Wall Hanging Spice Rack


Wall hanging spice racks are a great way to properly showcase your spices and have easy access to them when needed. Never have to hunt around a junk drawer or a cabinet to find your spices again. Not when you have an easy an attractive medium to keep them organized. Take a look at our extensive collection of walls hanging spice racks for your kitchen aesthetic.

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Our Picks

Victorian iron pot pan rack spice shelf

Victorian iron pot pan rack spice shelf

Rack intended to airing pots and pans is element, which you find in every house, but not everyone knows that it can be very important decor's element. This beautiful metal rack with original punched pattern make your kitchen more unique.

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Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Wall Shelf

Make your kitchen more appealing by complementing it with this beautiful 24'' rack for pots and pans. Made of robust steel, the rack gives you 5 strong hooks to, on which you can hang various kinds of your kitchen-helpers.

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Countertop Spice Rack

Countertop Spice Rack

This fashionable space rack adds a modern twist to your kitchen decor. It will effortlessly accommodate all your jars and spices with its three wired shelves. It may be hanged on a wall or used as a freestand.

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Ikea Fintorp 2 Wire Baskets Dish Drainer Napkin Holder Shelf Spice Rack Hanger

Ikea Fintorp 2 Wire Baskets Dish Drainer Napkin Holder Shelf Spice Rack Hanger

This wall hanging shelf pot rack is an ideal solution for your kitchen, dining area or pantry. A neat, nicely considered project, which adds functionality and warmth to your interiors. You can store there your spices, herbs, olives etc.

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Midland Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Midland Wall Mounted Spice Rack

If you appreciate functional furniture is made of pine wood wall mounted spice rack is the perfect solution. It has numerous shelves that can accommodate all the necessary spices. Ideal piece of furniture for the kitchen or pantry.

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Magnetic spice rack for compact living

Magnetic spice rack for compact living

This wall hanging unique spice rack jar is such a piece of art. Glass jars filled with spices, ended with metal lids could be placed on stainless stell wall rack or on your fridge in your kitchen. Great idea for cooking lovers.

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Stainless Steel Wall Mount Spice Rack

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Spice Rack

Designed of stainless steel, this Wall Mount Rack provides durable metal wire construction. The rack offers 3 open shelves for storing 15 spice jars, with each able to accommodate up to 5 jars.

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Wall hanging spice rack 1

Combination of frame and drawers - creates the best wall hanging spice rack in our kitchen. Everything is made of solid metal and mounted to the wall. Two levels of shelves create a stable and easily accessible place for home cooks.

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Hanging spice racks

A simple and functional, steel rack that you can hang in your kitchen over the sink. It will provide you with easy access to all the important things. Simple shelves will accommodate all the spices and herbs.

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Wall Hanging Spice Rack

Buying Guide

To install a wall hanging spice rack, first mark your desired height, measure the space between the mounting hardware and mark holes on the wall, screw in drywall anchors, and use screws to mount your rack. The majority of spice racks come with holes pre-drilled as well as the hardware needed to hang them. All you need to do is measure appropriately before drilling holes and hanging your spice rack.

Drill slowly to the depth slightly longer than your screw anchors. Gently insert the screw anchors into the holes until they are flush with your wall. Next, screw in the screws partway, leaving enough protruding to hang the rack’s attached hardware; around ½” is sufficient.

If your spice rack only comes with drilled holes, screw the screws in part way and align the holes for hanging. If the holes are smaller than the top of the screw, you will need to hold the rack in place against the wall and screw in each screw.

For smaller, lighter-weight spice racks, you may be able to apply glue strips or hooks to hold them in place.

A wall-hanging spice rack can fit anywhere from 10 to 30 jars depending on the size of the rack and the style of the jars. A stainless steel mountable rack offers space for 15 jars arranged octagonally, while a mounted bar rack where jars hang by their lids holds 7-plus jars and is limited only by its length.

A classic countertop spice rack holds around 8 jars, while a large wooden wall-mounted rack accommodates more than 30 jars of varying sizes. To ensure that your spice rack fits as many spices as possible, get jars that are the same size and shape, reducing wasted space. Another interesting solution is to use a spice rack with magnetic jars and metal strips to store your spices horizontally.

When storing your spices, you need to understand that they are perishable and therefore vulnerable to light and thus need specific storage containers. While some people choose to use glass jars to store spices, others prefer plastic. So let's take a look at each type of storage container for spices and which is better. High-end and expensive spices are normally stored in glass jars as glass extends the shelf life significantly.

The interaction of glass jars with plastic caps allows them to seal with both the cap and the liner. Additionally, when storing your spices in a glass jar, there are no faint tastes of the material in your spices, making it ideal for high-end and frequently used spices.

On the other hand, plastic is a more affordable option; however, it is still porous and allows small amounts of air to damage spices. Plastic also tends to leach in temperature extremes, and either freezing or heating these containers leads to small particles entering the spices and ruining the flavor. That said, our recommendation is glass jars for all your spice storing needs in your wall hanging spice rack.

Best Ideas

Spice rack from brushed nickel on corner wall mount cabinet

... Spice Rack from Brushed Nickel on Corner Wall Mount Cabinet of Kitchen

Hanging spice rack

A wonderful idea for a kitchen shelving unit. It's made of simple, open shelves for smaller cointainers and a rail with racks for bottles or pots. The shelves are simply attached to the wall. A silver finish will suit almost every kitchen.

Kitchen utensil rack

A creative way to store your pots and pans, while using this utensil rack, installed right under a bar-type counter. You can also mount it on a wall, where all of your utensils will be displayed as they should be.

Spice cabinet wall mount

This wall rack constitutes a perfect storage space for spices and herbs, letting you organize your home herbarium. Expose your impressive collection with this wooden construction, which will serve its role for years.

Hanging pan rack ikea

Keep your spices handy and visible with this hanging stainless steel spice rack. It can be mounted almost anywhere, but having it close to the stove would certainly make your spices accessible. Practical, minimalistic, and quite easy to install.

25 best ways to organize spices storage solution

25 Best Ways to Organize (Spices Storage Solution)

Spice magnets ikea

You can hang it or sit it on your countertop, you'll love the homespun look of this two-tier wire spice rack. Crafted of chicken wire with a rustic finish, this handy spice holder will keep your salt, pepper, paprika, cinnamon and more.

Huge spice rack

Large Spice Rack Made with Reclaimed Wood You choose the color or stain/ Made to order// Wall Hanging// Pallet Furniture/ Intrepid Illusions...

Metal hanging wall spice rack for kitchen wall decoration design

... Metal Hanging Wall Spice Rack For Kitchen Wall Decoration Design Ideas

Wall hanging headboards

Elegant headboard mounted on wooden frame and upholstered with fabric. It is decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Stylish accent for each bedroom according to taste.

Spice rack on wall

Artistic Designs for Living Tineke Triggs Fantastic kitchen design with small marble tiles backsplash, stainless steel slat & pepper grinders, marble counter top and hanging Hafele accessory wall system.

Purple cabinets 9

8 brilliant buys every inch of space counts in a kitchen - click through our gallery to discover Good Housekeeping's choice of the best spacesavers around. Here's the first...Hang it all. Hang everything from pan lids to utensils - ideal for kitchens with

Contemporary spice rack

Yup! Glass jars, French press, and rack for hanging pots/pans/spoons and such. I like the decorative frames mixed in.

Hanging wall spice rack impressive hanging wall spice rack for

... hanging-wall-spice-rack-impressive-hanging-wall-spice-rack-for-kitchen