Glass Shelving Units Living Room

If you have plenty of items to display but prefer to do so in a medium that's a little more modern, then you probably really love to see glass and steel around your living room. So our collection of glass shelving units for living rooms will fit right in with your decorative concept, allowing you to display whatever you want and not throw off your contemporary mystique. See collection for more.

Best Products

Parker house furniture hartford entertainment center har100 set

Parker house furniture hartford entertainment center har100 set
A sophisticated piece of white-finished wood that will bring elegance to any decor. The media stand offers 2 glass door cabinets with 2 wood shelves, 2 side door cabinets, 2 clear glass paneled center cabinets with 1 shelf, 3 open shelves, and a nook for your flat screen.

Indo Audio Video Display Storage

Indo Audio Video Display Storage
Just a simple shelving unit with three tiers! No more is needed to store and display audio and video collection and/or media components. The design is simple, even simplified, but this feature provides the highest functionality.

Winslow media suite

Winslow media suite
A solid, useful and decorative piece of furniture. This media suite features a durable construction made of birch wood. It features storage shelves hidden behind glass doors. This construction is not only functional, but it also decorates any stylization.

Glass shelving units living room

A simple shelving unit that consists of open shelves without a back or sides. Originally, this piece of furniture was standard black, but it was given a new life by spraying it with a golden paint. It will look good in a contemporary interior.

Glass shelving units living room 1

This glass shelving unit speaks elegance all over it. It’s perfect as a TV stand and also has 4 shelves flanking it on each side of the TV space to hold your DVD player and other materials.

The space on top can also be used to hold decorative collectibles.

Glass shelving units living room 8

Spare and beautiful, this stark shelving unit has glass shelves with chrome side supports. Strong enough to support books or even plants, this unit is self-effacing and efficient. Display your best books or your favorite collectibles to good effect.

Glass shelving systems

A simple shelving unit that will provide you with a lot of space where you can display your photos or books. It consists of four glass shelves in a golden frame. An ideal solution for a modern living room.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are glass shelving units a good choice for a modern living room?

Glass shelving units in living rooms are a popular choice for enhancing your modern decor. The bright reflective surface can make a small space seem larger, and the sleek, shiny finish coordinates well with a clean, modern aesthetic. Consider choosing a metal or mahogany wood frame with safe, tempered glass shelves for a complementary look. Some units come with shelves with doors so you can hide away items you don’t want on display.

How much weight can glass shelving units hold?

The amount of weight the glass shelving units in your living room can hold varies based on factors like height, width, glass thickness, and the overall size of the unit. While the package for your shelving unit might list an overall weight limit for the unit, it can be challenging to determine the weight capacity of each glass shelf.

Luckily, there are glass load calculators online to help you get a more precise number. To use the calculators, you’ll need a bit of information about your shelves, such as whether they are standard (annealed) glass or tempered glass, the shelf dimensions, the glass thickness, and the span between supports.  

How wide can glass shelving units be?

You might easily wonder if the glass shelving units (living room or otherwise) can physically be that wide. After all, glass is brittle—and a longer shelf will be more fragile than a shorter one.

You’ve got a good point. Typically, manufacturers will not distribute glass shelves without additional support that are more than about 2-3 feet long.

However, there’s an easy workaround: If you want a full wall of open or floating glass shelving, simply purchase two shelving units and place them right next to each other. You’ll get the look you want, and it’ll be as stable as you need them to be.


Chrome Metal 72"H Etagere with Tempered Glass Shelves

Modernity is visible in every element of this metal and glass etagere with metal elegant lines and glass shelves. Chromoane edges wrap in repulsive two half circles in the middle. The glass is tempered and makes even the heaviest books stand on it.

Glass shelves for living room

Looking for just the perfect place to display your antiques? Well, look no further because this minimalist open wall shelf is just perfect. The piece is constructed from a wooden frame and features up to four shelves, each separated with tampered glass for that modern appeal.

Shelving units living room hygena matrix shelving unit black glass

shelving units living room-hygena matrix shelving unit black glass

Glass shelving units living room

Simple but aesthetic all open shelving units having tall rectilinear frames of thin square brass rods. Each unit has low legs, 3 rectangular shelves of clear tempered glass but a bottom and top ones of wooden materials finished in brown and black.

Modern tv wall unit lean and clean look

Modern TV Wall Unit. Lean and Clean look! |

Glass shelving units living room 3

Glass-tiled shelving unit, which fits excellently into the living room space. Laid into its aesthetic rectangular tile arrangement are a TV space and fireplace. There are also open shelving, made of black colored wood, on both sides for arranging/displaying books and other items.

Wall hanging cupboards

BESTÅ Shelf unit with glass doors IKEA Four adjustable shelves. Back panel is inserted in grooves; easy to mount.

Glass shelving units living room 9

Ikea shelf hack. PAINT IT GOLD--done. (uses VITTSJÖ Shelving unit, black-brown)

Glass shelving units living room

25 Modern Shelves to Keep You Organized in Style

Glass shelving units

Two glass door cabinets like this for your books. It would be so pretty and keep the books virtually dust free. Made from white, soft wood, nicely finished. Would look nice in your office or cabinet.

Glass shelving units living room

Beautifully Lined Bookcases

Ikea besta i love this system id have it in

Ikea Besta- I LOVE this system. I'd have it in black brown to match the pieces we have. Affordable, but I'm still too broke... So I can just dream.

Media cabinet with glass doors

A whole wall was dedicated here for storage, accommodating an entertainment center and tall glass door cabinets with eclipse mullions. The room is not fully furnished yet, but a modern chandelier with glass globes already makes for a centerpiece.

Salamander A3/B Archetype 3.0 - Black

If spacious shelves are just what you need to store anything everywhere, consider simple 3-tier stand like this - it really takes minimum space with maximum storage function. It has been finished in ebony black.

Tall glass shelves

Clean styling, simple neutrals. Love the glass boxes and drawer pulls!

Glass shelf unit living room

Built in bookcase is perfect solution for big, spacious living rooms to use the wall space. In white color, with a lot of shelves will help you keeping order. There is a space for a wide screen TV too.

Cabinet media solution

The traditional, wall mounted media storage is great way to fill the space in big living room. Built-in wall unit for big screen television in traditional style with inset doors in beaded face frame.

Cupboard for living room

Entertainment center for the living room and others interiors as needed. Construction is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. It consists of a lot of shelves for storing books, TV components and more.

Wall shelving units for living room

An aesthetic storage system of wooden materials in white. Tall side towers with lots of size-varied open shelves and recessed toe-kicks join with a 3-glazed door cabinet over a TV niche. A castered stand has a niche and drawers with recessed pulls.

Greenapple glass shelf unit

Greenapple Glass Shelf Unit

Sitting room shelving units

Show Off Collections ~ I LOVE this large bookcase with three sections ~ each with its own set of glass doors. How pretty AND practical! From BHandG House Tours: A Modern Beach House

Regal Multi-Level Component Stand - Wood Cherry

This type of cabinet is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for solutions to the elegant, practical and functional. The cabinet is mounted on the wall. Perfectly check in many different arrangements.

Glass wall units for living room

A stunning shelving unit that captivates with its simple beauty. It features fully open, glass shelves in a golden frame. It's a perfect solution for displaying photos, decorations, or books. It will adapt to almost every interior.

Entertainment center accessories 1

Showcasing 6 glass doors and ample interior shelving, this expansive media center offers convenient storage for electronics and entertainment accessories.

Dining room shelving units

built in corner cabinet in dining room

Glass shelving unit ikea

Custom Made Entertainment Centers and by EntertainmentCenters, $500.00

Shelf over tv

white built in for flat screen (Oh how I wish / hope we can do this to our landing! Would be better than the 2 shelf shelves we have holding up the TV and million books my kids have ~ Carrie)

Glass shelving units living room 10

Basement entertainment center - Todd Whittaker Drywall, General Contractor

Glass shelving units living room 1

Such wooden,wall-mounted cabinets-with glass fronts,we associate rather with the interior of the kitchen.But they look inviting also in the living room,next to the hanging TV. Glass shelving units-in white color can be your next step to refresh your apartment.

Glass shelves in living room

Welcome to the Mouse House: The NEW Family Room Reveal!

Ematic EMD213 3 Shelf Component Wall Mount Kit with Cable Management for DVD Players, DVRs and Gaming System

This shelf for consoles is the perfect solution for each player and lover of video games. It allows you to organize a variety of devices, but not only. It is also the way of their practical arrangement.

DVD Stereo Components 3 Shelf Wall Mount Bracket Stand Cable Box Adjustable

Crosley ST-12 Jukebox Stand for Full Size Jukeboxes

Wooden jukebox stand, finished in rich brown tone. The base stores CDs. Looks good and works well with full size jukeboxes. For storing CDs, you probably need nothing more - the stand can accommodate up to 80 CDs.

Glass units for living room

... living-room-set-containing-a-tv-cabinet-a-shelf-unit-and-a-glass

Ikea glass shelf unit

This fantastic DIY project adds functionality to your living rooms or hallways. A wall of built-ins looks fancy, while at the same saves your money. It creates a great leisure area for you, comprising all the best books, albums and a TV set.

Traditional tv stands

A wonderful shelving unit that has a traditional design, but will perfectly suit contemporary interiors. It features a large space for a TV set in the centre, which is surrounded by countless open shelves. There are also three drawers at the bottom.

Scandinavian bookcases 5

The beautiful on trend sitting room

Entertainment center with bookcase

An elegant wall-size entertainment centre finished in white. A central part has a niche for a TV-set, 2 shelves up and a bottom one, a drawer. Each of side units has a 2-glass door cabinet with 2 shelves, 2 drawers, a lower 2-door cabinet.

Logan modular wall system

Love 4 chairs around a cocktail table or ottoman. Perfect for gabbing with the girls over a glass of wine!

Sauder Regent Place Technology Pier in Estate Black

Free standing lounge room storage cabinet with glass door on bottom and five shelves. Its finish is very dark, so it can appear black or dark brown, depending on the lighting. Can provide additional storage in entertainment unit.

Vantage Point AXWG03B 3-Shelf Glass Wall System

It is very elegant and at the same time very practical shelf for appliances mounted to the wall. The cabinet has several shelves which allows for placement of equipment one by one. Ithas a glass shelfs.

Ikea glass shelving unit

Glass shelving units add style and functionality to your living room. Bringing the freshness of modern design, it can be also used cleverly as a room divider to create particular areas.

15 living room glass shelves shelf ideas

15+ Living Room Glass Shelves | Shelf Ideas