Cast Iron Barstools

Heavy, sturdy and stylish with a rugged quality that defines the space, cast iron barstools are here to make a statement, and that statement is that they are here for the long haul. With their deep, dark tones and the rich, cold feel they cast upon your bar area, your personality will be shown true when you put one of these practical yet attractive bar stools in your bar area.

Best Products

Bruce rosenbaum traditional spaces boston

Bruce rosenbaum traditional spaces boston
An astonishing take on classic 1940s style, these cast iron stools please eyes with their intricatetely ornamented pedestal bases. If you're after sophisticated steampunk style of a touch of Victorian era at your home bar, these beauties are the finest pick.

Henson 25'' Counter Stool

Henson 25'' Counter Stool
A good choice for enhancing rustic interiors. This 28-Inch Swivel Bar Stool in Brown & Black Finish features a durable metal frame with four arched legs and a square footrest. The seat is crafted of sturdy mango wood.

Vtg Chicago Foundry Cast Iron Machinist Task Shop Industrial Stool Mid Centrury

Vtg Chicago Foundry Cast Iron Machinist Task Shop Industrial Stool Mid Centrury
Bar stool in industrial style. Base is made of cast iron with antique finish. Round seat is covered with leather. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Metal Spring Stool Furniture Industrial

Metal Spring Stool Furniture Industrial
This awesome set of barstools delights with its fabulous spiral shape and extremely solid - cast iron finishing. The stools fit well into the rough, vintage appeal of the whole kitchen.

Gothic revival cast iron stool

Gothic revival cast iron stool
It's time to change something in your home, start with one piece: maybe the Gothic revival cast iron stool will be excellent idea? It's suitable with rich decorations.

Amelia 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Amelia 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
Metal bar stool with cushioned seat. It stands firmly on four rung metal legs, which are elegantly contoured for a more airy look. The backrest features wood insert and swirly accents for a more sophisticated feel.

Swivel Tractor Seat Barstool Bar Stool Cast Iron Chair Man Cave Furniture

Swivel Tractor Seat Barstool Bar Stool Cast Iron Chair Man Cave Furniture
I did a lot of searching for barstools before I bought this one. It features the swivel mechanism, for enhanced comfort of use, tractor seating, cast iron construction and vintage style.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best seating solution for your kitchen counter or home bar? The cast iron barstool is the optimal choice for informal dining and kitchen hangouts. Because we're spending more time in the kitchen, finding comfortable and stylish seating solutions is a priority. Not only do cast iron barstools offer an ideal spot for gossiping over coffee with your friends, but they're an excellent way to dress up the kitchen area when you're looking for stylish design solutions.

What exactly is cast iron?

  • Durability: Cast iron is a ferrous metal that is composed of silicon (Si), iron (Fe), carbon (C), and, in some cases, traces of sulfur (S), phosphorus (P), and manganese (Mn). In comparison to wrought iron, cast iron is heavy, sturdy, and it can't be bent, hammered into shape, or stretched. Because it's durable and inexpensive, cast iron is found commonly in outdoor furnishings including cast iron barstools.
  • Cost: as low as $89.00 to as high as over $1,000
  • Maintenance: wipe off residue with a damp cloth that's been moistened with naphtha or mineral spirits.

What are the styles of cast iron barstools?

Styles include swivel, backless, and adjustable cast iron barstools. You can also choose from modern, industrial, mid-century modern, farmhouse, and traditional styling.

What are the typical colors of cast iron barstools?

Regarding colors, it depends on the kind of barstool you've chosen. Many are available in standard black or gray. However, you may find that you have the option of choosing white, nickel, or standard colors. You’ll also find that the barstool’s pad will have color or pattern options and fabric choices, as well.

How do I make sure the barstools fit my counter?

When selecting your cast iron bar stool, it’s essential you choose one that fits your bar or counter height. Follow these steps to ensure they’re the correct height:

  • Measure the height of your counter or bar: take a measurement from the top of your counter or bar to the floor. To ensure you've gotten the proper measurement, do this twice.
  • Make the proper stool selection: once you've obtained the measurement, subtract ten inches. In doing so, you'll have the height necessary for your bar stool. The measurement you arrive at will provide you with enough room to sit comfortably at your counter or bar with your legs crossed or without.
  • Obtaining the correct bar stool height: measure the stool from its seat down to the floor.

Under most circumstances, counter height stools are between 24-29 inches from the floor, and bar stools seats measure between 30 and 36 inches from the floor.

How Many Barstools do I need?

Selecting the right style and measurement are essential decisions, but you also need to know how many barstools will fit in your space. The best way to make this determination is to ensure there are at least 26 to 30 inches between each stool. That way, everyone is seated comfortably at your bar or counter. To obtain the correct measurement, begin measuring from the center of one barstool on to the next. Then, make sure there are fourteen inches from the center of the last barstool and the wall.


Western Iron Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)

Western Iron Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)
It is an amazing bar stool that is made of iron and has got a cushion. Everyone will tell you how great and beautiful this bar stool is. If you looking for high quality bar stool you need to buy this one.

Antique Industrial Cast Iron Stool

Antique Industrial Cast Iron Stool
Made from the highest quality cast iron this stool will work superbly in your dining room or home bar, ensuring years of vintage appeal for your decor and elevating the appeal of your household.

Montello 30" Swivel Bar Stool

Montello 30" Swivel Bar Stool
A decently crafted bar stool that features a soft, padded seat which swivels 360 degrees and a footrest for even more convenience. It's elegantly curved legs. It also has a Black Honey finish with brass nail heads, golden highlights and black leather seat.

Pair Of Mid Century Painted Cast Iron Stools W Orange Cushions

Pair Of Mid Century Painted Cast Iron Stools W Orange Cushions
These pair of mid century stools have a painted cast iron finish and orange cushioned seats, for enhanced comfort of use. Try them in the white interior.

Victorian bar stools

The iron cast barstool which could be adjustable for your height. the leg is an iron mould with the decorative floral elements. The round seat without any backrest had been covered with dark brown leather.

Vintage cast iron calorator d4 swivel bar stool black w

Vintage Cast Iron Calorator D4 swivel Bar Stool Black w Green Pad - 3

Velvet stools

Those refined barstools fit not only clubs and restaurants, but they are also a nice addition for home bar areas and game rooms. Each barstool rests on a sculpted, 3-legged, wooden base, and has a round seat upholstered in a reddish fabric.

Cast iron barstools 10

Leather upholstery of round seats from bar stools is often associated with the industrial style. It does not have to be that way-if their base is decoratively carved and made of cast iron. In this way, the honey shade of the upholstery creates a vintage whole.

Cast iron ornamental barstool base b1c5 bs

Cast Iron Ornamental Barstool Base #B1C5-BS

Cast iron barstools

Industrial stylization in home bars. This bar stool stands on a durable cast iron frame finished in black color. It includes a round, padded seat covered with leather. The whole stool improves aesthetics and comfort.

Vintage cast iron calorator d4 swivel bar stool black w

Vintage Cast Iron Calorator D4 swivel Bar Stool Black w Green Pad - 6

Cast iron barstools 9

Set of 2 bar stools in Victorian style. Richly decorated frame is made of cast iron. Round seat is covered with velvet fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Cast iron barstools

This untypical, swing-arm stool seat is on the market since 1930s, when it was often used as a seat in different kinds of factories. Crafted of robust iron, and mounted on a wall, the chair is mobile, and has a round seat for convenient usage.

Cast iron antique counter stools for sale in memphis tennessee

Cast Iron Antique Counter Stools for sale in Memphis, Tennessee

Cast iron stools 4

Gorgeous industrial bar stool made out of cast iron with a beautiful, polished mango wood seat and adjustable frame made to resemble vintage machinery piece. Its unique design makes for a great addition to any bar.

Departments furniture bar stools

Departments › Furniture › Bar Stools ›

At the lower left below are a pair of stainless

At the lower left below are a pair of stainless steel doggie dishes in a cast iron bracket that nicely matches the cast iron bar stools. The bar stools look to be Victorian, but they are actually 1940 reproductions of  stools from the late 1800s. I guess

Swing arm bar stools

An industrial approach to an antique reinvented barstool made out of cast iron in an old-fashioned style. The barstool is made with a frame resembling Baroque designs with a tractor seat, providing a unique appearance.

Vintage cast iron calorator d4 swivel bar stool black w

Vintage Cast Iron Calorator D4 swivel Bar Stool Black w Green Pad - 4

Swinging bar stools

Wooden seat fitted with cast iron base. Designed for mounting on the bar. Great addition for home, bar, resutaurant and others interiors according to taste and need.

Cast iron bar stools 2

Cast Iron Bar Stools

Brexton Adjustable Height Industrial Mahogany Stool with Back

This type of stool is a combination of convenience, comfort and practical application. The stool has a very specific look. It is excellent in the lab, but it can also be used in industrial interior. The backrest makes gives a greater sense of security.

450 diner bar stools cast iron priced each

450 diner/bar stools cast iron/priced each |

Cast iron stools 1

This cast iron stool - solid and stylish, has all that is needed to become a valuable dining addition. Seat height regulator will make adjustable to your needs and preferences.

Architect's Industrial Iron Nickel Counter Bar Swivel Stool

This round and shot bar stool is a very elegant piece of equipment in your kitchen. It is at the same time also very practical. The stool is well developed and well designed. Meeting the expectations of the average user.

Steampunk bar stools

I purchased two of these counter/bar stools for my kitchen island. They've got a vintage design with industrial touch, cast iron construction and seat with low back. The wood and iron is always interesting combination.

Cast iron stool with hardwood seat 780 00

Cast Iron Stool With Hardwood Seat $780.00

Cast iron stools 2

Bar stool with height adjustment function. It is completely made of cast iron. Great addition to kitchen island, bar, restaurant and more. Traditional form and elegant design.

Metal antique bar stools

What do you think about tractor seat stools? For me, they're very interesting and looks awesome with traditional bar. They are made of cast iron, so they bring the solidity to any apartment.

Cast iron stools 14

A great example of the singer cast iron bar stool. Typical for jazz bars, where a girl sings sad songs seating on a bar stool - like this one, with a seat made of oak wood and round shape. A three-pronged base which will bring a touch of retro.

Cast iron bar stools

The first stools appeared in the Middle Ages, although their beginnings are lost in the darkness of history. What will not die is the design of this cast iron barstool with the original seat inspired by the tractor seat.The colorless finish emphasizes rawness.

Clint Industrial Loft Architects Wood Swivel Bar Counter Stool

Classic industrial style is a bold statement that makes your interior more personalized. This swivel bar stool showcases a surprising combination of finishes, with wooden seat and antique rust iron. Cool!

Repurposed Artist's Cushioned Iron Bar Stool

Ironworks Industrial loft Aged Nickel Bar Stool

Stool to the loft? Only industrial! This type of stool will fit perfectly inside the loft. The more that this solution is not only very stylish and interesting visually, but also because it is a very practical option. It is, therefore, think about this.

Brexton Height Industrial Adjustable Counter Stool

Industrial, raw interior also needs such equipment. Only in this way it will be fully tested the will and perfectly together zgrywało. Industrial equipment is a way to give the interior climate. This stool ideal for this can be used.

Cast iron stools 13

Vintage seats will play its role perfectly not only in retro house, but in bar stylised on American Old West too. This stool is made of carved wood and seat is covered with piece of old canvas sack with old-fashioned over print.

Taloro Industrial Loft Bar Stool

Increasingly popular interior loft. It's interior, where the raw materials and the kind of heavy construction create a specific atmosphere. To the loft are also essential pieces of equipment that have very similar climate. Such a stool would be perfect for the kitchen, which is part described the interior.

Cast Iron Swivel Tractor Seat Stool Rust Patina Garden Decor Patio

Industrial style characterizes this cast iron stool from top to bottom. Its seat swivels, so you'll have no trouble when adjusting it to the right position at a time. Dark bronze finish defines the best look suiting the design.

Antiqued Red Cast Iron Tractor Seat Stool Garden Decor Patio

It is a garden stool with tractor seat that has got an iron construction, antique red finish and amazing design. It adds style, beauty and comfort to any garden.

Yosemite Home Decor YFUR-SBA5264A Industrial Adjustable Stool, Cast Iron Base with Brown Leather Seat Finish

Yosemite Home Decor YFUR-SBA5264A Industrial Adjustable Stool, Cast Iron Base with Brown Leather Seat Finish

Black cast iron victorian bar stool

Black Cast Iron Victorian Bar Stool

Chair 73


Reserved for k set of 6 cast iron bar stools

Reserved for K. Set of 6 Cast Iron Bar Stools. Soda Fountain. Swivel ...