Saddle Style Bar Stools

Yeeha and boy howdy. Take a look at these, partner. We have a nice group of saddle style bar stools for your country themed home or bar. They are made of leather, or wood, depending on what you choose, and are sturdy, capable of holding the most robust bronco buster. Take a gander through this collection and pick out your saddle style stool.

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Western Saddle Stool Unique Cowboy Furniture Choose Saddles 110 Lbs Set Of 2

Western Saddle Stool Unique Cowboy Furniture Choose Saddles 110 Lbs Set Of 2
Saddle up to your favorite snack bar, kitchen island or entertainment bar with this amazing stool that offers some great uniqueness to your interior, thanks to its sublime looks and utmost comfort of the strong structure.

Rustic wood ultimate entertaining bar small

Rustic wood ultimate entertaining bar small
This bar is a piece of furniture that represents a rustic style. It looks very attractive and features a durable construction based on solid wood and veeners. It has also got an iron foot bar designed for bar guests.

Kelsey 24" Bar Stool

Kelsey 24" Bar Stool
Saddle Seat Bar Stool

Slat Seat 18.25" Bar Stool

Slat Seat 18.25" Bar Stool
This bar stool has got a saddle seat, classic design and it fits to any style and décor. If you looking for perfect bar stool with two finish options to choose: black and espresso, you need to buy this one.

Saddle 28" Bar Stool

Saddle 28" Bar Stool
Instantly helping you to create a welcoming and casual atmosphere in your household, this bar stool is not only stylish with the elegant and dark finished construction but provides a secure and comfortable seating option.

Quails Run 24" Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Quails Run 24" Bar Stool (Set of 2)
It is a 2-piece set that includes classic and simple bar stool with dark brown finish. They have got a comfortable seats and they are fit to any style and décor. This set is perfect for your kitchen or dining room.

Tms 24 Belfast Saddle Bar Stool

Tms 24 Belfast Saddle Bar Stool
Wooden bar stool with carefully profiled seat. Legs are arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Neutral design for kitchen, bar and more.

International Concepts Saddleseat 29 Bar Stool

International Concepts Saddleseat 29 Bar Stool
A great idea for additional sitting space in the house. This stool is also good for use in bars. It offers a saddle seat construction. The whole stool offers an attractive and wear-resistant wooden construction.

How to make a saddle stool

Saddle bar stool mounted on wooden legs and reinforced with solid supports. Carefully profiled seat is covered with high quality leather and finished with interesting pattern. Tasteful addition to the kitchen island, bar, restaurant and more.

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2 Authentic Western Horse Saddle Bar Stools Barstools Decor Counter Rustic Log | eBay

Saddle barstool now theres an idea for those saddles in

saddle barstool - now there's an idea for those saddles in the basement.......

Saddle style bar stools 3

Old western horse saddle barstools.

Saddle seat stools


Diy saddle stool

Very attractive outdoor bar stools with saddle style. Their durable frames are resistant to wear and damage caused by weather conditions. These saddles look very original in any outdoor design. Frames of these stools are strong and stable.

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Cowboy Bar with Saddle Bar Stools #western #country

Saddle style bar stools 5

looks like its just bars under the tree

Saddle style bar stools 1

We made the first one with a western saddle & a barstool base. Have my eye on an english saddle for the second one!

Saddle bar stools

Bar stool in Wild West style. Base is made of metal and fitted with footrest. Seat saddle is covered with high quality leather. Great addition for the kitchen island, bar or restaurant.

Saddle style bar stools


Saddle style bar stools 9

A saddle bar stool takes on a new meaning here, huh? Well, it's literally a saddle. 100% fitting for a Wild West theme. Multiple stylish details include leather seat, cowhide cover, carved wooden base and metal footrest.

How to make saddle bar stools

These bar stools aren't very comfortable, but they look incredible and original! They have seats made of old, worn-out saddles. This type of chair will play it role the best in pub or restaurant, especially near horse stud.

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Winsome Wood 20084 - Saddle Seat Black Stool Bar Stools

Western furniture set country western furniture rustic bar stools saddle

western furniture set | Country Western Furniture, Rustic Bar Stools, Saddle, 110 lbs., Set of ...

Saddle style bar stools 9

Foxtail Residence Big Sky Log Cabin Bar

Saddle bar stools 3

This truly unique and beautifully detailed saddle bar stool offers a look of sheer elegance and rustic appeal and will work smoothly in your cabin log or country styled home with its real saddle design.

Saddle rojo bar stool western bar stools western dining room

saddle rojo bar stool western bar stools western dining room

Saddle bar stools 18

A saddle bar stool is the flawless pick for Wild West themed bars. You just can't get a better option to complete a rustic bar decor. Such stools are usually made to order and you have to wait for the delivery; some brave cowboys construct such stools on their own!

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Love the breakfast bar and the colours :)

Saddle style bar stools 14

OMG I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE this saddle bar stool! How great is THIS!?

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Western saddle them!

Saddle bar stools 1

Eye-catching rustic style barstools featuring seats modelled on saddles with stirrups. They're made of wood and covered in light brown leather. Bases are of thin metal rods finished in gold and are built of 4 curved legs and 4 simple stretchers.

Saddle stools 3

Saddle stools

Saddle style bar stools 16

What can I get ya cowboy?

Saddle style bar stools 13

These saddle chairs are incredible. Very unique and interesting way to spice up the western theme.

Black saddle bar stool western decor leather w hardwood base

Black Saddle Bar Stool Western Decor Leather w Hardwood Base Cowboy Style New | eBay

Saddle style bar stools 2

Adjustable bar stool with a durable tube steel frame for enhanced support. This frame is made of metal with a polished chrome finish. Saddle seat provides good comfort and its black leather finish matches any bar design.

Powell 2-Piece Chrome Base Adjustable Height Bar Stool with Black Saddle Seat

Contemporary design bar stool. Sturdy chrome base with round footrest, adjustable height. Black saddle seat, very comfortable. Perfect stool for your counter or kitchen island, work area or home bar.

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"Seen at a Whataburger in Longview, Texas" .... Soo... We're going to Longview Texas;)

Saddle type bar stools

How to Make an Inexpensive Saddle Chair thumbnail

Saddle style bar stools

DIY Painted Furniture Makeover. Saddle Seat Bar Stools Get a Fresh Look. Perfect for Coastal, Lake and Beach Chic Home Decorating Styles! Refresh Restyle

Slim black stools for the kitchen for my new bar

Slim black stools for the kitchen.. for my new bar at the counter! Can't wait!

Saddle stool 3

Saddle Stool

Saddle style bar stools 10

The Jameson saddle seat bar stool is perfectly crafted for style and comfort with a gorgeous walnut finish and bonded leather seat accented by decorative nail head trim. The wide footrest and stretchers provide added strength and stability

Horse saddle bar stools 1

Very comfortable bar stools with an original saddle seat theme. They include solid metal frames in black color. Round bases assure good stability and support on the floor. These stools are practical, comfortable, strong and decorative.

TMS 24-Inch Arizona Sadde Stool, Red

This piece of furniture is a small, space saving stool that features a saddle seat. It has got a high aesthetic value thanks to its red color. The stool is made of solid wood and it is ideal for use in a kitchen island.

Saddle seat counter stool love these stools they are zen

Saddle Seat Counter Stool. love these stools. They are zen and space efficient.

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Hand Painted Harlequin 24" Bar Counter Stool - Saddle Seat - Black And White custom made by Michele Sprague Designs

MLB Chicago Cubs Bar Stool, White

Stable bar stool with round upholstered seat. Made in the USA. The metal frame is reinforced with two rings supportive. Upholstery vinyl is easy to clean. Modern accent for commercial premises.

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- Add a touch of elegant style with these comfortable saddle cushioned bar stools from Nova. These solid rubberwood stools feature a backless design in a cherry finish, with a 29-inch

Bassett bar stools

This Basset bar stool enchants with its wooden construction and saddle-like shape, combining style and comfort. Its compact size makes it a perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor kitchens.