Solid Wood Linen Cabinet


Linen cabinets offer some extra storage space to keep bed linen, towels and table cloths. In the collection below there are my favourite picks - I love the French country pieces with a rugged finish. Which wood linen cabinets would you go for? Take a look at the range of products below and discover some more details and prices.

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Our Picks

Open Framed Linen Cabinet

Open Framed Linen Cabinet

Wade Logan®

This rustic solid wood linen cabinet is crafted in eucalyptus and oak and finished with a wire brush technique. Its upper part features three levels of open storage while its base has a two-door cabinet with one shelf.

$699.99 $1249.99

Designer Advice:

Opt for this one if you have a country, industrial, cottage, or farmhouse-style bathroom. The upper shelves are perfect for holding towels and other bathroom essentials, combined with vintage décor and plants. If you are remodeling your bathroom, we recommend selecting a vanity with the same aesthetic and wood finish for a coordinated look. 

Contemporary Cabinet

Contemporary Cabinet

Wyndham Collection

This three-shelf, four-drawer wood linen cabinet lends a sleek touch to your bathroom. Its elegant lines are further emphasized by the glass-front cabinet door and metal drawer handles. Meanwhile, its paneled sides and straight legs give it a contemporary appeal.

$1099.99 $1243

Transitional Cabinet

Transitional Cabinet

Wade Logan®

This wooden linen cabinet is crafted from solid birch, available in white and gray colors. With top and bottom cabinet doors, it features plenty of storage with five shelves inside. Classic molding details and flat base complemented by brushed hardware.

$1399.99 $1500

Designer Advice:

A great pick for transitional, contemporary, and modern farmhouse bathrooms. When picking out a color, choose one that is close to your vanity cabinet. If you are going for an elegant and timeless angle, we recommend those with matte gold hardware. Meanwhile, the brushed metal handles would look perfect in more modern and contemporary styles.

Grandfather Clock Inspired Cabinet

Grandfather Clock Inspired Cabinet

Canora Grey

This antique linen cabinet will bring nostalgia to your bathroom. It comes with two doors, two interior shelves, and a central drawer. Enhancing its classic appeal is its frosted glass panels in the front and on the sides.

$879.99 $1122

Rustic Cabinet

Rustic Cabinet

Extra storage is what you get with this vintage linen cabinet. This narrow freestanding piece has three levels of open storage and three drawers at the base. Its rustic appeal comes from its gray driftwood finish and black metal handles.

Designer Advice:

Take this one if you have a country, industrial, rustic farmhouse, or coastal bathroom interior. This would look perfect beside a dark-colored vanity cabinet with a white countertop. Lend a pop of color to this textured cabinet by styling it with dark green or rust-toned baskets and boxes. These will help organize your linen cabinet and bring warmth to the entire setup.

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Solid Wood Linen Cabinet

Buying Guide

Linen cabinets and towers are an excellent investment for growing families and anyone who hosts a lot of guests. They provide stylish storage for towels and other bathroom essentials and can be placed in any room of the house for family members or guests who need them.

Linen storage comes in all shapes and sizes, so you'll easily find something for any space and room color. Here are the questions and answers to keep in mind when shopping.

Many linen towers have a slender profile to allow them to fit into a variety of flexible spaces. Linen tower heights range from 18"-24" wide and deep, and up to 72" tall.

Tall storage towers should have at least five shelves to make it easy to access items without too much stacking. Some storage towers have adjustable shelving, which is useful when storing bulky towels or bedding.

However, shorter, wider cabinets are also available. While these smaller options are more easily accessible, they also have limited storage space. Low line linen cabinets vary between 24"-36" wide and are typically up to 36" tall.

Keep in mind that storage units taller than 36" should have a tip-over device installed, and even shorter furniture should be secured if there are small children in the home. This keeps the tower from falling over and protects against childhood accidents.

The right height linen storage for you depends on the location you choose and the space you have available. Measure the height, width, and depth of your chosen storage area and allow at least an inch or two clearance either side of the unit to prevent damage to other furniture.


Manufactured wood (MDF) is a common material for linen storage as it is inexpensive and easily painted so it can come in a broader range of styles. Although it is typically not as durable as solid wood, it can work for linen cabinets and towers if they are not used frequently, such as in a guest room, office, or basement.

Choose an MDF linen tower in a distressed white stain for a coastal style home and accessories with shells and nautical artwork. Or choose a sleek high gloss black cabinet for a minimal or Asian Zen bathroom.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a heavy-duty, durable option for linen storage, and while it is more expensive than manufactured wood, it adds a richness and depth to your room to elevate your décor.

Solid wood comes in a range of natural and stained finishes to match your style. Choose a light oak finished cabinet for a light and airy bathroom. Or a cabinet in deep mahogany with exposed brass hardware to coordinate with the furniture in a traditional bedroom.


Metal frame linen storage units are ideal for bathrooms and laundry rooms because they will not warp or deteriorate with prolonged exposure to moisture. However, you must ensure the frame is powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

Metal frame linen towers with open shelves enable you to store linens and display accent pieces and greenery, making them an excellent choice for modern urban and industrial homes. Add boxes or baskets to your shelves for more organized storage.

Rattan or Wicker

Rattan or wicker makes a stylish addition to your bohemian or shabby chic home and incorporates an interesting textural element into your style. If you are using a rattan or wicker linen cabinet, make sure you apply a waterproof coating to prevent the natural fibers from disintegrating.


Cabinet doors are designed to hide and protect spare bathroom and laundry supplies. Most cabinets can also be made childproof, which helps if you have small children at home. Cabinet doors are usually solid, but doors with glass or plastic windows keep items visible so guests can find them.

Open Shelves

Open shelves can't be childproofed, but they provide unobstructed visibility and access to items. They are best for larger towels and blankets that may be hard to squeeze into a cabinet or drawer. They can also be used for displaying art, and indoor plants to help style your room.


Drawers are perfect for storing hand towels and other small items. Some linen towers include one or two drawers, but most focus on cabinet and shelf space. These drawers are useful in guest bathrooms, where extra toiletries can be provided as a courtesy.

Choose a linen cabinet or tower that coordinates with the style of your bedroom or bathroom. This does not mean that you need to match the furniture exactly. Choose linen storage that has a similar theme, features, or color as your other furniture.

For a shabby chic home, vintage molding and hardware on linen cabinets make it look like a genuine antique. The intricate design of a rattan linen cabinet adds interest to bohemian, Scandi, and even mid-century modern homes.

When space is limited, it can be challenging to find a solution for storing your linens and toiletries.

Couples and small families will need a linen cabinet or tower, especially if you have guests regularly. Large families should place one in the guest bedroom or bathroom, and more in any room of the house that is short on closet space.

It is recommended that you have enough storage space to accommodate three sheet sets per bed and at least three sets of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths per person in your home. You should also allow space for storing toilet paper and extra toiletries like shampoo and soap.

You can achieve this with a large cabinet central to your home or bathroom with sections of the cabinet organized with baskets or containers. Alternatively, place a slim linen cabinet in each bedroom of the house, the towels, sheets, and necessities are easily accessible for the person staying in that room.

  • The size and shape of linen storage furniture can vary, but tall and narrow towers are standard for bathrooms, while wider cabinets are better suited for bedrooms that have more space. Tall furniture can be secured to the wall for safety.
  • Linen storage comes in a variety of materials to match your style, budget, and the level of durability you need. Some options include solid wood, manufactured wood, metal, and rattan
  • Open shelves, cabinets, and drawers are all useful storage features. Cabinets are easy to childproof, but open shelves provide optimal visibility and access. Drawers are useful for organizing small items.
  • Linen storage should coordinate with existing furniture. Choose towers and cabinets with similar design elements as your other furniture.
  • Small families will need at least one large linen tower to compensate for the lack of storage space. Large families will need at least one additional tower or cabinet.

Best Ideas

Wood linen cabinet

Store your linens or pantry items with this rustic and refurbished log cabin style cabinet by Mountain Woods Furniture

Wooden shelf rustic shabby furniture

Wooden shelf rustic shabby furniture

This rustic storage shelf could use some renovation – or maybe you'd rather keep it as it is, to create a cosy, rustic atmosphere in your house? Whatever you choose, we're sure this wooden shelf still has some life ahead of it!

Wood linen cabinet

Reclaimed Wood Furniture - Cabinet - Handcrafted - Shabby - French Country Chic Decor

Mini Linen Cabinet

Mini Linen Cabinet

Mini cabinet mounted on curved legs. It includes 5 drawers and a narrow cabinet with 2 shelves. Construction is made of wood. Stylish and functional addition to any interior.

Arapahoe 24" W x 62" H Linen Storage Tower

Arapahoe 24" W x 62" H Linen Storage Tower

This modern and highly stylish linen tower will be the perfect way to get rid of all that clutter in your bathroom counter and your bedroom. This modern piece comes with a superbly compact and tall design that will deliver excellent storage without taking a lot of floor space. The unit is constructed from strong manufactured wood and comes with a unique white finish and intricate craftsmanship along with the doors and drawers.

Kayla 18" W x 60" H Linen Tower

Kayla 18" W x 60" H Linen Tower

If you are looking for the perfect balance between extra storage and classy furniture, then this linen tower will be perfect for you. The unit comes with a sleek white exterior, finished up with satin nickel-plated hardware for that classy modern look. You will also get a total of three tempered glass shelves and two extra drawers at the bottom for all your storage needs. The tower is completed with stylish molding at the top and the bottom.

Ashland 16.5" W x 60" H Linen Tower

Ashland 16.5" W x 60" H Linen Tower

Expand the storage in your bathroom with this high-quality linen tower. The unit comes with an open shelf design at the top, a drawer in the middle, and a closed-door cabinet at the bottom to take care of all your storage needs. The tower is perfect for your bathroom and its crisp white hue finish will perfectly suit your décor. The open cabinets above also have a total of three large shelves that can double up as display areas.

Millersburg 14.72" W x 60.59" H Free-Standing Linen Cabinet

Millersburg 14.72" W x 60.59" H Free-Standing Linen Cabinet

This modern state-of-the-art linen tower is designed to offer excellent functionality and incredible aesthetic appeal. Designed from manufactured wood, the unit strikes a perfect clean-lined silhouette. It also comes with an open shelf design at the top and a unique shutter-style door at the bottom. Its dark espresso finish will add excellent texture to your bathroom. The shelves are also adjustable, giving you extra flexibility on the stuff you can store.

Rebrilliant 17" W x 65" H Linen Storage Tower

Rebrilliant 17" W x 65" H Linen Storage Tower

Class up your bathroom with this minimalist and highly attractive linen tower. The unit features a crisp neutral white finish and three large open shelves. There is also a closed cabinet at the bottom that comes with a glass door and beautiful accent hardware. The unit is made from high-quality manufactured wood and would be the perfect choice for laundry essentials, toiletries, and important bathroom supplies. Its clean line silhouette ensures the tower brings a lot of aesthetic value to any room.

Bayard 17" W x 48.5" H Linen Storage Tower

Bayard 17" W x 48.5" H Linen Storage Tower

This minimalist and retro linen tower is designed for homeowners looking to add a piece of statement furniture into their bathrooms. The tower comes with one large cabinet at the top, neatly enclosed inside a glass door. The cabinet also has a total of five shelves for all your bathroom supplies. You also get a single drawer at the bottom. The unit is made from manufactured wood with durable framed panels and decorative molding.

Bayard 17" W x 65" H Linen Storage Tower

Bayard 17" W x 65" H Linen Storage Tower

Featuring a breathtaking natural oil oak finish, this linen tower adds a retro or classic appeal to any bathroom. It features three large open shelves at the top, a single drawer in the middle, and two other closed-door shelves at the bottom. The bottom cabinets are safeguarded by a tempered glass door that matches up perfectly to the natural finishing on this piece. Combine the tower with a plant pot at the top for the best décor value.

Munoz 15.75" W x 70.88" H Linen Tower

Munoz 15.75" W x 70.88" H Linen Tower

This modern high-quality linen tower comes with two slated door cabinets at the top and the bottom. The center has a large open cabinet with a single shelf for displaying various things. There is a single drawer in the middle as well. It is perhaps one of the most creatively designed units and its breathtaking neutral white finish will bring a touch of modern elegance into your bathroom. The piece is constructed from manufactured wood for extra longevity.

Free standing linen closets

If you like antiques, this postwar wooden cabinet shall appeal to you. Inspired by the Victorian style, it conceals a pretty decent storage space, hidden behind the glazed doors or ornamentally designed drawers.

Frosted Pane 4 Drawer Linen Cabinet

Frosted Pane 4 Drawer Linen Cabinet

Aesthetic sleek contemporary bathroom unit made of fibreboard with a white-creamy finish. It has low square legs. A cabinet with a frosted glass door and 1 adjustable shelf as well as 4 drawers have long metallic bar pulls.

Linen Cabinet

This marvelous linen cabinet is a beautiful element to the bathroom or bedroom. It has a lot of space to store necessary items. Top cabinet has a glass door. Made of hardwood. Classic white brightens the interior.

Double sink corner vanity

Transitional | Bathrooms | Dorothy Willetts : Designers' Portfolio : HGTV - Home & Garden Television

Elegant Home Fashions Shelved Linen Tower with Drawer and Cane-Paneled Cupboard, Espresso

High cabinet made of wood. It includes 3 open shelves, drawer and cabinet. Application in the living room, bedroom and more. Received great reviews from customers for functionality and elegant design.

Dark wood wardrobes

How to Get French Style at Home? It's all about "incorporating some surprise into a room," says Erin Swift, author of French Accents: At Home with Parisian Objects and Details. Double-click for 6 other easy strategies.

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