Seagrass Bar Stools

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Seagrass is similar to wicker, only a little softer and conforms more to the person sitting in it. And this is a good thing when using a seagrass bar stool. It mean's you can sit for a while and not feel fatigued when you hop off to fetch your table another round of beverages. In models with and without armrests, you will love these seagrass bar stools for their aesthetic, and their comfort.

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Seagrass bucket swivel barstool

Seagrass bucket swivel barstool

These bar stools are made of sea grass and they are available in two color options to choose: Havana dark weave and honey weave. Try both of them, and enjoy comfy seats.

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Seagrass Bucket Swivel Barstool

Seagrass Bucket Swivel Barstool

Attractive appearance, durability and comfort - these are the main features of these swivel bar stools. They have got kiln-dried mahogany frame and legs, so the overall solidity is very high. They also provide a high level of comfort.

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Seagrass 31.5" Bar Stool

Seagrass 31.5" Bar Stool

Lovely bar stool on straight & sturdy wooden base, with solid body wrapped in striking natural seagrass, woven by hand with traditional method! Ultra high quality: the base is constructed of mahogany wood! It will last literally for ages!

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Seagrass Bucket Swivel Barstool Tall Honey Traditional Bar Stools And Counter Stools

Seagrass Bucket Swivel Barstool Tall Honey Traditional Bar Stools And Counter Stools

With its frame and legs constructed from mahogany wood, this swiveling barstool is a solid proposition designed for both contemporary and classic dining rooms. Its seat is eat is fully wrapped in natural fiber; swivels 360 degree.

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Seagrass 25" Bar Stool

Seagrass 25" Bar Stool

Sophisticated bar stool with carefully woven rattan seat. Solid wooden construction reinforced support rails. Natural addition for residential and commercial premises.

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Seagrass 25" Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Seagrass 25" Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Seats of these bar stools have been wrapped in natural seagrass for ecology inspired look. Its natural finish looks particularly beautiful in a way it is juxtaposed with dark brown four-legged base with thick stretchers.

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Seagrass Barstool

Seagrass Barstool

A set of high quality barstools designed for use especially in bars, kitchens and dining areas. They are small, so they are perfect for limited spaces. The most important advantage of these elements is their high durability and possibility of renowation.

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Birdrock Home Seagrass Bar Stool

Birdrock Home Seagrass Bar Stool

Bar stool with seagrass seat. Base is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is fitted with anti slip pads prevents scratching the surface. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

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Seagrass bar stools

Rotary bar chair is the perfect solution for any kitchen. This simple yet original piece of furniture is a combination of tropical style in the form of a wicker seat and classics - wooden base. Beautiful and functional connection.

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Seagrass bar stools 2

This charming decor is a perfect combination of classics and rustical style thanks to the bar stools. The whole is presented lightly, cozy and exceptionally neat. Ths is an ideal solution for bright modern interiors.

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Seagrass Bar Stools

Buying Guide

Are you looking for trendy seating solutions for your home? The seagrass bar stool is just what you need for those hangout sessions. Whether you are going to place them around your breakfast bar, kitchen island, or you might be lucky enough to have a real live bar in your home, the trusty bar stool is informal but comfortable at the same time and provide the ideal seats to host your guests. If you are serious about purchasing a few seagrass barstools, here are some tips to assist you in the decision making process.

What designs of seagrass bar stools are there?

You are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to seagrass barstool designs because there are so many to choose from; but here are some of the most popular.

  • Low contoured: You don’t always have to sit straight-backed in a bar stool. You can slouch if you want to with this low contour design. With its airy box weave hand woven style, this is the perfect barstool to get comfy in when you’ve had one too many!
  • Industrial design: Plain looking but very sophisticated; the seats are flat and round with no backrest making it easy to tuck behind a counter. There is a nice rim around the bottom edge of the legs to rest your feet on.
  • Handwoven: This stool provides an inviting and warm feel, they resemble living room chairs, but that’s what makes them so unique as a bar stool. Guests will be fighting to sit on them.
  • Colors: Seagrass barstools come in a variety of colors to match the interior decoration in your home. You will find them in brown, cream, blue, white, red, yellow and many more colors to suit your needs.

What are seagrass bar stools typically crafted from?

The material you select will depend on the décor of your home; the good news is that there are plenty to choose from; here are some of them:

  • Acacia wood
  • Rustic carved wood
  • Iron
  • Mahogany wood
  • Leather

How to get the right size bar stools?

There is so much more to a bar stool than you could possibly imagine, things you’d probably never think about on your shopping trip, so here is some additional food for thought:

  • Footrest width: The width of the footrest on seagrass barstools will vary depending on the design. However, in general, the circular footrests are approximately 36-38cm. The more expensive the model, the more elaborate the footrest, but all footrests are made in proportion to the base.
  • Seat depth: This is the part of the chair that you actually sit on; now, this is important, because if you have larger sized people in your home, you will need stools to accommodate them
  • Base diameter: The base diameter will vary depending on the design of the bar stool, but they range from 38 to 50cm. Seats with a larger design will have a larger base to provide the required stability of the chair.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing; now you can go ahead and enjoy your shopping trip for seagrass barstools.

Best Ideas

Seagrass Backless Barstool - Tall

It is a backless barstool that has got a seagrass seat and beautiful design. It adds style and comfort to any dining room and kitchen area. You will be impressed how nicely finished this product is.

Seagrass bar stools 1

This kitchen decor is interesting and based on solid and neutral-colored elements. A kitchen island features a solid marble top. It looks great in set with four armless stools with solid backs and durable wooden frames.

Seagrass bar stools swivel

The arched shape of a wicker armchair was adapted to a high wooden mahogany frame with an espresso finish. The permanent weave, however, was made of seagrass - with a honey natural shade of this unique material.

Tropical style bar stools

Beautiful bar stools with swivel seats finished with nailhead trims. Handcrafted hardwood mahogany frame and brass plated footrest are very solid items. Wicker seat cover provides natural look of woven seagrass.

Boasting a supportive seagrass seat that swivels 360 the milo

Boasting a supportive seagrass seat that swivels 360º, the Milo Swivel Seagrass Stool is perfect for the bar or counter at your coastal getaway.

The exterior back is covered in seagrass for island inspired

The exterior back is covered in seagrass for island-inspired style...

Seagrass bar stools 11

Seagrass Bar Stools

Sea grass bar stools

A bar stool that plays the role of an additional sitting space in a kitchen island or dining room. This armless chair is made of hardwood and it features a high supportive backrest. Its maximum weight capacity is 200 lbs.

Home seagrass backless barstool

Home / Seagrass Backless Barstool

Seagrass Vassel Bar Stool

Seagrass counter stool

With these two backless barstools, you can spice up your kitchen, restaurant, or any bar area. With their tapered legs and fixed stretchers, those barstools are durable and elegant, decorated with beautifully woven seats.

Woven seagrass bar stools

This product is designed especially for small areas. This bar stool provides additional sitting space in the kitchen, home bar, breakfast nook or a dining room. Its hardwood frame is able to withstand the weight of 200 lbs.

Salsa water hyacinth swivel bar stool

Salsa Water Hyacinth Swivel Bar Stool

Cottage kitchen kitchen

cottage kitchen #kitchen