Unique Spice Jars


Don't store your spices in the boring jars they came in. Do something a little different that shows off your eclectic nature and love of all things culinary. Put them in unique spice jars. Now your kitchen is customized to your style, and you have something to smile at whenever you need to add a spice to a dish. See this extensive collection and find the right unique spice jar for you.

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Our Picks

Glass metal spice jars

Glass metal spice jars

Clear glass jars with bronze finish lids - kinda vintage pharmacy style. It's blown-glass, and the lids are iron, so heavy and substantial. Might be very decorative with an appropriate content: like cinnamon sticks, vanilla, rosemary...

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Unique wooden mid century modern spice

Unique wooden mid century modern spice

Spice rack consisting of 8 glass jars. Frame is made of wood. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from customers for high quality and elegant design.

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Blue canister sets

Spice jars are needed in every kitchen, and these here are just great. Old-fashioned, simple and with nice images of grapes, they will add a relaxed, French or Italian vibe to your kitchen. Such canisters never go out of fashion!

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Magnetic spice rack for compact living

Magnetic spice rack for compact living

This wall hanging unique spice rack jar is such a piece of art. Glass jars filled with spices, ended with metal lids could be placed on stainless stell wall rack or on your fridge in your kitchen. Great idea for cooking lovers.

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12 Jar Extra Drawer Spice Organizer

12 Jar Extra Drawer Spice Organizer

It is an extra drawer spice organizer that includes twelve bottles of spices. It has got a white color and it fits to any kitchen. If you looking for a perfect spice organizer, you need to choose this one.

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Unique spice jars 1

Set of jars made of clear glass and fitted with metal lids. Suitable for storing spices and others needed stuff. Simple form and functional design.

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Unique canisters 1

Antique spice tins make unique containers. This unique find certainly will be a focal point in your kitchen or dining room area. In fact, these tins are certainly worth refilling with the described contents which are often cooking staples.

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Cool spice racks

Add pretty labels to bargain store bottles to create your own designer spice collection. Place the bottles on graduated “steps” inside your cupboard or on a shelf so that you can easily see and find your desired spice for cooking.

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Spice jar ideas

A set of convenient jars, which will help you organize your kitchen space, putting all spices and herbs in their right order. Their premium quality is underlined i.e. by the pattern in the frosted section and bamboo finishing.

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Unique spice jars 7

Spices as party favors, especially fitting if they match the spices used in the menu!

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Unique Spice Jars

Buying Guide

The best spice jars are airtight and made of glass, immediately allowing you to identify what’s stored inside each of them.

For a decorative effect, you should choose some unique spice jars that stand out in your kitchen.

For example, they could be shaped like lightbulbs, potion bottles, have lids in different colors, or whatever resonates with your personal preference and décor style.

When considering the size of spice jars you need, the amount and types of spices you are storing play a significant role in your decision.

Smaller spice bottles are recommended for denser and heavier spices such as salt. High volume spices such as dried oregano will require larger spice bottles.

As a general rule of thumb, 1/2 cup spice jar sizes are the benchmark for a variety of everyday spices and hold approximately 198 grams of dense spices and 11 grams of high volume spices. When storing ground spices such as cumin and cinnamon, these same-sized spice jars will hold anywhere between 60 to 65 grams of these types of spices.

While spices are probably the longest-lasting ingredients that you can possibly have in your kitchen, that doesn't mean that you don't need to take care when storing them. In fact, storing your most frequently used spices in unique spice jars is a great way to increase their flavor and longevity.

When it comes to spices that need to be stored in spice jars, these are probably your dry herbs and spices that lose their flavor or potency quickly.

Spices such as salt, black pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, minced onion, as well as ground cinnamon powder, paprika, and dried thyme are all spices that need to be stored in airtight spice jars. This will ultimately ensure their potency and longevity over the months.

Best Ideas

Unique spice

A set of marine spice jars with different kinds of salt in them. Perfect addition to a seaside kitchen, sure to bring an aquatic, unique vibe to your home and give you plenty of creative salt replacements while cooking.

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Unique jars

Unique Edible Wedding Favor. From Texas? How about a barbecue rub? Make it personal!!

Unique spice jars 21

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