Acrylic Transparent Bar Stools


Transparent barstools are a fashionable addition to any contemporary kitchen. They are light and don't collide with any design complementing easily many styles. If you desire to spice up the kitchen with trendy pieces go for acrylic transparent barstools. Check them out below.

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Our Picks

Crystal transparent acrylic breakfast bar stools available in 10 colours

Crystal transparent acrylic breakfast bar stools available in 10 colours

At first glance, you can see modernity as well as uniqueness, also in terms of a variety of colors. High acrylic transparent bar stool on a chromed leg, with acrylic seats, without a backrest. They can be green, red or yellow - with characteristic streaks.

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Curve Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

Curve Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

Upgrade your dining area with this extravagant, contemporary design swivel bar stool. Clear acrylic and chrome construction with polished chrome, heavy base for stability. Pneaumatic adjustable height.

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Acrylic transparent bar stools

Modernize your apartment with this bar stool, which is made of acrylic. It features the swivel mechanism, adjustable height, plexiglass structure, smoked gray finish and clear seat.

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Gas lift bar stool transparent modern bar stools and counter

... Gas Lift Bar Stool, Transparent modern-bar-stools-and-counter-stools

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Euro Style Chloe-B Bar Stool, Clear Acrylic/Chrome, Set of 2

It is a set that includes two contemporary bar stools with clear acrylic and chrome construction. They are a fantastic addition to your modern dining room and kitchen area.

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Crystal transparent acrylic breakfast bar stools available in 10

Crystal Transparent Acrylic Breakfast Bar Stools - Available in 10 ...

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Domitalia Playa-Sgb Stool in Translucent Blue

Somewhat extravagant form and finish of this ethereal stool exudes contemporary style with a futuristic vibe. But the fact is that this stool is graceful to mix and match and it can have a hint of retro or 80's decor, depending on the style of the rest of the interior.

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Gel 27.3" Bar Stool

Gel 27.3" Bar Stool

A beautiful bar stool constructed with a metal frame. It features a footrest, four legs, and a well-shaped, rounded top. The top is a complete component used as a seat and backrest. Its design suits contemporary interiors.

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Adeco [CH0025] Transparent Hydraulic Lift Low Back Adjustable Barstool Chairs (Set of 2), Chrome Finish, Home Decor

This set of 2 barstools is characterized by a sturdy metal frame, finished in chrome, and equipped with a fixed footrest, circular base, and gas lift for height adjustment. The seat is beautifully curved and transparent, designed of durable acrylic.

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Clear plastic stools

Transparent bar stools go literally with anything - any colour palette can take advantage of their clear, almost invisible appearace; that's why they're called ghost bar stools. Clear acrylic seats can be merged with chrome legs or transparent bases.

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Acrylic Transparent Bar Stools

Buying Guide

Acrylic transparent bar stools are quite rare, which makes them all the more interesting. Within a modern setting, they’ll undoubtedly create harmony and maintain balance. They allow a home’s interior décor to remain simple, classy, and eye-catching at the same time.

These chairs, however, come in different varieties. With so many wonderful options, you’ll need help in choosing the best ones for your home. Remember, the right acrylic bar stools can and will elevate the style of your home to another level. Read on as we’ll list down tips that are essential when selecting stylish seating such as acrylic transparent bar stools.

The material of these stylish bar stools doesn’t just make the chairs sought-after for the impression they make, but it also gives the chairs incredible qualities. Acrylic is known for its durability. It is a material that's used in producing all types of items imaginable, from makeup organizers and paint to, yes, you guessed it, acrylic bar stools.

Wood, the most common material used in creating furniture, is subject to fatal flaws. It's susceptible to damage, rotting, and mold development, factors that lead to chairs becoming unstable. Acrylic, on the other hand, doesn't rot away or become weak structurally from mold or moisture. As a matter of fact, this fantastic material provides fodder for pests like termites.

No matter the material or type, bar stools come in varying heights. For residential and commercial bars, the seats of the stools should be no more than 12 inches shorter than the counter of a bar. Stools that are a lot taller than 12 inches will make it near impossible for a user’s legs to fit comfortably under the bar’s counter. Any shorter than 12 inches will also make it hard to reach the counter.

Acrylic bar stools come in three designs or styles: full-back, partial-back, and backless. But, what’s important than a stool’s design is the set of features the seating solution offers.

The features common for acrylic bar stools are the following:

  • A wide base, seat, and back
  • A large column at the center of the stool which is its base
  • 2-4 legs, serving as the stool’s base
  • A narrow base, seat, and back
  • Footrests
  • Armrests
  • A stationary base
  • A height-adjustable seat to suit people of different heights
  • A swiveling base

Consider which features you want your new chairs to come with. Of course, the features must be what’s right and what’s needed for your space. Easy operation, safety, functionality, maneuverability are the characteristics stools should have.

Never use chemicals when cleaning acrylic bar stools. Instead, get a soft, damp piece of cloth and use it in wiping the chairs clean. Ammonia and acetate should not be used on the stools as they’ll turn the material yellowish. They'll also leave a haze.

If your chairs get scratched, it is best if you seek professional assistance to deal with anything larger than small hairline imperfections to not damage the chairs further.

Best Ideas

Adeco [CH0024] Transparent Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Barstool Chairs (Set of 2), Chrome Finish, Home Decor

This barstool is a very original product that has got a transparent acrylic seat. Its frame is made of metal covered with the layer of chrome for protection and increased aesthetic value. The seat has got a swivel and height adjustment mechanism.

Acrylic transparent bar stools

This transparent bar stool is a wonderful and modern piece of furniture. The vivid polycarbonate seat has got the swivel mechanism and adjustable height. It features chrome pedestal base with footrest. Great for kitchen island and home bar.

Acrylic transparent bar stools 3

RENA BAR STOOL IN RED a modern red acrylic bar stool

Adeco Blue Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Barstool Chair Chrome Finish Pedestal Base (Set of two)

This type of stool is an element designed for use in home bars, kitchen islands and dining rooms. It has got a solid metal pedestal base with a chrome finish. The seat is equipped with a height adjustment mechanism.

Casper Bar Stool in Clear

It is a bar stool that has got a transparent polycarbonate construction and six finish options to choose: black, blue, clear, red, smoke and white. It fits to contemporary style and décor.

Domitalia gel bar stool transparent green satinated aluminum frame this

Domitalia Gel-Bar Stool - Transparent Green - Satinated Aluminum Frame This elemental basic is at home sidled up to the bar or at a tall table, its glossy shell seat adding a playful modern edge. Gel-Sga is constructed of a lacquered metal frame with a st

Bar Stool

Bar Stool

A furnish that is available in two bright and modern colors to choose: orange and tropical green. In my opinion everyone will tell you how cool this product is.

Euro Style Chloe-C Counter Stool, Clear Acrylic/Chrome, Set of 2

Clear acrylic seat paired with elegant chrome finish of the frame and legs creates an option that fits in gracefully with modern home bar decor. You will enjoy not only the style but also the comfort of this bar chair.

Acrylic transparent bar stools 1

stoolsonline: acrylic - perspex, translucent, transparent stools kitchen, bar, breakfast bar stools - chrome, swivel:

Swivel acrylic barstool modern bar stools and counter stools

Swivel Acrylic Barstool modern-bar-stools-and-counter-stools

Kitchen bar stools with backs

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Modern Acrylic Adjustable Bar Stool - Transparent Black

This modern and very oryginlany stool is a good piece of equipment modernist apartment. He enters the minimalist character and will perfectly match it. At the same time, the perfectly check as part of a practical, useful.

LeisureMod Napoli Acrylic Bar/Counter Stool, Transparent

An excellent choice for modern bars and kitchen counters. This counter stool has a uniquely shaped seat made of transparent acrylic that rests on a chrome-finished metal pole with a circular base for stability.

Transparent Acrylic Plastic Bar Stools - Set of 2

Suitable for improving modern kitchen decor, each of those barstools is characterized by transparent acrylic construction; including a round seat, and angled legs with curvy feet and ring footrest. The set is very durable, and easy to clean.