Unique Bar Stools

For the barstool you always wanted that will definitely make your bar area unique, consider one or more of these unique bar stools. They are so clever, you will be amazed by some of the interesting designs and wonder why you hadn't considered getting one before. Take a look at this fantastic collection and pick out your next bar stool.

Best Products

Industrial Metal Adjustable Swivel Barstool

Industrial Metal Adjustable Swivel Barstool
Why not finish off your home bar or a conversational spot located around the kitchen counter with a set of these beautiful swivel barstools. These barstools are made in a unique, industrial style and have a construction crafted with care out of gray-colored metal, which looks like a miniaturized old-fashioned bicycle, paired with a round, adjustable-height top seat made out of pine wood with an unfinished look.

Retro Leather Barstool

Retro Leather Barstool
Finish off your dining room or a kitchen counter with this unique, vintage barstool. The barstool is mostly constructed out of metal, which makes it sturdy and durable, and is padded with genuine leather in a red color. The round base of the barstool is thick and wide to provide even better stability, and the bottom part of the frame of the stool has two pedals with a fake chain, which act as comfortable footrests.

Minimalistic Modern Swivel Barstool

Minimalistic Modern Swivel Barstool
Being a tasteful combination of contemporary design and a simple, minimalistic silhouette, this barstool should be the perfect addition to more modern interior arrangements, and works well both inside, when placed near a kitchen island or a tall counter, and outside, where it can pitch in to finishing off a poolside bar. The barstool has an elegant metal base in black, combined with a sturdy yet comfortable wooden seat.

30” Rustic Wooden Barstool

30” Rustic Wooden Barstool
With an austere, rustic appeal and a unique frame, created exclusively out of solid reclaimed wood, this barstool is a great addition to any room to either provide a natural contrast to its surroundings or to fit in nicely with other primitive pieces of furniture. Since only reclaimed wood has been used in the making of the stool, you can sleep calmly knowing that it is fully environmentally friendly, without any toxic elements.

Futuristic Adjustable Swivel Barstool

Futuristic Adjustable Swivel Barstool
Being a state-of-the-art example of contemporary design, this stylish barstool is made out of solid walnut wood, which not only is a sophisticated material that is pleasant to the eye but also ensures the stability and longevity of the stool. Along the wooden seat, the frame of the barstool is constructed out of chrome-plated metal, which itself is quite sturdy, and possesses a pneumatic lift to easily adjust the height of the stool.

Antique Stylized Drummer Swivel Barstool

Antique Stylized Drummer Swivel Barstool
If you’re looking for a one of a kind vibe in your living room, or perhaps in a chill-out area with a bar in your garage, you might be interested in taking a look at this unique swivel barstool, which resembles an actual drum. It looks as if taken straight from a drum kit right off the stage. The barstool is upholstered with genuine brown-colored leather on the seat, fitted with red undertones and detailed decorative stitching.

Tractor Seat Industrial Barstool With Adjustable Height

Tractor Seat Industrial Barstool With Adjustable Height
Finish off your dining room conversational area or a home bar arranged in front of a kitchen counter with this industrial-style barstool with a unique twist to it. The top of the barstool is fitted with a metal seat, which matches with the cast iron construction, made to resemble a tractor seat. Furthermore, the height of the tractor seat can be adjusted with a simple twisting mechanism in a matter of seconds.

Our advice Buying Guide

Bar stools can be just a round bit of wood on top of four legs, but they can be much more than that. There are truly comfortable bar stools that incorporated a cushioned seat, and a supportive back. But unique ones go beyond that. Some can rise or be lowered by use of a level or crank, while others are created by imitating seats used on antique farm machinery.

What exactly is a unique bar stool?

Unique means to be existing as the only example of its kind, or something that is rare and unusual. When it comes to home furnishings, unique items are those that can start a conversation or that set the tone for a room just by being there. You might not think of a simple seating device as being unique, but that really depends on the stool. If your kitchen bar stools are just too ordinary, you can turn them into something unique by using bar stool slipcovers to change them. But others are one-of-a-kind all on their own.

Are there bar stools with unique adjusting mechanisms?

An adjustable bar stool might not be truly unique, but some of the ways that they can be adjusted certainly stand out. Many adjust simply by turning the seat around and around because it is mounted on the top of a giant screw. Screws are classified as simple machines, and this style has often been the subject of jokes in cartoons and animations. A similar type is adjusted by using a side crank rather than simply by spinning the seat.

What are some exaples of farm-style bar stools?

Some bar stool seats are either refurbished seats from old farm machinery or carved wooden imitations of old farm seats. Such seats are designed to mold to the sitter’s backside for a unique comfort experience. Teamed up with some gingham, heavy utilitarian tableware, and a picture of a cow or two and you can invoke memories of the soda fountain at the local Farmer’s Market or a country diner.

What are the main features of Victorian-style bar stools?

In the days of Queen Victoria, modesty was carried to such an extreme that even piano legs were covered with ruffles. You can give an air of formality to your kitchen barstools by adding a series of long ruffles that cascade from the bottom of the seat. These can be stiffly starched, or they can be made of a fabric, such as brocade, that has a degree of natural stiffness.

If you would like something a little more masculine, create a skirt from Scottish tartan, using a box pleat for the corners of a sturdy stool with a high back.

What unique bar stools fit a business setting?

Leather upholstery on a single chrome leg might bring to mind secret meetings, bull sessions, and late nights with a glass in one hand and a cigar in the other. Looped backs and a lever similar to the ones used on office chairs have a more futuristic look – again, with leather upholstery and a single chrome leg.

No matter which unique bar stool you select, it is sure to become an heirloom.


Retro max adjustable height swivel bar stool

Retro max adjustable height swivel bar stool
These solid, metal, swivel chairs are available in orange, white, silver and black colour so no one should have problems with matching them with different interior compositions. The contoured backrest provides higher comfort than in case of other chairs.

Set Of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s

Set Of Three Cantilvered Brass Framed Barstools 1970s
A unique set of white fabric and metal legs barstools is a perfect choice if you are looking for something original and neat looking for your pub or home bar. It is made of high-quality materials that provide durability.

Christopher knight home milano ivory quilted bonded leather bar stool

Christopher knight home milano ivory quilted bonded leather bar stool
This bar stool features a simple, but very attractive stylization that matches any decor. It has got a comfortable backrest and curved armrests. Its legs are made of wood that not only looks attractive, but is very solid.

Unique bar stools

Got a knack for original furniture? We're sure you'll be the only one with a bar stool like this one. Mesmerise your guests with modern, unique design and make your home bar the highlight of your house!

Cow skin bar stools

This unique design makes you feel great, pay particular attention to ocean blue tiles, marble top, and original bar stools. Subtle lighting and bright colors with dark details create a unique whole.

All bar stools 4

Unique bar chairs

Unique and attractive bar stool with an old bicycle stylization. The frame is made of metal and it includes a bicycle wheel and an X-shaped base. Round, padded seat is comfortable and looks good in any design thanks to its neutral gray color.

Loft style apartment design in new york idesignarch interior design

Loft Style Apartment Design In New York | iDesignArch | Interior Design, Architecture & Interior Decorating

All bar stools 5

I love all of the customer-facing outlets at this bar. I’d like to see bar chairs with rounded robe hooks on the side of the seat back...

Unique bar stools for sale

Oh my god, if I had such stools, I will always think that it will break while sitting on it. A kind of jenga style stools will be a great present for each board games' enthusiast - the other people could think you're crazy ;)


Bar stools 560x814 unique remind numbers design bar stools from

... bar stools 560x814 Unique Remind Numbers Design Bar Stools from Svilen

Counter height bench

If unusual furniture is your thing, check out this two seated bar stool. Beautifully upholstered, this chair is a spectacular addition to any home bar. The wide, wooden legs make sure you never lose your stability.

Emblazon your bar in the minds of your customers bars

emblazon your bar in the minds of your customers bars and barstools it ...

Eight bar stool by svilen gamolov 1

Eight Bar Stool by Svilen Gamolov

Green barstools

This set of wonderful green velvet bar stools represents a great example of modern design. They will embellish all modern dining rooms or kitchen, providing a soft, comfortable meal accommodation.

Tractor seats metal

The reuse of the heavy duty elements at the restaurants and also at home is a new decoration trend. The good composition of industrial and cozy elements allows to build done-with style atmosphere with the historical note.

Cool kitchen bar stools

Seat height - the kitchen unique bar stool should have a minimum seat 30 cm below the countertop, buffet or island. This is the case of those classic rustic copies with a bright upholstery and a comfortable wooden backrest.

Tiki bar stools 4

This gorgeous set of Hawaiian Tiki bar stools is the perfect solution for anyone who values the original design. Beautiful wooden construction with impressive finish impresses and brings to the room an exotic mood.

Unique swedish bar stools comes with the amazing design wonderful

Unique Swedish Bar Stools Comes with the Amazing Design : Wonderful ...

Schwarze pumpe photo unique bar stools

Schwarze Pumpe Photo: Unique bar stools!

Shoreditch house food drink bar and coffee shop interior design

Shoreditch House | Food & Drink, bar and coffee shop interior design, unique idea

Smooch bar stools

Rustic setup for a cozy and moody kitchen with a kitchen island made out of vibrant cherry wood with a red tint, which nicely fits the wooden walls and floor as well as the two primitive barstools made out of pallet wood.

Cowhide bar stools 4

My mum is a big fan of country style, so she bought these bar stools. They've got a cowhide backs and leather upholstery on seats, nail head trims and wooden frames. They look awesome with classic, wooden, brown kitchen island.

Unusual kitchen stools

White kitchen with wooden floor is artfully variegated here with colorfully upholstered counter stools. Sporting tiny patterns and bold purple and mint green hues they pop in this otherwise plain and classic decor.

Unique outdoor bar stools

Wide kitchen island with two white padded benches that create seats assembly: an alternative for classical bar stools, but still retaining the chic of the classic. The kitchen's coloring scheme relies mostly on gray and white.

_6114 w265 h265 b1 p10 eclectic bar stools and counter

... _6114-w265-h265-b1-p10--eclectic-bar-stools-and-counter-stools.jpg

Crazy bar stools

These simple, austere bar stools constitute a great example of rustic design. The combination of wooden seats with the iron base will embellish your dining area with its industrial character.

Unique bar stools 1

Recycling is a powerful machine that can do wonders out of nothing. These fabulous bar stools made from old bikes are a pearl for any stylish decor. Original and very impressive are comfortable and practical.

Lake house lovin lake muskoka adore your place interior design

Lake House Lovin: Lake Muskoka , Adore Your Place - Interior Design Blog

Vintage stools

These bar stools are mounted on the counter instead of floor, and they feature the antique finish, vintage style, patin and wood construction. They add comfort and style to any interior.

Elegant bar stool

A beautiful small kitchen that opens up to family room. The support column is also a cabinet. Design by Sarah Richardson. Cool use of the mirror by bar stools

Modern orange bar stools

Mid Century Inspired Bar Stool - Orange | I LOVE

Brown unique bar stool of modern furniture collection unique bar

Brown Unique Bar Stool Of Modern Furniture Collection Unique Bar Stool ...

Custom barstools

Made of a traditional crib, each of those 2 bar stools is unique in its design, emanating with rustic accents and weathered finish. The surface is covered with 3 layers of lacquer, including the bottom shelf and convenient compartment for storing books and magazines,

CorLiving B-357-UPD Low Back Adjustable Bar Stool, Red Leatherette, Set of 2

This kind of product is a bar stool that features an adjustable height mechanism. It has got a base and pole made of metal covered with chrome. The seat is soft and it is supported by a soft, comfortable backrest.

Coffee bar stools

The kitchen expands into the open family room space, emerging beneath an immense vaulted ceiling with a red brick upper dividing wall. Rich dark hardwood flooring contrasts with light grey tones on the button tufted sofa, area rug, and bar stools. All-gla

Unique bar stools

If you are looking for something more unique to beautify your kitchen or bar area; try this out of the box set made from old wine barrels. The barrel planks are stylishly combined with the metal rings that hold the whole piece firmly together.

Currently the use of bar stools are not just limited

currently the use of bar stools are not just limited to the local bar ...

Unique bar stool 1

Unique Bar Stool.

LumiSource BS-TW-SMOOCH R Smooch Bar Stool, Red

Unique bar stool with seat in the shape of lips. Metal base has footrest and height adjustment function. Modern design for the kitchen, dining room, bar, restaurant and more.

Pallet stools with fur so cosy for winter

Pallet stools with fur ! so cosy for winter !

Manchester swivel bar stool

The combination of birch wood with stylish details and individually hand-nailed nails - is synonymous with elegance. Upholstery - which enhances the luxurious dimension of this frontgate swivel bar stool, is made of dark leather.

Some day i will own a house with a breakfast

Some day I will own a house with a breakfast nook or kitchen island so I can buy these bar stools.