Floor Mounted Bar Stools

Some bar stools are made to move. These are made to stay put. Floor mounted bar stools are great for keeping a certain distance between patrons at the bar, so no one feels crowded or unintentionally harassed. They come in plenty of classic and modern options, as well as some fun ideas peppered in for the more exotic, eclectic bar scene.

Best Products

Boynton Bar Stool

Boynton Bar Stool
Trendy minimal design of this bar stool is definitely what will catch the eye of every guest and grab many praises! Solid black color accentuates fashionable looks. Cutting-edge design is combined with sturdiness you will appreciate!

Floor mounted bar stools

The nautical style and beautiful artistry is a combination that captivates in these bar stools attached to the floor. The whole is perfect in cafes or restaurants, and the mixture of a white base with a wooden round seat captivates.

Floor mounted bar stools 8

This floor mounted bar stool is a proposition directed to cafe, pubs, restaurants or private apartments, designed in an industrial way (i.e. lofts). The combination of iron and wooden offers stability and long-lasting solidness.

Wall mounted stool

Bar stool designed for mounting on the floor. Metal base is fitted with footstool. Round seat is made of wood. Functional design for residential and commercial premises as needed.

Floor mounted bar stools

Simple, yet elegant, this floor mounted barstool is durable and always in place. Standing on a sturdy pole with a round base, the barstool holds a round seat - firmly-padded and upholstered in black vinyl.

Permanent bar stools

Practical space-saving barstools which can be mounted on walls or furniture walls and tucked e.g. under countertops. A stool has a round wooden seat with a worn brownish finish. A swivel wall mount is of black-coated metal.

Bolt down bar stools

Traditional, retro bar stool with red upholstery. It would not only be a great choice for bars nut also traditional milk bars. Shiny steel from which it has been constructed ensures not only quality but also timeless appeal.

Our advice Buying Guide

Floor mounted bar stools offer myriads of advantages, especially when they're compared to standard mobile stools as they are easier to clean, they have fewer chances of getting dented and scraped from the fact that they won't be moved or tipped over, and they are more secure to sit on. The secure seating will let you make decorating decisions without worrying that your customers or family will come in and redesign the seating every single day.

When you purchase floor-mounted stools, keep in mind that you will face a certain problem: how to pick the best bar stools that suit your space and personal needs. That's where we come in. We'll help you make the right buying decision as we've listed all the factors that you need to consider when shopping for bar stools. Check out our list.

What style of floor mounted bar stools should I get?

First and foremost, you'll need to think about the space where you'll be installing the bar stools. Is it in your kitchen? A commercial bar? A game room, perhaps? The stool's location will influence the style or design that works best for you. A bar stool's design should fit a room's style. For country kitchens, traditional wooden stools are the best options. For modern breakfast bars, contemporary chrome is a stunning choice. If your kitchen has brushed steel appliances, you'd be able to complement them using brushed steel stools.

Consider the room's color scheme as well. Here are your options: matching the worktop to the seat color, choosing a color that matches the cabinets, or introducing a contrasting color.

Many units are built with a 360-degree swivel, square or round bases, and adjustable height lift columns. To pick the best style, see whether you'd make the products the room's focal point. If so, then you can opt for more eccentric, four-legged choices.

How to determine the right height for floor mounted bar stools?

To be comfortable, you should leave enough clearance so your legs can go under the worktop or bar. Your posture has to be similar like how it'll be when you sit at a dinner table. A lot of designs feature gas-lift mechanisms, which will allow you to change a seat's height according to your needs.

  • Low Stools - Low stools are best for tables. They bridge the gap between traditional dining chairs and bar stools. They're designed to be paired perfectly with a kitchen or dining table as they stand at 75 cm in height. Some units are multipurpose, so they can be lowered when you're using them at tables or extended when used for breakfast bars.
  • Kitchen Stools - These stools are best used with breakfast bars. They are often 90 cm tall, but there are seat heights that range from 65 to 75 cm which will work with work surfaces. Give approximately 20 to 25 cm as clearance so your legs can be comfortable when you're sitting.


Floor mounted bar stools 1

A nice piece of timeless classic, this mounted barstool knows how to swivel and how to grant you a good time. It rests on a sturdy black pole, holding a natural-finished seat and a comfy back with lattice design.

Classic mounted bar stool floor mounted bar stool bolted bar

Classic Mounted Bar Stool | Floor Mounted Bar Stool | Bolted Bar Stool

Floor mounted bar stools 23

This set of floor mounted bar stools enchants with the solid finishing, being a combination of the densely grained wood and cast iron plate base. Rounded, saddle wooden seat will provide a rustic character to the space.

Vintage stools

These bar stools are mounted on the counter instead of floor, and they feature the antique finish, vintage style, patin and wood construction. They add comfort and style to any interior.

Enea coma bar stool

Enea - COMA Bar Stool

Friso kramer style floor mount bar stool 3


Soda fountain bar stools

Floor mounted bar stools are great for bars and crowded interiors – this is what you could call a heavy duty bar stool. Blue upholstery keeps it interesting. Notice that it has a special attachment for feet, to improve the comfort of use!

Description retro upholstered chrome finished bar stool floor mount

Description: Retro Upholstered Chrome Finished Bar Stool - Floor Mount

Floor mounted bar stools 13

Floor mounted or built-in-floor, these bar stools are an original concept, which will always catch the attention of one's guests. They provide a cool accent to one's dining space, ensuring the maximum stability.

Floor mount prison stool stainless steel floor mount prison stool

floor mount prison stool stainless steel floor mount prison stool

Floor mounted bar stools 7

It brings to mind commercial spaces - with its neutral design and neat performance. Brown round, small seat, white metal leg, and silver chrome rim. These are the most important features of this floor mounted bar stool.

Bolt down bar tables and bar stools commercial furniture 2

Bolt down bar tables and bar stools - commercial furniture

Bar interior 2

Bar Interior

Click to see decodina aluminum soda fountain stool installation photos

Click To See DecoDina Aluminum Soda Fountain Stool Installation Photos

Ladder back counter stool

The barstool comes with mounting hardware, allowing your to firmly attach it to a wood floor. It features an espresso-finished pole and a matching ladder back, with a wood seat in an oak finish. It swivels!

Floor mounted bar stools 14

Have these chairs reached the state of nirvana and levitate above the ground? Not necessarily, floor mounted bar stools were attached to the ground through the top of the kitchen island. They have a metal base and a shiny brown seat.

Stainless steel products at modern life

Stainless Steel Products at modern life