Kitchen Counter Shelf

Shelving is the best way to store things if you like to see the stuff you have. Readily access your kitchen needs with a kitchen counter shelf. In straight models and models that fit well in corners, your cookbooks, sugar and flour containers, and even some decorative items, will sit on a lovely perch, and not clutter your counter space. This collection has plenty of options to meet your needs.

Best Products

French Display Hanging Pot Rack with Grid

French Display Hanging Pot Rack with Grid
Aesthetic traditional style rack hand-crafted of satin black-finished iron. It has a larger upper rectangular grid hanging frame and a smaller bottom one. Each frame has 6 hanging hooks. The rack is equipped with 4 chains.

Butterfly Shelf

Butterfly Shelf
An amazing piece for embellishing kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. This butterfly shelf is quite unique in its design, crafted from durable metal, and suitable for outdoor areas. Features 4 open shelves.

Kitchen counter shelf 1

Kitchen shelves made of wood and metal. Base is finished with sunflower theme. Perfect for stroing spices, cups and others needed items. Functional design for each home.

Kitchen counter corner shelf

Kitchen Counter Corner Shelf

Kitchen counter shelf

This small kitchen counter shelf is an ingenuine construction, that will add functionality to your space. Placed in a corner or some niche will let you save valuable space. It can be a good place to store some kitchen supplies, plates or cups.

Cook N Home 2-Tier Counter Storage Shelf, Stainless Steel

Manufactured from Stainless Steel the 2-Tier Counter Storage Shelf includes small and large shelf with sturdy metal poles for legs. Neat styling emphasizes modern design making it suitable for many types of décor.

Lipper International Bamboo Over-The-Sink Shelf

This over-the-sink shelf is constructed of ecologically responsible bamboo for a natural look and feel and is just perfect for storing your handsoap or potted herbs, while it will also prove great for the hobby area or mudroom.

Our advice Buying Guide

There’s nothing trickier than getting your kitchen storage sorted. For starters, there’s never enough space to store your stuff, even if you have a kitchen the size of a large cavern. And if you have a small galley, then you are probably ripping your hair out trying to get organized and curb the chaos.

On one side, you have pantries and cabinets that are crammed to the brim. But on the other side, you have unused corners and awkward alcoves lying unused. That’s where counter shelves come into the picture.

Kitchen counter shelves are an unconventional but resourceful way of maximizing every inch of your kitchen space. The best part is that you can add one just about anywhere in the kitchen. Sounds confusing? Here’s some help.

What types of counter shelves are there?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and take a tour of your kitchen. Now jot down all the potential spaces that are lying unused. Above the window, under the cabinets, above the sink, the backsplash, corners, behind the doors, make a note of everything. You can find a counter shelf that will fit into each one of these.

  • Floating shelves can be installed above the windows. It can be used for displaying your kitchenware as well as for lesser used items.
  • Glass shelves installed under the cabinets are a smart storage solution that doesn’t interrupt the aesthetics, yet serves the purpose.
  • The under-cabinet area can also be used for installing simple hanging shelving for cups, cookware and pans. Or a pegboard.
  • Corner shelves offer an ingenious solution for utilizing unused corners in your home. It can be a simple, tiered wire frame shelf or something more eye-pleasing, like an étagère.
  • You can also opt for swinging units like carousels and half-carousels for the corners.
  • Pull-out units or larder units can be installed inside cabinets if you have unused space.

How to measure for kitchen counter shelves?

Irrespective of the type of shelving you select, measure the available space accurately. Make a note of the length, the width and the depth of the space. In case of awkward corners, you’d probably have to run some additional math. Corner shelves are usually shaped like a triangle or a semi-circle. You’d have to calculate the area for one shelf and then multiply it by the number of shelves.

What's the best material for a kitchen counter shelf?

The most popular materials for kitchen shelves are:

  • Particleboard, for example, is an excellent pick for floating shelves. It can be finished to match the cabinets or other furniture pieces and will not cost an arm and a leg.
  • Glass can be used for creating a variety of counter shelves.
  • Metal, especially stainless steel with a chrome finish renders an industrial touch to a kitchen and works well with modern décor themes.

You can, by all means, select a counter shelf that matches the material of your cabinets, which most probably will be wood or MDF. It will most likely have to be custom made though and can cost a pretty penny, especially if you are installing multiple units. But if you are looking for a more practical solution, then select any material that’s durable, cost-effective and does the job.


Seville Classics SHE14052 Expandable Kitchen Counter Shelf, Silver

Practical and aesthetic Expandable Kitchen Counter & Cabinet Shelf in Gunmetal Finish, suitable for any kitchen. This sturdy iron shelf is going to help you organize your plates, bowls, and cups, while ensuring long years of usage.

Whitmor 6066-930 Supreme Over The Sink Shelf

Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf, White(16.3/4"length X 8.1/4"width X 6"hight)

Solid, efficient, and designed in a compact size, this Kitchen Counter & Cabinet Shelf in White Finish is going to better organize your kitchen. Manufactured from PE coated steel construction, the shelf provides an impressive durability, and can also be stored in smaller spaces.

LOHOME (TM) Double Design Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Rack Multi-function Kitchen Shelves Shelf Storage Rack Adjustable with Side Hook

Stainless steel shelves for kitchen indoors. This oven rack provides some space for kitchen devices and accessories. It also assures resistance to high temperatures, moisture and other negative factors characteristic for kitchen.

Pot rack ideas

Additional storage space in the kitchen that allows for better organization of kitchen products and accessories. Metal shelves are very durable and their simple shape perfectly matches any type of kitchen design.

Kitchen countertop shelves

There is a many ideas for the countertops in your kitchen. Using the chalkboard paint, sanded and finished with the paste wax prepares a big easy-to-clean space. If you have a caprice, you can also write on it with chalk.

Corner shelf for kitchen counter

concrete Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Kitchen countertop organization

Very practical kitchen countertop organization. These wall mounted shelves are made of metal and they are finished in black color. Their storage baskets provide space for spices, kitchen products and useful accessories.

Cook N Home 2-Tier Corner Storage Shelf, Stainless Steel

If you wish to use the space in a small kitchen, the spectacular and very practical stainless steel shelf is a perfect solution. Beautifully it made solid and durable and at the same checks for storing many things.

MyGift® Rustic Brown Dual Tier Wire Spice Rack Jars Storage Organizer (Kitchen Countertop or Wall Mount)

Organize your spices perfectly from now on and never again worry about running out of space, since this spice rack jars organizer offers a structure big enough to fulfill everyone's needs easily and the durable metal will last for years to come.

Kitchen counter shelf 4

I've seen these sinks in a couple of remodels on HGTV...I think I'd want this counter and sink in my kitchen of my new house. "Butcher Block counter tops and farm house sink"

Counter shelf

DIY Gorgeous Low Budget White Kitchen Makeover ! (you will not believe the before or the low cost of the entire project)


Kitchen counter shelf 2

Great Website for RV storage and tips..seriously if you have any kind of RV you should go check it out

Over the Sink Shelf - Bronze

Kitchen counter storage ideas

Kitchen Counter Storage Ideas

Kitchen counter rack

Pop-up Shelf If you don't use an appliance every day, why let it monopolize precious counter space (or, worse, get buried way in the back where you have to excavate to find it)? This pop-up shelf is strong enough to support large items like mixers or esp

Kitchen countertop shelves

Kitchen shelves suitable for the storage of jars and baskets. These countertop shelves are resistant to the weight of full jars. Their white finish is universal, so these shelves look very good in any kitchen design.

Kitchen kitchen cabinet pull out cabinet shelves kitchen cabinet

Kitchen > Kitchen Cabinet > Pull Out Cabinet Shelves > Kitchen Cabinet ...

Countertop corner shelf

Beautiful in its coziness, this unpretentious modern kitchen provides space for cooking, laughing and precious family moments. Traditional white cabinets provide lots of storage space, though it's been furtherly extended with open shelving under.

Kitchen counter shelf 10

kitchen cabinet top decorating ideas - Google Search | I just wish the island matched the cabinets and/or counters.

Kitchen counter shelf 8

Walk-in pantry hidden behind cabinet-front - note the counter top for small appliances...

Kitchen countertop shelves 17

Handy solution for a kitchen storage under the countertop. The set of white shelves on metal rails provides a lot of space to store all of your pans and pots with an additional rack on the bottom for placing lids

Axis 196 The Pull-Out Kitchen Appliance Caddy

Kitchen counter shelf 11

White and wood make a fantastic combination for a clean kitchen. The floating shelves are also a great way to show off your bespoke serving crockery.

Kitchen counter shelf

Heritage White RTA Kitchen Cabinet Microwave Oven Cabinet MW3030

Hanging display shelves 2

Cozy cottage style kitchen nook with hanging display shelves; wide apron-front sink embellished with a traditional nickel faucet sets the vintage tone. Additional display shelf was mounted on a window frame.

Expandable Adjustable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf Organizer Space Saver, White(adjustable From16 .3/4 to 30.3/4"length X 8.1/4"width X 6"height) 1189

Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf, White(adjustable From16 .3/4 to 30.3/4"length X 8.1/4"width X 6"hight)

Counter top shelves

The Most Beautiful Kitchen Backsplashes We've Ever Seen via @domainehome

Kitchen countertop shelves

A well-organized kitchen cabinet that boasts of functionality and creativity. The inside is accommodated with metal baskets attached to the movable frame. Baskets have wood panel inside, allowing you to place your household appliances and conveniently move them in and out.

Kitchen island chicago

Traditional setup for a cozy kitchen with a counter kitchen island with a smooth and polished granite top and a wooden frame. The kitchen island itself contains a very handy pantry storage on the built-in shelves, which provides a functional feature.

Corner shelf kitchen counter

Concrete kitchen counters White kitchen cabinets Open shelving s/w wall

Countertop shelves

Use a small shelf to have things accessible but off the kitchen counter.

Kitchen countertop shelf

Love the white horizontal planking on the backsplash and the open shelving.

DecoBros Expandable Stackable Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer, Silver

Kitchen countertop shelves

Kitchen top in classic form. It is completely made of wood. Neutral design for any kitchen according to taste and need.

These to your existing kitchen hafele makes some fantastic pull

... these to your existing kitchen, Hafele makes some fantastic pull outs

Organizing your kitchen will save you both time and money

Organizing Your kitchen will save you both time and money

Microwave on shelf in kitchen

microwave nook--this would be useful in our teensy kitchen, particularly the extra counter space

Seville Classics SHE14049 2-Tier Corner Shelf Organizer, Silver

Corner organizer for dishes in silver color. It looks good and saves space. Organizer has 3 levels. It lets you store cups, plates, small towels and other kitchen odds and ends. It is used in every kitchen, and more.

Kitchen shelf

kitchen shelf

10 clever kitchen counter storage ideas

10 Clever Kitchen Counter Storage Ideas