Lucite Bar Stools

For a very contemporary, almost futuristic look in bar stools, it might be time to consider lucite. Essentially a tough, load-bearing plastic composite, lucite is the new, go-to material if you want clear items in your home. And lucite bar stools can take your bar from bland to interesting, regardless of which lucite bar stool you choose from this collection.

Best Products

Old westbury residence transitional kitchen new york

Old westbury residence transitional kitchen new york
This set of lucite bar stools constitutes a magnificent example of contemporary design. Transparent, acrylic framing will add a sophisticated, eclectic appeal to any dining room.


The white kitchen furniture mixed with the dark floor was always my choice, when I will decide. White cabinets blow up the space and make it more happy. The marble top is unfortunatelly cold, but very easy to clean it.

Set of 2 lucite brass bar stools

Set of 2 lucite brass bar stools
Cool vintage barstools (1970's) featuring bases and halfbacks of creamy acrylic glass. Circular footrests and halfback supports are of brass-coated metal. Legs are put closely and have bent ends. A round seat is covered in black velvet and vinyl.

30" Bar Stool with Cushion

30" Bar Stool with Cushion
Compact high bar stool with elegant high clean lines and dark brown PVC/vinyl seat cover cushion. It also contains sturdy wood construction that provides comfort and unbeatable utility. Wonderful decorative and space-saving piece.

Lucite bar stools

This beautiful combination of acrylic and bronze in these stylish bar stools is a great solution for stylish interiors. The whole looks light and very elegant. Comfortably upholstered seats, with backrests, are very comfortable.

Acrylic bar stools with back

Pastel colours are great in minimalistic, cold interiors. They are your solution for adding a bit of the much-needed warmth. These here are wooden and subtle, perfect for Scandinavian interiors.

Home acrylic upholstery barstools palm ii bar stool 1

HOME Acrylic Upholstery Barstools Palm II Bar Stool

Our advice Buying Guide

Lucite bar stools are wonderful additions to dining rooms, kitchen areas, and pub tables. They are often durable while being relatively inexpensive. Keep in mind that there are plenty of Lucite bar stools in the market and picking the right one can be a tricky task. To help clear some of the confusion, this article is going to serve as a Lucite bar stool buying guide.

What styles of Lucite bar stols are there?

When it comes to Lucite bar stool styles, your choices typically fall into traditional, coastal, transitional and modern.

  • The traditional is often a good choice if you want a stool with strong lines, beautiful detailing, and quality upholstery. It's also the primary style choice if you are going for that classic theme.
  • Coastal is a good option if you want some of that tropical vibe and relaxed feel within your home.
  • Contemporary is an ideal style if you want something that still has the elements of classic styling while also being laid back.
  • Modern style is a good choice if you are aiming for something that is sophisticated and sleek.

Style is one of the most critical factors you need to consider when purchasing Lucite bar stools. It's best if you already know the theme of the room where you'll be placing the stools. It's highly recommended that you pick a stool style that goes well with the room's theme.

How do I determine the proper stoo height?

When it comes to height, the primary factor that you should consider is the height of the table. In most cases, Lucite bar stools come in either 28-32 inches or 24 - 27 inches.

  • The 24-27 inch stools are designed for tables that are 35 to 39 inches high.
  • The 28-32 inches Lucite bar stools are meant for tables that are 35 to 39 inches high.
  • Of course, if you want Lucite bar stools with adjustable heights, you don't have to worry about this factor.

Don't make the mistake of ignoring the height when shopping for Lucite bar stools. The wrong height can cause awkwardness or uneasiness for the user.

What additional features should I look for in Lucite bar stools?

Lucite bar stools may come with many different features. The most common ones are adjustable height, footrest, and swivel.

  • A Lucite bar stool with an adjustable height has a mechanism that allows you to control the height of the seat. It allows the stool to be more versatile.
  • A bar stool with a footrest provides a bar on the lower side of the chair for the user to rest his or her feet. The bar also adds structural support for the stool.
  • A Lucite bar stool with a swivel feature allows the seat to turn freely. This allows the user to easily face from one direction to another.

What type of backrets doLucite bar stools come from?

Lucite bar stools may either come with or without a backrest. Furthermore, backrests come in varying heights.

If comfort is not a big deal, then going for no backrest with a great look is an option.

On the other hand, if you want something that can provide comfort, you can either choose a low-profile or high-profile backrest. The latter can provide the most support, but it's also typically costlier.


Mid century modern bar stool

Are you searching for a mid century bar stool with modern details? We suggest you to choose this product, which has got the clear finish and white seat. Trust me, everyone will be impressed how cool this bar stool is.

Lucite stool

A fine addition for kitchen islands, this set of traditional barstools is made of acrylic with turned legs and durable stretchers. The seat is square, upholstered in a nice-to-touch black fabric, and beautifully contrasts with the transparent frame.

Lucite bar stools

With these sublime bar stools you will soon find out that blending the seemingly traditional decor with a touch more modern designs is actually a great idea. Those offer the transparent design of the structure and are just a sure thing when it comes to accenting your home.

Lucite bar stools

Acrylic barstools, with a magnificent sense of elegance and design, which are destined to enhance every space. Embodying color, energy, and passion for life, these barstools will fit into a modern kitchen, a futuristic cabinet or office.

Acrylic bar stool 12

Bring a bit of modernity into your bar or kitchen counter area by choosing this sleek pair of transparent barstools. They are designed of durable acrylic and feature straight legs with stretchers, and square, medium-firm seats with snow white upholstery.

Lucite stools

Made of the acrylic and soft seat with leather upholstery, bar stools are an excellent way to add a modern touch to your décor. Ghost bar stool captivates beautiful form and change the interior in a positive way. The perfect addition to the kitchen.

Lucite bar stools 1

If the arrangement lacks a distinctive accent,it is worth choosing an acrylic lucite bar stool.The designers of these furniture are often fascinated with icons of contemporary design. In this case,the contemporary white leather seat has a transparent backrest.

Lucite bar stools 7

Late '70s/early '80s Lucite bar stools

Lucite bar stools with backs

Go for a bold and glamorous apartment by choosing some nice brass accents like those glossy finished bar stools and opt for a look full of refined beauty and modern appeal in your space, while the furniture itself provides utmost comfort.

The zhush peeking into designers homes

The Zhush: Peeking Into Designer's Homes

clear Counter Stool (Set of 2) by Wholesale Interiors

This beautiful set of 2 stylish barstools is characterized by transparent acrylic construction, including round seats, slightly angled legs, and ring footrests. The stools are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Luxury bar stools 3

This lucite set of bar stools constitutes a proposition for an eclectic dining room. Fitting well into contemporary interiors, they will enchant with their clear, simplistic character.

Acrylic bar stools 2

Fashionable modern chairs having chromed steel frames with splayed thin straight angular legs and simple stretchers. Chairs feature unified shells with rather low backs. They're made of thick clear moulded acrylic.

Lucite bar stools for sale

vapor 24" counter stool | CB2 Also available in regular and barstool

Acrylic decor alkemie lucite acrylic furniture sources

ACRYLIC DECOR Alkemie: Lucite (Acrylic) Furniture & Sources

Home acrylic upholstery barstools palm beach bar stool find a

home acrylic upholstery barstools palm beach bar stool find a showroom

Shawnas glamorous custom kitchen

Shawna's Glamorous Custom Kitchen

Bar stools acrylic

If you have got the classic, white kitchen, you can add something modern into it. We suggest you the lucite acrylic bar stools. They are well made, solid and impressive.

Lucite bar stools vintage

The bright and ultra-modern kitchen in this edition is a remarkable combination of acrylic bar stools with backs, impressive bar/kitchen island and beautiful clear cabinets with stainless steel elements. The whole looks fabulous.

Vintage lucite bar stools

Vintage Lucite Bar Stools

Kitchen island stools ikea

A stunning bar stools set that will complete and beautifully accentuate any modern styled kitchen, making them perfect for an addition to the kitchen island and providing some extra seating options with the transparent structure of the seat.

Lucite capitol bar stool

Lucite Capitol Bar Stool

Lucite barstools

Your modern kitchen counter will not be fully completed without proper barstools. If you decide on those beauties, you will get a mirrored frame with stretchers, and an acrylic square seat with matching back.

Pair lucite brass bar stools with textured black upholstery image

Pair Lucite & Brass Bar Stools With Textured Black Upholstery image 4

Lucite bar stools love the kitchen

Lucite bar stools, love the kitchen!

Modern bar stools ikea

Open kitchen at one end of living room invites guests to perch while meal preparation is under way.

Acrylic breakfast bar stools 1

An efficient bar chair allows you to change the interior of your kitchen or living room. These sensational bar stools based on an acrylic base with beautiful soft upholstery of the seat are stunning.

Pair of vintage lucite bar stools griffin trading company

Pair of Vintage Lucite Bar Stools « Griffin Trading Company

Fay-Style Acrylic Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

This amazing contemporary bar stool has got An acrylic seat and back, swivel function, adjustable height and cut out backrest. It fits perfectly to your modern kitchen and dining room area.

Beautiful kitchen lights bar stools and i could watch my

beautiful kitchen.. lights, bar stools and I could watch my husband cook all day

Clear lucite bar stools

This set of lucite bar stools will be a perfect addition to one's loft space. Combining futuristic, modern design with industrial elements, they create a simplistic, yet elegant form of decor.

Lucite bar stools 8

Pair of Lucite and Brass Bar Stools

Furniture lucite bar stools with houston design blog material girls

Furniture,Lucite Bar Stools With Houston Design Blog Material Girls For Living Room,Lucite Bar Stools

Lucite bar stools 1

Clear One More Please High Stool

White kitchen with dark floors and high ceiling

White kitchen with dark floors and high ceiling

Lucite counter stools

This impressive stool with the acrylic seat is a perfect combination of vintage styling and modernity. Unusual attachment captivates and confers a whole of interesting dimension. Ideal stool for dining room or kitchen.

Camden acrylic bar stool x 4 a

Camden Acrylic Bar Stool x 4 A

Lucite bar stools 5

white kitchen. great lucite stools too! danielle oakey interiors:

Lucite bar stool

Furnish your kitchen and dinette with bar style furniture. These bar stools are made of acrylic, which crate the modern look. The bar table and armchairs are white, and they fit perfectly to the wooden dining table.

Acrylic swivel bar stools

The intense dark blue color on the wall along with the intense middle eastern pattern does not prevent it from joining the exclusive elston lucite brass bar stools with a quadruple acrylic base, a gold metal hoop and a black leather seat.

Lucite swiveling bar stools john salibello lucite swivel bar

... lucite swiveling bar stools - John Salibello - lucite, swivel, bar

Lucite bar stools

Lucite bar stools

Home bistro and canteen shrike acrylic bar stool

HOME > Bistro and Canteen > Shrike Acrylic Bar Stool