Tiki Bar Stools


For your outdoor tiki bar, might we offer some specially designed tiki bar stools. Custom made for this very specific use, these tiki bar stools are pretty neat, they are comfy for limited us, and are the perfect height for all standard tiki bars. Get some for your tiki bar, invite some friends, and have a luau. Or just make some cocktails and shoot the breeze.

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Our Picks

Tropical bar stools 1

This unique set of bar stools is a great way to give your décor an exotic character. Beautifully carved base, seats upholstered with leather-like fabric create an excellent and very intriguing whole for the garden, or else.

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Tiki bar stools 4

This gorgeous set of Hawaiian Tiki bar stools is the perfect solution for anyone who values the original design. Beautiful wooden construction with impressive finish impresses and brings to the room an exotic mood.

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1950s vintage tiki bar stools bamboo

1950s vintage tiki bar stools bamboo

This set of tiki bar stools would be an ideal addition to one's garden or patio. Made from bamboo shades, all of the items feature a round seat with a profiled backrest and a convenient footrest.

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Tiki bar stools 2

tiki bar stools

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Vintage mid century modern set of 3

Vintage mid century modern set of 3

I find the traditional carving culture very impressive. Even if the interior is modern, the traditional elements could give it more character and individuality. Could be used in tiki bar, but also at your home.

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Enduring Bamboo Bar Stools - Set Of Two - Tropical, Exotic, Tiki, Elegant, Comfortable, Best, Designer - Great For Kitchen, Game Room, Patio, Outdoors - Great Party Starter - Order Two Or More Today - Let The Party Begin!

Pretty quite tall traditional barstools entirely handmade of natural bamboo rods with bindings of light ropes. They have tall round legs and horizontal and slanted stretchers. Square seats and low rectangular backrests are slatted across.

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Tiki Bar Stool

Tiki Bar Stool

This bar stool has got a swivel function, comfortable seat, full back and weather and water resistant finish. It is perfect for your outdoor area, especially for parties with family and friends.

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Tiki bar stools 5

With those crazy-looking barstools your guests will be having tons of fun. Hand-carved of solid hardwood and beautifully polsihed, each barstool is designed in shape of a large face, with a swivelling round seat.

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Tiki bar stools the great tiki was pleased

Tiki Bar Stools ----The Great Tiki was pleased

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Tiki bar stools 1

This set of tiki bar stools constitutes a great propostion for one's garden or backyard, if you want to incorporate some tropical, Hawaiian ambiance. Handcrafted from wood, depict local divinities.

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Tiki Bar Stools

Buying Guide

To appreciate tiki bar stools, you might first wish to understand what a tiki bar is, and how it originated. One of the earliest tiki bars was called “Don the Beachcomber” and was established in Los Angeles in 1933. It displayed things like thatched roofs over the bar, tiki masks, and a myna bird that shouted, “Give me beer, stupid!” Tiki bars served drinks that went by interesting names like, “Sumatra Kula” or “Zombie Cocktail.” The trend continued for about thirty years, then fell out of vogue in the 1990s but was recently revived. The Sip n Dip Lounge, which had managed to continue, added to its popularity by dressing women as mermaids. Of course, to have a good tiki bar, you will need some tiki bar stools.

  • Bamboo Tiki Stools

If your tiki bar isn’t an all year affair, you might want to go with minimalist folding bamboo tiki stools. Sturdy, but easy to fold up and store, these basic stools are both lightweight and durable. Bamboo can also be used to make more elaborate stools, including some very nice ones that have comfortable backs. Or you can go more traditional with a woven seat added to bamboo legs.

  • Carved Coconut Wood Stools

Talk about putting the lime in the coconut! No, wait – that was a reference to using coconut shells as cups. These carved coconut logs are topped with a smooth seat. They are certainly solid and are likely to last a good long while. Of courses, those faces on the stools do look a little fierce.

  • Colorful Plastic Tiki Stools

Tikis can go modern with colorful plastic tiki stools for youngsters of all ages. The molded plastic comes in a variety of bright colors and features the same yawning mouth that can be found on some of the carved stools.

  • Elaborate Stools

Marguerita stools are lavish versions of the bamboo stools, with upholstery and touches of color added. Then there are the stools that look just like tall lawn chairs that fold up neatly to be stowed away when the party is over. You can also get tiki stools that have various logos from brewers or wineries embossed on their seats – as if the end of a cask had been used to make the seats.

Whether Tiki stools make you think of the interim between the two world wars or whether they remind you of Larry Niven’s Dream Park Cargo Culture, you can bet they will be a conversation piece at your next party. Tiki bars invoke visions of smoky torches and the sounds of drums in the jungle and a culture that is so long gone that it is retro.

Best Ideas

Unique tiki pole barstool is a great addition to any

unique tiki Pole Barstool is a great addition to any tiki bar to ...

Set of mid century tiki bar stools by gallivantinggirls

Set of Mid Century Tiki Bar Stools by GallivantingGirls

Set of 2 Pieces, Bamboo Tahiti Bar Stool with Back Support and Arm Rest, 20"W x 46"H

Cool traditional barstool with a tall frame built of bamboo logs and slats with a natural finish. It has straight round legs, back stiles, rail-like crossbars, receseed arms, a back frame. A wide seat is deeply into while a back across slatted.

Tiki bar plans handmade custom tiki bar stools for business

tiki bar plans | Handmade Custom Tiki Bar Stools For Business by Belly Up Pub Hub ...

Tiki bamboo bar stools

Tiki & Bamboo Bar Stools

Outdoor tiki bar set

A perfect way to bring some sunny Hawaiian climate straight into your garden or backyard. This Tiki set comprises a cool, boomerang-shaped bar along with 4 corresponding bar stools. Of course, all based on rattan bamboo.

Essential Décor Entrada Collection Tiki Bar with 3 Stools, 63 by 23 by 89-Inch

Bar set for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Construction is made of bamboo. It consists of bar and 3 stools reinforced with crossed supports. Tasteful accent for each home.

Bamboo tiki bar set

mid century home furnishings

Set of 2 Pieces, Bamboo Tiki Bar Stool with Back Support, 18"W x 45"H

It is a tropical set that includes two dining chairs. They have got a solid bamboo construction, back support and amazing design. They are perfect for your dining room, kitchen and bar area.

RAM Gameroom Products TBSTL 28 in. Seat Height Bamboo Tiki Barstools - Set of 2

This set of two 28-inch height barstools ensures a long lasting usage thanks to durable bamboo construction. Each barstool is hand-crafted and unique, all firmly reinforced with strong straps.

Tiki Stool Collectible Hawaiian Decoration Sculpture

It is a Tiki stool that is a perfect addition for your Hawaiian style and décor and is a fantastic decoration sculpture. Everyone will be impressed how amazing this product is. You need to have it.

Hospitality Rattan Classic Indoor Swivel Rattan & Wicker 24 in. Counter Stool with Cushion - TC Antique

This counter stool is a product that represents a classic style. It features a high quality frame made of rattan poles and woven wicker, so the whole construction is resistant to many outdoor factors.

Bamboo Tiki Bar Stool in Natural Finish

This type of product is a bar stool that is made of bamboo with a natural finish. The whole frame is very solid and resistant to weather conditions, so it is great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Tiki 29 5 bar stool wayfair

Tiki 29.5" Bar Stool | Wayfair