Food Pantry Shelves


A pantry is such a wonderful thing to have. The cupboards fill up so fast, and there is never any room on the counters, so having a pantry is an absolute necessity in many households. And sometimes, some extra shelves are needed. For your shelving needs we give you food pantry shelves. Now you have the space to store just about anything.

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Food pantry shelves

If you have enough place at your home to have a larder, you are a really lucky guy. Buy the classic metal stillage and many size of boxes. It allows you to organize your food in hundred percent order.

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Food pantry shelves 6

from Country Living web site. I love the jugs for onions and potatoes!

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Food pantry shelving

These pull-out drawers are great! Would be easy to see what we have at a glance.

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Pantry shelving diy

How To Organize a Pantry - Key Tips and Design Ideas for Storage

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How to turn a coat closet into a pantry for

How to turn a coat closet into a pantry (for those of us with older houses - meaning no pantry space). I've been wanting to do this for a long time!! (I just need to figure out where to put the coats at first... lol!)

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Food pantry shelves

Add this cabinet and never again have any trouble storing your canned goods or heavy items, since it offers more than enough space to do so, while taking as little floor space as possible in your interior.

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Lisa 42" Kitchen Pantry

Lisa 42" Kitchen Pantry

It is a 42 inches kitchen pantry that is perfect for storing your food, kitchen accessories, small things and more. It fits to small spaces and it is perfect for many rooms. You will be impressed how functional and great this pantry is.

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Food pantry shelves 13

If you’ve built a top-notch root cellar, you’ll want to build a top-notch storage system to keep your vegetables fresh and accessible.

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Pantry shelfs

Oh I cannot wait until I get a food and a dish pantry!

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You could go to any big box establishment and buy

You could go to any big-box establishment and buy something to store food and such, but what about something creative that you can make yourself? Here are six excellent ideas to “spice up” your kitchen and food storage with a little DIY flair!   Are

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Food Pantry Shelves

Buying Guide

When you’re selecting food pantry shelves, you need to consider what you are going to put in your pantry. Think of the types of canisters, cans, boxes, and bowls that you typically put in your pantry. Then, you’ll need to subdivide the amount of height you have in your pantry by shelves and shelf sections that are at least as tall - preferably, with a 5” or so buffer - as the items you will need to store.

Ideally, you’ll be able to have a mix of different types of shelving, so, if in the future you need to store something tall or bulky, you’ll be able to. Finally, consider adding in built-in drawers or vertical dividers in yourselves to store pot lids, storage container lids, or other smaller items. It’ll reduce visual clutter and help you keep things well organized.

Here are some practical tips to organize your food pantry shelves:

  • Start by running an inventory of all the products and foods you have or the ones you’re planning on stocking on a regular basis: that way you’ll know how much room or how many shelves you can allow for each category
  • Keep the ones that you use almost every day at easy reach, reserving the highest or lowest shelves for food that you only pick up occasionally
  • Use the right containers for your inventory. For an aesthetically pleasing result, consider buying matching canisters and sets
  • Psst. See-through models will make it easier to keep track of the items you use more often

The best depth for food pantry shelves is between 16” - 20” deep. If your pantry is exceptionally small, you can opt for just one food pantry shelf. These are typically 4” - 5” deep and are useful for storing essential items such as spices, sugar, tea, and coffee.

If you have too deep shelves, you may need to frequently reorganize and restack them to avoid letting items become out of date. Sticking to the perfect depth of around 16 - 20” allows for easy visibility of your kitchen inventory and enables easy storage.

Alternatively, invest in several clear plastic Lazy Susan trays or plastic bins to store your items to prevent your deep pantry shelves from becoming cluttered.

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60" Kitchen Pantry

60" Kitchen Pantry

If you're looking for discreet and functional solutions for your kitchen, check out this amazing kitchen pantry! It's gonna bring you not only en extraordinary functionality, but also a universal design.

Food pantry shelves 5

Narrow open pantry shelves

Food pantry shelves

Pantry idea: how to organize all those jars and spice receptacles just to keep things in order. Each section is labelled, as the shelves are painted with chalkboard paint and one can write with chalk on them.

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