Transparent Bar Stools

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Transparent barstools are a fashionable addition to any contemporary kitchen. They are light and don't collide with any design complementing easily many styles. If you desire to spice up the kitchen with trendy pieces go for acrylic transparent barstools. Check them out below.

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Updated 25/09/2023
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Geometric Transparent Bar Stool

Geometric Transparent Bar Stool

Brayden Studio®

Made in the USA from premium acrylic, this bar stool has a weight capacity of 300lbs. It features a cutout back in a T-bar style and stands on medium-thick legs. A slim footrest is included. No assembly is required.

$869.99 $1650

Designer Advice:

It’s not often a stool can do the talking, but the cool crossbar design of this one will ensure it’s the center of attention. It would look great placed around a glossy white kitchen island, or one that has marble accents. If kitchen islands aren’t your thing, this stool would also be a good alternative to a traditional dining room chair.

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Round Transparent Bar Stool

Round Transparent Bar Stool

Wrought Studio™

No assembly is required with this stool, which has a weight capacity of 200lbs. Completely backless as well as armless, it features a streamlined design with thicker legs and a slimmer seat. There is a footrest included above the base.

$129.99 $145.99

Designer Advice:

The minimalist design of this stool is a great choice for an ultra-modern kitchen. It would look especially good paired with an all-black décor scheme for a uniquely futuristic look. However, due to the backless design, these stools won’t be the most comfortable options and are better for casual use rather than long sitting sessions at an island or bar. 

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Square Clear Bar Stools

Square Clear Bar Stools

The Twillery Co.®

You can choose from either a chrome or gold footrest with this set of two stools. Each stool is made from thick acrylic and has a backless design with a square shape. The seats are also wider for extra comfort. They weigh 250lbs each.

$349.99 $775

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2-Piece Acrylic Bar Stools Set

2-Piece Acrylic Bar Stools Set

Wade Logan®

Perfect For: Modern home bars or kitchen counters

What We Like: The sleek minimalist design and floor-preserving glides

This 2-piece set of acrylic bar stools brings a chic, contemporary vibe to your home bar or kitchen counter. Featuring clear acrylic seats and a minimalist steel base, these stools add a light, airy touch to your space. The low backs allow for easy storage under the counter when you need extra floor space, while the built-in footrest ensures your guests are comfortable. The plastic glides on the feet make it floor-friendly with a weight capacity of 300 lbs per stool.


Designer Advice:

Pair these bar stools with a high gloss, modern-style home bar or kitchen counter for an effortlessly sleek and stylish space. Add a few metallic or colorful accents to create visual interest.

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Round Back Acrylic Bar Stools

Round Back Acrylic Bar Stools

Orren Ellis

Featuring a sophisticated rounded back in a Queen Anne style, this set contains two stools, both of which are water-resistant. Conveniently, they are also stackable for easy storage. The frame is tall and features tapered legs and an armless design. 

$409.99 $489.99

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Mid-Century 31.5'' Bar Stool with Gold-Finished Legs

Mid-Century 31.5'' Bar Stool with Gold-Finished Legs

Ivy Bronx

Perfect For: Adding a touch of industrial glam to your home bar or kitchen counter

What We Like: The vibrant color and high-quality materials

This Mid-Century 31.5'' Bar Stool boasts a stylish design inspired by the iconic 1950s aesthetic and features highly polished gold-finished chrome steel legs for an industrial touch. The hard plastic feet ensure durability, and the seat comes in a vibrant, fade-resistant color. Meticulous attention to detail and quality is evident in the professionally finished welded areas and commercial-grade rubber footing.

Designer Advice:

Pair these bar stools with a sleek marble or wood countertop to create a striking contrast and enhance the industrial glam vibe in your space.

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Glamorous Classic Stool with Storage

Glamorous Classic Stool with Storage


Perfect For: Enhancing elegance while maximizing practicality in any room

What We Like: Dual functionality as a stylish stool and hidden storage

The Reva Stool brilliantly combines glamour with practicality, managing to be both classic and on-trend. Its versatile design makes it an ideal addition to any room, providing seating and hidden storage. The stool's elegant appearance seamlessly contributes to a sophisticated ambiance, while its practical storage compartment keeps your space clutter-free and organized. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or entryways, the Reva Stool is a stylish solution to enhance both form and function in your home.


Designer Advice:

Consider placing the Reva Stool in your bedroom as a chic vanity seat, or use it in your living room as a fashionable side table with bonus storage for magazines, blankets, or other household items.

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Curved Acrylic Bar Stool

Curved Acrylic Bar Stool

Everly Quinn

If sitting on hard plastic isn’t your thing, this acrylic bar stool has a white faux leather seat in a bucket style. Finished with gold detail on the footrest for a small accent touch, it has a low back and curved frame.

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Bistro Stool with Acrylic Panels and Brass Base

Bistro Stool with Acrylic Panels and Brass Base

Vanguard Furniture

Perfect For: Sophisticated and modern home bars or kitchen islands

What We Like: Unique hand-applied finishes and customizable fabric options

Elevate your home bar or kitchen island with this stunning Bistro stool, featuring eye-catching acrylic panels and a luxurious satin Brass metal base, hardware, and kickplate. Each stool is hand-finished by Vanguard Furniture's artisans, ensuring that no two pieces are the same and adding an exquisite touch of uniqueness to your space. Choose from a variety of fabric options to perfectly tailor your stool to your desired aesthetic, making it a delightful addition to any contemporary interior.


Designer Advice:

Enhance the stool's elegant style by pairing it with a glass-top counter or sleek stone island surface, and incorporate color-coordinated cushions or throw pillows to tie your space together harmoniously.

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Acrylic Swivel Bar/Counter Stool with Chrome Base

Acrylic Swivel Bar/Counter Stool with Chrome Base

Orren Ellis

Perfect For: Contemporary kitchens, home bars, and high dining tables

What We Like: Adjustable height to accommodate various counter and table heights

This acrylic swivel bar/counter stool boasts a sleek modern design featuring a clear, thick acrylic seat paired with a shiny chrome base and footrest. The captivating look of the stool is enhanced by its convenience, offering a gas lift to easily adjust the height for perfect integration with your counter or bar. A unique feature allows further adjustment to a lower height suitable for regular dining tables, providing versatile functionality in various contemporary spaces.

Designer Advice:

Experiment with colorful cushions or seat covers to add a touch of personalization, and pair the stool with different materials like wood or glass to create a dynamic, modern setting.

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Acrylic and Metal Backless Counter Stool

Acrylic and Metal Backless Counter Stool


Perfect For: Chic and contemporary kitchen or bar spaces

What We Like: Architectural double-line legs and curved stretchers

The Pierce counter stool showcases backless acrylic seating atop a beautifully antiqued metal frame, making it a perfect combination of modern and classic elements. With architectural double-line legs and curved stretchers, this stool exudes style, while offering a comfortable and convenient seating option. Ideal for pairing with high counters or bar areas, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space without compromising on functionality.


Designer Advice:

Place a set of these stools around your kitchen island or bar counter, and match them with other metal accents, such as pendant lighting or metallic kitchen accessories, for a cohesive and stylish look.

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Transparent Bar Stools

Buying Guide

Acrylic transparent bar stools are quite rare, which makes them all the more interesting. Within a modern setting, they’ll undoubtedly create harmony and maintain balance. They allow a home’s interior décor to remain simple, classy, and eye-catching at the same time.

These chairs, however, come in different varieties. With so many wonderful options, you’ll need help in choosing the best ones for your home. Remember, the right acrylic bar stools can and will elevate the style of your home to another level. Read on as we’ll list down tips that are essential when selecting stylish seating such as acrylic transparent bar stools.

The material of these stylish bar stools doesn’t just make the chairs sought-after for the impression they make, but it also gives the chairs incredible qualities. Acrylic is known for its durability. It is a material that's used in producing all types of items imaginable, from makeup organizers and paint to, yes, you guessed it, acrylic bar stools.

Wood, the most common material used in creating furniture, is subject to fatal flaws. It's susceptible to damage, rotting, and mold development, factors that lead to chairs becoming unstable. Acrylic, on the other hand, doesn't rot away or become weak structurally from mold or moisture. As a matter of fact, this fantastic material provides fodder for pests like termites.

No matter the material or type, bar stools come in varying heights. For residential and commercial bars, the seats of the stools should be no more than 12 inches shorter than the counter of a bar. Stools that are a lot taller than 12 inches will make it near impossible for a user’s legs to fit comfortably under the bar’s counter. Any shorter than 12 inches will also make it hard to reach the counter.

Acrylic bar stools come in three designs or styles: full-back, partial-back, and backless. But, what’s important than a stool’s design is the set of features the seating solution offers.

The features common for acrylic bar stools are the following:

  • A wide base, seat, and back
  • A large column at the center of the stool which is its base
  • 2-4 legs, serving as the stool’s base
  • A narrow base, seat, and back
  • Footrests
  • Armrests
  • A stationary base
  • A height-adjustable seat to suit people of different heights
  • A swiveling base

Consider which features you want your new chairs to come with. Of course, the features must be what’s right and what’s needed for your space. Easy operation, safety, functionality, maneuverability are the characteristics stools should have.

Never use chemicals when cleaning acrylic bar stools. Instead, get a soft, damp piece of cloth and use it in wiping the chairs clean. Ammonia and acetate should not be used on the stools as they’ll turn the material yellowish. They'll also leave a haze.

If your chairs get scratched, it is best if you seek professional assistance to deal with anything larger than small hairline imperfections to not damage the chairs further.

Best Ideas

Gas lift bar stool transparent modern bar stools and counter

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Curve Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

Curve Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool

Upgrade your dining area with this extravagant, contemporary design swivel bar stool. Clear acrylic and chrome construction with polished chrome, heavy base for stability. Pneaumatic adjustable height.

Acrylic transparent bar stools

Modernize your apartment with this bar stool, which is made of acrylic. It features the swivel mechanism, adjustable height, plexiglass structure, smoked gray finish and clear seat.

Lucite stools retro fabulousness

Lucite stools. Retro fabulousness!

Acrylic transparent bar stools

This transparent bar stool is a wonderful and modern piece of furniture. The vivid polycarbonate seat has got the swivel mechanism and adjustable height. It features chrome pedestal base with footrest. Great for kitchen island and home bar.

Gel 27.3" Bar Stool

Gel 27.3" Bar Stool

A beautiful bar stool constructed with a metal frame. It features a footrest, four legs, and a well-shaped, rounded top. The top is a complete component used as a seat and backrest. Its design suits contemporary interiors.

Adeco Blue Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Barstool Chair Chrome Finish Pedestal Base (Set of two)

This type of stool is an element designed for use in home bars, kitchen islands and dining rooms. It has got a solid metal pedestal base with a chrome finish. The seat is equipped with a height adjustment mechanism.

Transparent Acrylic Plastic Bar Stools - Set of 2

Suitable for improving modern kitchen decor, each of those barstools is characterized by transparent acrylic construction; including a round seat, and angled legs with curvy feet and ring footrest. The set is very durable, and easy to clean.

Euro Style Chloe-B Bar Stool, Clear Acrylic/Chrome, Set of 2

It is a set that includes two contemporary bar stools with clear acrylic and chrome construction. They are a fantastic addition to your modern dining room and kitchen area.

Clear_acrylic_z_bar_stool_clear_acrylic jpg


Modern Acrylic Adjustable Bar Stool - Transparent Black

This modern and very oryginlany stool is a good piece of equipment modernist apartment. He enters the minimalist character and will perfectly match it. At the same time, the perfectly check as part of a practical, useful.

Casper Bar Stool in Clear

It is a bar stool that has got a transparent polycarbonate construction and six finish options to choose: black, blue, clear, red, smoke and white. It fits to contemporary style and décor.

Domitalia gel bar stool transparent green satinated aluminum frame this

Domitalia Gel-Bar Stool - Transparent Green - Satinated Aluminum Frame This elemental basic is at home sidled up to the bar or at a tall table, its glossy shell seat adding a playful modern edge. Gel-Sga is constructed of a lacquered metal frame with a st

Euro Style Chloe-C Counter Stool, Clear Acrylic/Chrome, Set of 2

Clear acrylic seat paired with elegant chrome finish of the frame and legs creates an option that fits in gracefully with modern home bar decor. You will enjoy not only the style but also the comfort of this bar chair.

Swivel acrylic barstool modern bar stools and counter stools

Swivel Acrylic Barstool modern-bar-stools-and-counter-stools

Kitchen bar stools with backs

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