Kitchen Island With Pot Rack


Have your pots and lids above, or below, but just close by is perfect for a more efficient cooking experience. A kitchen island with a built in pot rack gives you a great place to hang your pots when they aren't needed, as well as the lids, and even some of your matching utensils. And the whole unit is made of sturdy, quality material, designed to last through hundreds of meals.

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Fruit stand butcher block work table 1

fruit stand, butcher block, work table.

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Kitchen island with pot rack 28

Very compact kitchen island offering a large tabletop and a bottom shelf for extra stuff. The island is then fitted with a pot rack on one side that can hold five or six pots anytime. It’s also finished in a glossed natural wood stain for impeccable minimalist style.

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Kitchen island with pot rack

Versatile kitchen island featuring a compact design and a stunning industrial look. The island comes with a nice wooden top and a powder-coated metal base. You also get a sturdy metal pot rack at the top that offers two tiers of hanging hooks to get your kitchen organized.

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Kitchen island with pot rack 2

Well-built kitchen island featuring a beautiful wooden design and a stunning light brown stain. The island also comes fitted with a stainless steel pot rack that can hold up to five large pots easily. It’s the ultimate combination of style and practicality for any kitchen.

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John Boos Cucina Grandioso Kitchen Table 48X24 Gra02c

Minimalist kitchen Island designed to offer excellent functionality for your kitchen. The piece comes with a large countertop and includes a large open shelf below for your kitchen stuff. You also get a pot rack at the top for ultimate space-saving.

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Berkley Kitchen Island with Wood Top I

Berkley Kitchen Island with Wood Top I

This product is a very solid, stable and attractive kitchen island that offers wooden top. It includes wheels for enhanced mobility. It also includes storage drawers and compartments that are very spacious.

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Kitchen island with pot rack

Pot rack in vintage style. It is made of wood and mounted on metal chain. Includes hooks for storing pots and others kitchen utensils. Great solution for space saving in any kitchen.

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Dalton Kitchen Island with Wooden Top

Dalton Kitchen Island with Wooden Top

If you're dreaming of an incredible style and an extraordinary functionality in your living room, check out this amazing item! It's gonna bring you a perfect and stylish way to store all of your wine bottles.

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Kitchen island with pot rack 1

This kitchen island with accompanying pot rack makes a functional, yet cosy area to prepare your meals. The pot rack is made from formable wrought iron, enabling to create intricate shapes. The island is a solid combination of dark wood and marble.

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Merilee Kitchen Island

Merilee Kitchen Island

This Contemporary Kitchen Island in White Finish features solid premium-grade wood construction. The kitchen island includes 2 deep drawers, 1 spice rack and 1 towel bar, and raised panel doors with decorative pulls, spacious storage compartments, and caster wheels.

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Kitchen Island With Pot Rack

Buying Guide

A pot rack generally needs to hang down between 40”-48” from the kitchen island or counter workspace. This measurement is from the bottom of a rack’s hooks to the surface below.

To determine how low to place your pot rack, first measure the height of your ceiling. Next, measure how tall you and anyone else who will be using the kitchen are. Add another 6”-10” to that height, depending on the length of your arm when stretched overhead.

Subtract that number (your height plus the 6”-10”) from the ceiling height measurement taken earlier. This number will give you an approximate measurement of how low to hang your pot rack. Also, consider how long your pots and pans are that will be placed above your kitchen island with pot rack.

A kitchen island with a pot rack does not need to be placed in the middle of the kitchen. It can be placed in any area depending on what it is going to be used for. For example, you can place it in the middle of your kitchen if you want it to be your main food preparation and cooking area.

However, if you want it to be a separate island from your main cooking point, you can place a kitchen island with a pot rack in the corner of your kitchen or in areas that are easily accessible when you need to reach for pots and pans.

Whether your pot rack is flat against the wall or you have a kitchen island with a pot rack, it’s critical to keep it organized. The goal should be to make all pots and utensils quick to locate and easy to reach.

To organize a pot rack, you must strike a balance between convenience and visual appeal. A pot rack can be a beautiful feature for a kitchen, but only if you arrange it nicely.

Use size as a starting point for organization. Hang your pots in order from largest to smallest, regardless of which ones you use most frequently. This logical arrangement creates a system, so you know where to look when you need a particular size of pan, and for visitors, there appears to be a method to the rack’s layout.

Grouping like items together is also important. Copper and stainless steel pots should not be grouped together, as this can create a chaotic appearance. Keep products that are from the same set with each other, arranging by size within the set.

Though it may seem like an intense methodology for organizing a pot rack, designing a system that makes sense for you, as the chef, and in the mind of a guest who is simply viewing the kitchen, is the best way to balance aesthetics with functionality.

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Kitchen island with hanging pot rack

love everything about this kitchen from the overhanging pots to the many plants and the beautiful hardwood flooring matched with the tan chairs

Kitchen island with pot rack 21

Extremely functional and well-constructed pot rack that will get your kitchen organized. Featuring a ceiling-mounted design, the rack comes in a chrome-plated metal construction for extra longevity and durability. It’s also large enough to hold dozens of pots for display.

Island pot rack

This incredible rack intended to the kitchen is made of very big cast-iron, old-fashioned roasting pan. It is hanged on chains. This rack can be used to storage pots, roundels and fry pans or to drying herbs.

Kitchen island with pot rack 19

Minimalist kitchen island offering a unique counter height design, a large tabletop, and a sturdy metal frame. The island is then fitted with a pot rack below to help you better organize in your kitchen. The rack can hold dozens of pots at any given time.

Kitchen island with pot rack 24

Farmhouse-inspired wooden kitchen island featuring a large tabletop and a stunning dark brown finish. The island also offers a pot rack on one side for three or four pots. Its vintage-style appeal, coupled with impeccable functionality, makes it a unique piece for your kitchen.

Kitchen island with pot rack 5

Rustic Kitchen

Kitchen island with pot rack 9

Traditional Kitchen kitchen island ranges Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Kitchen island with pot rack 3

Kitchen island with cabinets, drawer and open shelves on the base. It is made of wood with antique finish. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Perfect solution for space saving in each home.

Kitchen island with pot rack 7

Norwegian country kitchen

Pot rack over island

Open Shelving in Kitchen, wood on walls, mix of textures, love this!

Kitchen island pot hanger

deram kitchen. combined with Emily Wong's. I love her kitchen. I don't know what it is about it.

Kitchen island with pot rack 29

An all black kitchen with pops of color, think the glass cabinets are a good idea to lighten things up

Theodore matthews open kitchen in the hollywood hills kitchen spotlight

Theodore & Matthew's Open Kitchen in the Hollywood Hills — Kitchen Spotlight. Pro tip: Hang your most-used pans near the stove, and put the others on a pot rack over the island.

Kitchen island with pot rack 5

Mexican kitchen: or like the tiles on this kitchen walls.