Brass Barstools

If your decorative style is more nautically themed or you have a bar area that incorporates a lot of brass, you want a barstool that will exemplify your love for all things Oceanic. Feel like you have one of the brass stools on the Titanic before it sank with our collection of brass bar stools. These are very fetching and made of the finest brass, capable of holding just about any person.

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Set Of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s

Set Of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s
A unique set of white fabric and metal legs barstools is a perfect choice if you are looking for something original and neat looking for your pub or home bar. It is made of high-quality materials that provide durability.

Set Of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s

Set Of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s
Brass base barstools from 1970s. These are cantilevered brass framed barstools with cushioned backless seats, horseshoe shaped. Single horizontal bars serve as footrests. Original 1970s design. Cool in 70s era inspired interiors!

Set of 2 lucite brass bar stools

Set of 2 lucite brass bar stools
Cool vintage barstools (1970's) featuring bases and halfbacks of creamy acrylic glass. Circular footrests and halfback supports are of brass-coated metal. Legs are put closely and have bent ends. A round seat is covered in black velvet and vinyl.

Brass Bar Stool

Brass Bar Stool
A pair of fine barstools that present a perfec mix of modern and antique solutions. Each barstool includes a tubular metal frame with a ring footrest and brass finish, holding a round padded seat upholstered in a blue leather.

Brass Petra Bar Stool Thomas Hayes Studio

Brass Petra Bar Stool Thomas Hayes Studio
This bar stool brings into your house elegance and comfort. We bought four stools and they are in our home bar. For home parties and family evenings.

Vintage brass bar stool contemporary bar stools and counter stools

Vintage brass bar stool contemporary bar stools and counter stools
The slim and highly efficient design of this brass barstool makes the interior delight. The beautifully gilded geometrical base and leather upholstery of the seat create a contemporary ambiance in the decor.

Brass barstools 1

Phenomenal bar stool mounted on metal base with gold finish. Seat and back are covered with durable material. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and elegant design.

Our advice Buying Guide

Brass has a lot of connotations, so some pretty amazing things run through your head when you hear something like brass barstools described. No doubt you are familiar with expressions like, “Well, she was just bold as brass!” or “He has a lot of brass to think he can pull that off!” But brass has another side to it. It is a durable alloy that can take a polish, doesn’t tarnish like copper or silver, doesn’t rust like iron, and isn’t as expensive as silver or gold. When it comes to decorative touches like doorknobs or drawer pulls, it is hard to beat brass. When you look at it like that, brass barstools might be a good thing.

What are the benefits of all metal barstools?

Attractive bucket backed stools are an easy clean solution to high traffic areas. The finish is an antiqued, burnished gold brass. The beautiful color and the comfortable design make these a surefire winner for an area where upholstered seats might not last very long. They also resist water damage, so a sudden shower over an outdoor dining area won’t destroy the finish or the barstool.

What's the best upholstery for brass barstools?

Brass barstools can come with upholstered seats. Leather is a nice touch for a brass barstool, bringing out that masculine pool table, pinball environment kind of feel. But fabric upholstery can also be used – plaids, favorite sport team logos, or even advertising slogans for farm machinery or big trucks. Having something that can be wiped down, however, is a good touch so some Scotchgard is a good plan for longevity.

What exactly are brass tacks?

Here is another expression for you, “Let’s get down to brass tacks” meaning to understand the basics of a situation. No one seems to know exactly where the expression came from, but one thing is for sure: ornamental brass tacks do a nice job of holding the edge of upholstery. They won’t work very well with a metal bar stools, but do a great job of holding and decorating the edge up upholstery on barstools, wing back chairs and more. They look super with leather and go tolerably well with bold upholstery colors.

What is Brass, Really?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, usually yellow in color. The color can vary according to the proportions of copper and zinc used to make the alloy. Zinc is a dull silver colored metal that is less expensive than copper and far less expensive than silver. It is often used in alloys with other metals, particularly with copper to make brass and with silver to create pewter. Zinc itself is an essential mineral in the human body, but excessive amounts of it can cause zinc poisoning so caution should be used in welding or cutting materials containing zinc.

Brass is a useful alloy that can be used to make barstools, lighting fixtures, and many other things. Brass barstools are durable and attractive, can be without upholstery or upholstered. Brass tacks can be used to decorate barstools and other furnishings.


Brass barstool

A modern sitting solution based on smoked brass or chrome plated steel with powder coating. Black upholstered seat is very soft, so it assures the highest possible level of comfort. Resistance to wear is the most important aspect of this chair.

Brass barstools 9

Finished in antique brass, this counter stools enchants with its smoothly designed, metal framing, in which one pair of legs creates a kind of a hairpin. Finished in black and gold, it embodies well the glamorous character of the item.

Accent bar stools 1

A pair of sophisticated additions for modern bars. Those fine barstools feature a shapely seat with streamlined back - both upholstered in quality white material, resting on a beautifully curved metal frame with a gold finish and fixed footrest.

Glam bar stools

Those three barstools will bring class and modern flavor to your bright kitchen. Each of those beauties stands on a tubular metal frame with gold finish, holding a round wood seat supported by flat legs and fixed foot rests.

Lucite bar stools

This beautiful combination of acrylic and bronze in these stylish bar stools is a great solution for stylish interiors. The whole looks light and very elegant. Comfortably upholstered seats, with backrests, are very comfortable.

Brass barstools 2

I did a lot of searching for bar stools, before I bought this one. It features the gold and brass finish, beige upholstery on seat and back, and luxury design. Everyone will be impressed how high quality and cool this product is.

Brass barstools

Neutral-styled seats of these bar stools are finished in white color and they provide comfort on their seats with backrests. Solid brass frames of these elements feature very attractive, decorative gold finish.

180 pair industrial bar stools wood seats brass base


Paul marra design pace brass bar stools 1stdibs

Paul Marra Design - Pace - Brass Bar Stools - 1stdibs

Brass barstools

High end brass bar stool. Slim, almost ethereal base crafted out of solif brass gives surprisingly strong support to the cushioned seat with rounded backrest, characterized by rather low height. Button tufting accents fade into burgundy upholstery.

Brass stools

Bar stools can take an amazing form, made of solid brass. Inspired by nature palettes of colors that we find in the middle of the forest. In contrast, the elegance to the brass stools adds a metallic, nickel-plated design that joins the circular rim.

Brass barstools 3

1895 C.H. Hare Brass Stool

Set of four brass barstools

Set of Four Brass Barstools

High end bar stools

This elegant bar stool can be used in your home as well as in a restaurant. Created of quality leather and metal, the barstool features tubular legs with fixed stretchers, a leather seat, and a leather back - button-tufted and decorated with a nail head trim.

Brass bar stools

This interior breaks the rules mixing many patterns, but there's one common factor: it's all about metal. Art deco brass stools match dirty brass kitchen counter. Rough black cabinets stand in reference to denim-colored marble tops.

Gold bar stools 3

Set of three cantilvered brass framed barstools 1970s image 3

Set of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s image 3

Brass stools 4

Kitchen bar stools with durable brass frames. They provide support to round backless seats made of wood. Simple stylization of these stools is suitable for any kitchen or home bar design. These stools also provide good comfort.

The solid brass bunda bar stool by thomas hayes studio

The-solid-brass-bunda-bar-stool-by-thomas-hayes-studio--2-stools ...

Pair of 1970s polished brass barstools image 2

Pair of 1970s Polished Brass Barstools image 2

Set of four italian brass bar stools from a unique

Set of Four Italian Brass Bar Stools | From a unique collection of ...

Regency bar stool

An elegant set of gorgeous barstool for indoor use. Their frames are made of durable brass, and firmly attached to the floor. The seat and back is padded, upholstered in white leatherette, and easy to clean.

Set of four heavy brass plated bar stools from the

Set of Four Heavy Brass Plated Bar Stools from the Delano Hotel, South ...

Brass barstools 5

This brass barstool enchants with its designer appeal. It combines a leather seat with backrest and armrests, standing on a very slim, brass construction. Minimalistic form will fit perfectly well into modern interiors.

Chrome bar stools

BV stool with back for kitchen - the seat is available in a variety of fabrics

Currently in our window black long hide on our vintage

Currently in our window... Black Long Hide on our Vintage Brass Barstools! YUM. As seen in @Lonny Magazine June Issue.

Brass barstools 7

Here is a piece of furniture for many possibilities. Performed at courts in Byzantium-now we can meet these brass barstools. These have round seats and although their high base is made of metal, it has a distinctly brass finish as well as the rim of the seat.

Brass stools 6

A sophisticated two-piece set of living room furniture, consisting of two unique stools, made entirely out of shiny, polished brass. One of the stools is made in a cylindrical shape with the other one being cube-shaped.

Brass barstools 4

This fabulous set of brass bar stools will fit into all industrial, retro or shabby chic interiors, regardless whether gastronomic or private ones. Solid constructions, supported by massive screws, visible for the user to emphasize the raw character.

Rattan and brass barstools by danny ho fong

| Rattan and Brass Barstools by Danny Ho Fong

With floral tiled backsplash brass barstools with mixed metallics

... with floral tiled backsplash, brass barstools with mixed metallics

Bar chairs 11

Stylish bar stool in modern form. It is upholstered with soft fabric and finished with solid seams. Wooden base with gold finish is fitted with anti slip pads. Traditional form and contemporary design.

Luxury bar stools

Even a sober person would sit at this bar. Exquisite, luxurious in shades of gold bar stools are also perfect solution for a kitchen.

You could use few of them to create an extraordinary character of a simple space.

Brass stool

Why not opt for a truly beautiful bar stool that will make for a nice choice for when you want just a touch of originality? Some of those designs will ensure just that and can easily add that refined appeal to your decor.

Brass barstools 5

jeanette+whitson+kitchen+2.png 800×534 pixels

Brass barstools 2

Brass Barstools

Gold bar stools

Elegant and sophisticated approach to a classy home bar with a metal, golden theme and a marble countertop on the kitchen island. The glassed and mirrored floating cabinets in the back provide a handy way to store glasses.

Brides veil barstool

Bride's Veil Barstool

Love this barstool with brass trim lunar barstool stellaworks fi

Love this barstool with brass trim. Lunar-Barstool-Stellaworks-FI

6th street design school kirsten krason interiors tips for doing

6th Street Design School | Kirsten Krason Interiors : Tips for Doing a White Kitchen

Brass stools 2

Drum styled stool with a solid brass top in shiny finish. The lower part of this piece of furniture is covered with material finished in classic gray color. The whole stool looks very simple and attractive in any decor.

Brass stained soft matte black solid sustainable mango wood seat

brass. Stained soft matte black, solid sustainable mango wood seat rests atop open steel frame with patinaed matte brass powdercoat. A statement-making one seater, but also neat as a nightstand, side table or clustered in multiples as a coffee table.

Brass stools 34

Original table mounted on brass base. Round top has large usable surface. It can be used as plant stand. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.