Corner Floating Shelves

Behold. The magic of floating shelves. But they aren't magic at all. These lovely floating shelves for your corners fit to the wall, then the shelf sleeve slides over the frame. No unsightly brackets. They are a wonderful idea if you want an aesthetically pleasing wall display, or somewhere to show off items that metal brackets will detract from. Look into our collection and see what we mean.

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Houzz tour bamboo gardens inspire a serene california home

Houzz tour bamboo gardens inspire a serene california home
Open shelves in neutral form. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal for storing books, display decorations and more. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Decorative 3 Piece "Live, Love, Laugh" Wall Shelf Set

Decorative 3 Piece "Live, Love, Laugh" Wall Shelf Set
Set of three black decorative wall shelves. Each piece features strong and durable construction made of MDF and laminate. Additionally, the shelves have rectangular shape and have appealing, modern design.

Bende Crown Moulding Wall Shelf

Bende Crown Moulding Wall Shelf
It is a crown moulding wall shelf that is available in two colors: white and dark espresso. It looks very stylish and elegant on walls. It adds style and beauty to any room. You will be impressed how amazing this shelf is.

Corner floating shelves 1

Easy-to-install corner floating shelves that should expand storage capacity in your home easily. The pieces are made from wood and come in a natural finish so that you can customize them with various colors to match the rest of the décor in your home.

Corner floating shelves

Otherwise dull and not functional, now this room corner in a modern loft accommodates hundreds of books. Five white corner floating shelves not only store books, but also add texture to dark gray walls.

Diy floating shelves spackle _ click through for more

DIY floating shelves (spackle _ click through for more)

How to customize and install floating shelves 7th house on

How to Customize and Install Floating Shelves | 7th House on the Left

Our advice Buying Guide

How much weight can a corner floating shelf hold?

The average weight range corner floating shelves can hold is anywhere between 30 and 75 lbs., but some can hold much more. Not all shelves are built the same and the amount of weight each can hold depends on several factors, including materials, placement, and shelf design.

The dimensions of the shelf play a role in the weight limits of your floating shelf. For example, a deeper floating shelf holds less weight than a narrow shelf. To remedy this, you can always add stronger shelf brackets but the overall design rule is to only go as deep in your shelving as you really need.

Don’t skimp on your floating shelf brackets. Look for floating shelf models with enough welded horizontal rods in proportion to the length of the shelf. Each of these rods carries a certain amount of weight and together equal total bracket capacity.

Another way to prop up your floating shelves is by securing their attachment to the wall with the right number of screws into wall studs. The more you have the higher the weight capacity your shelf can handle.

Determine what you plan to place on your floating shelf and plan accordingly for its weight with strong brackets and a higher number of attachments to the wall.

How do you install a corner floating shelf?

You install a corner floating shelf by first looking for studs, measuring your shelf pieces, and placing brackets as close to studs as possible in the corner where you plan to put your shelf.

Then, place your shelf pieces on top of the brackets that you’ve just nailed in place. Make sure your shelf pieces are as close to the wall as possible before marking the places you’ll need to place screws with a light pencil mark. Take the shelf pieces back off; pre-drill holes for the screws into the shelf pieces. Then, you’ll be able to guide the shelf pieces back onto the wall brackets and screw them flush against the wall.

What room would be best for corner floating shelves?

Where you hang your corner floating shelves all depends on what household items you want to store on them. For example, if you have a lot of cookbooks, then the kitchen would be a perfect place to install the floating shelves. Floating corner shelves could also house spices, jars, and other kitchen essentials.

If you’re tight on bathroom floor space and short on storage, floating corner shelves offer the perfect storage solution. You could even opt for wooden corner floating shelves decorated with jars of shells and other beach-like items to give your bathroom a nautical and coastal feel.

Whichever room you choose, ensure you install them at a convenient height that displays the items well and prevents young children, pets, and even adults from hitting their heads or knocking things from the shelves.


Corner floating shelves

Aesthetic contemporary wall mounted corner shelves made of glossy white finished materials. These simple L-shaped floating shelves are robust, quite thick and space-saving (ideal for cramped interiors).

Corner floating shelves 3

Corner Bookshelves

Corner floating shelves 4

Extra-large corner floating shelves that should provide enough room for your kitchen supplies, bowls, and other stuff. Constructed from extra-thick wood, these shelves come with excellent load-bearing capacity. They are also easy to set up and pull down.

Corner floating shelves

Reclaim the space behind your doors with this easy to install floating shelf. Made from wood, it can easily be customized with different color shades. You also get all the hanging hardware you need to set them up. The shelf should be ideal for your books and collectibles as well.

Love books and this is a great bookshelf idea reminds

Love books and this is a great bookshelf idea...reminds me of old time libraries a bit with the ladder.

Corner floating shelves 7

Clever setup for a DIY set of home kitten play shelves, constructed out of a few floating wooden shelves that create a staircase and nicely utilize the beams, giving them a purpose other than just holding the building together.

Office furniture corner desk

space saving ideas and furniture placement for small home office design I like the long desk with shelving plus the wood tops and white

Floating corner shelf 3

Floating Corner Shelf

Corner floating shelves 3

15 Corner Wall Shelf Ideas To Maximize Your Interiors

Shelf with drawer

This simple and exceptionally functional floating corner shelf is the perfect solution for small spaces and people who appreciate functional furniture. Simple wood-based construction is robust and durable.

Custom corner shelves

15 Awesome Accessories & Decor Ideas for Your Home

Floating shelves corner

Love This! Rain Gutter Book Shelves. Super sturdy and NEVER have to be painted...unless you're like me and get a paint itch! :-)

Corner floating shelves

Floating night stand. This will be great for the bedroom with two twin beds.

Floating dresser

Draw the best of a corner with floating shelves that are superb for display purposes. The lower shelf features a pull out drawer, so it doubles as a small, space-saving desk. The shelves are fiber wood with lacquer coating.

10 favorites rustic open shelving in the kitchen

10 Favorites: Rustic Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Corner floating shelves 2

DIY Interior Design Ideas: 5 Fresh Room Designs 2013 | DIY Interior Design Ideas

Floating corner desk 10 do it yourself standing desks

Floating corner desk | 10 Do-It-Yourself Standing Desks

Floating corner bookshelves

White floating shelves are the best way to create a showcase nook without adding visual clutter in a small space. These ones are beautifully styled too!

Home furniture diy furniture bookcases shelving storage 79

Home, Furniture & DIY > Furniture > Bookcases, Shelving & Storage

Corner floating shelves 8

Anthony D'Argenzio's small space makeover. Click through to see the impressive before & after photos!

Shelves a great way of breaking up a bland apartment

shelves = a great way of breaking up a bland apartment wall AND for placing decorative items you don't have table-space for.

Kanto AVS2 AV Component Wall Shelf System - Double

This cool floating component shelf could be used as your corner AV rack or TV shelf. It has got two shelves where you can keep your TV, computer or your favourite books. The best thing it that it has floating components which you can add.

Wooden corner shelves 2

Have you ever wondered how to make floating corner shelves? It's super easy and all you need is wooden angular shelves and imagination to create nice and decorative corner like the one in the picture. Cool for your personal items and decoration.

Corner floating shelves 6

20 Amazing Crafts to Keep Your Life Organized! - Little Red WindowLittle Red Window

Corner floating shelf

corner floating shelf

Corner box shelf this would take up way less space

Corner box shelf. This would take up way less space than a bulky bookshelf! Staircase shelves?

Corbel wall shelf

DIY Frame Shelves. You Need: 1×4 boards. You will make two cuts for each side. Add a line of Gorilla wood glue and Ryobi Airstrike Nail gun to make a box from these pieces. I used 3 nails on each corner like this.

Shelving in living room

I am really the simplicity fan. Mixing white and grey shades always looks good in each interior. If you have a little bit fantasy, you can experiment with some colorful and patterned accessories to bring there some life.

Home office furniture sets 2

perfect office.....I just might copy every thing about this room with no shame

Corner floating shelves 1

Floating Shelves! Perfect..need someone to help me with this! Gave my husband too much honeydo list! Lol

Diy floating corner shelf

These corner floating shelves create a versatile addition to almost every corridor or living room. It will create a good spot for your favorite photos, souvenirs and other bits and pieces.

Corner floating shelves 1

Thrifty Decor Chick: DIY floating shelves (bathroom progress)

Corner floating shelves

Make Floating Shelves and Desk for a Bedroom; I would make just the desk for the dormer window in the kids' room

Corner floating shelves 2

kitchen floating shelves

Corner floating shelves

cozy and layered living room of blogger Oh My Dear Design/Home: Brittany Robertson - Photography: Velvet Leaf Photos - Read More:

Natural wood floating shelves

Love the white subway tile mixed with the natural wood shelving. “Brought to you by LG Studio”

Homeaxcess Zebra Corner Wall Shelf

4 Piece Ledge Floating Shelf & Picture Frame Set

4 Piece Ledge Floating Shelf & Picture Frame Set

Corner floating shelves 2

50 Amazing Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments_47

Inside corner bookcase

LACK wall unit - Make the most of close quarters with practical shelving that keeps bedside necessities within reach.

BTEXPERT® White Finish Large Corner Wall Mount hanging Zig Zag Wallmount Shelf decor

This interestingly designed corner shelf made of MDF material, is very stable and can accommodate a lot of little things. Perfect match with various recognizable to interior design. Unusual form adds a unique character.

Kids room mirrors 17

15 Corner Wall Shelf Ideas To Maximize Your Interiors

10 diy corner shelf ideas for every room of your

10 DIY Corner Shelf Ideas for Every Room of your Home