Bar Stool Slipcover

Perhaps it is time to change the aesthetics of your bar area, but you don't want to suffer the expense of replacing all your barstools to match the new theme. Well, we have a solution. Bar stool slip covers are fast and effective way to change the look of your barstool without having to swap out the entire piece. And the slipcovers are easy to scotchguard for preventing stains in the future. See all the options in this collection.

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Classic Seating Stool Slipcover

Classic Seating Stool Slipcover
This simple, classic stool with backrest is a great solution for the kitchen or living room. The robust construction of wood combined with beautiful upholstery in the stripes captivates. Slim legs and cozy seat create a comfortable piece of furniture.

Classic Seating Stool Slipcover

Classic Seating Stool Slipcover
This classic but well-finished Stool slipcover is a combination of the impressive zebra motif and beautiful material. The whole allows to easily change the decor of the interior, giving it an interesting character.

Fabric Dining Room Chair Slip Cover Set of Four

Elegant Barstool With A Fabric Slipcover

Classy Custom Made Leather Barstool Slipcover

100% Cotton Replacement Slip Cover With Backrest In Gray

Sophisticated Stretch Chair Slip Cover In Variety Of Colors

Our advice Buying Guide

Bar stools can be an asset in nearly any room, but are especially nice at a kitchen counter that is positioned beneath a window, or as part of a breakfast nook. They can also be part of an arrangement in a den, or family room. A bar stool slipcover can be a way to refurbish a worn bar stool, or a set of slip covers can be used to help coordinate bar stools obtained from a variety of sources, or to refresh an older set of barstools.

How to make a DIY bar stool slipcover?

A classic bar stool is a simple round top with four legs that are stabilized with braces. It is an easy matter to pop an elastic-edged cover over the seat. If you wish to redecorate the room, you can even make covers by cutting circles, make a hem-guide around the edge and thread a length of elastic through it to make covers that match curtains or other upholstery in the room.

How to style with bar stool slipcovers?

  • Support Your Team

Hosting an after-game party? Show your support for your team with slipcovers that are stitched or printed with your team’s logo. If you don’t have a source for the covers, pick up sweatshirts or t-shirts that have the logo, and use the logo stamped fabric to create a cover. No one in your group will distain sitting on these bright comfortable seats.

  • Gone with the Gypsy-O

Create a bohemian atmosphere by using long ruffles on bar stools that have backs. Add lace or use rainbow colors that invoke visions of swirling skirts of dancers around an outdoor fire. Incorporate some beaded curtains, a recording of a wild tarantella, and candles in red candle holders, and you will have a setting ready for an evening of poetry, guitar music, intense discussion and perhaps even dancing. You could even add a bit of lace on the bottom edge of the ruffles for an extra exotic effect.

  • Country style aesthetics

Cover your high-backed bar stools with bright gingham slipcovers that incorporate ruffles and bows. Hang up some kitchen ornaments that include chickens or cows, and serve up a tummy-warming meal of eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy on thick, white plates, accompanied by stout coffee or tea served in heavy restaurant mugs for an atmosphere that will have everyone ready to buck haybales or at least to begin that long commute for the daily grind.

What bar stool slipcovers fit a men's den?

Polished wood and leather studded with decorative nails can set the tone for a sporty or even a formal retreat. Leather or faux leather can be used to slipcover existing bar stools to create an area that says, “Business” or “Outdoor sports.”

A bar stool slipcover can refurbish worn stools, or help turn mismatched stools into a matched set. They can be used to create an atmosphere or to perk up a room. Bar stools are a handy addition to a breakfast corner or kitchen counter area, or a way to turn the odd bit of counter space into a conversation area.


Round bar stool slipcovers

You can easily protect your chair from passing time, and in addition, refresh its design - by using bar stool slipcovers. Covers in white color can offer a twill tape and a lace-up clasp. On the back, there is a lighter cross-shaped hue.

Vanguard dining room salty dog bar stool slipcover grommet lacing

Vanguard Dining Room Salty Dog Bar Stool Slipcover - Grommet/Lacing ...

Bar stool slipcover

When slipcovered, a barstool retains its good condition for long. No stains or tears appear on its original upholstery. And a buyer can choose from a miriad of fabric and patterns, so that a stool might in fact look different every day.

Bar stool slipcover 1

This bar stool slipcover will help you create an elegant appeal for glorious occasions. Its creamy white finish with a grommet/lacing will work out well during weddings, banquets or official dinners.

Red bar stool covers

This is the real delicate face of the bar chair stool slipcovers with backrest - which will illuminate and refresh the interior at the kitchen marble countertop. The covers are made of light linen and decorated with very delicate brown stripes.

S5501 bs dining room salty dog bar stool slipcover grommet

... S5501-BS Dining Room Salty Dog Bar Stool Slipcover - Grommet/Lacing

Comfortable bar stools 1

Slender bar stools with backrests gain new style with beautiful seat slipcovers. The Pleasant material perfectly fits into the seat thanks to the back strap. The beige hue is perfect for any decor.

Covers bar stool with slipcover modern bar stools and counter

... Covers Bar Stool with Slipcover modern-bar-stools-and-counter-stools

Slipcovered bar stools

Protect your furniture perfectly with these amazing slipcovers. This one comes with the baby blue finish of the strong, extremely durable fabric and will work well for all pieces with extra back in standard size.

Bar stool slipcover 2

A fashionable decoration for your worn barstools that need a bit of pampering. With those stylish, floral-patterned fabric slipcovers you can refresh their look in a blink of an eye. Plus, they are durable, easy to use and machine-washable.

Burlap bar stool covers with kick pleat 1

Burlap~Bar Stool Covers with Kick Pleat

Henriksdal bar stool cover

I was looking for an unusual slipcover for my bar stools, and I purchased three of these. I can tell you, that they add a glamour touch into my home. They've got fringes on the edges, and shiny finish.

Square bar stool covers 1

Square Bar Stool Covers

Bar stools and tables wood bar stools slip over bar

... Bar Stools and Tables > Wood Bar Stools > Slip Over Bar Stool by

Bar stool slipcovers

Bar stool white slipcovers. Their simple style will fit to any kind of space. They will cover all the unwanted bar stool upholstery colour or material. They have a small furbelow that makes it look more elegant.

Covers for bar stools

Henriksdal Bar Stool Slipcover

Barstool slipcovers

Highly decorative and made of quality material, those premium slipcovers are going to change your barstools beyond recognition. Slipcovers also have a stylish skirt embellished with a beautiful nail head trim.

Plain solid color bar stool covers click here

Plain Solid Color Bar Stool Covers | Click Here

Vanguard dining room mimosa bar stool slipcover welted

Vanguard Dining Room Mimosa Bar Stool Slipcover - Welted

Square barstool slipcover brush denim

Square Barstool Slipcover Brush Denim

Powell furniture velvet bar stool slipcover

Powell Furniture Velvet Bar Stool Slipcover

Bar stool slipcover 3

Classic barstool. It is minimalistic and made of dark wood. It can be more elegant and comfortable due to white slipcover made of cotton. Due to its simplicity, this type of barstool will be fit both to the bar and your home.

Bar stool slip cover

Colourful kitchen {PHOTO: Donna Griffith}

Bar stool covers ikea

Slipcovered with a cozy, blue and white striped pattern, this Jackson bar stool constitutes a good proposition for all cottage or country decors. White-painted wooden legs emphasize the traditional character of the item.

Slipcovers for bar chairs

The simplest and easiest change in the design is to replace the covers on the chairs and armchairs. This impressive set of bar stool slipcovers will make the interior acquire a pleasant climate and freshness. Beautiful black and white color captivate you.

Bar stool slipcover

A pretty traditional slipcover for barstools having squarish seats joined with and quite tall rectangular fullbacks. A slipcover is of durable light fabric with circular geometric and floral patterns in greens, beiges and browns. It can be washed.

Bar stool slipcover 6

Kitchen Island Stool. LOVE these just need to decide on what fabric.. so many fab prints to choose from!

Chair covers for bar stools

Bar Stool Slipcover and Cushion White with Blue Welt Barstool Slipcover Barstool Cushion Barstool Cover

Vanguard accessories london fog bar stool slipcover button tabs s5512

Vanguard Accessories London Fog Bar Stool Slipcover - Button Tabs S5512-BS - Vanguard Furniture - Conover, NC

Round barstool covers bar stool cushion bar stool pad

round barstool covers bar stool cushion bar stool pad

Twillo Bar Stool Seat Cushion by Miles Kimball

This round seat cushion in blue is designed of 100% polyester, and beautifully button-tufted. The cushion is slip- and stain-resistant, repels liquids, provides plush comfort, and features a latex gripper back.

Barstool slipcover

Protect your bar stools in the kitchen, and covered them with this white slipcovers. They are easy to care for, machine washable and good looking. They fit to white kitchen island.

Ikea henriksdal bar stool cover

Why not go for a nice bar stool slipcover for your interior and create a fun look, since it comes packed with the charming, floral patterns. It is made from easy to clean, durable linen for better use for years.

Slip on bar stool covers

slipcovered tops on bar stools - tone on tone

Bar stool slipcover cushion white brushed denim barstool

Bar Stool Slipcover Cushion White Brushed Denim Barstool

Deauville 13 x 13 Backless Bar Stool Seat Cushion

These seat cushions are fashionable, beautifully tufted, and available in various colors. Each cushion is designed of polyester, features foam and fiber filling, and is elastic enough to fit many types of round barstools.

Maillardville manor dining room painted martha stewart mourning dove

Maillardville Manor dining room painted Martha Stewart Mourning Dove

Round bar stool cushions

Round Bar Stool Cushions

Classic Seating Chenille Slipcover Color: Garnet Red

This is a high quality piece of material that features a classic stylization. It is a red slipcover created for use with counter stools and bar stools. This cover is very stylish and it is made of durable materials.

Tan canvas barstool slipcover with knife pleat by applecatdesigns 44

Tan Canvas Barstool Slipcover with knife pleat by AppleCatDesigns, $44.00 Could find stools at a yard sale or thrift store and stain dark or paint a color, distress, etc

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Painted bar stool covers

Painted bar stool covers

Bar stool slipcover 1

I have got the classic, white kitchen with kitchen island, so I decide to purchase this bar stool with Ash Gray chevron cover and wooden frame. It fits perfectly to my kitchen space.