Wrought Iron Bar Stools

For elegant and sturdy barstools, you can guarantee will last a lifetime, take a look at our wrought iron barstools and imagine having them there for the rest of your life. Their intricate designs and cold intensity will accent your space in a steadfast and hearty manner. Take a look at what we have for you and our extensive collection of wrought iron bar stools and pick yours today.

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Bruce rosenbaum traditional spaces boston

Bruce rosenbaum traditional spaces boston
An astonishing take on classic 1940s style, these cast iron stools please eyes with their intricatetely ornamented pedestal bases. If you're after sophisticated steampunk style of a touch of Victorian era at your home bar, these beauties are the finest pick.

Pub 30" Bar Stool

Pub 30" Bar Stool
This bar stool has got three color options to choose: apricot, brown and burgundy. It has got a sturdy iron framework, leather seat material, rubber stoppers on feet and contemporary style.

Wrought Iron Bar Stools

Wrought Iron Bar Stools
Two bar stools with solid and attractive wrought iron frames in black color. They include some decorative scrolls. These stools include solid seats and ladder-styled backrests for improved stability and support.

Counter height swivel wrought iron bar

Counter height swivel wrought iron bar
The set of 2 stylish barstools with a frame made of wrought iron, consisted of curvy legs, double X-shaped backs, and a functional swivel. Each seat offers a counter height, perfect for sitting by the bar, and is also covered with a fashionable coffee sack material.

Willow counter stool

Willow counter stool
A space saving element made of pine wood and iron is a solid product that meets the requirements of people who like a classic style of furniture. This element is waxed, rust proof and resistant to a mechanical damage.

Chase 24-inch 360 Swivel Counter Stools (Set of 2)

If you're a fan of intriguing and stylish solutions, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing swivel stool. It's gonna bring you not only a unique and unusual design, but also an extraordinary comfort.

Wrought iron kitchen bar stools 8

Old-fashioned stool in nineteenth century style. It has sculptural wrougth iron frame. It has seat and back made of the vintage brown leather. It is must-have in vintage casino in American Old West style.

Our advice Buying Guide

Wrought Iron is a timeless metal. It has been around for more than a century and has been used to make everything from colossal warheads to petite horseshoes that have stood the test of time.

With more than 99% iron and very low carbon content, it looks very similar to wood with distinct grains. Which means that it can be painted or finished to look pretty much like faux wood.

Sounds like the perfect material for your bar stools. Wrought Iron Bar stools are not merely about the vintage aesthetics though. They have excellent resistance to corrosion, are as sturdy as they come and are easy to style to your liking.

Most homeowners though rarely look beyond more conventional options like wood and steel while buying bar stools. If you find yourself swaying towards wrought iron bar stools, here are some of the things to consider before you buy.

How high are standard-sized bar stools?

Standard-sized bar stools are about 30-36 inches from the ground and pair with bar counters that are 40-46 inches tall. However, custom-sized bar counters are becoming increasingly common these days, especially in smaller apartments and homes.

So, measure the height of your bar counter and subtract 12-inches from this. You have the right height for your bar stool. This is just a rule of thumb as it leaves enough clearance for the legs.

How many stools will fit at the counter?

The industry standard is about 26-30″ of space between each stool at the counter. This will allow your guests to get in and out of the stools without jostling into each other. Also, this setting allows a user to sit comfortably even cross-legged. You can increase or reduce this distance according to your preference.

Consider the number of people who will be using the bar counter regularly. Cramming six stools into a counter that can barely accommodate four will be overkill if the bar will be used only by two people at best. Aim for at least 14-inches of clearance from the wall and other furniture.

What are the most attractive designs of wrought iron bar stools?

With wrought iron bar stools, a vintage design is something that you cannot go wrong with. There are some fantastic retro-chic designs inspired by the likes of Xavier Pauchard, Arne Jacobsen Hans Wegner.

Armless, backless, minimalistic stools with ornate, curved legs are reminiscent of the taverns and watering holes of yore. And these can be a refreshing change from the norm, even in homes with a modern or contemporary décor theme.

You can always opt for comfort over aesthetics though and opt for a stool with plush, upholstered backrests and arms. That would most certainly be a better choice if you spend a lot of time at the counter, or if the counter also doubles up as a work desk.

A swivel mechanism is another desirable feature, particularly if you have opted for a closely packed setting at the counter. Makes it easier to get in and out. Similarly, in a household with kids, a height adjustable stool will allow the children to use the countertop without clambering up the stool.

What kind of upholstery goes well with wrought iron bar stools?

Upholstery adds warmth to your bar décor. You can mix prints, designs, colors, and textures to convert the stools into the focal point, instead of the shelving or the counter itself. And it’s crucial to pick a fabric that’s low on maintenance as well.

Vinyl is one of the best options. It resembles leather, is incredibly durable, is waterproof and doesn’t fade or get stained. Just wipe it with a damp cloth to clean.

Leather is a close second. It is available in a variety of colors and textures. You can even source the exotic variety if money is not an object. Leather can be a little cumbersome to maintain though.

Canvas is a blend of cotton and linen and can be a very comfortable fabric. It’s also available in an endless number of color and print options. The only caveat is that it can guzzle up liquids and will get stained easily. If you wish to opt for fabric, then there’s no better choice though. Tip: Look for reversible/washable canvas covers.


Wrought iron counter stools

A classy traditional swivel barstool with a frame of iron. It has 4 tall curved double-rod legs, curved footrests, bowed stretchers, an embossed apron, a flared back with spiral scrolls. A top rail and a round seat are covered in brown pleather.

New World Trading Western Iron Counter Stool, Classic, Antique Brown

Add some New World charm to your space with this beautifully crafted antique 26''counter stool that features durable hand tooled leather seat with nail head accents

and sturdy wrought iron frame handmade by artisans.

Ambella home uses high quality materials such as wood mable

Ambella Home uses high quality materials such as wood, mable, granite, stone, iron, metal, glass, fabrics and different types of hardware on its pieces. The results are very easy to see when you look at one of their outstanding pieces. Lattice Barstool, D

Faux Leather Wrought Iron Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel bar stool featuring very durable and sturdy base made of wrought iron and seat with faux leather upholstery. Additionally, the stool has thick padding and beautiful design, which will add style to any interior.

Black wrought iron bar stools

The iron wrought stools with untypical seat woven of wires. I am not an enthusiast of such style, but it could fit to the colonial bar or restaurant. I think that unfortunately this stool will not be comfortable.

Tuscan bar stools 3

An elegant antique style barstool having a sleek black-finished iron frame. It has thin curved double-rod legs and a footring. A quite tall backrest features a wavy top rail and decorative scrolls. A round swivel seat is of brown-finished wood.

How to choose the ideal barstool for your kitchen island

How to Choose the Ideal Barstool for Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen love white kitchen with accents in a varied palette

Kitchen love... white kitchen with accents in a varied palette of soft colors, plus decorative wrought iron chandeliers and bar stools.

Arteriors Home Henson Wood and Iron Counter Stool

improve your home decor with industrial accents with this vintage counter stool. The tubular frame is manufactured from durable metal, including curved legs and a square footrest. The seat is crafted from sturdy wood, covered in a natural wax, and it swivels.

South fork branch wrought iron bar stool by mathews co

South Fork Branch Wrought Iron Bar Stool by Mathews & Co

Best Mayfair Bar Stool, Chrome, Set of 2

Add style, elegance and comfort to your kitchen area with this 2-piece. It includes bar stools with chrome finish, simple and contemporary design and solid construction. You need to have this set.

29"h Scroll Motif Bar Stool In Metal Finish

It is a bar stool that has got a coasters, swivel function, solid metal frame, padded seat and dark finish. It fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how amazing this bar stool is.

Wrought iron bar and counter stools 3

Wrought Iron Bar And Counter Stools

Wrought iron bar stools 4

This stylish bar stool is a combination of solid iron construction with a subtle seat cover. The look is very impressive and will look stylish. Beautiful artistry and durable construction work perfectly together.

Cast iron barstools 9

Set of 2 bar stools in Victorian style. Richly decorated frame is made of cast iron. Round seat is covered with velvet fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Anita Wrought Iron Memory Return Swivel Bar Stool in Beige NoPart: ANITA-BS

It is a swivel bar stool that has got a beige upholstery and solid contemporary iron construction. It adds style, elegance and comfort to any dining room and kitchen area.

Modern Contemporary Euro Designer Style Wrought Iron Swivel Seat Cushion Barstool/Bar Stool

It is a stylish and contemporary bar stool that has got an iron construction, beautiful details, cushioned seat and swivel function for enhanced comfort of use. It fits to modern style and décor.