Glass Etagere Bookcase

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A glass etagere bookcase is a great way to stylishly organize all your books and collectible items. The glass shelves featured with this style of bookcase will match most décor styles, especially contemporary. They will also make a space look more open due to the natural light-reflecting qualities of glass, making them a good pick for smaller or narrow rooms. Our design experts have picked out some of their favorite glass etagere bookcases so you can find your perfect match. 

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Updated 29/08/2022
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Sloping Gold Glass Etagere Bookshelf

Sloping Gold Glass Etagere Bookshelf

Rosdorf Park

Streamlined and chic, this bookcase features four shelves. Its slim frame is outlined in gleaming gold for a glam vibe and is completely open for a more spacious look. Moreover, it has a slightly raised top shelf so objects won’t tip back.

Designer Advice:

Light and airy, this bookcase would look stunning near a window so the gold detail can reflect even more light. We recommend it for a room with a light décor scheme, as a darker one will overwhelm the delicate frame. You could place decorative objects such as a vase on the top shelf and still have three shelves left over for storage.

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Short Glass Shelves

Short Glass Shelves

Ebern Designs

You can pick from either silver or black metal with this bookcase. It has a sturdy stainless steel frame with plastic caps to protect your floor. Three shelves are included, all equal in width. The overall height is 26.5 inches tall.

$107.99 $109.99

Designer Advice:

If you’re looking to add something to your entryway or reduce clutter in a busy area, this bookcase is an excellent option. As it isn’t overly tall, you can place a mirror or painting above it for a nice visual effect. Plus, the two shelves below are wide enough to store items like hats and other winter essentials for colder months.

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Geometric Brass and Glass Etagere

Geometric Brass and Glass Etagere


Arriving fully assembled, the geometric design of this etagere bookcase is cool and unique. It is framed by antique brass piping that surrounds each cube and gives it more depth and texture. It stands on an elevated base with four shelves overall.

$2150 $2580

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Industrial Glass Bookcase

Industrial Glass Bookcase

Etta Avenue™

Featuring a matte steel frame with a black nickel finish, this bookcase is the picture of modern minimalism. It has plenty of storage due to its six shelves but is still slim enough for narrower spaces. A tipover restraint device is included for safety.

$359.99 $648

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Onyx Glass Etagere Bookcase

Onyx Glass Etagere Bookcase


This bookcase features an unusual accent touch in the form of beautiful white onyx stone detail on either side. The top is painted in white lacquer, whereas the rest is crafted from mirrored glass and silver stainless steel. There are five shelves in total.

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Glass Etagere Bookcase

Buying Guide

The word étagère comes from the French word étage, meaning shelf. A glass shelf étagère is an open shelving unit designed to display ornaments or other items. They can range from a very simple unit where the glass shelves are placed on supports held by a wood or metal framework, or they can be complex works of art in and of themselves.

The Simple Glass Étagère

The simple glass étagère is the perfect selection for display small houseplants, such as African Violets. The soft fuzzy leaves of an African violet plant and its bright colors will make a brave display against a simple metal and glass shelf unit. There is the added advantage that glass shelving will not cast shadows on lower shelving units.

Tall Narrow Shelf Unit

A tall, narrow metal shelving unit with glass shelves makes the perfect place to display almost anything from your grandchild’s precious salt-dough art to that beautiful piece that you picked up from the art gallery or ren fair. The minimalist shelving theme will showcase your art pieces without overpowering them – including the salt dough art.

Glass and Wood Display Unit

Perfect for a hallway, large living room, lobby or lounge a wood on glass unit makes use of the startling reversal of having the glass hold up the wood. Display museum pieces, trophies, special books or unique floral choices in a shelving unit where the sides will not obstruct the view. The wooden shelves almost seem to float in the glass setting.

Larger Metal and Glass Units

Large metal and glass shelving units can easily support books, bric-a-brac, plants or your fine china collection. Their appearance is lighter than wooden units, taking up less visual space and not absorbing as much of the light. With that said, avoid positioning large glass shelving units near a window, especially a large plate glass window where sunlight could create a lot of heat as it shines through. There was a small business in the central part of the U.S. that had a rather embarrassing – and thankfully minimal – incident involving a plate glass window, a glass shelving unit, a magnifying glass and the scenery for a model railroad. Definitely not the sort of event anyone needs in their home or business. Fortunately, the blaze was noticed before it became large.

Wall Mounted Glass Shelving

Make your displays seem as if they are floating by installing metal support arms for Plexiglas or glass shelves. A super way to show off paper sculpture or other light items.

Etagere bookcases are a great way to organize and display a lot more than just books. They are also perfect for displaying trinkets, photo frames, plants and ornaments. Nevertheless, people often struggle when buying a new etagere due to the sheer number of different types and styles available.

Here's how to choose the perfect etagere bookcase for your home.

Here are some of the main types of etagere you'll come across when choosing your new model:

Classic Etagere

Classic etageres have a thin frame and open backs. They come in a variety of sizes, however, they are all characterized by their clean lines and elegant silhouette. While wood or metal or a combination of both are popular choices, you'll also find classic etagere bookcase shelves in a wide variety of different materials, including glass, plastic, and laminate. 

Geometric Etagere

Geometric etageres are popular in modern homes where they make good focal points. They are also useful for displaying items that would otherwise look a little "lost" on an average shelf. Geometric etageres use both vertical and horizontal lines within the external frame to break up your shelves into partitions of various shapes and sizes. They can vary in style from fun, creative looks to serious and severe.

Corner Etagere

If you're really tight on space or need to place an etagere in a high traffic area such as a hall or landing, then a corner model could be just what you need. Corner etageres are triangular and are designed to maximize your storage space. While they are less practical for storing large books, they make excellent display units.

Ladder Etagere

Contemporary ladder etageres give your room an air of originality without detracting from the rest of your decor.

They consist of a very simple frame that uses two sloping uprights that lean against your wall. The shelves start off deeper at the bottom, where the frame is further from your wall and progressively become shallower as the frame slopes backward to meet the wall. 

Some models feature walled lower shelves, which can be useful for storing larger items or even a storage box full of smaller things that could otherwise become cluttered.

Room Divider Etagere

Room divider etageres are typically wide and tall. They can be used along a large free wall; however, they are popular for portioning up open plan spaces into different usage areas. You could use one to section off your dining area from your sitting area, without losing the appeal of one large room.

Fill room divider etageres for a more divisive effect or leave them mainly open to keep a spacious feel. Etagere room dividers with geometric shapes are also popular, as they provide an eye-catching division. In contrast, standard straight shelves will need some imaginative filling to prevent you from simply gazing straight through.

It's important to find the right etagere to match your decor, here's what styles to look out for.


If your home is traditional in style, then you should look for an etagere with a clean-lined silhouette.

Opt for a wooden or metal frame in muted tones that allow your display items to command attention. White or natural wood are good matches for a traditional home, or you could also consider matching your etagere's finish to other items in your room for a harmonious feel.


For a modern look, opt for etagere bookcases that use glossy surfaces, such as laminate or plastics.

You could also team modern style wooden etageres with a more contemporary setting. Geometric shapes work well also, as do room divider etageres, breaking up loft-style apartments into their respective areas, without restricting light and movement. Look for feature pieces in bright accent colors or play it safe with neutral tones


Thanks to their understated frames and open backs, etageres look great in minimalist homes. Opt for a metal frame and neutral or natural shadedshelves for a classic minimalist look that places the emphasis on the raw beauty of the materials.


For a streamlined industrial style, opt for a sturdy iron-framed etagere bookcase. Ladder styles make an excellent choice thanks to their utilitarian looks. The juxtaposition of rustic pine shelves and distressed black painted metal will give an authentic industrial feel to any living area. Extra details such as X-braces and metal bolts or cutouts add decorative touches without detracting from that factory feel.


If you have a farmhouse-style home, then an industrial style etagere can also look good in your kitchen or living room. Etageres with wooden shelves and metal frames replicate farm machinery and classic styling where function rules over form.

However, if your farmhouse style is more cozy cottage, you may want to look for a wooden etagere that is more substantial than the typical fine framed versions. Wooden trellis panels can add extra decoration without detracting too much from the basic design.

Shabby Chic

Go for a romantic shabby chic look and choose an etagere with a brass frame and marble shelves, for a classic chic French look. Otherwise, a gilded metal version would look great. Depending on your vision for your room, you may also like to consider a wooden etagere with white distressed paintwork and trellis details, for a more romantic look.


Geometric etageres work well in some eclectic homes, especially more modern ones. You could also consider a rectangular etagere with eastern-inspired trellis sides for extra individuality. Wood, plastic or metal, whatever mis-matches best with your current collection. Opt for a striking color or play it down with a neutral frame and arch details, to let your collection of ornaments or unusual literature really shine.

Once you have your ideal style etagere in mind, you'll then need to ensure you find the right size for your home. Here's how.

Room Size

No matter how beautiful your favorite model is, make sure it's a good fit for the room you're planning to place it in. Obviously, small rooms will benefit from narrower but taller etageres to avoid looking cramped and cluttered. Use wider etageres in larger rooms without worrying about a reduction in floorspace.

As etageres tend to feature open backs and thin frames, they are actually an ideal choice for smaller homes. If you dream of a spacious living room and feel cramped and stuffy with your current furniture, try replacing a bulky, solid dresser with a large open etagere or two. This will give the impression of a much more spacious living area while still providing plenty of storage.

Display Contents

Are you going to be using your etagere for tall books or ornaments and trinkets?

Consider what you will be displaying when choosing your etagere. For small items, you may prefer a smaller, geometric etagere so your shelves don't look too bare. Tall books can often be problematic, although if you only wish to display a handful of interesting hardbacks, you may find they look better flat rather than upright.

Choosing an etagere with adjustable shelves can help you to house all the items you wish to. For items you are keen to display and not just store, consider lower etageres. You can use the top level for most prominent objects. On taller models place your favorite pieces you want to show off at eye-level.

Other Decorative Items

Make sure that your etagere will fit in with other items in your room. For example, if you have a distinctive wall mirror, you could place a short etagere beneath it for an elegant look, reminiscent of a console table but with extra storage.

If your room has a lot of furniture, you may wish to opt for a tall etagere that will offer a maximum of storage for a minimal footprint. Tall corner models tuck away unobtrusively, whereas wide chunky frame etageres make more of a bolder statement and are best teamed with a bare wall.

Choosing an Etagere - Short or Tall?

Go for a short etagere for:

  • Storing/displaying small items.
  • Placing under a prominent wall mirror or painting.
  • Tight, low spaces.

A tall one for:

  • Storing/displaying items you don't need to access frequently.
  • If you're short on floor space.

A wide etagere can be good when:

  • You have an empty wall.
  • You have a lot of similar items to store next to one another.
  • You want to replace a bulky dresser or large cabinets to make your room appear more spacious.

Best Ideas

262 labarge brass and glass etagere

262: LaBarge Brass and Glass Etagere

Inside interior designer kaylan kanes bright and stylish chicago home

Inside Interior Designer Kaylan Kane's bright and stylish Chicago home #home #interior #theeverygirl

Entertaining etagere

A tall, metal étagère with gold finish and glass shelves, for that delightful modern look. A necessity for anyone wishing to spice up their living room while retaining the utility value of their furniture.

Glass shelf etagere 5

Storage Furniture - Lamar 7 Shelf Etagere - Gold Leaf with Glass Shelves Luxury Modern Furniture - gold leaf, etagere

Brass and glass etagere

Gold Bamboo Etagere.

Pair of milo baughman display shelves shelf etageres

Pair of Milo Baughman display Shelves (shelf) Etageres |

Double face bookcase romeo rega

Double face bookcase romeo rega

An extraordinary shelving unit in an ultra-modern design. It features a geometrical and asymmetrical construction made of brass with a golden trim and glass shelves. It can be used for storing books or serve as a display area.

Glass shelf etagere 1

Mastercraft Brass Framed Etagere with Glass Shelves

Newbury medium etagere 24 w x 11 d x 38

NEWBURY MEDIUM ÉTAGÈRE 24"W x 11"D x 38¾"H $299 Newbury unites materials that are impervious to water, resistant to rust and quick to clean. Brass, steel and zinc alloy frame Includes 4 tempered, beveled-glass shelves Satin nickel finish feat

Brass and glass shelves

Lamar 7 Shelf Etagere - Silver Leaf - Clayton Gray Home

Glass shelf etagere 4

113: Brass Beveled Glass Etagere Display Shelves. Smal

Vintage Mid Century Brass Chrome Glass Shelf Etagere Display Milo Baughman

Vintage Mid Century Brass Chrome Glass Shelf Etagere Display Milo Baughman

Made from a combination of glass regiments and steel glazed etagere construction, this is a unique vintage design, beautiful design, and functionality in one furniture. The whole is delightfully adorned.

Glass shelf etagere 8

Brass and Glass Three Shelf Etagere ca. 1960s | From a unique collection of antique and modern shelves at

Brass etagere

A brass etagere with glass shelves. Perfectly designed place to store your glasses and alcohol. The construction by shining parts of metal will attract the attention of your guests, so it is worth to have it at home.

Damon Etagere Bookcase

Damon Etagere Bookcase

Undeniably elegant, this bookshelf is ideal for lovers of traditional, bohemian, or shabby chic aesthetics. The bookcase features five safety-tempered glass shelves, a crown arched top, and a striking metal frame with a satin dark-gold finish. It’s an excellent choice for displaying your prized wedding china in the dining room, but also makes a glamorous storage space for the bathroom. Style with greenery and coordinate with plush furniture to create a retro-style living room.


Vintage etagere smoked glass shelves in burbank california

Vintage Etagere Smoked Glass Shelves in Burbank, California ...

Glass shelf etagere 3

Brass and Glass Three Shelf Etagere ca. 1960s image 5

Brass etagere

With this elegant etagere you can easily improve your home decor. The unit features a gold leaf metal frame with a curved top and slender legs, supporting 5 open shelves made of beveled glass. Dimensions: 36'' W x 12'' D x 84'' H.

Chrome etagere w glass shelves image 2

Chrome Etagere w/ Glass Shelves image 2

Glass shelf etagere 13

Tiered Tower Bookcase #westelm | bronze finish with brass feet and mirrored glass shelves- My new favorite!

Antique brass etagere

A simple, high quality, open shelf. The frame is made of forged iron with a golden touch. The shelves are created from clear, solid, tempered glass. The bottom of the shelf features iron, cross stretchers.

Chrome etagere 1

A pretty though simple contemporary standing shelving unit having a rectilinear all open frame of thin metal rods with a gold finish. Its top and bottom are of clear tempered glass and have golden edges just like 4 shorter narrower shelves.

Tall glass shelves

Bookcase in modern form. It is mounted on metal frame. Includes of a lot of open shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. It can be used as room divider.

Glass shelf etagere

The lightweight yet sturdy construction of this glass shelf etagere makes it an excellent choice for many types of interior design. Beautiful design captivates an attractive brass finish and can serve as a bookshelf or decor.