Slim Pantry Cabinet

Is space not a luxury in your kitchen? Or perhaps it was, to begin with, but now you’ve already filled it with furniture? Nothing that the right slim pantry cabinet can’t fix!

From shallow models that optimize depth to 7-inch-wide pantry cabinets that fit in the smallest gaps, these models will work their space-saving magic while still offering you all the storage you need.

Instead of long shelves forcing you to revolutionize your kitchen, they rely on multiple layers that will make it even easier to organize your pantry in a smart way.

Here are fifteen types of thin pantry cabinets to choose from.

12 inch deep pantry cabinet

12 inch deep pantry cabinet

When you think that traditional dinner plates are around 10.5-11 inches big, it’s easy to see why a 12-inch-deep pantry cabinet will work wonders in your kitchen.

It’ll fit your most important items like a glove without taking up more depth than needed.

For example, these fairly shallow pantry cabinets would allow you to store a couple of rows of jars or canisters as well as entire glassware sets, too.

Slim pantry with room for appliances

Slim pantry with room for appliances

Hoping to store an appliance but worried that a thin pantry cabinet won’t accommodate for it? Think again! You don’t actually need that much depth: 14 inches (or even slightly less) will do.

That way, you get to keep your microwave at easy reach or create an entire coffee-making station by showcasing your new machine and cups.

At the same time, a few cupboards, shelves, or drawers (or a mixture of the three!) will help you store your most traditional pantry items and food tidily.

12 inch pantry cabinet with drawer

12 inch pantry cabinet with drawer

While open shelves have their own charm, slim kitchen cabinets with a closed design are your best friends if you hate clutter and would rather keep your food items and kitchen equipment behind some cupboards.

But why not add a drawer too? This design is ideal to store items that you tend to pile up, like table cloths, or to get a good one-glance overview of lots of smaller ones, like spices.

6 or 8 inch deep pantry cabinet

6 or 8 inch deep pantry cabinet

Is your kitchen a bit too narrow? Then look for even more space-saving designs like 8- or 6-inch-deep pantry cabinets.

We especially recommend the former if you’d like to store some 8-inch dinner plates and the latter for smaller items like canister sets, jars, and bottles. 

Narrow kitchen cabinets (open corner models)

Narrow kitchen cabinets (open corner models)

Another clever way of saving space in kitchens that feel too crowded is to choose a design that matches the angle of your unused corner. Yes, the one where you thought nothing could fit!

Adding a corner twist to a narrow kitchen cabinet will result in extra depth without taking up too much floor space. When opting for an open design, you’ll also get to add an appliance or two.

Shallow pantry cabinet as a corner model with closed cupboards

Shallow pantry cabinet as a corner model with closed cupboards

No need to add a microwave or coffee maker? Then save yourself even more precious space by choosing a shallow pantry cabinet with closed cupboards and a thinner design.

This is a proper lifesaver in tighter corners where a traditional slim pantry cabinet would be a bit in the way.

A closed corner model design, on the other hand, will optimize that small space while offering you plenty of layers of storage.

Thin kitchen cabinet for taller items

Thin kitchen cabinet for taller items

If you don’t think you’ll need that many shelves or are worried that your taller items won’t fit in traditional pantry models, you can also look for narrow kitchen cabinets with two compartments.

Alternatively, they’re super practical if you were hoping to combine them with a pull-out storage solution, too.


Minimalist narrow depth storage cabinet

Minimalist narrow depth storage cabinet

Monochrome minimalist designs make it easier to match your slim storage cabinet to the rest of your kitchen furniture.

Plus, a streamlined design is a versatile choice for several interior styles: not only minimalist but contemporary, Scandinavian, and, when opting for natural wood and metal, industrial, too.

$169.99 $214.29

12 inch wide pantry cabinet with a top surface

12 inch wide pantry cabinet with a top surface

Think beyond shelves and drawers when choosing your narrow kitchen cabinets!

In fact, a 12-inch-wide pantry cabinet that isn’t too tall will allow you to make the most of its top surface, too.

You could use it for practical purposes, such as to store a microwave, or to add a more visually decorative element like a fruit bowl or a pot of flowers. 

$209.99 $239.99

Very narrow kitchen cabinet looking just like traditional furniture

Very narrow kitchen cabinet looking just like traditional furniture

While slim storage cabinets are primarily practical pieces of furniture, that’s not to say that they can’t look pleasantly decorative, too.

From raised panels to ornate shapes and slatted doors, consider looking for a narrow kitchen cabinet that could easily be mistaken for a traditional furniture piece.

Slim pantry cupboard to match the rest of your kitchen

Slim pantry cupboard to match the rest of your kitchen

Unless you’re planning on placing your thin pantry cabinet on the opposite side of your kitchen, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to match it with the rest of your cupboards and furniture.

Just look for the exact same color or a similar design and details like these matching handles.

Narrow cabinet next to stove

Narrow cabinet next to stove

Did you know that you could find deeper cabinets that are less than 6-inch wide?

This magical trick will allow you to utilize that wasted space in between your stove and another piece of furniture.

By choosing a cart-style cabinet with wheels, you can keep your less glamorous items out of sight but always at hand.


Extremely narrow pull out cabinet in a taller design

Extremely narrow pull out cabinet in a taller design

Another way of turning that tiny space in between two pieces of furniture into a pantry is to opt for a taller but extremely narrow design. How about one that’s under 5 inches in width?

This solution is a gamechanger in modern flats where space is often a hair-pulling problem, and it’ll allow you to store a mixture of smaller and taller items, from spices to bottles.


Slim kitchen storage cart style cabinet

Slim kitchen storage cart style cabinet

This just over 8-inch-wide cabinet with wheels is a flexible, less permanent solution that we especially recommend if you’re currently renting.

It’ll be a breeze to take it away when you next move and find a new corner for it.

Less than 8 inch wide cabinet with drawers

Less than 8 inch wide cabinet with drawers

8-inch-wide cabinets (or even thinner!) will fit virtually anywhere in your kitchen.

While traditional open shelves or cupboards are still popular options, keep in mind that drawers are the most practical storage solution to optimize a slimmer but deeper cabinet. 


Our advice Buying Guide

A slim pantry cabinet can be just the thing to make use of those odd corners in your home. It can be used as a pantry or it can be used to store almost anything that is small, odd-sized or flat. Canned goods, toiletries, craft supplies, yarn, paint and more can be tucked safely away – out of sight, but not out of mind, and will be easily accessible when you want it.

What are the uses of a slim pantry cabinet?

A favorite way to use a slim pantry cabinet is as a pull-out shelf unit that fits between your refrigerator and a corner wall. When the cabinet is not in use, it simply looks like a narrow kitchen cabinet. But no worries about digging in dark corners where dust bunnies and out-of-date cans are lurking! Since the cabinet is on rollers, it easily pulls out so the cook of the day can quickly scan available supplies. Wire racks on the front of the shelves keep cans and boxes from tumbling out while the cabinet is in motion.

A slim pantry cabinet can also be used in the bathroom or even in the living room or bedroom. In fact, these handy cabinets can be used just about anywhere you have some space and need a little extra storage. In the bathroom, they can be used to store toiletries, tissues, and small towels. In the living room, stash your games and extra digital devices – they are a great place to hide a charging station. In the bedroom, small clothing items, jewelry, and other personal items such as perhaps your diary or day runner can be tucked away for safekeeping and easy access. A wide, flat cabinet can be used to store broom, dustpan, mop and other utility items between times of use.

How to organize pot lids in a slim pantry cabinet?

If this is the tune you are singing every time you need to cover a pot, then an ingenious form of the narrow kitchen cabinet is going to be perfect for you. On the inside of a regular kitchen cabinet, install metal towel racks. Organize the shelves so that each one will have about four inches clearance inside. Slip those wandering pot lids in the racks. When you open the door, you can instantly see the pot and easily match the pot and lid. No more rummaging through cabinets to locate the items needed for a favorite dish.

Can slim country cabinets be used outdoors?

Slim pantry cabinets can be handy for many situations. Weatherproof versions can be placed on the veranda or patio to keep garden tools, and barbeque equipment right where it will be needed, yet out of weather. A small lock can discourage causal wanderers from picking up your favorite garden sheers and wandering away with them. Don’t forget, a slim cabinet can even be used in the garage for tools and cleaning equipment for your vehicles. In fact, there’s no room in your home or even your garden area where it’s not possible to use one of the versatile cabinets.


Base Cabinet Filler Pull Out Pantry

Base Cabinet Filler Pull Out Pantry
Don’t settle for wasted space in your kitchen with faux cabinet doors to cover unused areas. Rev-A-Shelf’s cabinet filler pullout pantry can discreetly maximize your kitchen storage. It comes with three shelves and a smooth-gliding ball-bearing slide that can support up to 100 lbs. The kit also includes mounting tools for easy installation.

Cathreen Boahaus 24.8" Kitchen Pantry

Cathreen Boahaus 24.8" Kitchen Pantry
Designed for a compact space, this fabulous modern add-on to your kitchen will solve your storage problems. Stylish and minimal, this white cabinet is engineered wood with melamine veneers. Use this cabinet to store additional kitchenware out of sight, or drop down the shelf and use it as a display area for your spices.

Soft-Close Base Cabinet Organizer Pull Out Pantry

Soft-Close Base Cabinet Organizer Pull Out Pantry
Protect your cabinetry and minimize noise in your kitchen with this soft-close drawer with integrated shelves. The pullout pantry gives you easy access to items that would otherwise be stashed in the back of a cupboard. The largest style can support up to 150 lbs. of spices and dry goods, while the smaller unit still offers ample storage space with up to 100 lbs. weight capacity.


This functional pantry is entirely made of wood and bathed in a white finish. It can be mounted in narrow spaces, and it consists of a pullout cabinet with shelves for storing foods and drinks. It functions like a vertical drawer.

VHZ Storage 56" Kitchen Pantry

VHZ Storage 56" Kitchen Pantry
This handy kitchen pantry cabinet is a great way to store all the necessary products that can easily and nicely kept in the kitchen or pantry. Practical wheels make the whole mobile computing.

Ikea adel white toronto

Ikea adel white toronto
Tall cabinet for space saving in each home. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for storing clothes, beddings and others needed stuff. Neutral and functional design for any interior as needed.

Pantry cabinet traditional kitchen cabinets boston

Pantry cabinet traditional kitchen cabinets boston
Slim kitchen cabinet suitable for spices and other small products. It features a durable wooden construction with a front wall in neutral gray color. Wooden shelves are also durable, spacious and practical.

28" Kitchen Pantry

28" Kitchen Pantry
Stylish 28-Inch Kitchen Pantry in White Finish is going to embellish any kitchen décor in a blink of an eye. Designed of PVC, the pantry offers a sleek and slim design for space-saving benefits. Shelves are 5-inch wide, and the pantry itself is lightweight, thus also easy to move.

Fiesta 62" Kitchen Pantry

Fiesta 62" Kitchen Pantry
This Elegant & Tall 62-Inch Kitchen Pantry in White Finish is consisted of 4 smoothly-operating doors that conceal spacious storage compartments. The whole is designed of eco-friendly EPP-compliant laminated particle board material.

Slim pantry cabinet

The pull-out storage cabinet, that is hidden in the kitchen. Great for cans of food or kitchen accessories. It's a smart space saver for narrow space. The simple white design is suitable with any other.

Slim pantry cabinet 1

High cupboard for storing cleaning accessories. Includes 2 cabinets stacked vertically. Construction is made of wood. It has hooks for broom and mop. Slim form provides saving space.

Slim cupboard

For everyone who is searching for space-saving kitchen solutions, this pantry shelf will be a great choice. The piece is consisted of 8 open shelves, where you can place your groceries. You can easily hide it behind your fridge or kitchen furniture, and just as easy pull it out thanks to its useful handle.

Slim kitchen cabinet

Smart storage ideas never go out of fashion. Check out this great pantry cabinet – all the unused space gone, replaced by an ergonomic, nice cabinet. The white colour fits all designs. It's a great way to gain some free space.

Slim pull out rack showplace cabinets traditional kitchen cabinets

... Slim Pull-out Rack - Showplace Cabinets traditional-kitchen-cabinets

Slim cabinet

This compact-size pantry is a great solution for smaller kitchens. You can slide it behind your fridge, or in the gap between the wall and the kitchen furniture. It has 14 open shelves, giving you a relatively large space for storage.

Narrow cabinet for kitchen

This handy portable cabinet is an excellent piece of furniture for any kitchen. The large cabinets contain various trinkets, so it is perfect for storage. Wheels make it easy to move, and the simplicity of the design fits perfectly into the interior.

Slim pantry cabinet

If you want storage for your belongings and don't mind it fitting the slim items then this broom closer or storage will prove to be essential for your household, allowing you to keep your interior clean and neat.

Wooden cabinet slim white storage bathroom kitchen pantry organizer

Wooden Cabinet Slim White Storage Bathroom Kitchen Pantry Organizer ...

Skinny kitchen cabinet

A simple, small, but functional utility cabinet for brooms and other items for cleaning indoors, etc. It includes solid wooden doors with two leaves. White color of these doors perfectly suits many indoors.

Venture Horizon Venture Horizon Thin Man Pantry Cabinet

A thin pantry cabinet that features 6 roomy shelves with raised panels. Despite its size, it can be filled with an incredibly huge amount of food. The manufacturer wanted it to look good amongst white furniture in a white-painted kitchen. Its price is not high so it's totally worth buying.

Buy pantry cabinet 11

Live in the kitchen hides many secrets. Secret cabinets - they don't take up space and leave a dizzying impression as they slide out onto the metal rails behind the fridge. White pantry cabinet on the wheels, a spice rack is the top of the functionality.

Fridge pantry cabinet

Every kitchen has a nook that can be used for a narrow pantry: thanks to rolling casters, the piece is easy to reach and move. One can store seasonings, cereals and other dry products there. Inventive!

Buy pantry cabinet 2

A gorgeous, oversized pantry cabinet with a lot of space for even the most dedicated hoarders. The lower compartment has a rotating rack, which further adds to the number of shelves available inside the piece.

Slim wooden storage cabinet shelf shelving furniture accent pantry

Slim Wooden Storage Cabinet Shelf Shelving Furniture Accent Pantry ...

Slim storage cabinet

Cool practical movable pantry ideal for small kitchens. Its frame is of durable white plastic and is so narrow that it can be placed e.g. between a fridge and a cabinet. The pantry has 3 shelves and small black non-marking casters.

Slim rolling pantry

Original slim pantry cabinet intended to the kitchen. It is very capacious and has special compartments for every tool. It is intended to storage tableware and cookware. It can be used in professional, restaurant's kitchen too.

Pine cabinets 3

SOLD - Tall Skinny Pine Cabinet - $120

Thin Pull-Out Pantry/Laundry Cabinet [Kitchen] # 4036-11WH

Ikea broom closet

This pullout cupboard fits perfectly in narrow spaces, and its entirely constructed from wood covered with a white finish. Inside you will find 3 open shelves for food, and 1 small shelf for storing eggs.

Skinny wall cabinet

Credit:_Venegas and Co

Rev a shelf slim line pull out tall pantry unit

Rev-A-Shelf Slim Line Pull-Out Tall Pantry Unit

Narrow kitchen cabinet

A decorative, solid and functional rolling pantry. It includes functional wheels and solid metal shelves for food products. This durable metal construction is finished in attractive red color, so this product is functional and attractive.

Broom storage ideas

Warm- and light-colored kitchen with light wooden panels floor and cream walls. Behind the fridge there's a tall pull-out pantry to store seasonings and other kitchen essentials. Note also the wall-mounted wooden cutting board.

Mini pantry

Organize: Traditional closet by Nicholson Builders

Thin cabinet

Just the pic :( have no idea where it's from, but it's genius.

Slim wall cabinet

Yellow + white kitchen

Slim storage

There will be one of these on either side of the range. Oh, joy, getting all that stuff off the counter but right at hand,

A well organized mud room kitchen pantry storage cabinet

A WELL ORGANIZED MUD ROOM | Kitchen pantry storage cabinet ...

New slimline ultra slim sleek cedar wood pantry cabinet

NEW Slimline Ultra Slim Sleek Cedar Wood Pantry Cabinet ...

Sold tall skinny pine cabinet 120 tall cabinet

SOLD - Tall Skinny Pine Cabinet - $120 | Tall cabinet ...

Slim pantry cabinet from cd racks ikea hackers

Slim pantry cabinet from CD racks - IKEA Hackers

Tall skinny pantry tall pantry cabinet small pantry

Tall skinny pantry | Tall pantry cabinet, Small pantry ...

Slim pantry cabinet from cd racks ikea hackers 1

Slim pantry cabinet from CD racks - IKEA Hackers

Slim pantry cabinet from cd racks ikea hackers 2

Slim pantry cabinet from CD racks - IKEA Hackers

Slim pantry cabinet foter homey kitchen kitchen

Slim Pantry Cabinet - Foter | Homey kitchen, Kitchen ...

Slim pantry cabinet from cd racks ikea hackers 3

Slim pantry cabinet from CD racks - IKEA Hackers

Slim pullout pantry houzz

Slim Pullout Pantry | Houzz

White slim double door pantry cabinet at hayneedle

White Slim Double Door Pantry Cabinet at Hayneedle

Pantry accessories astonishing slim pantry roll out

pantry accessories astonishing slim pantry roll out ...

Free standing kitchen cabinets shelves kitchen cabinet

free standing kitchen cabinets shelves | Kitchen cabinet ...

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

I never had a pantry cabinet before… is it worth it?
Certainly! Pantry cabinets are true lifesavers, especially for the owners of small kitchens. That’s because of the sizes in which our utensils and kitchen ingredients usually come – bottles, jars and cans are similar in shape, and cabinet pantries are designed to store them in the most efficient way.

What are the main differences between walk-in pantries and cabinet pantries?
While walk-in pantries are bigger and more spacious, they are not always better. Cabinet pantries are more centralized, provide very accessible storage which is always within the reach of your hand and they don’t take up much space at all.

What is the usual size of a pantry cabinet?
Cabinet pantries usually measure between 12 and 36 inches width, between 84 and 96 inches height and between 12 and 24 depth, which makes them an excellent storage solution for small and medium-size kitchens. Larger kitchens would probably be better off with a walk-in pantry.

Still can’t decide how big my cabinet pantry should be…
Generally, 96 inches high pantry cabinets touch the ceiling, while 84 inches tall cabinets should give you about one foot of free space above. When it comes to depth, 12 inches is used for those without the pull-out function, and 24 inches for pull-out pantries. Finally, 12 inches of width is pretty standard, while 24 inches can be called spacious. 36 inches wide pantry cabinets are the big, heavy-duty ones.

Does a pantry cabinet stand out from the rest of the design?
Not at all! A cabinet pantry can have exactly the same type of front as the rest of your cabinets. However, if you would like to make it stand out on purpose, as a design statement, that’s possible – some of them even have chalkboards instead of fronts!