Tuscan Bar Stools


As if plucked from an Italian bar, these beautiful and sturdy Tuscan bar stools well give your home a European flair even if it's the only thing you change. They are very well made as well as stylish. And we have plenty to choose from in our catalog of Tuscan bar stools. Take a look at this collection and see if we have the right Tuscan bar stool for your domestic needs.

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Our Picks

Tuscan bar stool

The tasteful combination of Tuscan design and solid wood construction makes this impressive bar stool impressive. The beautiful details of the ornaments and the leather upholstery of the seat and backrest create an elegant piece of furniture for exceptional interiors.

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Tuscany bar stools

The dramatic gesture of these elaborate carved bar stools raises eyebrows and adapts flawlessly to a Tuscan style, emphasizing its features a great deal. These leather-covered bar stools add aesthetics and comfort to their spaces.

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Tuscan bar stools 2

Chic wooden rustic barstools finished in light brown. A stool base is built of a turned column with 4 curved feet and a brass footring. A curved backrest has 3 supports. A round padded seat is covered in similar brown leather with nailhead trimming.

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Montello Swivel 25" Bar Stool

Montello Swivel 25" Bar Stool

Decorative hand-rubbed bar stool with elegant leather seat, solid wood frame, foot rest that gives comfortable support to your feet while seated and practical 360 swivel. Wonderful piece that adds to your home a substantial element of refined style.

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Tuscan bar stools 7

I really like this one. A gorgeous, very traditional swivel bar stool with an antique, classical design. Perfect for an elegant, classy living room, bound to spice it up with its unique look. Your guests will love these!

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Brighton 30 Inch Suede Swivel Bar Stool

Brighton 30 Inch Suede Swivel Bar Stool

A simple and small product that saves a lot of space and provides additional seating in a dining room and other indoors. It is a backless stool that has got a soft seat with a 360-degree swivel. It measures 30 inches high x 16 inches diameter.

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Tuscany swivel bar stools 2

The wooden legs of these bar stools inspired by old Tuscan villas twist like carved bolts. Together with the leather upholstery on the seat and the wide base - Tuscany swivel bar stools represent the effect of the traditional Tuscan interior.

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Overstock this swivel barstool features a quality wood frame with

A stool designed for use in home bars and kitchen islands. It is a product created on the basis of a solid wooden frame. It has got four stable legs and a footrest ring. The seat is soft and it has got a swivel with a backrest.

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Tuscan bar stools 9

Known in the world Tuscan unique bar stool chair pattern with a rustic backrest, high silhouette, without armrests. The upholstered beige seat completes the character of the amber mosaic at the top of the backrest and the entire metal frame.

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Tuscan bar stools 11

Being a stylish example of a bar stool, this round item enchants mostly with its ornate, mosaic backrest. Designed to bring style and chic to traditional interiors. Features also a convenient footrest.

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Tuscan Bar Stools

Buying Guide

Tuscan bar stools have a rather distinct design of their own, so there may be several things to consider when buying one. Learning about what you need to think about is an important stage of buying any furniture, particularly when you are investing a fair amount of money. Here are some factors to take into consideration.

There are two different types of materials used in making the bar stools. The first is for the frame of the stool, while the second is for the upholstery of the bar stools. Let's consider both of them separately to decide the best options.

  • The frame: The most common material for these bar stools is metal, although you will also find wood. You should look carefully at the durability of the frame in order to decide whether it will be suitable for you in the long term. Some frames are made from brass, particularly if they are antique items.
  • The upholstery: One popular material to use for the seat and back of the bar stool is leather. A cheaper material is fabric, although it might be more difficult to come across. Bear in mind that the upholstery is more likely than the frame to become dirty, so something which is easy to clean will make your life easier.

There are various types of Tuscan bar stools that you will see when you start shopping for these furniture items. We'll look at some of the most popular styles that are available to help you decide which will be perfect in your kitchen when set up at your breakfast bar.

  • Circular stool with rounded back: This is a design that provides a lot of comfort while you are seated at the breakfast bar. The rounded backrest is great for those who may have reservations about buying a bar stool because of support issues, and the material used is normally leather and padded foam for extra support.
  • Sleek thin frame and fabric upholstery: A thin frame is a perfect option for shabby chic homes or those who are looking for light and portable stools. The frame is normally metal with very little movement, and the seat is elegantly designed using suede material.
  • Curved design wood: With a leather seat and a wooden frame, most of the pattern and design of these stools come from the wood itself. Rather than straight wooden beams connected to one another, the wood is curved and twisted to add a stylish effect.
  • 100% wooden: This design is ideal for those who can't design which material they want the stools to be upholstered with. The stool has a backrest and a seat which are made from wood, along with the rest of the bar stool. Small cushions are normally used to add some extra comfort and support to these bar stools.

Best Ideas

Tuscan bar stools 4

An attractive stool that brings the Baroque style into the kitchen or a dining room. This artistic piece of furniture features a solid construction made of metal and a comfortable seat. The 360-degree swivel allows for easy adjustment.

Aico tuscano swivel bar stool in biscotti finish set of

AICO Tuscano Swivel Bar Stool in Biscotti Finish (Set of 2)

Tuscan bar stools 7

Tuscan High Back Counter Stool

Tuscan bar stools 6

The bar area could be the most populat place at your home. Basing on the recycling ideas, the handcrafted stools made of the old barrels planks could be a great solution how to reused the old timber. Simple!

Howard Miller Cortland Bar Stool

This classic bar stool in a Tuscany cherry finish features a round padded seat that is upholstered in black faux leather. The frame is crafted from select hardwoods and veneers. The bottom part is also reinforced by a metal footrest.

Tuscany swivel bar stools

Comfortable and solid bar stool with a cast aluminum frame resistant to rust and other negative outdoor factors. Dark powder coated finish looks very good in any decor. Swivel seat is paired with a solid and decorative backrest.

Tuscan bar stools 2

Hand Painted Furniture - Piece of the Week - Tuscan Bar Stool

This piece of furniture is a bar stool that has

This piece of furniture is a bar stool that has got a very convenient swivel seat filled with soft dacron foam. Its wooden frame has got a stylish cosmo amber finish. The seat is supported by a durable, wooden backrest.

A very simple but stylish item in a home bar

A very simple, but stylish item in a home bar or kitchen island. This is a bar stool that features a round, padded, backless seat. Its construction includes solid legs supported by a durable round footrest.

Beautiful swivel bar stool with tuscan style mocha wood finish

Beautiful Swivel Bar Stool with Tuscan Style & Mocha Wood Finish

Nicholson low back bar stool frontgate bar stools

Nicholson Low Back Bar Stool - Frontgate | Bar stools ...

Modern french tuscan ranch bar stool chairish

Modern French Tuscan Ranch Bar Stool | Chairish

Madison park tuscan counter stool ebay

Madison Park Tuscan Counter Stool | eBay

Madison park tuscan counter stool ebay 1

Madison Park Tuscan Counter Stool | eBay