Living Room Wall Shelves

For books, for movies, or for decorations, having living room wall shelves is a great idea to use that blank wall space in an efficient way. Sturdy and easy to install, and available in many styles and materials that can match your decor perfectly, it is a good time to take a gander at the living room wall shelves in our collection, and pick a few for your home.

Best Products

Cubby Wall Shelf

Cubby Wall Shelf
Wall shelf with seven storage cubbies. This makes it perfect for storing knickknacks or displaying photos. It's made of strong MDF, and each cubby has weight capacity of six lbs. Additionally, the shelf has no visible hanging hardware.

Slim Line Floating Wall Shelf

Slim Line Floating Wall Shelf
It is very simple and extremely modest shelf on the wall. Its great advantage is that you can not see the fixings. Shelf looks like it was glued to the wall. It is very casual and including hiding its beauty.

Wall mounted wood shelves

Add your living room decor a cool, urban style. This set of wall mounted will create a cool, contemporary composition for i.e. industrial spaces, like lofts or other modern apartments.

Shelving units living room

A perfect example of a clean, minimalistic contemporary living room design. The smooth, wooden shelves are a great replacement for a chunky entertainment unit, and the beautiful leather sofa gives an excellent contrast to the dark back wall.

Wall mounted decorative shelves 2

A cozy and welcoming arrangement of a living room with a comfy sofa in a contemporary design and a small ottoman that serves as a coffee table. The room features also simple floating shelves that act as a display area.

Living room wall shelves 1

A great way to make use of empty walls and simultaneously add some new storage space. This set of hexagonal shelves create a great proposition for storing books, photos, flowers or your sentimental stuff.

Wall shelf ideas for living room

Classic shelf designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal for storing books or display decorations. Neutral and functional accessory for each room as needed.

Our advice Buying Guide

Organizing through the use of living room wall shelves can be an enjoyable experience! Whether you are searching for storage ideas out of decorative desire or necessity, we are certain our buying guide will help you as we've made sure our readers can find the best shelving and storage solutions for them.

How much space is necessary to install wall shelves?

To determine how much space is available for a shelving unit, ask yourself some basic questions. What will you be storing in the shelves? Vinyl, DVDs, books, vases, and artworks perhaps? Take a moment and think about these aspects as they'll lead you to the units that are perfect for your space.

To get a clear idea of how much wall space you can work with, measure the depth, width, and height of the spot where you plan on mounting the wall shelves. By now, you already know what you'll be storing on the shelves. If the items differ in height, you'll need adjustable wall shelving. If you'll be showcasing something specific on your living room shelving, take its dimensions to ensure it fits the unit/s you will be purchasing.

What style of living room wall shelves should you get?

You may already know that wall-mounted shelves come in different styles. So, would you be interested in getting statement pieces? If you answered no, then you are probably on the lookout for simple, straightforward, and practical shelves. It does not matter what style your shelves come in, but the design must match or complement your living room's aesthetics to ensure the entire room's look is coordinated.

What types of wall shelves are most flexible?

When it comes to flexibility, wall shelves fall into two broad categories: modular and adjustable/removable.

Modular wall shelves offer versatile storage as you'll be able to add more shelves when the need arises. After a given time, you'll be able to create a whole wall of storage. When manufacturers develop their products, they consider the end use of the shelves, which means you'll find shelves that are capable of adapting according to your needs.

Adjustable or movable shelving is recommended for people who are looking for units that offer customization. This type will prove to be useful when you find something large like an artwork or massive book collection to showcase. With removable shelving, you can simply take out the shelves that are not needed to create more storage space.

What are the most common materials used for wall shelves?

The most common materials used are plywood and wood veneers (layers of thin wood). Both materials are cost-effective. But, other materials including stainless, iron, walnut, oak, and maple are sturdier. The downside to the materials is they are more expensive compared to plywood and wood veneers. If you're looking for advice on which materials you should opt for, the only thing we can say is you need to choose according to your living room's style.

With everything you've just learned, you're ready to check out your incredible options online! Let us know if you've found a unit that you love!


Living room wall shelves

Mix of styles: some accents are minimalist (floating, irregularly shaped black shelves), some - contemporary casual (neutral beige sofa with sloping arms), some hint at Hollywood glam (gold leaf end table). A truly ecclectic living room!

Wall shelves for living room

A beautifully designed living room, which embodies the elegance of classic style. The centrally-located dark brown piano, surrounded by bookcases and white armchairs in front.

Floating shelves in living room

If the white shelf is to be used for displaying books, it is worth checking what depth, a width of the shelf will be the most suitable to accommodate them and keep their weight - this set of living room white wall display shelves, holds all kinds of objects.

Living room wall shelves

Simple sturdy wall-mounted shelves of solid wood with a finish in mid-brown tones. These quite thick rectangular shelves are wall-to-wall long and fixed to a wall with using heavy-duty metal anchors.

Ikea bookcases 24

This white, spacious ikea bookcase will bring harmony and order to your living room.There are three-segmented, two on the sides,the wider parts combine with a narrower one in the middle. In addition to its practical functions - also have a decorative function.

Wall shelves for living room

A great way to create a stylish display on your own. These living room wall shelves feature an eclectic mix of decor. It will fit well both to contemporary and traditional or rustic decors.

Wall shelves ideas living room

The pictures, frames and plants organization - the ideal decoration for the most visible wall in your living room. Put your personal, family photos to show the visitors how important is your family for you.

Wall shelves for living room 6

Stunning modern living room, all in gray, with recessed shelving unit, large white coffee table serving as a focal point, plus gray floor-length curtains, LED ceiling light, electric fireplace and gray sectionals.

Living room shelving unit

Entertainment center with a lot of cabinets and open shelves for storing needed items. Construction is made of wood. Ideal for storing books, TV components or display decorations.

Wall shelves for living room 13

If you need just a bit of extra seating space for your styled living room then these two ottomans will do the trick with their vibrant, orange finishes of the upholstery that is beautifully trimmed on the sides.

Shelving units as room dividers

Lovely rustic looking decor shelves [ ] #rustic #hardware #slidingdoor

Open shelving living room

Large DIY built-in bookcase with white panels style base, merged with counter. Running all the way from the floor to the ceiling, using the vertical and horizontal space to maximum. Upper shelves of the bookcase have bulbs lighting.

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Shelving ideas for living room walls

Wall shelves for living room applications. They provide space for books, pictures in frames and decorations. Each shelf is durable, but not very heavy, so it is suitable for wall mounting. White finish matches any home stylization.

Shelves in living room

Love the shelves for displaying pictures - great idea for small spaces! maybe along side each side of the television?

Wall shelves for living room 15

Wall shelf for storing books, display decorations and more. It is completely made of wood. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Antique storage chests 9

Unique chest consisting of a lot of drawers in various sizes. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It can be used as room divider. Great solution for small spaces.

Living room wall shelves 2

I love ladder bookcases... use in dining room or kitchen or bathroom for extra storage.

Living room wall shelves 1

Home of the Month: Lake House Reveal Stone fireplace, open shelving, cozy coastal open living area

Of living room wall shelves beautiful living room wall shelves

of Living Room Wall Shelves : Beautiful Living Room Wall Shelves ...

Small love seats 6

The areas around windows are great for utilizing extra space for storage. More storage solutions:

Living room wall shelves

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