Unique Spice Jars

I hate commercial spice jars. You’ll say I’m crazy, but I feel they are sort of … soulless. Seasoning dishes is like concocting magical potions – a bit of this, a pinch of that, and stir well – so I’ve been forever looking for ideas to make my own unique spice jars with soul and here’s what I’ve found.

Unique wooden mid century modern spice

Unique Wooden Mid Century Modern Spice
Spice rack consisting of 8 glass jars. Frame is made of wood. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from customers for high quality and elegant design.

Glass metal spice jars

Glass Metal Spice Jars
Clear glass jars with bronze finish lids - kinda vintage pharmacy style. It's blown-glass, and the lids are iron, so heavy and substantial. Might be very decorative with an appropriate content: like cinnamon sticks, vanilla, rosemary...

Blue canister sets

Spice jars are needed in every kitchen, and these here are just great. Old-fashioned, simple and with nice images of grapes, they will add a relaxed, French or Italian vibe to your kitchen. Such canisters never go out of fashion!

Unique spice jars 1

Set of jars made of clear glass and fitted with metal lids. Suitable for storing spices and others needed stuff. Simple form and functional design.

Glass spice jar 1 95 spice jar 4 5 oz

Glass Spice Jar $1.95. Spice Jar. 4.5 oz.; 2.5"x2.75"H A unique modern shape that harks back to the charm of old-fashioned dairy bottles, this clear glass spice jar has a tight-sealing lid to keep your favorite flavor accents fresh. Not just for the pa

Cool spice racks

Dollar Store DIY Spice Storage - Jen from Social Home blog shares how she created her own unique spice bottles.

Dale toms slide out hardware containers

Dale Toms Slide-out hardware containers

Olde Thompson 12-Jar Filled Orbit Wood Spice Rack

Unique spice racks 1

Spice rack made of wood and metal. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes a lot of compartments in various sizes. Functional design for each kitchen according to taste and need.

Love this great diy project and can be made to

Love this. Great DIY Project and can be made to hold a variety of jar sizes..just what I need as I like to recycle my sauce and vegemite jars :)

Spice rack idea

Spice rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with glass jars. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Simple form and functional design.

Linus Stadium Spice Rack

Linus Stadium Spice Rack

Unique spice jars 12

Looking for a unique presentation for serving crudite (vegetables & dip)? Here is a clever idea inspired by one of our favorite chefs Dan Vernia!

Unique spice jars

Use with wild abandon in sauces,

Unique spice jars 7

Spices as party favors, especially fitting if they match the spices used in the menu!

Details about unique spice rack jars food glass bottles organizer

Details about UNIQUE Spice Rack ~ Jars Food Glass Bottles Organizer ...

Unique spice jars 13

Keep it simple and sweet with a sugar favor. Photo by Kimbry Studios Photography via Style Me Pretty

Unique spice jars 15

Attractive and Organized Spice Cabinet - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home

Magnetic spice rack for compact living

Magnetic Spice Rack For Compact Living
This wall hanging unique spice rack jar is such a piece of art. Glass jars filled with spices, ended with metal lids could be placed on stainless stell wall rack or on your fridge in your kitchen. Great idea for cooking lovers.

Unique spice jars 4

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Modern spice rack

Smitten Packaging » Smitten Imagery

Unique spice

A set of marine spice jars with different kinds of salt in them. Perfect addition to a seaside kitchen, sure to bring an aquatic, unique vibe to your home and give you plenty of creative salt replacements while cooking.

Unique spice racks 9

Unique Junktique: Small Space Storage... And Kitchen Tour {loving the grater as a spoon hol;der here!}

Unique spice jars 23

kitchen organization @Style at Home

Unique spice jars 8

17 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas that Wow Your Guests. To see more: #wedding #weddings #favor

Unique spice jars 3

40 Frugal Ways to Re-Purpose Household Items | FabuLESSly Frugal. Just look at these magnet spice containers made from baby food jars - perfect for storing WinCo Bulk Food savings!

Unique canisters 1

These are so neat. I would love to have them in my kitchen. If I, you know, decorated anything ever.

Diy kitchen pantry cabinet plans

Seems that all jars with spices may be organized neatly without occupying much space in a pantry, all thanks to this unique sliding rack in white, efficiently providing storage maximization even in narrow rooms.

Unique spice racks 2

love love love love love this idea! Wonderful for your spices and getting them to use much less space!

Unique spice jars 22

Kitchen essentials like Kosher Salt and Pepper (when a pinch is better than a shake) are easy to access when store in small Mason Jars with chalkboard labels.

Spice jar ideas

A set of convenient jars, which will help you organize your kitchen space, putting all spices and herbs in their right order. Their premium quality is underlined i.e. by the pattern in the frosted section and bamboo finishing.

Unique spice jars 16

A really unique jelly made from pineapple and habanero peppers!

Unique jars

Unique Edible Wedding Favor. From Texas? How about a barbecue rub? Make it personal!!

Spice Rack

Spice Rack
If you're looking for a functional and stylish way to store all of your spices, this amazing rack might be a perfect solution. Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary design and convenience in your kitchen!

Countertop Spice Rack

Countertop Spice Rack
This fashionable space rack adds a modern twist to your kitchen decor. It will effortlessly accommodate all your jars and spices with its three wired shelves. It may be hanged on a wall or used as a freestand.

Homemade extract ornaments such a cute and unique christmas gift

Homemade Extract Ornaments!! Such a cute and unique Christmas gift with homemade all natural extracts! The little jars look like ornaments with ribbons attached

Unique spice jars 17

i don't know if i will ever make flavored honey but just in case i do...

Unique spice jars 18

homemade mulling spices. I'd just cut the recipe in half and presto! Yummy spices for my apple cider :)

Scroll Wall-Mounted Spice Rack in Satin Nickel

Scroll Wall-Mounted Spice Rack in Satin Nickel

Unique spice jars 19

12 Special Xmas Mason Jar Ideas decoration ideas christmas decor ideas

Stainless Steel-Over-Glass Spice Jar with 3-Size Shaker Top - Spices, Herbs, Seasonings

Unique spice jars 21

wedding favors spices photo by

Chrome Steel Countertop 12 Glass Spice Rack

12 Jar Extra Drawer Spice Organizer

12 Jar Extra Drawer Spice Organizer
It is an extra drawer spice organizer that includes twelve bottles of spices. It has got a white color and it fits to any kitchen. If you looking for a perfect spice organizer, you need to choose this one.

Unique spice jars 24

LOVE unique storage ideas! This would be so easy! Just screw the jar lids to the shelf and you have a way to display bright small buttons and items! Also love the idea of hanging cups for things like brushes and pens.

Unique spice jars 25

chalk board lids

Spice jar labels custom spices custom color by supersweetlife

Spice Jar Labels Custom Spices Custom Color by SuperSweetLife

Large custom spice rack set of 12 larger spice jars

LARGE Custom Spice Rack: Set of 12 Larger Spice Jars by Gneiss Spice ...

Unique spice jars 26

Homemade spice mixes in repurposed glass vials presented in a cigar box (from Eliot's Eats)

Spice rack modern spice racks kitchen furniture unique kitchen spice

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