Chair Bar Stool Chair C114 (Light Grey)

A seat cover that’s easy to wash is a game-changer, and that’s precisely what you get with the Deisy Dee stretch chair slipcovers. This cover easily slides over your chair’s original seat cushions, making it an affordable way to redecorate your home or protect your cushions from daily wear and tear. Available in 12 colors, there’s a look here for every kitchen or entertaining space.

T-Cushion Stool Slipcover

T-Cushion Stool Slipcover

Update your old barstools with this T-cushion that ties securely over the seat for a snug fit. A robust elastic band with a split in the sideband allows the cushion to stretch for easy installation. It features strings for securing the pillow to stools with a back, and the black color is suitable for almost any decor scheme.

Cozy Cozy Slipcover

Cozy Cozy Slipcover

Add comfort and color to your bar stool, even if you’re on a budget. The Cozy Cozy Slipcover is perfect for adding some warmth to your kitchen during the winter months and is available in five colors. Made from woven felt and designed for parson style chairs, the slipcover is easy to put on but stays snug once in place and features a back cushion for added support.

NHL Bar Stool Seat Slipcover

NHL Bar Stool Seat Slipcover

Calling all hockey fans, it’s time to grab your NHL bar stool covers and get ready to watch the game in style. Available in 33 different colors and prints for multiple teams in the NHL, this bar stool cover uses commercial grade vinyl and features a detailed screen print logo. Designed to fit over an existing cushion or seat, the cover is kept in place by a sturdy elastic band.

Budget kitchen makeover

Budget kitchen makeover

Bar stool in contemporary form. Cover is made of fabric and decorated with interesting pattern. Wooden base is reinforced with solid supports. Neutral form and modern design for each place as needed.

Tailored cottage design

Tailored cottage design

This type of stool is a very solid and comfortable product that is made of durable materials. The seat has got a comfortable padding and a strong backrest support. It has got a stable and wear-resistant construction.

Barstool slipcover and cushion linen

Barstool slipcover and cushion linen

Traditional approach to a simple yet stylish barstool made out of light birch wood with an unfinished look. The top of the barstool is fitted with a ruffled seat cushion upholstered in a cotton fabric in a white colour.

Bar stool cushion covers

The slipcovered barstool. The great solution for easy changing your home's decoration without buying any new furniture. It could be washed easily, so it is a must-have if your children are allergic to dust.

Classic Seating Chenille Slipcover Color: Garnet Red

This is a high quality piece of material that features a classic stylization. It is a red slipcover created for use with counter stools and bar stools. This cover is very stylish and it is made of durable materials.

Deauville 13 x 13 Backless Bar Stool Seat Cushion

These seat cushions are fashionable, beautifully tufted, and available in various colors. Each cushion is designed of polyester, features foam and fiber filling, and is elastic enough to fit many types of round barstools.

Bar chair covers

Durable and comfortable bar chairs with solid wooden frames. Their sitting spaces are covered with materials that show attractive patterns. They are not only comfortable, but also decorative in any decor.

Counterstool with slipcover contemporary bar stools and counter stools

... Counterstool with Slipcover contemporary-bar-stools-and-counter-stools

Slipcovers for bar stools 1

The sunny yellow stripped slipcover for your bar stool is suitable with white color palette in the interior. Very easy to care for, machine washable keeps your bar stools clean and safe.

Round bar stool seat covers

Traditional setup for a spacious kitchen with a kitchen island in the middle, made out of black-painted oak wood with a marble top surface. The kitchen island is fitted with a single chair with a colorful slipcover.

Barstool slipcovers

barstool slipcovers

Burlap bar stool covers with kick pleat 1

Burlap~Bar Stool Covers with Kick Pleat

Round bar stool covers

How many ways do I love thee, pretty country kitchen? 1. Ruffled slipcovers for stools 2. Chippy corbels and wood for bar 3. Organic window treatment 4. Sweet little table as island with casters for easy movement 5. Glass cabinet doors 6. Wood f

Slipcovers for bar stools

This amazing kitchen design will allow you to add a touch of modern appeal thanks to its white finish and simple, straight lines of the structure. It ensures a perfect fit for both small and bigger spaces.

Ikea bar stools with washable slipcover

IKEA bar stools with washable slipcover

Diameter of seat cover

Diameter of Seat Cover *

Fabric stool covers

Slipcovers For Bar Stool

Bar stool cushion covers round

This navy blue accented kitchen catches the attention with the perfect cohesion between the bar stool slipcovers and the fantastic grade stove from Blue Star. Chevron patterning adds style and brings in fresh energy to the space.

Cushion with skirt for round stool large round barstool linen

cushion with skirt for round stool | Large Round Barstool Linen Slipcover and Cushion bar stool slipcover

Powell Slip-Over Cover for Bar or Counter Stools - Brown & Tan Chenille

Counter stool with brown and tan checked pattern, sturdy and durable construction and upholstery made in 72% from rayon and in 28% from polyester. Additionally, the stool features footrest and has simple design.