Kitchen Canisters Set

If you have ever mixed up the flour and the sugar when trying to bake something , then you know how important it is to have kitchen canisters that are labeled and it also complement your kitchen. That is why we wanted to offer you our selection of fun, sometimes clever, and always useful kitchen canister sets. Take a look at our extensive collection and see if we have the canister set for you.

Best Products

Rare Mid Century Masterware Vtg 1950s Tiffany Blue Chrome Kitchen Canister Set

Rare Mid Century Masterware Vtg 1950s Tiffany Blue Chrome Kitchen Canister Set
A classic set of kitchen canisters that emanate with their retro charm and sturdy construction. Designed in the 1950's, each canister is made of durable turquoise metal, featuring a well-polished metal lid with square handle.

Hammered 4 Piece Copper Canister Set

Hammered 4 Piece Copper Canister Set
Designed solely for storing commonly used kitchen ingredients, while making sure to add more style to your design, this 4-piece copper canister set combines charm and utility perfectly with the easy to clean construction.

Milford 3-Piece Canister Set

Milford 3-Piece Canister Set
Three earthenware canisters of diversed sizes are not only functional but also decorative. Thanks to airtight lids, the influence of moisture that could damage the content is significantly reduced. White, sleek finish defines contemporary design.

Vintage Nally Ware 5x Spicet Set On Wall Rack Harlequin Colours

Vintage Nally Ware 5x Spicet Set On Wall Rack Harlequin Colours
Set of colorful (red, yellow, green, pink and blue), retro canisters intended to storage natural spices. They help you keeping order in your kitchen. Every canister has plastic sign - for ginger, spice, cina, cloves etc.

3 Piece Sorrento Canister & Lid Set

3 Piece Sorrento Canister & Lid Set
Aesthetic functional modern set of 3 cylindrical canisters for kitchen use. They are made of durable glossy beige stoneware. Each piece has an air-tight lid with a removable silicone gasket and a knob. All canisters are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Vintage mid century mod avocado green

Vintage mid century mod avocado green
Pretty vintage stackable kitchen canisters entirely crafted of metal. They have height-varied cuboidal bodies with rounded corners, a delicate pale greenish finish and decorative 3D metallic labels. Glossy pink lids have dark plastic knobs.

Bohemian canister set multicolor with

Bohemian canister set multicolor with
Original additions make the interior very unusual in any interior, so this unique set of containers with lids will be a perfect variation on the decor. Beautiful coloring and design on the ceramic design captivate.

Our advice Buying Guide

Everybody loves a neat and organized kitchen. It is your initiative to maintain your kitchen’s cleanliness and put every ingredient and appliance in the right place. Kitchen canister sets are some of the products that are recommended for kitchen organization as they store and preserve powdery components like coffee, rice, and flour.

As kitchen canister sets differ in construction, size, shape, and a lot more factors, here are some guidelines that will help you choose the best set for your needs and preferences:

Does the shape of kitchen canisters matter?

You may be wondering why there are different shapes of kitchen canisters or containers. The different shapes aren’t just for personal preferences.

For a round container, it is a good choice if you want the products stored in it to have better air circulation. The round shape minimizes food waste as it has a faster cooling time and it is better at food preservation.

Technically speaking, kitchen canisters should only be round or spherical in shape. But, some are now square or rectangular as they offer the ability to maximize storage space. A square or rectangular kitchen container is easier to stack with other containers. It also helps you store more food in a small space.

What size of kitchen canisters should you choose?

The best size for your kitchen canister set will depend on how often you use the products stored in the containers and what type of ingredients are placed in them. There are some sets that have canisters in uniform sizes while others differ in terms of size. If you want to eliminate frequent refills as you constantly make use of certain kitchen supplies, then get a set that consists of large canisters. They should be large enough that they can hold significant portions of products. Refills can be boring and tedious, but if you don’t mind the extra work, then you can opt for smaller containers.

What are kitchen canisters typically made of?

As for the construction or material makeup of canister sets, you have different options including stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and plastic. All of them have their own benefits and setbacks. You can base your decision in terms of material with what you plan on storing inside the containers. For glass storage canisters, they are perfect for beans and pasta, but you can use plastic if you want to throw the set in the dishwasher especially if the items stored inside the canisters are sticky like syrup or honey. As for stainless steel ones, they allow you to keep sugar, flour, and rice safely without worrying that the kids might spill the contents on the floor when they’re dropped.

How to match canisters with the style of your kitchen?

While you may keep canister sets inside cupboards, it is likely that you will display them on your counter when you are prepping meals. It is, therefore, a good idea to coordinate the style of your kitchen with the look of your new canister set. For a modern kitchen, pick a set that is sleek and is made of stainless steel. For country or rustic kitchens, the old-fashioned set that’s made of ceramic is a great option. If you want a safe choice, then go for clear glass as you can easily personalize the material.


White embossed kitchen canister set 4 piece

White Embossed Kitchen Canister Set 4 Piece

Kitchen canisters set 1

A lovely set of various kitchen canisters that will keep your potatoes, onions and garlic properly stored in sealed containers. The set consists of 3 canisters - each made of off-white porcelain and adorned with a stylish print.

M2CBridge Kitchen Collection Metal-Coated Window Canister Set with Airtight Lids(Black) ,Set of 4

This beautiful set of four kitchen containers is an excellent solution that will introduce law and order in drawers and shelves kitchen. Made of steel and glass is very elegant and suitable for many types of interiors.

Kitchen canister sets 13 excellent contemporary kitchen canisters

kitchen canister sets: 13 Excellent Contemporary Kitchen Canisters ...

Modern kitchen canisters

Set of 4 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of stoneware and fitted with wooden lids. Suitable for storing food and others needed items. Handy gadget for each home.

Hover over product image to zoom click for larger image

Hover over product image to zoom, click for larger image.

Large canister sets 1

A gorgeous set of three canisters in a rustic style. They are made of top quality ceramics with a subtle, etched pattern in a mild coffee shade. They feature a highly ornamental base and top. The containers are perfect for storing powdery products.

Potato canister

An elegant set of 3 canisters, excellent for spicing up contemporary kitchens. Each canister boasts of a streamlined silhouette, offering a capacious inside, a red lid with decorative handle, and a black background with a lovely chili pepper embellishment.

Kitchen canister set burgundy

kitchen canister set burgundy

Turquoise kitchen canister set

The large set of impressive turquoise kitchen kitchens makes the kitchen décor interesting, and the set is very functional. Large items for bakery, biscuits, sugar, coffee or tea will hold a lot of things and interesting to present.

Contemporary kitchen canister sets

Planning a beach themed kitchen remodel? Don't miss these coastal canisters. They hint at ocean inspiration both with their colour (light aqua blue) and details (starfish, seashells) on front. Each canister has a dome lid with cute shell handle.

Kitchen canisters set

Are you searching for a kitchen canister set that would spruce up your ambiance? This one features three canisters with different sizes, striped pattern with black and white colors and ceramic construction.

Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection Set of 3 Canisters

Capacious canisters for various storage purposes, with simple decorative detailing, finished with plain cream/ivory antiqued glaze (other colors available). May be used in microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher.

Flairs 4 Piece Storage Canister Set

Flairs 4 Piece Storage Canister Set

Owl canisters for the kitchen

Look at the pic and find out why ceramic accessories should be in your kitchen! These ceramic large kitchen canisters set have an unusual grain structure, neat lids and a subtle color of milk with honey. They are a testimony to the use of ceramics.

Contemporary kitchen canisters

Set of 4 kitchen canisters for storing food and others needed stuff. It is made of ceramic and decorated with red pepper theme. Includes lids with comfortable grip. Adds freshness and modernity to any kitchen.

Olde Country Food Safe Canisters (Set of 4)

Plum kitchen canisters

The beautiful set of kitchen containers makes the interior an unusual decoration and functional storage. A beautifully decorated bowling with stars delights and perfectly fits into the rustic atmosphere of the interior.

Ivory ceramic kitchen canisters set of 3

Ivory Ceramic Kitchen Canisters, Set of 3

Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Round Glass Canister Set with Ball Lid

Practical set of four glass storage jars for kitchen applications. Glass is resistant to the change of colors. It also retains smells and allows contents of jars to be seen without removing the lid. They can complement any kitchen decor.

Drake canister sets 1

These glass canisters make a stylish, yet functional, addition to your bathroom, adding a modern feeling. Ideal to store all bathroom supplies, like soap, Q-Tips or cotton pads. A set includes 3 canisters, varying by size.

M2CBridge Kitchen Collection Metal-Coated Window Canister Set with Airtight Lids(Stainless Steel) ,Set of 4

This stunning set of kitchen containers is a great help in the kitchen. Made of solid steel, they hold the lid and the inner window through which you can evaluate the contents without opening it. Will add style and class to your kitchen.

Tuscan old world drake design scroll black kitchen canisters set


The ribbed ceramic canister collection is a available in three

The ribbed ceramic canister collection is a available in three sizes ...

Canister sets for kitchen ceramic 1

Leaf green canisters with circular patterns going around the jars of each cannister. Simple lift-off lids give easy access to supplies that might be stored within. Perfect for adding to a spring floral or summer-themed kitchen setup.

Modern kitchen canister sets

Photos of the Kitchen Canister Sets Storage Ideas

Kitchen canisters set

Set of 3 kitchen cnisters finished with sunflower theme. It is made from high quality ceramics and fitted with comfortable handles on the lids. Suitable for storing food and others needed stuff. Handy gadget for each home.

Modern canister set

The charming set of the kitchen containers cat formations makes the interior delights. The whole made of ceramic has lids and attractive finish. Lovely pieces in the form of feet and ears create a unique combination.

Anchor Home Collection 4-Piece Ceramic Canister Set with Clamp Top Lid and a Wood Spoon, Black

A ceramic canister set (black finish with silverish metal hardware) providing functional storage space and neat decoration at the same time. Very easy to wipe clean with damp cloth. Closed with metal clamps. Wooden spoons included.

Tuscany Colorful Hand Painted Fleur De Lis Canisters, Set of 4, 82001 by ACK

This 4-piece set includes colorful and hand painted canisters for storing everything you want. They look fabulous and they add color and style to any room in home. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this set is.

Fab mid century modern kitchen canisters

Fab. Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Canisters

Set of 4 Apple shaped red ceramic CANISTERS country kitchen home decor NEW

It is very fun but functional set of four containers for food storage. They are made of ceramic and have a shape of apples. The whole set is hand painted and polished in detail, it must be washed by hand.

Chili pepper canisters

Extra Chic Retro Vintage Sweet Pink FourPiece Kitchen by rubysgirl, $85.99

Polder Stainless Steel Window Canister Set with Lids

This sensational set of containers for food storage is the perfect solution for your kitchen. Made of stainless steel and glass are very solid and practical. Accommodate your favorite ingredients like pasta, raisins, nuts or beans.

Tools of the Trade Stainless Steel 2 Piece Canister Set

This Efficient 2-Piece Canister Set is consisted of two aesthetic and highly-functional canisters manufactured from quality stainless steel. The lid is tightly sealed, and made of silicone gasket and metal clamp to keep foods fresh.

Large canister sets 4

A breathtaking set of large, ceramic cookie jars, perfect for storing your kitchen ingredients or sweets. Colorful pattern and traditional design make it a perfect addition for any home, bound to look great!

Handcrafted Wooden Antique Look Tea Coffee Sugar 3 Piece Canister Set Made of Mango Wood Large

A set of hand-crafted canisters, like this one, can be a great addition for vintage kitchens. Each canister is made of Mango wood, and has a square lid with black handle. Suitable for sugar, tea and coffee, all three canisters are sitting tightly in a matching box.

Decorative dish towels canisters and colorful kitchen rugs are great

... decorative dish towels, canisters and colorful kitchen rugs are great

M2CBridge 4-Piece Kitchen Collection Metal-Coated Window Canister Set with Airtight Lids (Red)

This stunning set of four containers on a variety is perfect for your kitchen. Made of stainless steel and glass are perfect for storing food products, and more. The glass window lets you see the contents.

Whimsical kitchen canisters from martys musings made with diecutting machine

Whimsical Kitchen Canisters from Marty's Musings. Made with diecutting machine and vinyl.

Corelle Coordinates 12-Piece Large Bowl Set, Simple Lines

IT is a 12-Piece Large Bowl Set that has got a simple lines finish. This set includes six bowls and six air-tight. They are made of plastic and they are perfect for your kitchen.